Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Great Visit with Blog Friends ---8/24/14

Four Bloggers together:  Larry,  Betsy,  David --and George (taking the photo)
Welcome to September 1st, and a Happy Labor Day to YOU and YOURS.... Yeah Rah---Now I'm getting excited that AUTUMN is coming...  It is one of my favorite seasons.... Be sure to check out the new quotes on my right sidebar  this month... I enjoy these quotes and they do speak to me --like I hope they will speak to you also!!!!

This is Larry and Bev's home.  They have the best of all worlds: beautiful home,  gorgeous landscaping,  lots of privacy,  shade provided by many huge trees,  plus another surprise which I will talk about below.
On August 24,  George and I drove to Greenback,  Tennessee (southwest of Knoxville) to visit  Blogger  BIG DUDE and family.   Larry and his wife, Bev,  own a gorgeous home which Larry calls  "Almost Heaven  South".... The reason he calls his home that is because he is originally from the state of West Virginia --which is called "Almost Heaven".... When he moved to Tennessee and bought this beautiful home/property,  he realized that he had found something VERY special... AND now that we have seen that beautiful home,  we agree that Larry and Bev live in HEAVEN for sure!!!!! WOW--what a gorgeous home...

Do you see that green platform on the right side of the photo above?  Do you have any idea what that is????????? WELL---since you said NO,  I will tell you!!!!  That platform contains one of the largest wind-chimes I have ever seen.  I got so excited --but Larry wouldn't give it to me!!!!  Dang!!! ha

Another view of Larry and Bev's home

Larry and Bev---Wonder where they are??????

WELL----here is the OTHER surprise I mentioned above.  NOT only do Larry and Bev own that gorgeous home with all of that privacy,  but their property is also ON the WATER.   Tellico Lake is nearby --and their property is on one of the little inlets which leads to the lake.  SO gorgeous --and again,  very private and beautiful.  Larry has built a large pavilion on the water --which is where we had a delicious dinner.

David, Betsy and Larry
The other blogger who attended our 'party' was BIG DADDY DAVE. David and his wife, Laurie,  live not too far from Larry and Bev.   I have been blog friends with both Larry and David for some time now.  George and I met Larry and Bev a couple of years ago when they came to our area to do some camping with their RV,  which was new then.   BUT--we had never met David and Laurie.  It was such a privilege to be with both of these wonderful couples.

David and Laurie;  I think David is sampling some of Larry's Stuffed Jalapenos.... YUM  (See Larry's blog for this recipe.  There were delicious!)
Larry and Bev are excellent cooks ---and Larry's blog is mostly filled with the sharing of new meals they have planned/eaten--and shared with friends.   I can never check his blog posts without getting HUNGRY.... On this particular day,  Larry and Bev served us a wonderful dinner of Stuffed Jalapenos,   BBQ Pulled Pork and Ribs-too-die-for,  Chipotle Baked Beans, Slaw, Buns/Rolls,  and several fantastic drinks.  David and Laurie brought the dessert, a melt-in-your-mouth Tres Leches Cake (which was very light and complimented the heavier meal).  Can I say YUM to everything I ate?????   WOW!!!!  (As I said above,  you can find recipes for some of these dishes on Larry's blog.)    

Laurie and I were having a nice conversation.

George is talking to Pat (Bev's sister),  Laurie and Bev.

Laurie and Larry;   I think Larry is saying:  "Welcome to Almost Heaven South"

Most of the group---relaxing and telling lots of STORIES;   Notice the four little dogs in some of the pictures.  Larry and Bev have 3 furry babies and Pat has one...  Precious ones--all of them!

Another photo of the group--from another angle!

The water headed out toward the lake from Larry and Bev's pavilion;  Isn't this just SO peaceful?   Maybe the next time we visit Larry and Bev,  they will take us for a ride on their pontoon boat.

The entire group:  1st row,  left to right:  Pat (Bev's sister),  Madison (Bev and Larry's granddaughter),  and Bev;  2nd row: George, David, Laurie, and Larry;  (I was taking the picture)

Same Group --except that  George is taking the picture and I took his place IN the picture.

