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Friday, August 17, 2012

Visit to The Arches, Utah

Balanced Rock
I am finally taking time to go back to previous trips where I did not finish posting pictures and blogs.   This set is from our big Western Trip in June of 2011.   We were gone from June 10-28---and on June 23rd,  we visited THE ARCHES near Green River, Utah.

I published one blog post from our day at the Arches...  IF you didn't see this post (or want to re-visit it),  please click HERE.    In that post (October 14, 2011),  I mentioned another upcoming post from The Arches.  WELL---I never did get around to doing that 'upcoming' post UNTIL now.... Hope you still enjoy it!!!!!

Today,  I will share with you more from The Arches ---including some of the actual ARCHES we saw that day...   As I mentioned in the October post,  we visited here toward the end of our trip ---and it was hotter than blue blazes that day....   We hope to go back to The Arches someday when it's not as HOT and when we are not as tired...

Salt Valley

Skyline Arch

Ancient  Sand Dunes   (Note the snow on the mountains in the background!)

Sand Dune Arch

Broken Arch

Delicate Arch

Turret Arch

Double Arch

Parade of the Elephants
Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures... Those huge rocks and all of the 'designs' are excellent....  I enjoyed seeing all of the different rock designs as much as I did while seeing the arches...

It was fun going back through all of these photos and 're-living' that visit in 2011.  That was special ---and now,  I'm ready to go back there sometime.  It's a gorgeous area ---SO--- go and see it --if you can!!!!

Have a great weekend.  I am going to Georgia to attend a wedding shower for my future daughter-in-law... Should be fun!!!!   Since George is going with me,  we hope to find some time to do some waterfalling and hiking also!!!!!   See you on Monday.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Snow to Make You Feel COOLER

I got this idea from one of my Blog and Facebook friends,  LYNN. She had seen a 'snow' picture that George had posted some time ago --and thought it would be nice to see some SNOW pictures during the HOT SUMMER....  Great idea,  don't you think?

During our big Summer trip out west in June of 2011,  one place we visited on our way home was the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK in Colorado.   A few days before getting to the Rockies,  we had suffered in the almost 100 degree heat at the Arches.....  SO--you can imagine how wonderful it felt to get to this area and enjoy some cooler temperatures and SNOW....

SO---today,  I'll share some pictures taken on June 25, 2011 ---as we drove over 12,000 feet UP into the Rocky Mountain National Park.   The first picture above was taken as we got into Estes Park, CO ---before driving into the national park.  Beautiful area,  isn't it?????  Be sure to click on the pictures in order to see some enlargements.

This picture was taken from the Sheep Lake and meadow area just inside the Fall River entrance into the park.   We stopped to admire the mountains that we were going to drive UP!!!!!  We also looked for some Bighorn Sheep --but didn't see them at that time...

We went UP-UP-UP......  The higher we got,  the more snow we saw.  However,  the roads were clear --thanks to the snow crews who have to work hard to get them clear...  See those poles along the way?  They are there so that the crews will know where the road is supposed to be --when there is heavy snow on the mountains!!!!

This shows one of the huge snow banks along the road.....  Can you imagine having to scrape THAT much snow????

We actually stopped the car several times to even walk and play in the snow.   Even though we had shorts on that day,  the temperature up there was in the 50's..... BUT--it felt so good compared to the temperatures we had experienced in Utah.

Here is another picture taken from inside the car ---as we drove along...  We felt like we were truly on  TOP of the world... AND--we almost were!!!!! ha

This  is a picture of the Alpine Visitor Center at elevation 11,796 feet.....   The building was still almost covered up with snow!  Amazing to see this on June 25, isn't it?????

Finally,  here is one last picture of the snow we saw at  the Rocky Mountain National Park  that day...  We took many, many more pictures here ---but hopefully,  you have enjoyed seeing these.  AND---if you are having a very HOT SUMMER,  maybe these pictures will help cool you off just a little.

