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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in the Glade---Finally!!

Guess what???? We finally got a little snow on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.. I've been waiting (not very patiently) for some snow since November!!! It blew around in the air a couple of times the past month or so--but yesterday was our first 1-2 inch snow. I know---I know--that's that still not MUCH. But hey, I cannot say any longer that we didn't have snow this winter. Ha Ha... My hubby said: "Okay, we had snow. Now is it time for spring?"

Like we always do, we took some pictures to share. Above it a picture looking out from our deck toward the back yard (and golf course fairway). See any golfers???? HA... More pictures of our yard and of our birds are below.

Above is the snow on one of our Holly bushes and one of our solar lamps.. I don't think it was very bright last night, ya think???? ha

The above picture is looking toward the front yard from the garage. Can you see my bench??? You are invited to come and sit with me (I'll even provide some sweeeeeeeet tea) in the spring when the roses are blooming. It's a neat place to sit and smell the roses!!!!

Wanna come for a picnic??? I'll open the umbrella!!!! Note also our big Rhododendron on the right side of the picture. It looks alot better than it did all shriveled up the other night when the temperature was ZERO. (The temperature got all of the way up to 26 degrees yesterday!)

"Hey Lady---what is that white stuff coming out of the sky? I'm gonna stay here at this feeder all day and feed a 'few' of my buddies below."

Oh the Pine Siskins!!! They ate all day long!!!! Some stay at the hanging feeders--and they drop plenty of seed for all of the masses BELOW on the deck to enjoy. I don't know how many birds we had today but I do know that there were NINE varieties and all in all, there were LOTS and LOTS of hungry birds. (No more Starlings, thank goodness!)


amelia said...

The birds look very well fed and happy. I'm sure they'll put up with a little snow!!!

Will the snow stay long or does it usually go quite quickly?

Kallen305 said...

Yay for you!!! I have been crossing my fingers that you would get your beloved snow sometime.

I love the pictures. The siskins look famished! Lucky for them they found your house and your feeders!

Jayne said...

Even we got a light dusting here in northwest GA Betsy! :c) Enjoy it while it lasts!

willzmom said...

How jealous am I? We all are begging for snow here-just enough to play in and enjoy. I'm glad you got some and thanks for sharing the beaytiful pictures.

Smilingsal said...

If it makes you happy, I'm glad you got your snow. As for me, I'll be happier if I never see it again.

The Birdlady said...

Betsy,I don't share your passion for snow - We have been spared so far this year - but we haven't been spared the brutal cold.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty, isn't it? And this morning there is more coming down.

karin said...

I rejoice with you!! Your place is beautiful! Your pics are gorgeous!I love the way the snow seeps slowly into the soil to nurture it. Enjoy your snow-filled day - it will leave soon enough! Can't wait for a four season photo of the lovely bench!

George said...

Okay, you've had some snow. Now can we have some warmer temperatures -- PLEASE!!!

Shellmo said...

I'm so glad you got your snow Betsy! Your photos are lovely - and yes, I would like to sit on that bench w/ you and have some tea!!

dot said...

Lucky you! We had snow for about 15 minutes last night. There is no sign of it this morning.

Cedar ... said...

I'm glad you got your snow! Those pine siskens are like little vacuum cleaners!

The Incredible Woody said...

We received a dusting. A friend arrived for a visit from Miami and she was just beside herself - she had never seen snow before!!

Anonymous said...

Where's the snowman??? Good for you Betsy! The photos are lovely and the birds look very appreciative. I don't think they share your enthusiasm for snow!

Susie said...

Looks like you have winter wonderland going on Betsy. I know you must be a "happy camper" now.Your pictures are quite pretty.

Diane said...

Snow and birds just seem to go together :) too bad it has to get cold to do it tho'. Have fun looking at your new 'landscape' - I love the beauty of freshly fallen snow, too!

Small City Scenes said...

YAY!! Snow!! the first snow always looks so pretty. So enjoy while you can.

My two grandboys are 8 and 10. They CAN be lots of fun---I had 4 girls and boys definately are different--of course I am older too. Shhh, don't tell anyone!!! lol MB

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Snow!? Better for thee than me, thank you! I will say, though, that it's very pretty, and I enjoyed the photos.

