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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Winter Wonderland in the Glade

Yesterday morning, we woke up to some beautiful snow!!!! I'm the one in our family who loves snow, but George was the first one to wake up. He calmly woke me up saying, "I can't believe you are sleeping through this!" I answered him with, "Sleeping through what?" When he said SNOW--I jumped up like he had kicked me out of bed... "Holy Cow, isn't that gorgeous?" I asked... And it wasn't long before I was outside feeding the birds and taking pictures.
This is exactly the type of snow I love. It wasn't too cold outside (like it was during our last two or three little snows). The temperature was about 32 degrees --and this WET, CLINGY snow was SO beautiful. We actually only had about an inch of snow---but it was so pretty since it did cling to everything EXCEPT the roads. Best kind, huh? I think the picture above is beautiful since it shows the snow clinging to every single tree branch in the empty lot next to us. Click on it for a larger view. Below are some more pictures including some pictures of our birds at the feeders.

The picture above is of our two Azaleas and our Jasmine in the front yard.

Another thing I love about these clingy snows is how pretty the evergreens are. This big evergreen (above) belongs to one of our neighbors across the street. Pretty, isn't it?

Our Pine Siskins were out there waiting on their Mama (ME) to get out with some dry and fresh breakfast for them.. As hungry as they are, those little boogers are very nice to wait their turn (SOME of the time). HA!!!!

This is not the best picture because it was taken from inside a 'steamy' window--but I wanted to include it to show you one of our cardinals (the female) who took her turn at the covered house feeder also. GEE--the birds really eat (and eat and eat) on snowy or rainy days!!!!

I actually swept that part of the deck so that any birdseed that drops from the feeders above can be enjoyed by the 'deck birds.' The snow was coming down so fast, I couldn't keep the deck swept up, or the railings cleaned off. BUT--these three Pine Siskins above are still looking for that fallen bird seed.

Not only do the PIne Siskins enjoy the 3 hanging feeders; they also enjoy the house bird feeder (which is partially covered); AND--they especially like that open plate, the mesh thistle bag and the seed bell... Have I mentioned that we sometimes have 40 Pine Siskins and Goldfinch on the deck at the same time????? Yipes!!!!! BUT--we're good to them and to all of the birds.. And I think they are saying in their language, "Thank You." OR--maybe I misunderstood and they are really saying, "Give me MORE."
Hope you had a good day on Groundhog Day. Obviously, we will have at least 6 more weeks of winter here. Hope you have enjoyed our little Winter Wonderland today!!!!
Hugs to all,


Kallen305 said...

Yay for you getting your beloved snow! It does indeed make a pretty picture.

All of the birds in your pictures look like they are really appreciative of the bounty your put out for them.

Neal said...

That is the kind of snow that is beautiful. There was so much of our last snow that it was too hard to walk anywhere in it and enjoy the views because it was a chore just to walk.

Jayne said...

Well Betsy, General Beauregard Lee did not see his shadow in Atlanta, so I am planning on an early spring (wink)... uh, we won't mention that Beau's record is not as (ahem) accurate as Phil in PA.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What lovely pictures. It looks like a perfect day for a snow lover. I hope it lasts for you.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

We didn't get the snow! Can I live vicariously thru you Betsy???

Smilingsal said...

According to the groundhog, you have six more weeks; according to the calendar, it's seven more weeks!

Peggy said...

I am soooo jealous!! Your snow is beautiful! I hope we have at least one more snow before spring but I doubt it. Have a wonderful day!

Small City Scenes said...

Isn't the first snow so pretty. We haven't hand any snow since December but when it first comes down the picture ops are so great. We did have snow in April last year son you never know. Boy, the birdies sure love you guys and that is just great.

BTW Did you read how Kurt Warner met his wife? Sweet story. MB

CountryDreaming said...

Looks like you had a perfectly beautiful snowfall. And as a bonus, lovely Pine Siskins gracing your bird feeder. Have visited the Smoky Mountains twice, Tennessee is an awesome state. It's great to meet someone else who loves winter as much as I do.

The Incredible Woody said...

Beautiful!! Looks like I will have to live vicariously through you to see any snow:(

Cedar ... said...

Betsy if you really like snow,... I'll ship you most of ours! Hee hee..... Kidding aside, that does look beautiful on your trees. We've just got soooooooo much up north here that we're getting sick of shoveling. Enjoy it and have fun!

Jessica said...

I woke up to a beautiful snow this morning too! It's gorgeous! I need to get outside with the camera. Thanks for the bird photos. I never tire of them!