Have a great weekend.  I'll see you on Monday.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Best of 2011: Western Trip --Part II

As you probably know (unless you are new to my blog),  George and I took a three-week trip out west this past June.  This was a fabulous trip ---and we loved every minute of it.  We hope to go back again and again!!! It's like a whole different world out there!!!

If you missed Part I of my favorite pictures from this trip,  click HERE.  Today I will share with you Part II from this trip.  Above was one of our very favorite places,  BRYCE CANYON.  We loved Bryce so much that we even went back a second time.  If you want to see more pictures from Bryce Canyon,  click  HERE.

This was another small canyon are that we visited and loved,  KOLOB CANYONS.   In order to see more pictures from this gorgeous place,  click  HERE

We spent a very hot day at the ARCHES.   We want to go back there sometime when there aren't so many people and also when it is a little cooler.  Above is one of many great pictures from the ARCHES ---showing the unusual rock formations.   In order to see more pictures from the Arches,  click HERE.

We were near Estes Park, Colorado when I took this photo.  Isn't this a gorgeous place?  In order to see more pictures from the Rocky Mountain National Park,  click HERE.

We drove UP UP UP into the Rocky Mountain National Park... The farther up we went,  the more snow we saw...  AWESOME!!!!  I think this picture was taken at about 12,000 feet in elevation.    Isn't it beautiful?????

Finally,  here's one more picture of one of our very favorite places,  BRYCE CANYON.  If you ever get to Utah,  please go and see Bryce Canyon.

Hope you enjoyed our 'Best Of' pictures... It was a fabulous trip --and we probably have many many 'best of' pictures from that experience.

On another very troubling subject,   I am very very upset at what Blogger has done now with Word Verification.   I cannot read the gobbly-goop they are now using.  I have never used WORD VERIFICATION on my blog --and have had NO TROUBLE.  Blogger has a great spam-filter...

To tell you the truth,  I  have enough trouble getting to all of my commenters' blogs ---and now,  with the new Word Verification,  I just cannot do it.  If you choose to continue to use Word Verification on your blog,  I will probably quit leaving comments.   I just cannot do it... Sorry!!

My good friend,  Theresa (Texwisgirl)  wrote an excellent post last night about this... IF you want more information,  please read her post (click HERE)...   OR ---if you need help getting rid of the Word Verification,  contact me (betsyadams@mac.com) and I'll help you.  Thanks so much!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Best of 2011: Western Trip--Part I

As I continue my Best of 2011 posts,   I got to relive our wonderful three week trip this past June to visit several of our western states.  Wow--what an incredible trip!!!!!  It is much too hard to pick out my favorites in only one blog post---so I'll divide them into two different posts.  (And even that was hard since that trip was the highlight of our entire year!)

Today,  I will share six of my favorite pictures with you.  Above is a picture from the PAINTED DESERT.   That was our first major stop on this trip ---and we were just blown away by the colors of the desert.   Unbelievably gorgeous!  If you would like to see my blog from the Painted Desert,  click HERE.

Be sure to click on all of the photos in order to see them larger.

After leaving the Painted Desert,  we visited the PETRIFIED FOREST.   This is another fabulous place!!!! Above is just one picture of the petrified wood.  For more explanations of  petrified wood,  click on my blog post HERE.

All of my life,  I had heard about the GRAND CANYON, but had never seen it in person until June 14, 2011.  I wish you could have seen my face when I saw this beautiful place for the first time.  I got teary with JOY,  and was overcome by God's glory when we first got there.  Oh My Heart!!!!  This place is truly awesome in every respect.   The picture above was taken at the Grand Canyon and shows the Colorado River below. For more pictures from the Grand Canyon,  click on my blog post HERE.

Another first for us was seeing the sunset from the GRAND CANYON.  This picture will show you a sample of what we saw.  Is this not breath-taking?  For more sunset pictures from the Grand Canyon,  click on my blog post HERE.

