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Monday, February 9, 2015

ArtChain Challenge: COLORADO and WEST VIRGINIA Favorite Photos of Mine

Recently,  a good friend  (DOROTHY PEPPER)  tagged me on Facebook ---asking me to participate in the  ArtChain Challenge.  My task was to post 3 favorite photos that I had taken--and to do this for FIVE days.  Well--my first thought was,  "Why ME"?  I don't consider myself a professional photographer AT ALL --when compared to many other friends.  BUT--I do love to take pictures and I DO take LOTS of them... I always laugh and say that I take at least 10 pictures in order to get ONE good one!!!!!  BUT--I decided to participate --and I think my Facebook friends enjoyed seeing my pictures.  I will admit that I enjoyed going through some of my photos while choosing some favorites...

There were no other rules to follow other than to show 3 of my pictures each day and then encourage others to participate in order to keep the 'chain' going... BUT--I'm not sure that even my Facebook friends caught one thing I was doing differently,  and that was that  "I" decided to choose 3 photos from different STATES which we have visited...

Since many of you are not on Facebook (and I apologize to my FB friends who have seen these),  I decided to share these photos with you, beginning with the first two states today.   Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them, and re-living these experiences.  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.    AND--if you'd like to join in the fun and show some of your favorite photos to keep this chain going,  you are welcome to do so!!!!!  I'd love to see some of your favorite photos.

Looking at Pikes Peak,  Colorado
I 'Lucked' up on this one.  I was looking toward Pikes Peak, CO in Sept. 2012 from Crystal Creek Reservoir. I love the reflections and the Aspens in the background.

Colorado Aspens ---and snow-capped Pikes Peak
I took this picture at another place on our way to Pikes Peak.  I was looking toward Pikes Peak, Colorado in Sept., 2012 --surrounded by gorgeous Aspens.. The Aspens were really showing off that month.  We were there at the right time for sure!!!!

Colorado Aspen Trees
Wow---the Aspens were at 'peak' that year ---and I must have taken a million pictures of them..  If you have never seen the Aspens out west,  make it a priority to do it one year... We were there in September of 2012.

Beautiful West Virginia
This is a view of the New River Gorge Area of West Virginia, taken from Grandview, in June of 2014.   George and I absolutely love West Virginia.  There is SO much natural beauty in that state ---and it luckily hasn't turned into a 'tourist trap'.... That's one reason we love it!!!!

 Rain,  Clouds and Sunshine happening in Beautiful West Virginia
We were traveling along the Highlands Scenic Highway (Highway 150) in West VA on a rainy/sunny day all around us!!! Picture was taken in June of 2014;

Big Huge West Virginia PUFF BALL!!!!!!
I just had to share this HUGE HUGE Puff-Ball we saw while driving along Highlands Scenic Highway (Highway 150) in West VA in June of 2014.  Isn't it gorgeous?

WELL---that's my first six (of 15) photos so far while participating in the ArtChain Challenge.  I will share more of my photos from this challenge at a later date.  In the meantime,  if you enjoy taking pictures,  I invite you to keep this CHAIN going --and join in the fun...  You don't have to follow 'their' rules from Facebook ---but just share some of your favorite pictures.... Thanks!!!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Cass Scenic Railroad--Part II

The Views from the train as we traveled up that mountain were fantastic. The mountain in the distance is the Skyline Drive area in VIRGINIA. (Are you over there, GINNY?)
 I hope you did not miss my last post talking about us taking a train ride at Cass, West VA on June 24, 2014, while we enjoyed celebrating our anniversary in that area.  We took a ride WAY UP the mountain to Bald Knob on an open-air train, powered by an old steam locomotive.  It was fantastic.  If you DID miss that post,  be sure to read it first in order to get all of the history and information about that fabulous ride and its area...  AND--be sure and listen to the short video near the beginning of that post..  Click HERE for that post.

Today,  I'll share with you what we did and saw during that adventure... Hope you enjoy our ride.  The first several photos are of some gorgeous mountain views that we experienced from the train as we traveled up that mountain.  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

This was where we stopped along the way,  the Whittaker Station.  (There is another  train one can take --if you want a shorter ride--to Whittaker and back.)  We did stop at Whittaker since they had a concession stand there, some historical items and of course,  restrooms.

It was a marvelous day to be on that train.  The views were all breath-taking.

Here's another view of the gorgeous West VA mountains--taken from the train.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the mountains and mountain views.

The higher we got in elevation while on the train,  the more RED SPRUCE trees we saw.  The Spruce trees 'take over' in the higher elevations... The dead-looking trees beside the dark Red Spruce are/were Hemlocks.  As has happened in many areas of our country,  the hemlocks  are being destroyed by the Wooly Adelgid insects... So sad!  Hope nothing ever damages the beautiful Spruce trees here.

We saw LOTS of WILDFLOWERS along our way... So pretty!!!

The ferns and those dense mountains were just fantastic... There were so many GREEN forests all around!  I love seeing the woods knowing that in most of these areas,  they are enjoyed totally by all of the wildlife and critters--and not by humans!  That's what we love about this area of West Virginia... Tourism has not ruined it...

We made it to the TOP ---to Bald Knob,  where at over 4800 feet in elevation,  the air was much cooler!!!  We had more beautiful views from here --and this is where most of us had our lunch that day.

Here is the view from the overlook (photo of it in my last post from here) of the mountains all around us.. What fabulous views!!!

