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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roses, Anyone????

I desperately want ALL of you to come to our house right now---just to see all of our beautiful blooming roses. I call them "our" roses---but George does ALL of the work. AND--you know that Hybrid Tea roses take alot of work.. George has grown roses for many years (long before I knew him). He is an EXPERT --as you can tell.

In 2005, we bought eight rose bushes. Then, after George retired in 2006, he wanted to plant some more. But where????? Our yard is very shady --and if you know roses, they love sunshine. SO---the first thing we did was to build a huge (long) flowerbed along the side of the house. We did it so that we could plant not only roses but also perennials (Crocus, Hyacinths, Tulips, Daffodils, Iris, Lilies and Daylilies). We did plant about 18 roses that first year --along that side bed. I loved where they were because I could sit on our swing and enjoy them!!!!!

BUT---even though they bloomed, they just didn't do well in that location, due to all of the shade. The only sunny spots in our yard are in the front yard--along the driveway. SO---during those next several years, George gradually moved all of the roses (and added more each year) to our front yard. He made 2 beds on either side of the driveway for a total of 32 bushes. Our yard (like most in this area) has solid rock about 2 inches below the surface... SO---he couldn't move farther into the yard with these beds. He started putting them in large pots on both sides of the driveway... NOW--we have 48 rose bushes total, and that's about all we can have unless we chop down a bunch of gorgeous trees (NOT).

After George moved the roses to the front yard, I complained about not having a place to sit and just look at the roses. He then built me a little area and put a cute little bench out there... I surely do have a 'keeper' when it comes to husbands, don't I????? He says that he spoils me---and that is TRUE.

WELL---since you can't come and see the roses in person (sniff sniff), here is the next best thing. I took these pictures yesterday afternoon. I don't know how many total blooms there are now, but I do know that there are 30 of the 48 in bloom right now, many with several blooms. The picture above is of our house ---taken from my bench. Below are others!!!! Be sure and click on all of the pictures for a better view, especially of the roses.

This is another view from the bench---looking left, across the driveway. Our Clematis is on the left---and has begun to bloom. The smaller roses that you see in any of the pots are NEW and recent ones---that are just getting started!!!!

This picture was taken from the top of the driveway--looking toward the street. You can now see all of the potted rose bushes on both sides.

This is the rose bed on the right side of the driveway (while looking toward the street). There are 22 rose bushes in this bed. Look at all of those colors. Amazing!!!!

The same flowerbed from the other direction (looking toward the house)

This smaller bed (on the left of the driveway looking toward the street) contains 10 bushes. One of them (About Face) has grown leaps and bounds this year.

The same flowerbed from the other direction (facing the house)

I am showing you these two bushes just so you can see how many more buds there are on them. The one on the left is New Day and on the right is Medallion.

There are lots of blooms and buds on this bush... I also love the name: Brigadoon. Neat, huh?

I have mentioned to some of you that George spoils me by bringing roses into the house, putting them in a vase, and then placing them on our dining room table every day or two. These are the four in the house right now.. OH ---they smell SO good. Aren't I a blessed woman to have roses on my table most of the late spring/summer/fall??? WOW!!!


I didn't look into the Bluebird nest today --and won't until after they fledge. BUT--I did sit on the deck and watch Daddy (above) and Mama Bluebird going back and forth to the nest to feed the babies. Isn't Daddy gorgeous?????

Now---here's Mama Bluebird. She's pretty also, don't you think???? They love that old nestbox. Remember last year when the Downy pecked a hole in the side????? That hole didn't keep the Bluebirds from coming back this year. I do have a 'new' nest-box ---but they obviously didn't like it. In fact, it has not been used yet. I'll probably never find another good one like this one again. Hope it lasts a few more years!!!!

Hope you have a great Wednesday.

ADDENDUM: After completing this post last night, I got an email telling me that one of my 2nd cousins had died last night. Her name was Patsy Cummings ---and she and I had a great email relationship. She also read my blogs--and would comment about them on emails to me. She had emailed me about 28 times since January of this year. The last email came on April 11. In that email, Patsy told me that she picked her first Iris bloom in her yard.

I 'thought' that something must be wrong since I hadn't heard from her lately even though I had written her. Patsy did have health problems, but I had no idea she was this close to death. She was such a gracious and caring lady. Please say a prayer for her husband, Zeke.

AND to Patsy: "May you rest in peace. I love you!"


Darla said...

What a sweet/sorrow post. Lovely roses, good work George. Love watching the birds take care of their babies, and so sorry for your loss.........

Michele said...

Oh wow, I would love to come to your house to see all the loveliness... how amazing it must smell as you walk around. Your house should be on an official rose tour of the city... that is amazing.

I will most definitely say prayers for Zeke. I am sorry to hear the news of your cousin...