Zion was not one of our favorite places on this trip ---so we hope to go back during another season (when there aren't so many people),  so that we can stay longer and do some hiking (which I think would be the highlight of that area).  Here's one picture from ZION NATIONAL PARK.   For more pictures of the Scenic Byway 9 near Zion,  click HERE.

Finally,  here is a picture of another gorgeous place we visited,  the CEDAR BREAKS  NATIONAL MONUMENT.  That is snow you see in this picture.  Cedar Breaks is high in elevation ---so we encountered quite a bit of snow while there.  If you want to see some of my blog post from Cedar Breaks,  click HERE.

As I said I will publish another post from this wonderful trip to the western states this past June.  It was an incredible trip--and we hope to go back sometime!!!!!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Horseshoe Falls, Colorado

I don't think I will ever finish doing blog posts from our June trip out west...   Counting this one,  I have done 25 different posts from that trip ---and there's still more to come!!!!!  What a fabulous trip that was... That is one trip we'll be talking about for years and years to come.

Today,  we're going back to the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park.  As I think I mentioned in a previous blog,  we entered the park on June 25th from the north entrance (north and west of Estes Park).  We first visited the Sheep Lake/Meadow area.  Then we stopped at the Alluvial Fan area to hike to Horseshoe Falls...  Our elevation here was 8.800 feet.  This waterfall, believe it or not,  is VERY high, probably about 1000 feet... BUT--from this area,  we could only see about 300 feet of it total...   Even that was awesome --especially for us waterfall lovers!

On July 15,  1982,   Lawn Lake Dam (14 miles north of the national park) broke.  This dam which flowed into Cascade Lake caused huge flooding in the park and also in the town of Estes Park nearby. Two hundred and twenty million gallons of water flowed south into that area.   Three people died ---and this flood caused over 31 million dollars of damage to Estes Park. 

After that flood,  Horseshoe Falls was buried under rocks and mud.  It is now a very steep waterfall,  cascading down the scars of the flood....  Here are some of our pictures from Horseshoe Falls.  The one above showed our view of the falls once we hiked to the little bridge crossing the falls...  As I said,  there is MUCH more of this waterfall above our vantage point.

Here is a very happy girl standing there admiring this waterfall from the bridge.

We hiked up to the steep part (I'll call it the crook)---if you look back at the first picture above.  We hiked up on the rocks to get some closer shots.   George took this one... Nice, huh?

George was as happy as I was --to be here. He wandered around all over those rocks taking pictures.... What JOY!!!!

This picture was taken from the bridge where we were standing... You can also see the bridge below (which is where the cars pass over the cascades).   Now--remember these three things:  car bridge,  hiking bridge,  and the crook... You'll see why soon!

This is another picture showing the mountain (which we went to later that day)...  You can also get a better view of the car bridge in this picture!!!!!

Here ----from way up on the mountain  (shown above) is a great long-distance photo George took of Horseshoe Falls.... I marked the things I wanted you to remember...  The crook is what I showed in picture 3.   The hiking bridge is where we were in picture 1,2, and 5.   AND ---you can see the road and the 'car bridge'....  Isn't this just awesome  to see a waterfall up close (or at least part of it) and then from far up on the mountain!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our photos of  Horseshoe Falls in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Have a glorious weekend and I'll see you on Monday.


Friday, October 14, 2011

The Arches in Utah

During our three week trip out west in June,   our last stop in Utah (as we headed to the Rocky Mountains) was the ARCHES National Park.  We left home on June 10---and when we got to the Arches,  it was June 23... We were both tired and VERY hot by then...  SO--because of this,  our experience at the Arches was not as good as most other places we visited on this trip. I guess that is why I've waited so long to pull out this set of photos... BUT-- now that I'm looking at the photos,  I really know how pretty it was there...