Oh My Goodness.... Click on this one for sure to see that farm located deep within these mountains.... I used my zoom lens to get this photo.  IF I were much younger,  I'd love to live somewhere deep within the mountains!!! Talk about privacy!  Wow!

Here is that farm and others within the mountains --taken with my regular lens... These last three photos were taken from the overlook at Bald Knob.

Of course,  the deer were at Bald Knob --as we started leaving the area.  He was begging and they tell the folks not to feed the deer.  BUT--many DID.... He was 'licking his chops' (See his tongue?)   --after getting some goodies from one of the train passengers. 

Heading back down the mountain,  I loved this beautiful photo of all of the layers of mountains in the distance.

Here's one more photo as we headed down that mountain of the 'views from the train'...
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of what we enjoyed while being on that train.... Although I loved the wildflowers and the critters and the deep woods,  my favorite (as you can tell by my many photos) was all of the fantastic views we had of the surrounding mountains.  On such a beautiful summer day in West VA,  what could ever be any better than this?????

Have a wonderful Monday ---and I'll be back on Thursday.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Harpers Ferry in 1880
When George and I were on our Virginia/Maryland/West Virginia trip in September,  we visited Harpers Ferry,  West Virginia on 9/26/13.   I had always heard of Harpers Ferry but didn't know much about it.  What I did find out was that there is MUCH HISTORY there.

The National Park Service identified SIX themes which run through the town's history: Industry, Natural Heritage,  Transportation,  John Brown, Civil War, and African American history.  I had heard about John Brown and the Civil War at Harpers Ferry--but didn't realize that it was the place where the first successful American Railroad arrived.  And I didn't know that it had one of the first integrated schools in the United States.

What I did know was the story about John Brown's attack on slavery,  and I knew that at Harpers Ferry,  there was the largest surrender of Federal troops during the Civil War.  If you want to read more about Harper's Ferry,  click HERE.

Today I'll share with you some of our photos from our visit to Harpers Ferry.  Be sure to click on the photos in order to see them larger.

Harpers Ferry in 2013
Compare this photo with the one above.  This is Shenandoah Street in September of 2013.  Harpers Ferry reminded me a little of my hometown of Big Stone Gap,VA   since both towns are surrounded by mountains.  However,  Harpers Ferry not only is surrounded by mountains,  but two very large rivers converge here,  Potomac River and Shenandoah River.

Here is a photo taken from the other end of the street --looking back down,  where we had just walked. 

I was fascinated by this church sitting on top of a big hill---ABOVE town... I have 3 pictures of the church in today's post---from 3 different angles!  Here is the first photo--taken from Shenandoah Street,  looking up at the church and steeple.  Beautiful location UP there,  don't you think????

George is standing in front of the armory fire engine house (now known as John Brown's fort).  John Brown believed he could free the slaves and chose Harpers Ferry as his starting point.  He wanted to seize the 100,000 weapons at the arsenal,  so a group of men including 3 of his sons and 5 free African Americans tried to do so.  Thirty-six hours after the raid began,  most of Brown's men were killed and he was captured. He was found guilty of treason and hanged on Dec. 2, 1859.  BUT--John Brown certainly brought  attention to the country pertaining to the issues involving slavery.

What do you remember MOST about John Brown?????  I remember the old song which we sung (called John Brown's Body) to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic... Remember that song???  You'll need to google it on You Tube to hear it.

This is the "Point" where two famous rivers merged.   The Shenandoah River was on the right --and the Potomac River was on the left...  We paralleled the Shenandoah River while walking on Shenandoah Street. -- This street joined up with  Potomac Street (turning left)--which paralleled the Potomac River.   There's an interesting fact about Meriwether Lewis on the sign.  You can find more info about Meriwether Lewis by checking out the link I provided above.

Here is my picture showing where the Shenandoah River comes in from the right and joins with the Potomac River on the left.. The river then gets very wide.

This photo show how wide the river becomes after the two rivers merge..  As you can tell,  fishermen are enjoying the morning...  Also,  there are some kayakers in the water.  See them?????

I was surprised to see that the Appalachian Trail goes through here....  Did you know that?  Want to walk to Maine ---or Georgia?????  (Think I'll pass on that offer!)

Here is the footbridge which we took across the Potomac River.

We took the footbridge to get to the other side --and to get an up close and personal look at the railroad tunnel (built in 1931).

After seeing all of that,  we walked UP-UP-UP a series of steps and hills ---and came to the church,  St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church.   This is Photo Number TWO that I took of this church.  I was amazed especially after seeing the location of this gorgeous church.

This is a good view from the church looking back toward the town.  You can see the footbridge and railroad tunnel from here.  Those are the Blue Ridge Mountains straight ahead.

We continued walking UP UP UP---and came to Jefferson Rock.  This huge rock on the top of the hill over Harpers Ferry  is named after Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson visited here on October 25, 1783 ---and found the view from here impressive.  He reported that the "scene is worth a voyage across the Atlantic".    We loved the view from here also.

George took this photo of me near Jefferson Rock.  That is the Shenandoah River in the background.

Finally,  here is my third photo showing the church steeple.   Now---we are at Jefferson Rock looking DOWN on the church.  You can also see the WIDE Potomac River in the distance.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my photos from Harpers Ferry.  There's alot more history here including some happenings during the Civil War---and MORE.    If you haven't made a trip there,  add this place to your list of places to visit!!!!  You will enjoy it!

Have a great day.  Be sure to check out my Photo Blog today.  Click HERE.