Two fine Bloggers and Friends:  Larry and David;   Check out their two blogs by clicking on the links listed above in YELLOW.

On our way home after a wonderful time with friends,  look at the sunset we encountered!!!!  WOW!!!
WELL---as you can tell by reading this and looking at the pictures,  we all had a fantastic time together.  The food was phenomenal and the conversation was the BEST.... Thanks to Larry, Bev and their family and furry babies,  AND to David and Laurie for a GREAT afternoon!!!!!

I have mentioned several times how special it is to meet blog friends in person.  George and I have met SEVENTEEN new friends through blogging.  AND--with this group also comes their spouses/family/friends.  If you want to see some of the wonderful people we have met,  go to my sidebar, scroll down to LABELS,  go down to BLOGGERS and click.  There are 19 different posts in that group.   BLOG friends are special... Make a point to meet some of your friends.  You will love it and them!!!!

Hope all of you are having a good LABOR DAY.   To most people,  Labor Day is the beginning of Fall--but what we all need to remember is all of those workers out there in our country --who do so much for us,  each and everyday... Don't forget to thank your garbage collectors,  utility workers,  auto repair people,  etc... Many of these hard working people even have to work on LABOR DAY...   Take a minute and thank them!!!

Have a wonderful day.  AND--don't forget to check out my new QUOTES on my sidebar,  AND click HERE to see a couple of good photos on my other blog,  my Photo Blog.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

DAYLILIES in our Yard, 2014---Part II

EARLY BIRD CARDINAL (taken on 6/15)--This is always our FIRST DayLily to bloom, and it blooms over and over.
This is my 2nd DayLily post this year.  IF you missed the first one showing 15 daylilies),  please click HERE.   We ended up with 55 different varieties of DayLilies in our yard this year. Today I'm sharing 15 more.  First,  I'm showing you the DayLilies in the Small Flowerbed in front of our large rose bed.  Above is Early Bird Cardinal.  Below are the others in that bed.


LAVENDER DEAL (7/08) ---Pretty color,  isn't it?

ORANGE VOLS (7/16);  You know I love this one since it reminds me of my favorite sports team,  the Tennessee Vols (with ORANGE and white as their colors)

The next flowerbed  I'll share is the Road Flowerbed --where the Daylilies really show off...  Hope you enjoy this next group.
SOUTH SEAS  (6/30)






CARLOTTA (7/15)  (Carlotta is a late-bloomer.)

Two in One:  CUSTARD CANDY (on left)  and FOOLED ME (on right)--taken on 6/27

BICOLOR  (7/21)
There are two more DayLilies I have to share with you today... First above is the other one from the Garage Flower Bed which had not bloomed when I featured that bed in Part I.  This is one of the last daylilies to bloom --but it is SO pretty!  Don't you agree?

And this one is special to George and me since his Daddy gave these little daylilies to us when we first moved here to Fairfield Glade. 

I will close with two pictures showing some of the Daylily Beds.  The photo above is the Small Bed (in front of our Rose Bed)...  It's small --but the entire bed brought us quite a bit of color this summer. This photo was taken on 7/10.

ROAD BED (showing Daylilies, Lilies, Roses and Irises)
AND--this is my favorite bed  (photo taken on 7/1)--the Road Flower Bed.  The colors and blooms in this bed are gorgeous beginning in Spring -- with the Roses blooming through Fall. AND---since many of our DayLilies are re-bloomers,  we hope to have many of them re-bloom in the Fall.  How special is that!

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our Day Lilies.  Do you have a favorite out of this group?  There are many that I like really well in this group--but my two favorites are Orange Vols and Wild Horses.   We have good luck with Day Lilies here since the critters don't dig up the bulbs --and the deer stay away from them (MOST of the time)... ha...

ADDENDUM:  Early Bird Cardinal (the red one at the top) is now blooming again already on 8/28/14  for its Fall Blooms.  IF you want a Daylily that blooms ALOT,  get this one from Oakes Daylilies....  It's TERRIFIC!!!