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Monday, March 3, 2014

Arkansas Trip with Friends

This past week,  George and I went to one of our favorite vacation homes,  our little cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas.  We have been there every year for probably the last 8-10 years... We LOVE it there!!!!  This year though,  we invited special friends to go along with us.  We had Cabin 60---and they had Cabin 61....  It was fantastic....  For me,  having friends who enjoy the same things as we do is just SO much fun.  We LOVED sharing our little 'paradise' with them.

Neal and Patti live in Indiana --and we have traveled together several times for the past few years.  You can check Neal's blog by clicking HERE.  Patti doesn't blog but we can keep up with each other by texting or email. They both are very special to both George and me.  Neal and I both grew up in southwestern Virginia (although we didn't know each other as kids)---so we have a special connection which only southwestern Virginia folks have!!!!!   Neal absolutely LOVES to tease me ---and George just loves it when Neal does that...  Of course,  I 'try' to get him back every chance I get.

Today,  I'll share a few photos from this past week with friends.  Please click on the photos for enlargements.  Above is a picture of the four of us taken on 2/27 when we visited Petit Jean State Park not far from Mt. Nebo. 

While at Petit Jean,  we hiked to Cedar Falls (pictured on the sign in the photo of the four of us in the photo before this one).  This is the 3rd time George and I have hiked that 'strenuous' trail---and I must say that each time I do it,  it's easier for me... Losing the weight and getting healthier has really helped me!!!!

Here is a photo that I took of George, Patti and Neal once we were down near that gorgeous 90 foot waterfall.  The temperature on this day was in the 40's ---but there were still icicles around the falls and ice at the bottom of the falls.

On a VERY cold day (2/26/14)---we took Neal and Patti to another nearby state park,  Mt. Magazine.  This is another place where George and I love to visit each year.  And it seems as if the weather is bitter cold almost every time we go there.   Here is a photo of Patti, Neal and George at one of the many overlooks at Mt. Magazine.  You can tell how bundled up we all were since that wind almost cut us in half!!!!!  Brrrrrr.  BUT---the sun was shining and we had gorgeous views even on a cold day.

George took this photo of Patti and me at one of the overlooks.  She's a TINY lady --so I had to squat in order to be her size!!!!!

George climbed down OVER the ledge to get the next picture of us standing above him --watching him!!!!  Even with his bad back and knees,  that boy loves to climb!!!!!!   "YIPES, Honey----Don't FALL!!!!!"

George took this photo of Patti, me and Neal at that overlook when he was hanging onto the ledge below us! (Note photo before this one!!!!)

We hiked to the HIGHEST point in the state of Arkansas,  Signal Hill.  Here's a photo of Neal and Patti taken at that point.

George and I always LOVE seeing the deer when we are at Mt. Nebo.  Here's a photo  I got from our cabin during the late afternoon on 2/26 of them in the big field between our cabin and Neal/Patti's cabin.  You can see Neal in the background (next to his car) taking pictures of the deer also.  I counted FIFTEEN of them at that time but could never get them ALL in one photo!

Last year some of you may remember me posting a picture of the first ROADRUNNER I had ever seen.. Well---I wasn't disappointed this year since we saw another one...  We don't have Roadrunners in Tennessee---so as you can imagine,  I was excited to see him again!

Finally,  here's one more photo of the four of us taken at Petit Jean State Park on 2/27.  It was a fantastic week ---and we had a wonderful vacation together.  If you ever have a chance to take great friends to one of your favorite places,  DO IT.... It's SO much fun.

Have a great day...  Be sure to check out my sidebar for all new QUOTES.  Maybe something will speak to you --like it does to me!!!

I have tried to visit most blogs this weekend --trying to catch up a little.  I counted 60 blogs which I visited and commented on....  My commenting will also be sporadic this month...  It's a crazy one for us!!!  Please be patient with me.


Monday, November 18, 2013

DEER: Love 'em-Hate 'em!!!

Beautiful Mama Deer in the lot across the street
Living here in Fairfield Glade (where all critters are protected),  needless to say,  we have MANY critters around --including squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, skunks, raccoons, opossums,  turkeys,  DEER,  etc.... We were even told that a black bear had been spotted in the Glade last spring... We are also on the boundary of the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area ---so I'm sure there are MORE critters which we haven't seen, or don't want to KNOW that they are in the area!!!

Because we share the land with these critters,  life can get interesting sometimes for those of us who have gardens.  Many people don't realize that squirrels and chipmunks do more damage than other critters who 'nibble' on our plants/flowers.  Chipmunks dig tunnels in the flowerbeds and dig up/eat the bulbs...  Squirrels also dig holes while they bury or search for nuts... They also dig up bulbs...  I don't have a love/hate relationship with these two little critters..  To me,  it's ALL hate (no matter how 'cute' they are).  I have never taken a photo (and never will ) of either squirrels nor chipmunks...