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm so glad you got your snow, Betsy. Hope it will stay around for a couple of days.

MNGarden said...

You are really in a winter wonderland of the best kind...clear roads. We appreciate it more since it is infrequent I think. It looks like the birds know the best place to go is Betsy's place.

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

I might actually enjoy a snow like that... all fluffy, covering the trees and plants, and leaving the roads clear. Love the photos of the snow and the birdies!

Susie said...

Those snow pictures are beautiful Betsy. The snow does create pretty art!

I wonder if the birds eat so much because they don't know how long the snow will last and they don't know when they will get to eat again? Either way I'm glad "momma" is out there to feed them!

Pigeon said...

Your beautiful pictures show winter
scenery at it's prettiest.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Way to go,Betsy,you got your snow and the most beautiful kind.I too love it when it sticks to the trees and everything else.
Have a wonderful day.

Shellmo said...

I'm so glad that you have your snow! It looks beautiful there! And I know those birdies are loving you right now w/ all that food and attention!! Are you and George going to make a snowman today??? :-)

fishing guy said...

Betsy: How wonderful that you got a neat snow to decorate the trees.
Six more weeks, oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty said...

I'm like you,Betsy, in that I just love snow. Thank you so much for showing us your snow pictures today. They are simply beautiful. We have had snow flurries here, but that's all.

Deborah Godin said...

Sounds like it was good "packin' snow" (for snowballs and snowmen) just not quite enough of it!

Diane said...

Do you want some more snow? I'm glad you enjoy it, it is beautiful and when it's not awfully cold it's a joy. Looks like you're little birds were well fed during your storm.

Jen said...

I can just hear you squeeling at the site of that snow Betsy! :D

Well with the bad news of 6 more weeks, I'm glad you found comfort in the news and got snow yesterday. enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying it Betsy, we have had our fill around here:(

Dianne said...

I would love to see a picture of your front yard plants in the summer. It doesn't get more beautiful than TN in the summertime.

I loved the pigeon commercial too. I thought a lot of them were weak. But, I would be angry if any companies who have laid off people, paid the expense of a SB commercial.

I have been a Steelers fan since way before AZ had a pro team so that explains my disloyalty to the Cardinals. I do love Warner and think she sets such a great example. I just love the Steelers more. Tee-hee...

A Brit in Tennessee said...

A little piece down the road, we were treated to snow flurries, and that's all.
The Winter Wonderland is so beautiful, I hope it travels a little farther West, and we finally get to experience a significant snowfall before Winter is on it's way out.

Rose said...

Glad you got some snow you could enjoy! Like you, I love it when it clings to the evergreens.

We got a bit more snow last night, but it so bitter cold it is not enjoyable. We went to Terre Haute today, and I took my camera thinking we might take a detour on the way home. But we didn't.

Anonymous said...

I am late getting to my computer today. I cannot believe I did not hear you shout here in GA when you saw the snow! It's very pretty! I love the bird photos too. What a perfect day for birdwatching. I always like how quiet and still the world is with snow. Hope you are having the best time ever Betsy!

mountain.mama said...

You have the excitement of a small child in your post! Obviously you enjoyed your snow day. Is it all gone now?

Darla said...

Tell your dear hubby that you have to express my excitement when you see the snow too! I love your photos and what a great caretaker of the birds you are!!!

Wendy said...

Oh your pics are lovely! I too like the look of new fallen snow on evergreens.
Well, thank you for identifying a little birdie I saw sitting on my clothesline this morning. I wasn't hanging clothes (too much snow here), I was looking out my kitchen window and saw a pine siskin. Had no idea what kind of a bird it was. Now I know!!

Gardener's Garden said...

Hi Betsy, I love all your beautiful snow and if ours was nice I wouldn't mind another six inches. This is a great sequence of photos and thanks for sharing them.

Rosa said...

It's gorgeous!!!

Bird Girl said...

You sure know how to have fun, Betsy! So funny how George very calmly asks you if you're gonna sleep through it - haha! I could almost SEE you JUMP up and grab the bird seed and the camera!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Back in the day when I was living up north, and living alone (still single): I have fond memories of being snowed in. One particular storm kept me away from work (on Cape Cod) for 3 days ... and everybody else. It was a relaxing 3 days of no driving and staying at home. I could use a blizzard right about now!

lola said...

I so glad you finally got some snow. Good that it didn't stick to the road. Great pix of the birdies. I love to watch them.
Stay warm.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kallen--It was SO pretty... Just wished we could have had a little more, maybe just 3-4 inches instead of one inch. (Never satisfied, am I? ha)

Neal---That's what I mean when I say we had almost the perfect snow. I like these small ones!!!! What you had was WAY too much for me!