SO--my advice:  unless you don't mind the 107 degree heat,  don't go there in Summer..  Also--I despise crowds --and there are always tons and tons of people there in the Summer... We will go back ---but not in Summer...

I do have some wonderful photos to show you from the Arches ---so today will be just one group of them... Hope you enjoy them!!!!!  The above picture shows one of the many crazy rocks --just sitting up there...  I still don't think I'd want to stand under that thing though... ha  (Be sure to enlarge photos for bigger shots.)

I loved the shape of this tall one---standing there just like a watch tower,  checking out everything!!!!   Water and ice,  extreme temperatures and underground salt movement are responsible for the sculptured rock scenery of the Arches National Park.  It's hard to imagine how the 100 million years of erosion or such violent forces that created this land caused one of the world's greatest densities of natural arches...

The American Indians used this area for thousands of years.  The Archaic peoples, and later ancestral Puebloan,  Fremont, and Ute peoples, searched the arid desert for food animals,  wild plant foods,  and stone for tools and weapons.

This photo looks like the Titanic to me!!!!!  What say you????

They named this one "The Three Gossips".....  Can you hear them chattering???? ha ha

Here is another interesting rock formation...  What does it look like to you?  I can almost see some praying hands!!!!

This is appropriately called  "Sheep Rock"... See the sheep on top?????

Here is what they call the Tower of Babel (on left) and the Organ (on the right).  I took this one at the La Sal Mountain Viewpoint---but was more interested in the rock formations than I was in the mountains in the distance.

Can you believe that I've shown you 7 pictures at the ARCHES, and I still haven't shown you an 'arch'?????   That will be coming up in a future post....

On another note,  have you noticed what Blogger has done for all of us--which is GOOD???  If you click on my first photo,  you'll get all of the photos in a slide show... Neat, huh?????

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  We're headed to the Smokies today to see what kind of Fall color is there...  I will see you Monday!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Looking down into the canyon;  Believe it or not,  there is a trail all of the way down there!!!
Of everywhere we visited in June of 2011 (on our 3 week western trip),  our VERY favorite place of all was BRYCE CANYON...  We first went there on Sunday,  June 19...  Since it was cloudy, foggy and rainy-- even some snow that day (even though we still loved it),  we decided to go back.  SO---on Tuesday,  June 21,  on a gorgeous day in Utah,  we went back to Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon is hard to describe.  I had always heard of their HOODOOS--but of course, had never seen them...  Hoodoos are pillars of rock, usually of fantastic shapes,  standing in rows and rows and rows.  These hoodoos were caused from erosion some 10 million years ago.  The hoodoos looked to me like millions of people all standing in rows..  You truly have to see it in person.

On that Tuesday,  one place we visited was Sunset Point.   We hiked down into the canyon on the Navajo Trail..   I didn't go down very far due to achy knees --but George hiked all the way down to the bottom and then back up.  Today's photos are taken from the Sunset Point area --and into that canyon where we hiked. Be sure to click on them to enlarge!

From Sunset Point,  you can see some of the Hoodoos!

This was our view from Sunset Point.   Is this not awesome?   WOW!

Another view from Sunset Point showing the  hoodoos and some of the valley beyond;

I took some pictures of George as he headed down into that canyon.  See him????

Now--he is WAY down there... See him now????

Here's one more gorgeous picture from Sunset Point!  What BEAUTY!
This is just one TINY section of Bryce Canyon.  Besides the Visitor Center,  there are about 14 different overlooks --where you can see different things throughout the canyon.  We visited ALL of them ---so I'm sure I'll share many more pictures in the future...

If you ever get out west,  do not miss seeing BRYCE CANYON... We saw many many places in this trip and all were nice.  However,  Bryce just called our names!!!!   It's an awesome place!!!

We had a wonderful evening last night --since we got to see my grandson play the drums in their high school band at the football game.  I'm so proud of him...  Today --we are headed to Tullahoma to check on George's Daddy... 

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.