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Monday, April 1, 2013

What a HUGE Difference a Year can Make

Dad Adams'  Daffodils 2012
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Welcome to April...  My blog looks like Spring  but it doesn't feel much like Spring here on the mountain yet.  Recently I pulled out last year's March pictures taken in our yard... Oh My Gosh!!!  I was SHOCKED to think that this March is so very very different.  It's April now --and we still don't have much SPRING at all here on the Cumberland Plateau.  A few things have bloomed and are blooming --but not much at all.  Now I wonder if we will have much color at all this year....  The cold weather in March has done a 'number' on so many of our buds/blooms/flowers....   It's CRAZY!!!!

I hope I'm wrong and hope that April will turn out to be like March was last year.  I hope that I'll be showing pictures to you at the end of April that are similar to last year's March photos..... BUT--who knows?????  We'll just have to wait and see.   Someone said that we may just go from winter to summer!  HOPE NOT!!!!

Here are some comparison photos for you today.  You won't believe it either!!!!!  I put the dates when the photos were taken,  and tried to make the photos similar to each other...  Hope you enjoy them.  You can click on them in order to see enlargements.

Dad Adams' Daffodils 2013

Rose Flowerbed and Front Yard 2012

Rose Flowerbed and Front Yard 2013
New Flowerbed 2012

New Flowerbed 2013  (The Hyacinths hated the cold weather.)

Redbud Tree 2012
Redbud Tree 2013

Round Flowerbed 2012

Round Flowerbed 2013
Side Flowerbed 2012

Side Flowerbed 2013

WELL---that's it... Photos don't lie!!!!!  We just don't have much spring here yet AT ALL...  I hope that your spring is better so far...  AND---I hope that in a month,  I'll look back at these photos and know that Spring was JUST late --and that we didn't lose alot of our Spring flowers!!!!!  (Right now,  it looks like we have lost many Tulips and Daffodils...)

Hope you had a great weekend and Easter!  Hallelujah---Jesus Christ has risen!!!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Life on the Cumberland Plateau

Our little home  during Fall (2012)
As you probably know,  life for us has been VERY busy lately....  First was the big trip out west in September.  That was followed by my son's gorgeous wedding.  THEN---we went to Ohio to do some hiking with our good friends, Neal and Patti...  After coming home from Ohio,  we enjoyed a weekend here visiting with cousins/family/friends who were visiting in the area.

Then,  if all of this hasn't been enough,  we took off to the Smokies last Tuesday to see the Fall colors....   In between all of that ---this is a busy time of year for us in our yard.  We both have spent many hours (with many more to come) blowing/raking/mowing leaves.... Autumn is a pretty season and I love it ---but when those leaves start coming down,  there's alot of work to be done. 

Anyhow---to make a long story short,   I apologize for not visiting your blogs very much lately...  I do try to keep up--but it's not easy.  There just isn't enough hours in the day right now!!!!! Oh Well..... Life moves on no matter what!!!!

Today I will show you a few pictures I took in and around our yard on October 23.    AND--I'll share a few pictures of our visit with  my cousins/family on October 20/21.   Hope you enjoy seeing more of our crazy lives here in Fairfield Glade --on the Cumberland Plateau.  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

I take alot of pictures of our little home --and love to compare them during different seasons of the year.  We had a 'quick' Fall here this year.  Trees seemed to stay green for a long time but turned quickly when they did turn ---and even though there are some reds and yellows around,  the primary colors right now are the browns/golds....  I won't say that we have had a beautiful Fall here ---like we saw in Ohio or the Smokies, but nevertheless,  it is still pretty!!!

Thought you'd enjoy seeing my little Fall decorations up close and personal.   Can you see the big ceramic pumpkin on the porch????  I got that one on a visit to Kroger's one day.  The employee there was setting up a pumpkin display --and accidentally dropped some of them.  We stopped to help him pick up the pieces.  This one only lost its lid ----so he gave it to us FREE of charge.  I bought some Fall flowers and put in it for decorations... Neat, huh?

Here is our pretty Maple in our front yard... I love the colors of the Maples in Fall.

Here is one of the MANY Burning Bushes in our area... This is a very popular bush and there's at least one in most every yard!!!!!   They are gorgeous in Fall.

AND---here's a picture of our front yard looking up the hill/street.  Note that there are a few more ROSES still blooming.  That is our neighbor's big white house in this picture.  Note the leaves on the ground.... That was AFTER we raked and blew them!!!!! Those leaves are really coming down now, just like rain... ha ha

As I said above,  we visited with two of my cousins and their families twice weekend of Oct. 20/21.   This picture shows all eight of us enjoying a meal together at the Cumberland Mountain State Park Restaurant on Sunday, Oct. 21.  We had a wonderful time together.