Bird Girl said...

How nice that you got SNOW! It is so much fun to feed birds when there is snow and you feel as though you are doing something very noble. Great pictures of your snow holiday, Betsy!

NCmountainwoman said...

So glad you finally got some snow. We got an inch or so as well. I must admit, I do not like the snow much after all those years in Wisconsin. At least ours will soon be gone. Enjoy your white stuff!

Cicero Sings said...

Yay, you finely got snow! We've had blue skies here but maybe on the weekend the weather will start to change again. We need to travel south on Sunday ... or Saturday ... whichever is the best travel day.

Cassie said...

SO happy you got the snow you wished for.Never heard of those siskin birdies b4...you'll have me educated yet!

Tina said...

Yea Betsy,
Glad you finally got some of that white stuff!! We also got some of that storm..it snowed all day yesterday..and our weather people just called for snow showers!! We ended up getting 4 inches! It is pretty out..but oh I yearn for Spring and greenery!!

Leedra said...

I am with George...ok we have had our snow. Bring on spring!!!!

I had 10 varieties of birds on Monday. I could not believe it! Have had 13 at Rockwood this year. With 4 of those being additions to my lifer list.

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Photography By Leedra

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Peggy said...

We had snow too and I am loving it!!! At the moment we have 6 inches and its still snowing

FIONA said...

Glad you got your snow. I love snow.

Jen said...

I'm so happy for you.
You need to bring some in and put it in the freezer, and bring it out on a day you need some cheering up. ;)

Michele said...

Gosh, those birds are mighty busy! It's good to see snow over there. It's amazing how much everyone loves snow but nobody is willing to come and pick up the 5 or 6 feet of snow sitting in my front yard!! hehehehe....

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the white stuff...

Pigeon said...

If you want more snow you can have some of mine! I agree with you husband. "Okay, we had snow. Now is it time for spring?"

Judy said...

Betsy! I love your snow photos! (thanks for sharing!)

All of them are great, but my most very fave one is of the cute bird looking at you!

Wow! Great shots, especially of "Birdie!"

Anonymous said...

We got a few flurries this morning, but no accumulation! :(

Deborah Godin said...

Good for you, you got what I wold call "just enough" snow!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love the photo of the single birdy, so cute, and yes you are right we do have a tad more snow here in Canada!!

Gill in Canada

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

So you finally had some snow.Good for you.Did you at least make a snow angel or two?LOL

Wendy said...

It looks beautiful! Like a frosted cake! I'd love to sit on your bench or come for a picnic. Your birds look so cute eating to their hearts content.
Enjoy the snow while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Pretty, come on up to MI if you run out of snow and need some more. We are at our normal total for the entire winter right now!

In answer to your question, this will be our first grandchild in July, although my son and his wife lost their first little girl baby in utero to kidney disease when they were five months along last summer:(

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amelia--Well, this snow is still with us since our temps are SO low.. AND--we had more snow off and on all day today also.. SO--our schools are closed for the 2nd day tomorrow.

Kallen--Yay for me is right!!! You know how much I am loving it. I wish it were a little warmer though.. Our highs today were in the low 20's. Brrrrr

Thanks Jayne!!! I think it will last about 3 days since it has been so cold. Glad you got some also!!!

Hi Willzmom-- I'm sorry you didn't get any this time. Do you all near Memphis get much snow??? We may or may not get anymore... I hope we do, but who knows!!!????

Sally--You probably don't have much to worry about since you live in FL... Did you used to live in the north???? My hubby was born and raised in Indiana and doesn't like snow either.

Helen--How was your day with your grands????? I'm sure they had a great time!!! I know---I'm the weird one for loving snow. I probably wouldn't IF I had lived somewhere where there had been alot of snow. I haven't seen much --all through the years.

Carla-- Isn't it nice that WE still have alot of snow around??? We got quite a bit more today.. It's so pretty--but I wish it weren't so cold. Oh Well--we can't have everything can we? ha

Karin--Thanks!!! That's a great idea.. The bench in all four seasons!!! I'll try to remember to do that. George built that little area and got me the bench when I complained about not having a place to sit and see the roses.. Come and visit me in the Spring. Okay?