Hugs and kisses♥

Jayne said...

Your roses are just gorgeous Betsy! I'll bet your house smells divine. :c) So sorry to hear about your cousin.

You can find another house like that at http://www.bluebirdhousing.com

The Sawyer family (Mr. Sawyer's daug/SIL) in Ellijay still makes them, and I have two that the bluebirds love. :c)

Peggy said...

So sorry about your cousin Patsy.Your roses are absolutely beautiful.

T said...

Thank you for that beautiful view of your rose gardens! You are a lucky and blessed lady!

I'm so sorry about your cousin....prayers are being said for her and you. Take care of yourself my friend.

Arkansas Patti said...

George did a wonderful job and I love the creativity of his beds. What a cool guy and to have a live in dead header is way cool.
I am so very sorry about your cousin. Still you must take heart that via emails, you were able to stay so close in touch.
Zeke is in my prayers.

Susie said...

Sorry to hear about Patsy. I'll keep Zeke in my prayers.

Betsy, I'd say you were spoiled rotten! George has definitely ruined you girl!!! How nice! He's definitely a keeper.

Diane C. said...

Thanks for the lovely tour of your rose garden! I also love the picture of the roses in vases, and Mama and Daddy Bluebirds. So sorry to hear about your cousin, prayers for Zeke.

karin said...

Oh Betsy, my deepest sympathies go out to you and Zeke and family in the loss of their beloved Patsy. May they find comfort knowing that people are keeping them in their thoughts and prayers.

Still trying to catch up on my blog reading. Lovely posts of you and your son and grandangels! Beautiful photo!

Those roses are gorgeous! What a joy to have someone who lovingly looks after them and presents you with tokens of his love! You are blessed indeed. Thanks for showing us the view from your bench. I remember the pic of the bench from last year!

Thanks for showing us the papa and the mama bluebird! Busy, adorable little family. Stunning almost electric blue color!

EcoRover said...

My condolences on the loss of your cousin--how nice that she got to follow you blog. What a glorious rose garden you have--I haven't seen anything like it since my childhood--our neighbors across the street had amazing, fragrant, traditional varieties. You could smell the blooms on damp, cool, still mornings. I grew up in Pennsylvania but have been in Montana 20 years.

Connie said...

Betsy I'm so sorry about the loss of your cousin.

Your roses are gorgeous. What beautiful colors.

Bird Girl said...

Your roses are so gorgeous and what a good idea to line the driveway with pots - and how do you water when you go away??? That would be a worry to me...pots do dry out so fast!
You bluebirds are absolutely beautiful, Betsy!

I'm so sorry about your cousin Patsy and I will say a prayer for Zeke.

Shellmo said...

George is certainly a keeper! And a master of roses for sure! That rose bed is so beautiful - I think I'll need my own bench to sit own and look at them too - lol! And I always enjoy your bluebird photos!

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin Patsy - prayers for her family!


The Whites said...

The roses are just beautiful! We transplanted some earlier this spring from our front yard to the back. They are a little behind, but they're coming on strong.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I just said a prayer for Zeke.


Dorothy said...

Your yard is os beautiful! You are a lucky woman, indeed!! Now I need George to come down and teach Jeep how to grow roses! ☺

Dave's Bird Watching Blog said...

Betsy, love your roses AND your bluebirds! Great pictures of both! Your male is a brilliant blue, and I like the nestbox you've got, too. :-)

fishing guy said...

Betsy: Wonderful story of the roses and all the different colors.

Sorry for the loss of your cousin.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers and good thoughts to her husband.
You did get a keeper in George. Gosh, those roses are gorgeous. He has not only a green thumb, but I think he has a green arm too.
Lovely...roses in the house at all times...just perfect!!

Pat - Arkansas said...

First, my deepest sympathies to you and Patsy's family. We know that death is inevitable for all of us, but as humans we are deeply saddened by the passing of our friends.

Your roses are beautiful! And, your hubby is definitely a keeper! I much like the idea of putting your new roses in pots along the driveway. Very attractive.

Dirt Princess said...

Gorgeous! He is very diligent at keeping up with them. I am so sorry for your loss...hugs for you

Deborha Godin said...

Those beautiful fragrant roses would be a wonderful place to be among, and send a prayer for your cousin!

Becca's Dirt said...

Betsy - I am so sorry to hear about Patsy. I know you will miss her a lot. Zeke is in my prayers.

Your roses are awesome and you have an awesome husband to boot. You deserve to be spoiled. I just can't get over how many roses you have and so many in bloom. Just beautiful. Becca

Daddy blue bird is very handsome.

Rose said...

Betsy, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

I was all set to tell you what a great picture of the bluebirds...and then read that about your cousin.


Rosa said...

