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Monday, July 27, 2015

2001 Honeymoon Cruise

Dear Blog Friends,   I am going down 'memory lane' today to share some pictures of our honeymoon in September of 2001.  As most of you know,  we were married on June 23 that year and took our cruise that September.  We flew to San Juan,  Puerto Rico---and caught the "Monarch of the Seas" (Royal Caribbean) there.  That week we visited St. Thomas,  St.  Maarten,  Antiqua,   St. Lucia,  and Barbados.  It was an awesome cruise and we loved every minute of it.

BUT--while on that Honeymoon,  something terrible happened in our dear USA...  September 11, 2001 happened.... GADS...  We got bits and pieces about the tragedy while on ship ---but didn't get the magnitude of what had happened until we headed back home on September 16.   When we got to the Atlanta Airport,  it was almost vacant.. That was the weirdest feeling I have ever had.... Needless to say,  we were glad to be home,  but so sad for our country and all of the lives that were lost.

Here are a few pictures I chose from that cruise ---and all of the side trips we were able to take that week.   Hope you enjoy the pictures!

We loved our seaplane ride over the Virgin Islands.  Look at the color of that water!

St. Lucia was BY FAR our favorite island... We loved the catamaran ride --and also the tour of the banana plantation and an active volcano.

The tour of this plantation was SO interesting at St. Lucia.

My idea of paradise!!!!!!  This picture was taken from our catamaran.

It was neat taking a ride in a submersible....  I love seeing what is deep down in the ocean... Gorgeous!

We also enjoyed this tour.  It was a beautiful church --and plantation at Barbados.

The beautiful coastline is what I remember the most about Antiqua.

See why we love St. Lucia?  SO many pictures ---and so much beauty all around!!!

We enjoyed gorgeous sunsets every evening (and sunrises every morning) from our ship.
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the MANY pictures from our Honeymoon Cruise in 2001...  I enjoyed taking you down "memory lane" today!!!

George and I both are doing fine.  We both are working hard on healthy eating and lots of exercise these days!!!! The biggest joy is our 2.5 mile walks each evening at sunset (and in darkness) around nine holes of our golf course on the cart path (AFTER the golfers leave).   One of these days I'll share some of our pictures with you from some of these nightly walks.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Jeff and Dawn's Wedding

"Me thinks there is going to be a wedding here."
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Wilhite (my youngest son) got married on October 6, 2012 at the Central Church of Christ,  Dalton, GA.  The wedding was fabulous from beginning to end --and this Mama just smiled all weekend!!!!!  I am so happy for these young adults --and am so blessed to have Dawn as a member of our family..

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.  Be sure to click on them to see enlargements.

Rehearsal Dinner
First came the rehearsal dinner (for about 35) in the Fellowship Hall of the church.  Dawn and Jeff's colors were blue/navy and yellow.  Dawn's favorite flower is the Sunflower --so you will see many of them throughout these photos.

The groom's family (George and I, Mel--Jeff's father, and wife Sally) were in charge of the dinner.  Sally furnished the gorgeous table decorations;  Mel prepared some home-made lasagna,  some bread, drink and salad;  George and I furnished fruit trays, veggie trays,  and cupcakes for dessert.  We all --including son, Mark, from Texas set-up for the wedding and then cleaned it all up...  Everyone seemed to have a good time ---including all of Jeff's family.  The bride and groom look so happy,  don't they?

The Wedding Book
Jeff and Dawn had a great wedding book --which they will continue to add to as the years go by... All of the guests were asked to sign the book (anywhere they wanted to).

The Wedding Party
Here is a picture of the entire wedding party.  Jeff's son Landon (to his left) was his Dad's best man.  Mel (Jeff's Dad) is to Landon's left.   Jeff's daughter, Avery,  is on the right side of Dawn,  and my son Mark (Jeff's brother) is to Avery's right.  As you can imagine,  the tiny one (Cameron) stole the show!!!!!

Dawn and the 'Girls'
Here are some cute pictures of Dawn and her 'girls'.. My favorite is the bottom right --where Dawn is seated with the little ones!!!!!   BUT--isn't Cameron just precious?

Here is where it all BEGAN!!!!!  These are the parents.   To the left are George and I.  Top right  are Dawn's Mom and Dad,  Robert and Shirley.  And the bottom right are Jeff's Dad,  Mel, and wife, Sally.

I want to add here that the wedding service was excellent.  Jeff and Dawn used sand to combine the two families as ONE.  That was a nice change to me from the candles that we used to light to unite the families.

ALSO---Jeff and Dawn had an area in a separate room set aside for the memory of loved ones who have died.   Included here were my parents:  Edith and Simon Banks.  Doing that meant so much to me.  (Thanks, Dawn and Jeff.)

Betsy's Sons and Grandchildren
I'll add a personal collage here..  On the top left is a picture of my two youngest sons, Jeff and Mark.  Our oldest son (Bert) couldn't be here --but we all missed him very much.  To the right at the top is George and I with Jeff.  On the bottom left is a happy Mom with her son, Mark (from Texas).  AND---to the right are two of my precious grandchildren (Jeff's children):  Landon (age 17) and Avery (age 14).  Avery is my youngest grand --and she's growing up so fast and getting prettier every single day.  Landon is a amazing young man --and I am a very proud Grammy!

Next came the reception,  held nearby at a place called Stages 123.   It was also decorated fabulously --thanks to many of Dawn's friends in Dalton.  There was plenty of food for the 100+ people who attended...  The pictures to the right are the bride's and groom's cakes.  There were two groom's cakes (Carrot and Red Velvet).  The bride's cake was a white cake with white icing --surrounded by --what else, but sunflowers!!!!