Jayne-- Well good for you and Gen. Lee!!!! But--even if his record is not so good, maybe--just maybe he'll bring you some warm weather SOONER than later.

Suz-- Yes, it was the perfect snow.. It's still here today--but that's only because it has gotten so dad-blamed COLD!!!!! It's 11 degrees right now --at 8:30 p.m. Geesh!

Phyllis--Shucks--I was hoping you would have gotten some also!!!! But--I'll always share my pictures with you.

Sally--OR--maybe it will be a month and two weeks!!!! ha ha ha

Peggy--Well, one never knows!!! We've gotten snows here as late as April. SO---maybe we will get some more!!! Hope you get some also!

Hi MB-- We've had snow in April here before---so hopefully, we'll get at least one more nice snow!!!! Yes, our birdies do love us... They sure do come by and eat and eat and eat...

Hi Country Dreaming---Glad you stopped by my blog. Hope you'll come back often. I checked out yours also--and left you a comment. We love Tennessee.. It's kinda the best of all worlds, although I would like to see a "little" more snow!!!! ha.. Where are you from???

Woody--I'm sorry you didn't get this last snow.. It was a pretty one!!! But--I will definitely share my pictures with you anytime...

Cedar--You have too much snow for me. I'm picky --as to how much snow I want... ha ha... What we had was just gorgeous--the way it clung to everything. AND--we didn't have to shovel anything!!!!!

Jessica--Glad you got some snow also. I'll be looking forward to your pictures.

Carolyn--Didn't you hear me whoopin' and hollerin'?????? Can't believe I almost slept right through it!!!! ha.. It is still here today--some of it---but it's gotten too darn cold to go outside...

Donna--Isn't that amazing---lots of pretty snow but also clear roads??? That's the best kind for sure!!! Yes, Betsy's Bird Grill is open for business.... ha

Pat--Yes, as I have said several times while answering these comments, it truly was the perfect snow..

Susie--I love seeing snow when it sticks to every single limb. It does look like art. I'm sure that the birds eat more when the weather is bad because they really don't know how long it will stay bad.. They are SMART!!! ha

Pigeon---Thanks!!! It was the 'perfect snow.'

Ruth--Yes, I did get my snow. Did you hear me hollering???? ha... I loved it!!!!

Shelley--No---there wasn't enough to make a snowman.. BUT--the snow was pretty. It's still here today --some of it---but it's now much too cold to go outside. It's 10 degrees right now at 9 p.m. AND--the temps just keep going down. GADS!!!

Tom--Yes, It appears that we will have 6 more weeks of winter.... It was a neat snow---just perfect for pictures and enjoyment--and none on the roads!!!!

Betty---I'm surprised that you all didn't get any snow.. Ours was pretty although there wasn't too much of it. Probably just enough. It's DARN cold here tonight though... Yuk!

Deb--Yes---you are right ---a wet snow that packs together easily. IF we had have had more, I would have made a snow man!!!!! Maybe we'll get another one before spring!!!!

Diane--I know you have more snow that anyone could ever want... I like JUST a TINY bit--like we got!!!! Picky, ain't I????? ha ha ...Tonight though, it's really gotten too cold--10 degrees at 9:15 p.m. Yuk!!!!. Yes--our birds are spoiled!!

Jen--I'll bet you could hear me hollering. I was so excited---and to think, I almost slept right through it! ha ha.. I do hope we have at least one more nice snow before spring... BUT--tonight it is too cold to enjoy it!

Lilli--I'm sure you have had WAY too much snow. I wouldn't like that either. The one we had is the perfect one---clings to the trees and everything --but not on the roads!!!!

Dianne---Well---I'm sure we will feature our yard and flowers ALOT in the spring and summer. Why don't you just drive over here and see it for yourself???? YES--many commercials were weak---but for that much money, why would any company want to participate --especially this year???? Yipes!!! I'll forgive you for being a Steelers fan. One of my good friends is a die-hard Steelers fan---so I know about 'their' fans!!!! She and hubby live in Hendersonville, TN now---but they drove to Pittsburgh on Monday just to go to the big parade and celebration. Now--that is a real fan, isn't it????

Josephine--Sorry you all didn't get any snow. I thought you would have gotten some.. It was a pretty one---and is still here today (some of it), but now it's so darn cold, I don't even want to go outside. It's 10 degrees at 9:30 p.m. Brrrrrr!