First, I'm sorry for your loss. It's scary when we lose someone so fast. Oh, the roses. Sigh. You are so fortunate to have someone else take care of them while you reap the rewards. They are gorgeous! Too much work for me! lol But I would love to have fresh roses in the house every day. My mom's garden was always full. sniffle.

bookbabie said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin. I'm glad you stayed in touch through email and your blog, one of the good things about the internet, connecting with people we otherwise may not "talk" to enough. The roses are gorgeous, I am a total rose killer myself and only have some bush roses left:(

NCmountainwoman said...

Prayers for Zeke and the family.

Your (George's) roses are lovely. They are a lot of work, but the rewards are great. I wish we had more sun and I'd have some as well.

Kallen305 said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Your roses are lovely and I adore the bluebird pictures.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

You have a very nice house, and yes, the plants among the many other things make it what it is. Lots of plant tending to do, but that's a good thing.

mkreider said...

It must be great to great up in the morning and see what the roses were up to last night... the effort they put into becoming more gorgeous!

My warmest sympathy to all the people who were touched by Patsy's life.

Wendy said...

I'm sorry to hear the sad news about Patsy. May she rest in peace.

Thank you for taking us on a tour of your lovely rose gardens. They really are beautiful! And you are one spoiled lady!! Lucky you! I am happy for you. Isn't this just the best time of year? Liked your bluebirds too. Will be waiting to see if you can get a pic of them flying.

Joy said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin Patsy. Aren't you glad that thru a medium like e-mail and blogging you were able to have that relationship with her even when you can't be close.
Your roses are just amazing. I'm so impressed. I love how he lined the driveway. I bet all your neighbors are so jealous.


Diane said...

I'm very sorry for your loss, Betsy. Fitting that you should do such a beautiful post on all the roses and the bluebirds today. I'm sure she would love it.

Clara....in TN said...

I'm sorry to hear of the passing of Patsy. I will say a prayer for Zeke and all concerned.
Your roses are beautiful. I reckon George never sang that song, " I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden." I forgot who sang that song, but it was a real popular country song at one time.

Tootie said...

Betsy, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. I know you will miss her emails.

You are lucky to have George and his beautiful roses! But, I think George just knows how lucky he is to have such a good woman. That's why he spoils you. :-)

Kelly said...

...I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. Your beautiful post filled with roses and bluebirds is a fitting memorial. Your husband seems to tend them with care, because they are gorgeous...and so many. The fragrance must be wonderful. I look forward to more posts of the bluebirds and their babies soon.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers.

The roses are so stunningly beautiful. I hope you have a good night...m.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

George is a great gardener! I really like front yard gardens because then the whole world gets to share in the beauty.

Sorry to hear about your cousin, Betsy. I'm convinced that Patsy has gone to a better place. ;-)

The Incredible Woody said...

{{{HUGS}}} I am so sorry for you loss.

Janie said...

Your roses are just gorgeous. I'm going to have some soon, but nothing as showy as yours.
Funny how the bluebirds insist on nesting in the old house.
I'm sorry to hear about your cousin.

Rambling Woods said...

I am sorry about your cousin and will keep her husband in my thoughts. That the way things are.. we only get to view the beautiful roses and bluebirds for a short time. ....
Michelle From Rambling Woods

Cicero Sings said...

What an amazing selection of Roses. Yes, you do have a keeper in George. He truly does spoil you rotten but I totally think you deserve being spoiled.

I'm very sorry to hear of your 2nd cousin's death. Hopefully Zeke is surrounded by loving family and friends to support him through the coming weeks.

Smilingsal said...

What a wonderful smell you must have with all of those beautiful roses.

I'm sorry about Patsy.

Femin Susan said...

You have got a beautiful garden kept very neat.That is a lovely looking bird.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Sincere condolences to you.
The roses are spectacular.I don't think I would get any work done if I had that many roses around,not to mention the Bluebirds.Looks like a litle taste of heaven.:)

ROSIDAH said...

I am so sorry to read about the loss of your cousin, Patsy. My heartfelt sympathy and deep condolences to you and your family, especially Zeke. You and your family will always be in my prayers. May Patsy rest in peace. This is a lovely post, Betsy. I think you have a wonderful home. It looks so relaxing to be there.

Small City Scenes said...

MY OH MY!!! is about all I have to say about your gorgeous roses. They are beautiful.

Sorry to hear about your cousin Patsy. Prayers going out to family. MB

Daisy said...

Betsy, you are definitely blessed with blooms at your home (and with a sweet hubby to spoil you!). The roses are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin, Patsy. Hugs to you and prayers going up.

Pigeon said...

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.
Your roses are truly beautiful and I love the look of the pots that line your driveway.

Gena said...


Sounds like you cherished your dear Patsy. I am sorry for your loss. I send extra hugs today.

Your home and blooms are beautiful