BUT--another critter I do have a Love/Hate Relationship with for sure is the  DEER.   I love DEER.  They are SO gorgeous.  I always get excited when we see one (or more).  There are many deer in Fairfield Glade.   I LOVE seeing them as long as they 'Stay Out of our Yard'.....

Because of the large deer population here,  George and I use a spray called "Liquid Fence" (spraying it on our roses and plants).  We had tried many other options --and have found that the Liquid Fence works the best (even though we use it ALOT during the summer --and it is expensive).  It's worth all of the extra work and money to us to protect/save our roses/flowers/plants!  The Liquid Fence works about 90+% of the time --so right now,  it works for us!!!  The spray stinks for awhile --but does not hurt any critter.   The deer just don't like the smell/taste---so they won't eat the flowers/plants.

I went back in my archives searching for some of my favorite deer photos... I didn't realize that I had so many... SO--I picked out some of these fav's and am sharing them with you today.  The photos were taken during all seasons and over several years. Hope you enjoy seeing the "Deer of Fairfield Glade".    Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them.

A very young doe ---resting near the golf course fairway in back

As Little Bambi grows---her little legs get very long!!!

Most Mama Deer have 2 little ones at a time;  This Mama has THREE little ones!!!  They are near the golf course fairway in the back.

We caught this little one (along with 3-4 others) in our yard one afternoon.  They took off once they saw us!!!  I captured a couple of good photos of this one.  Here he/she is taking off from one of our flowerbeds near the mailbox..

After leaving the flowerbed,  this pretty little doe took off prancing quickly up the street toward Mama and her brothers and sisters.  Isn't she gorgeous (or it is a he)?

We see the deer in the daytime more during the winter when they are searching for ANYTHING to eat!!!!  I do worry about them (and all critters including our birds) when it's bitter cold and snowy!

This was taken one snowy day in our front yard.  I always loved that photo.
Speaking of snow,  I am hoping that we will get a little snow this year.  We didn't get much at all last year.  BUT--I'm sure the deer and other critters would prefer the weather to stay warmer JUST for them!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Deer Photos.   I do love these beautiful creatures!!!!

Hope you had a good weekend.  We had storms with tons of wind yesterday --but luckily,  nothing severe here.  Today it's cold again!!!!  Have a great day.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Two New Backyard Birds in my Yard

Purple Finches
I got so excited last week.  On Wednesday (3/26/13) during the morning,  I spotted THREE colorful birds on my plate feeder.... SO--I immediately got my camera and took some pictures....At first I thought they were House Finches ---but they just didn't look quite the same.  They had more of a raspberry color about them AND there was more color on them than on our House Finches.... Guess what?????  I had  PURPLE FINCHES at my feeder for the first time.  (Don't ask me why they are called "Purple" Finches --since they are definitely not purple in color.....??????)  I had seen Purple Finches when in Arkansas --but had never seen them here before.  As you can imagine,  I was very excited.

The picture above shows all three of the PURPLE FINCHES.   Be sure to click on the photos to see enlargements.

Purple Finch
I  cropped one of the photos of the PURPLE FINCHES to get a better photo of one of them.  What a gorgeous little bird!!!!

Red Crossbill
THEN---that afternoon (same day),  I saw another colored bird at the feeder.  I really didn't have any idea what this bird was ---so I took some pictures and sent one to my birder friend, CHRIS,  to find out the name of this bird....

He wrote me back and told me that I had a RED CROSSBILL at my feeder.... Wow---was I even more excited???  Another LIFE bird for me!!!!!!  I apologize for the photo since there was a shadow on part of the bird/feeder.  I lightened it some ---but the bird was much prettier than the picture shows.

What I do want you to see is the way the bill does 'cross' each other.... (Click to enlarge.) SO---Crossbill is a perfect name for this bird.  I did not have this bird pictured in any of my 'local' bird books --except for the Birds of the Smokies.  They do have Crossbills there ---so I guess he just came my direction just to visit!!!!  How nice!!!  That little guy just made this old woman VERY happy!!!!!

male Eastern Bluebird
But--there are other special birds in my life.  One is this little male EASTERN BLUEBIRD.  To tell you how much I love Bluebirds,  I ordered some MEALWORMS and a new bird feeder JUST for them.  How do you like the new feeder?  I put mealworms in the bottom and suet on the side containers...  Neat, huh???  Love the fact that it has a dome --so I can leave it out when it rains.

female Eastern Bluebird
Here is a female EASTERN BLUEBIRD at the Mealworm Feeder.  These little birds are nesting ---so I wanted to provide a special treat just for them!  Mealworms are expensive--so I may not  be able to afford getting them year-round ---but right now,  I'm enjoying being able to give them this treat which they love.

male Red-bellied Woodpecker
Here's a good picture of one of our resident RED-BELLIED WOODPECKERS.  He is being nice and waiting his turn at the Suet Feeder.