Rose--Oh --I love seeing snow on the evergreens. SO pretty!!!! It's gotten darn cold here today also---so even though we still have some snow left, it's too cold to go outside (10 degrees at 9:35 pm.).

Mildred---I bet you did hear me whoopin' and hollerin' ---but didn't realize it!!!! ha ha... I did enjoy it TREMENDOUSLY.. But today, even though we still have some of our snow, the temperatures have dropped and it's too darn cold.. It's 10 degrees right now!!!! Who wants to go outside in this weather???? Yuk!

MM--Yes, I do love snow... Part of that is because I have never lived anywhere up north or anywhere that gets alot of snow. I've always lived in the south---so I really do enjoy snow, at least a little of it. This one was perfect since it clung to everything except the roads. We still have a little left--but it's gotten too cold now to enjoy it.

Darla-- Yes, I do get excited!!! George used to live in Indiana---so he could care less about snow. But--I get excited for ALL of us!!!! ha... Yes, the Adams Bird Grill is open for business!!! ha

Wendy-- Thanks!!! It was a pretty snow. Glad I could help you discover your Pine Siskin... Do you have Redpolls also??? They look like Siskins except they have some RED on the tops of their heads.

Barb--Thanks! It was a pretty snow for sure. It was only about an inch and I would have enjoyed 3-4 inches more (so that I could make a snowman) ... BUT--it was pretty.


Barb-- Well--George was being gentle.. He knows not to wake me up any other way!!! ha ha... BUT--I sure did jump up when he said SNOW. You've never seen anyone anymore excited!!!! I loved it....

Bob--When I used to teach school, I was worse than the kids WANTING a snow day!!!! One year when I lived in Kingsport, TN and taught high school there, we missed THIRTY days for snow. They used to get much more snow then than we seem to get now. You surely aren't living in the right place now --if you want a blizzard.

Lola--Me too!!! I have waited for a snow like this one!!!! NOW---I hope we will have at least one more good one before spring. Yes, I love my birdies!!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That was funny - "you jumped up like he kicked you out of bed" hehehe! I wanted snow too, but that ice storm we had last week has ruined me for winter & now I'm just wanting winter to disappear & never come back!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This is so beautiful!! As you know in KY. we have had so much ice. I would really love a snow like this one with beauty and clear roads...m.

Betty said...

Hi Betsy,

It is really cold here, too, with the temperature at 19 degrees right now at almost 11:00 PM. Not quite as cold as you are there but still cold, and the wind is blowing. I was out today, and it feels colder than what it really is because of the wind.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Tricia-- OH---I got so excited when George mentioned SNOW---that I couldn't get up quickly enough... How could I have missed all of that beautiful snow coming down????? My My!!!! ha .... I am so sorry for what your area is going through due to the ice. That's horrible.

Mary--Thanks!!! I know that KY got the brunt of that ice storm. I'm so very sorry... Yes, this is the type of snow to have---with clear roads!!!! I loved your Valentine story tonight.

Betty---It's now 11 p.m and I'm 'hitting the bed' ---but it's still 10 degrees. The low tonight is supposed to be NINE. GADS---that's too darn cold. AND---we are going grocery shopping tomorrow morning... Fun Fun!!!!

This Country Girl said...


That IS a beautiful snow! I especially love that first photo! Gorgeous!

You are so good to your birds...no wonder so many visit you!


Michele said...

Well well well... I am so very happy you got snow. It is beautiful when you wake up to the snow first thing before it gets all dirty and melted. That's the best time to start snapping the camera!!
You have some wonderful photos!
We have snow about 7-8 months of the year so I look forward to green grasses and flowers and leaves like you look forward to snow... LOL

Connie said...

Beautiful. It snowed here too. It came on fast too.

Dave's Bird Watching Blog said...

Nice snow pics, Betsy!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tammy-- That first picture was my favorite also.. This snow was just perfect!!! AND yes, my birds are special--and they know how much I love them.

Michele--Thanks!!! I was happy to see that beautiful white stuff coming out of the sky... WOW!!!! I'm sure that you do get tired of snow... We just get so little of it here. BUT--I love spring---so that will be nice when it gets here!!! How are you?

Connie---Glad you got some snow also.. Ours was pretty ---but then it turned horribly cold. Yuk!

Dave---Thanks!!! Did you get more snow today???? I hope so. How's the baby doing?

Leedra said...

I know you thought I was not ever going to get to you. I decided to go alphabetically, and you are the J's, not the B's.

This is the first I have seen of the Tennessee snow that happened the day after we left, so I was glad to see it. Snow as we left, snow when we returned. I think it is time to take down the snowmen decorations throughout my house.

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