Here are my two cousins,  Carol (Michigan) and Bonnie (Florida).   Carol and Bonnie are 1st cousins since they have the same grandmother.   I'm a cousin on down the line since their grandmother is my mother's mother's sister.... (Figure that one out!!!!! ha)

Bonnie,  Betsy,  Carol
Finally here is a photo of the three of us cousins...  Since I have so little family left,   I love these gals ---and enjoy being with them so much.  Tennessee is a great place for us to meet since one lives in Michigan and one in Florida!!!!!!

Last Blooming Roses from our Yard 2012
LATER:  On Saturday,  October 27,  because VERY cold weather was coming our way,  George cut most of the remaining ROSES which were blooming in our yard --and brought them all inside...  I love having them inside --but hate to see Fall end.  We'll have to wait 'til Spring in order to have more rose blossoms...  Sigh!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend.  After such a warm (almost hot) week last week,  someone opened the freezer door--since it is MUCH colder this week... But--I love it!!!!  They even mentioned the "S" word (SNOW) on our TV weather report Saturday night... YIPES....  BUT--I'll stay warm--all snuggled up next to a big roaring fire in our wood-burning  fireplace!!!!

Have a great day.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Happenings in our Yard --October 2012

Wednesday afternoon (10/10/12),   I decided that I had better make the 'rounds' in our yard --since we were predicted to have frost late last night.... I had fun taking pictures---and am NOW glad to report that we did NOT get any frost here last night or this morning.   YEAH!!!!

BUT--since I have all of these photos,  I decided to share them with you today.  (The trip pictures will just have to wait!!!!!!)  The photo above shows you our pretty little NEWLY PAINTED home and clean driveway --and a tiny bit of Fall colors around.  The pink dogwood (to the left) is a pretty deep red and there are a few trees showing some Fall color in the back.  But overall,  we don't have too much color here yet.    I did hear that the Smokies are supposed to be gorgeous this year ---so we'll be headed there one day!

Hope you enjoy the pictures showing what is blooming in our yard this week... Please click on the photos for enlargements.

Our Autumn Joy Sedum (in various places around the yard) is a beautiful shade of deep red (almost a rust color) now.  I love  these plants (guess that is why I have so many of them around) because they gradually change colors as we go deeper and deeper into Autumn.

I love our reblooming Irises... This yellow one has really showed its colors this Fall.  Its name is  Lemon Reflection.    Pretty for Fall,  don't you think?

George are I have been so disappointed that our big Clematis vine hasn't bloomed much at all the past 2-3 yrs.   SO---this Summer,  we did a "NO-NO"  and cut it all back (in the middle of summer)..... Guess what?????   The Clematis came back and is NOW blooming..... Can you believe it?   AND--it has 3 colors of blooms on it!!!!   (Guess it knew that we were about to replace it totally!!!!! ha)

I love this dark purple color...  Most of the time,  this Clematis produces light purple/lilac blooms.   Guess the dark one is the DADDY of the group!!! ha

I love this one... Don't know if this is the beginning or the end of this one's life---but nevertheless,  I love the colors... You?

As I've mentioned to several of you,  I am NOT ready for the first frost,  since our roses are still blooming.  BELOW are three blooms from yesterday.




Here is a close-up photo of the Autumn Joy Sedum.... Isn't it pretty?

Here's a crazy AZALEA bloom---in the FALL!!!!  What's up with that?  We have 6 Azalea bushes in our yard and this is the only bloom we have... Poor thing---must think it's SPRING... ha ha

Our beautiful JASMINE bush is finishing up its blooms of the season.... The gorgeous white blooms are now turning pinkish-brown... BUT--even this color is kinda pretty,  don't you think?

On another note,  after the big trip and the wedding,  George and I both need a BREAK.  SO--we're taking a week off from blogging in order to get other things done, and to enjoy Autumn.... I'll see you Monday,  October 22.    Have a good week!!!!


Friday, August 31, 2012

Other Summer Flowers in our Yard

Most of the Summer,  I have talked about our Roses,  Lilies and Daylilies.   I have not talked about or showed you pictures of some of our other flowers... SO---today,  I'll share some of these photos with you.  Above is one of our 4 BEGONIAS...  All of mine are in pots --and three hang in the front yard near the front porch.  The other one is on our deck..  Begonias are easy flowers to grow--and they are sun-lovers, and give any yard alot of color!!!!  Below are more --so be sure and click on them to see enlargements.

Another potted plant I have is IMPATIENS.  I love these little plants and used to grow lots of them in the round flowerbeds... After going through two years of having rabbits EAT the flowers/plants,  I gave up trying to grow them... I do love them --and they are great summer flowers to have in shady spots.

This is one plant that we are VERY disappointed with.  Our CLEMATIS just won't bloom.  The plant produces lots and lots of green leaves and looks very healthy... It did this last year also--so we went online and read about when to cut it back, etc.... We did that --but it still didn't bloom this summer (other than a very few blooms, one of which is shown above)....   Anyone have any suggestions?????