Flying Finches at the Plate Feeder
I seldom get photos of birds in flight....  BUT--when I saw all of these finches on the plate feeder,  I jumped for my camera and snapped this one JUST as some of them flew away..

Our adorable male GOLDFINCHES are getting their 'mating' colors now!!!!  They are very drab during the winter ---and then turn bright yellow (and black) in Spring/Summer....

Deer in the Snow in our Front Yard
I'll close with two more of our recent snow pictures.  We had snow for about three days (March 22-25, 2013) --but never did get alot of accumulation. (maybe an inch or two at most).   However,  we caught four DEER trying to nibble on our English Ivy in the front yard.  Of course,  that is a NO-NO... I grabbed my camera and ran outside to get some pictures before running them off!!!!!  But---I felt sorry for them ---out there on that cold day in the snow!!!!!  As you can tell, it was snowing hard when I took this shot.

Deer in the snow
Here is one more picture of two of them --as they ran into the empty lot across the street.  Aren't they beautiful creatures???

Hope you have a wonderful day.   I feel the need (call it burn-out) to take a blog break.   I love blogging --and have been doing it since 2006.  BUT--for the past year or so,  I have been struggling  to keep it up--including all of the commenting on your blogs..  Both George and I have said that it has become work instead of pleasure, which is not good...  I know that many of you take breaks --so I'm going to try it.   Not sure when I'll be back ---but hopefully April 15 or so.  I want to work on Family History and work in the yard IF Spring ever gets here, along with other things.

I will still be emailing  and will be on Facebook some (which is simple)---so feel free to write, especially if something happens which I would want to know about... Many of you know that I'm an email person ---so don't hesitate writing me.   So many of you are very very special blog friends --and I don't want to lose touch...   Not sure what my future holds when it comes to blogging...  But--I'm thinking about making some changes (like I have done off and on in the past).  In the meantime,  thanks for loving and caring about me.   Love you ALL.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Around our Home in December/January

Today I will share with you some of our birds, deer --and a beautiful picture (above) I took of our sky one evening in December, 2012.  Isn't it gorgeous?  We had so much rain and dreariness in December --that when we did get a pretty sky (here and there), we had to get out and take a picture...

We see deer around our home ALOT all year long... Recently,  I'm sure they are hungry --so we seem to see them more on the golf course fairway behind our home.  Even though there's not much for them to eat in our yard now,  we still spray Liquid Fence to keep them OUT of the yard.  BUT--I love deer.  Aren't they gorgeous?  There were about 4-5 of them that day--and they were staring at me.... ha

One of the deer came a little closer ---so I could get a better shot with my long lens.  Isn't he just gorgeous?

And on another day,  another group stopped by --and I got this picture of one of them who came a little closer into our backyard.  Love those big ears--although they aren't nearly as large as the Mule Deer.. Have you seen them?

I showed you some of my Backyard Birds in THIS post on December 17,  so today I will show you a few more of my little Darlin's....  I've talked about all of our Goldfinch this year... But--we also have some HOUSE FINCHES around... Here is one (above) of the Male House Finches... I love his RED colors.

The Bluebirds have been coming around alot lately --as do most of the birds when it's winter and COLD... This is a gorgeous picture of a male Bluebird --with a Goldfinch and a Tufted Titmouse I think to the left.  EASTERN BLUEBIRDS are still some of the prettiest little birds around I think.

Here is a picture of two Bluebirds at the suet feeder...  Bluebirds ---as do most of the birds--will eat most anything during the winter.   They seem to like the suet and also the fruit/nut combination in the plate feeder.

I love our little DOWNY WOODPECKERS.  Like the Red-bellied Woodpeckers,  they are with us year-round---and love the suet...

Here is one of my all-time favorite birds,  the huge PILEATED WOODPECKER.  They (like the Red-bellied Woodpeckers) make alot of NOISE before coming to the feeders.  AND --even though they are very large birds,  they seem to be able to handle themselves quite well at the feeders...  Sometimes they come to this feeder and hang on --and other times,  they come to the other suet feeder...

Finally,  here are a couple of photos I took of another favorite bird,  the NORTHERN FLICKER WOODPECKER...  I love these birds --and was lucky to catch him on the deck...

Here's one more of that gorgeous Northern Flicker.  He's looking up at the suet feeder waiting his turn for some dinner!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures around our home this past month or so... There's never a dull moment living here in the mountains of Tennessee...

On another note,  prayers for the family of Leontien--who lost her battle to cancer on Wednesday.  Many of us have followed her on Blogger --and have prayed for her.  She certainly fought the good fight.  I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone fight as hard.  God rest her soul.  She is now out-of-pain and with God....

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.