First Dance --and a Toast
Here was the first dance between husband and wife ---and a toast to everyone for attending and also for good luck.

Here are some photos of the bride and groom feeding each other cake...  I loved the wedding cake --so wanted you to see a closer view...  Gorgeous,  isn't it?

Mom and Son Dance
Here's the groom's dance with Mom.  We danced to  "Wind Beneath Your Wings" sung by Bette Midler.  I am so proud of Jeff ---and expressed that to him while we were dancing.

Garter and Bouquet Time!!!
Now it's time to throw the garter (Jeff) and the bouquet (Dawn)....  We won't tell anyone that Jeff first tried to snap the garter --and it went the WRONG direction... Tee Hee....

Bride and Groom Leaving
WELL---the party's over and the bride and groom are leaving.  We all formed two lines and waved streamers as they left....  (That is so much better than throwing rice I think.)

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bruce Wilhite
Finally,  here's one last picture of the Beautiful Bride and her Gorgeous Groom.  As I write this the day AFTER the wedding,  I hope that these two are enjoying a few days of R&R on the beach...

We did have a great time --and the wedding was PERFECT from every respect...Congrats to this wonderful couple!!!!

Hope you ALL had a great a weekend as we had!

NOTE: Any family member or friend who wants any of these photos, please email me at betsyadams@mac.com.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nine Years of Pure JOY

On this day (June 23, 2001), George and I got married!! We usually take an Anniversary trip--but this year, we are enjoying our Air Conditioned home while I continue to improve from my recent Knee Surgery... Here's a little of our story!

On August 5, 1942, this little girl was born in the small town of Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Her name is Elizabeth Bruce Banks.

AND--on March 9, 1942, this good looking young man was born in Gary, Indiana. His name is George Emery Adams. I put this picture of George (who was the oldest of 4 children) with his parents, both of whom are still alive and living in Hendersonville, Tennessee. (Dad will be 98 in August and Mom is 90. Amazing couple!!!!)

Well---this couple didn't find each other until we were 59 years old. Both had led very different lives for many years before we met. Between us, we had 5 wonderful children and 7 grandchildren. BUT--God led us both to new employment opportunities in the fall of 2000 to Hendersonville, TN... We met in January of 2001, had our first date in March and were married on June 23 that year. Here are a few more pictures from our wedding, held in Knoxville, TN.

We wrote our own vows --which were very meaningful. We were married outside along the Tennessee River, on a gorgeous Saturday morning with only the family present.

The most important part---the KISS.... The person on the left is my oldest son and the giggling lady on the right is Rev. Nancy Wilhite, who married us.

Here's the family surrounding us ---as we all sang "Amazing Grace".

The reception was under the pavilion --and of course, both of us loved stuffing cake into our mouths!!!! If you want to see more pictures from our wedding, click HERE.

I cannot express in words just how much George means to me. If you have read my blog for awhile, I'm sure you KNOW. He is the most wonderful man I have ever met --and our love just continues to grow, as we also grow in years. I hope and pray that we have many, many more years together. Thank You, Honey, for marrying ME and for being the best friend I have ever had.

IF you have not met the 'love of your life' yet, don't EVER give up... It can happen!!! I never dreamed it would happen to me!!!! WOW!!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Wedding 6/23/01

Most of you know that George and I are in a second marriage. George lost his wife to cancer in 1999. I was divorced in 1982--and never thought that I'd ever get married again. To make a long story short, George and I both moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee (he from South Carolina and me from Texas) in December of 2000.

We met in early 2001, started dating on March 29 of that year and got married in June. For us, it was truly 'love at first sight'... And for me, I met that man of my dreams --whom I never thought even existed!!!

We got married in a family-only service beside the Tennessee River on the grounds of First United Methodist Church in Knoxville, TN. It rained the day before---but the day of the wedding was a gorgeous early summer sunny day.

The wedding was perfect. We got married in late morning, and had a lunch/reception at the pavilion there following the ceremony. George and I then went on a 'mini' honeymoon to North Myrtle Beach. Our 'real' honeymoon was the following September when we took a cruise to the South Caribbean. Here are some pictures for you to see of our special day.

This was the beautiful setting where we got married on that fabulous Saturday morning.

Here is a picture of the 'family'... The only one who didn't get there was my youngest son, Jeff. At the last minute, he couldn't get off work. I was SO disappointed!

This was the ceremony. Our minister is a great friend of ours, Rev. Nancy Wilhite.

This was the vow exchange.. George and I wrote our own vows--which made the wedding much more personal. Our children took part in the wedding, and each one presented us with a long stem yellow rose during the service.

I am saying my vows to George. Oh--what a special day! Wish you could see our video.

This was the part where we placed rings on each other's finger.

Here was the best part.... He 'kissed his bride'.... (And she surely kissed him back!!!!)

One of the most moving parts of the entire wedding was when the family surrounded us --and we all sang "Amazing Grace". That was a perfect ending to a glorious wedding.

After lunch, we cut the cake. George STUFFED a big bite into my mouth.. AND--you know that I got him back!!!!! ha ha

Meet Mr. and Mrs. George Emery Adams.

Sometime, I will share our love story further. We KNOW that God had a huge hand in bringing the two of us together. It's an amazing story---and since God did bring us together, we honor him by keeping him at the center of our lives each and every single day. We are BOTH blessed.