Many of our IRISES are re-bloomers ----and have continued to bloom off and on all summer.... (We hope they bloom in the Fall also.)  Here is just one of them, named CANTINA.   It just keeps on blooming... Don't you love seeing flowers with raindrops on them?   Awesome,  isn't it?

We have LOTS of HOSTAS in our yard,  and they did bloom...  For some reason,  I didn't get any pictures this summer of their blooms...  Duh!!!!!   Anyhow---the Hosta plants are prettier this year than ever before.  AND--so far,  the deer have stayed away!!!!

Do you know what this is?????  This is one of our SEMPERVIVUM  (Semps) blooming.   As most of you know,  we have Semps all over the yard...  They are called Hens and Chicks by many.  When the Mama Hen blooms,  that means she will die--and the Chicks take over and become Hens....  This Semp obviously was blooming---and will die.  Interesting how it works,  isn't it?????   (Glad most things don't die when they bloom!!!! ha)

This is another FALL favorite bloom.  This is my AUTUMN JOY SEDUM --which I have lots of around the yard.  These blooms will remain throughout the Fall--gradually changing colors... They will turn pink, then blueish,  and gradually turn rust color...  SUCH a neat plant ---and they take almost no care at all.

Finally,  here are two pictures of my favorite bush in our yard,  our CONFEDERATE  JASMINE.   We have had to trim this bush several times this summer --or else it would just keep on getting bigger and bigger... It blooms almost all summer even when we trim it....  It smells good ---and I just LOVE it...

Here is a close-up of what the little flowers look like on the CONFEDERATE JASMINE bush.  Aren't they just beautiful????

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our summer bloomers... I sometimes neglect these --while emphasizing the Roses and Lilies and other perennials.  But--as many of my blog friends will tell me,  they enjoy some of these even more!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Wednesday.  (Monday is a holiday, Labor Day,  so I won't be blogging that day.)  I have another bridal shower to attend (my future daughter-in-law) this weekend---so it will be another busy one!!!!  Sorry I have not kept up with your blogs/comments lately... JUST overwhelmed with LIFE right now!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Our House gets New Clothes

I had another post ready for today,  but I'm so excited about our beautiful little home ---that I just HAD to share this with you...  IF you are on Facebook,  you saw my surprise yesterday--but that was only one photo.  Today I'll share several!!!!!

Our home is being painted... Maybe I should have waited until they finish,  but I am just too excited to wait!   I'm always apprehensive when choosing a paint color...  What if we don't like it?  What if it is too dark --or too light????  YIPES---what a decision!!!

I will show more pictures when they totally finish.  The painters haven't started the white trim yet --so that will take awhile.. BUT--other than touch-ups,  they have finished the green....  I love-love-love this green... It seems to be perfect for us and blends so well with our yard and the surrounding trees.. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures today!!!!   Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

The green has a 'sheen' to it when the sun hits it.  It looks darker in the shadows... This is the front left side near the garage.  I love the way the ROSES are smiling ---just like I am.

Walking on around the house to the left,  I took this picture of the 'upper' side of the house,  near the upper flowerbed and the rock sidewalk.   The large window in the distance is George's little office area---across from the laundry room.  The smaller window is our kitchen.  The big sliding door goes into our 'Great' Room  (combo living/dining room).

You've seen the new deck (at the back of the house) in other blog posts recently...  If you missed the main post showing the new deck,  click HERE.   Both doors (on either side of the chimney) go into our Great Room... George and I read  our devotions together every morning on the swing (weather permitting)... The 'Bird Kitchen' is on the far end...   Beyond the deck  on the far end (out of sight) is one of our bedroom windows.    (The new deck will be stained in the spring.)

I don't think I have ever shown this side of our home.  This is the lower side of the house  where we have a half basement.   The two windows go into our bedroom... Since our bedroom is next to the Bird Kitchen (and since we put our bird feeders up at night)--the Northern Cardinals (and their loud chips) wake us up about 6:30 each morning begging for their breakfast...  There are 2 bathrooms in the middle (one off of our bedroom and one off of the hall).  The area to the left is the 2nd bedroom --which we use as our computer room...

 Now I am back around to the front of the house... This is the right side (from the front)--and inside the window is where we live most of the time---our Computer Room!!!!!  ha ha ..... There is one bird feeder next to this window---so that I can see some of the little birdies when I'm not close to the Bird Kitchen!!!!!

I'll close with one more photo of the front of the house.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the entire outside of our precious little home.  We love it --and it's perfect for a couple of retirees...   Sometime--I'll have to show you the inside --which is not nearly as pretty!!!!!!  Don't you just love our home and her new clothes?  George and I do----and I guess that is what matters...

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.   Tomorrow is George's Dad's 100th birthday party...  SO--like most weekends,  I'll be out-of-pocket.  His actual birthday is next Wednesday... We will be with him on that day also. Amazing man!!!!