George-- Oh Honey, winter is not over yet... We need a few more snows before spring. Okay?????????

Shelley--I did get my snow--but that doesn't mean that I don't want you and hubster to come down and see us (with or without the snowballs)... We WILL sit on that bench and have some tea--but you know that we southerners serve SWEET (really sweet ---horribly sweet--excessively sweet) Tea!!!! ha ha

Dot-- Well--at least you got a tiny bit of snow.. Maybe you'll get some later!!! Do you all usually get snow down there???

Cedar-- Thanks!!! It has been a pretty snow--but it's darn cold outside. The highs today were only in the low 20's. And yes---those Pine Siskins are eating us out of house and home. I'm surprised they aren't fat as pigs!!!

Woody--Glad you all got a little snow down there in Tullahoma. Did you get more today? We did--and nothing is melting since our temps are still in the low 20's. Glad your Miami friend got to see snow. That is special.

Mildred-- No snowman.. IF I were 30 yrs. younger or had kids or grands here, I'd probably go outside and play in it. BUT--since I'm OLD and it's darn cold (in the low 20's today for a high), I'll enjoy the snow inside the house--by the fireplace!!! You are right... The birds don't care much for that 'white stuff.'

Susie--I am a "happy camper" today---but I'm glad I am not camping. It's SO cold--only got up to the low 20's today. I love the snow--but enjoy it from INSIDE the house!!!! ha

Diane--The birds are really eating and eating and eating now.. I guess having full tummies makes them feel warmer... I also love the beauty of the snow when it first falls. It looks so clean and it glistens so beautifully. Hope your birds are coming back to your feeders now.

Hi MB, Yes, that first snow is pretty. AND who knows??? This may be our only snow this winter... SO--I will definitely enjoy it. I have a good friend who has 4 girls. Since I had 3 boys, I was THRILLED to have my first granddaughter. It's true---boys are very different than girls. And yes, we are getting older! Yipes!!!

Pat-- So you don't like snow???? Oh Well--I'll forgive you!!! ha ha.. We don't ever get much--and it's usually gone quickly... How's Snuggles?

Barb--I know--it was nice to get some snow FINALLY. The birds ate and ate and ate.. We're running out of bird seed. Going to the store tomorrow thank goodness!!!

Carolyn--YES--I finally got some snow. You and George----I can understand after living up north why you don't care for snow.. I'd probably hate it also--having so much of it. One thing about getting snow down here. It is gone soon!!!

Cicero--I absolutely love the pictures you have been posting of the snow/ice/frost combo.. I've never seen anything so beautiful.. Are you headed dow to see your momj??? That was goo news about your sister.

Cassie--Pine Siskins are in the finch family.. They travel in large groups--and I have them (lots of them). They are so pretty though.

Tina--Thanks!!! I have been waiting to see some snow since November. You got about twice as much as we did. AND our temps are so low (highs today in low 20's) --so the snow is sticking around for awhile. George is ready for spring too!!!!

Leedra--Well, I won't go along with George YET. I'd still love to see a couple more snows before spring gets here. I just wish it were warmer right now. Our high today was only about 22. Brrrrr!!! You are getting alot of birds both places. Did you finally get much snow??? I noticed that Knox Schools are back in session tomorrow. I don't know about Sevier or other surrounding counties.

Peggy--You all got ALOT of snow, didn't you??? Congrats on the miracle baby!!! Hope he makes it!!! Now go out and enjoy the snow for awhile!!!

Fiona--Thanks!!!! I do love snow!!!

Jen--Thanks!!!! How much did you get up there in KY? Great idea about keeping some snow for another time!!!!! ha

Michele--Yes, the birdies love to eat--and when it's raining or snowing, they eat and they eat and they eat... I have to get them some more food tomorrow. George thinks we're feeding several new family members. HA! I wouldn't know what to do if we had 5-6 FEET of snow!!! It's no wonder that many people don't like snow.

Michelle-- Can you imagine???? Someone like you who has had so much snow... I'm sure you don't understand how I could enjoy it so much. If I lived where you do, I'd be sick of it I'm sure.

I'm sure if I had LOTS of snow like you do, Pigeon, I'd HATE it... BUT--we seldom get anything here. What we get is so special!!! Oh Well--call me a nut!!! ha

Thanks Judy... That little bird is a Pine Siskin. Isn't it a cutie???? I have alot of Siskins ---so if you want some, I'll share.

Tricia--I'm sorry you didn't get anything this time. I thought Missouri got alot of snow in winter.. Is it all missing you this year --like it usually misses us????

Deb--I can understand knowing where you live and how much snow you have--why you say that I have "just enough." TRUE!!!!

Gill--That sweet little birdie is a Pine Siskin. They are such beautiful little birds--and we have TONS of them... Ha---YES you do have a 'tad' more snow than us!!!

Yes Ruth... We finally got some snow!!! How 'bout that???? NO--I chickened out. It's cold out there (20's) ---so I just enjoyed it from the comforts of our home INSIDE--by the fireplace. HA!!!

Wendy-- Well come on down---but wait 'til spring when the roses are blooming. We'll sit on that bench, drink some tea and smell the roses!!! Okay????? Yes, those birds have really been eating --and eating---and eating!!!

Lilli--- Thanks for offering to give us some of your snow. We'll bring a big truck up there --and pick up some !!! ha .... Sorry about the first baby---but that makes this one even more special. You'll love being a Grammy!!!!

Patty said...

Beautiful photos. The snow missed us all aroumd

lola said...

Glad you got the snow you've been waiting for. Have fun with it. Great pics of snow & birdies. Love it.

Lori said...

How beautiful Betsy!
I'm glad you finally got your snow...but I'm with your hubby on the hopes for spring!


Anonymous said...

Time to bring out the orange golf balls. It's fun to experience a winter wonderland in your own yard at least once a year. Have fun in the snow Betsy.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

your pix give me what i can not see

fishing guy said...

Betsy: So glad you got you wish but we have a lot more winter weather to follow so who knows what is next. I always think February is the coldest month. The dead of Winter.

This Country Girl said...

Good for you, Betsy! We got a little bit of snow in town yesterday, but none here! Jason called me and told me it was snowing it town....we got excited but it never came here!

It looks absolutely beautiful where you live! I love all the trees! The snow looks so pretty there!

You are so sweet to take such good care of your birds! Great photos, by the way!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Patty... So the snow missed you... It usually misses us also. In fact, when the forecasters say we WILL get snow, we don't. And when they say we won't get snow, we do... What's up with that???? ha

Lola--Thanks!!!! I loved it---and it's still with us today (after 3 days). It's melting a little today --but is still below freezing here. Glad you enjoyed the pictures of the birdies also.

Lori--Yes--I finally got some snow. Now George says, "When's Spring!!!" ha ha (I hope we get more snow before spring--just a little more!! ha)

Bernie-- Ha---people in this neck of the woods use ORANGE gold balls anyhow since this is 'Big Orange' country--for the Tennessee Vols. But--in the snow, I'm sure orange golf balls would help!!! ha

Lloyd- Where are you??? Down south somewhere.... Maybe you are on an island somewhere basking in the sun... Hmmm--want a visitor???? ha ha

Tom--YES, I finally got my wish--some snow here!!!! I keep telling George that winter is NOT over yet.. Our February's are usually our coldest months too.

Tammy--How far are you from town???? Do you all get much snow there in Arkansas???? We don't get much---so I enjoyed this one!!! Ha--about the birds. I spent $50 on bird seed today at Lowe's. My hubby thinks we have another child (or children) in the house!!!! ha ha

Mary said...

Keep trying to leave a comment. I'm glad you got your snow! it looks beautiful and the setting is so lovely in all that white.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Mary... I heard that Blogger has had some trouble today... Hope they get it all fixed soon!!!! Glad you enjoyed my pictures and my snow!!!

Greg Silsby said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Betsy. I'm greatly enjoying strolling through yours, and look forward to checking out more in the future.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Greg, Glad you are enjoying reading my blog. Come back anytime!