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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Daily Walks on the Golf Course

Sunrise on Druid Hills Golf course,  Fairfield Glade,  TN  (12-20-15)
As most of you know,  George and I started a vigorous exercise routine last May (when we got our FITBITS).  We both try to walk about 10,000 (or more) steps each day --taking one day off per week.  We sometimes divide our walks into two shorter ones,  but sometimes we just walk one longer walk each day.  Our favorite place to walk in our area is on the Druid Hills Golf Course (behind our home).  Yes, we live on a golf course although neither of us play golf!!!!! ha....

We are only allowed to walk on the golf course when the golfers are NOT there.  SO--during the Summer --we would walk the back nine holes of the golf course late in the evenings JUST before dark.  BUT--after the time changed in the Fall and the days got shorter,  we had to adjust our schedule.  We now set the clock and get up about 6 a.m. and take our walks EARLY in the mornings.

I have NEVER been a 'morning person' ---but once I'm UP,  I am always glad that we took our walk early. In December,  we had very mild and wet  weather---so walking on the golf course was very different from our weather so far in January...

Last August,  I published one blog post showing pictures from our 'night' walks on the golf course.  Click HERE to re-visit that post, and to see a diagram of these walks.... SO--today I'll share some pictures from our morning walks in December and January... Hope you enjoy them!

One of our FEW colder mornings in December (12-20-15);  I was enjoying watching the sun come up!!!!!

Foggy Walk on 12-23-15

Interesting sky (12-27-15)

Can you believe that on DECEMBER 27, 2015 (like many other days in December this past year),  it was warm enough to walk in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt?????? Mercy Me!

LOOK what happened on 12-31-15!!!!!   It got cold FINALLY.

With the colder weather here,  the morning skies became even more glorious.  (1-4-16)

WOW!!!!  What a glorious sunrise (1-5-16)

I am always intrigued with the reflections in the pond.  This was taken on 1-5-16 looking away from the sun,  at the beauty behind us.

Look how TALL we are!!!!!!  Just think---if I was that tall,  I wouldn't have to worry about my weight as much... ha ha ha (1-5-16)

I named this "Winter Sky"..... I love the clouds and blue sky in this photo.  (1-7-16)

The 'opposite' of the picture above this one;  See the reflections in the pond of the "Winter Sky"???  (1-7-16)

Another pretty sky picture --after the sun got higher in the sky  (1-7-16)

"Red Sky in the Morning---Sailor take WARNING"----The day before the Winter Storm came!!!  (1-9-16)

Reflections in the Pond of that RED SKY (pictured above this one);  See how much I love reflections!!!!! ha  (1-9-16)

Our TINY snow on 1-10-16;  This is a picture of the holly bushes in our front yard... BUT--along with that tiny snow,  the temperatures dropped BIGTIME!!!!!  Brrrrrrr.

Icicles at the Pond (1-11-16);  This was our COLDEST walk so far (temperature 6 degrees when we left home)..... Yipes!

Looking at the snow on the cattails,  the reflections and some mist in another of the ponds we pass on our daily walks  (1-11-16)

And my favorite picture of that frigid morning (1-11-16) while we walked on the golf course;  I loved seeing that sunrise glistening on the snow....
WELL--- getting exercise is SO important for ALL of us (Yes---you too)... George and I are truly blessed to live in such a marvelous place where we can get the exercise needed,  but can also have SO much beauty around us...

Hope you enjoyed my pictures.   NOW---get out and take a walk!!!!!!


Monday, April 13, 2015


For about 2 1/2 weeks between February 15 and  March 5,  2015,   our area had SIX winter storms... The worst one by far was the horrible Ice Storm on Feb. 21st.  I have blogged about all of them except the last one (March 5th)....    Luckily,  this 6th storm was not nearly as wicked as most of the others.. We did get some ICE and SLEET and a tiny bit of snow,  but luckily,  it didn't last long...   And the good news for us (and hopefully for you) is that this was a pretty storm with no damage, and we got some great pictures to share..

SO--today I'll end my Winter 2015 posts with one I think will make you smile.  George and I both went outside off and on during the day getting pictures of the sun (at different angles) as it was shining on those icy trees --making them look as if there were jewels all over the branches.... Hope you enjoy!!!   Click on them for enlargements.

Now---how's that for the END of a Wicked Winter?????  As I said,  we took these photos at different times of the day when the sun was in a different location... I love the ones that have a goldish tint.. Those were taken in the late afternoon...

Hope you enjoyed my LAST (thank goodness) WINTER post from 2015.... It was a hard winter --but nature is AWESOME....  Giving us these beautiful glistening trees --and then bringing us a marvelous spring is just tremendous... At one time during all of those storms,  I was not sure what --if anything---we would have living and blooming this spring.  BUT--things came back!  Thanks be to God.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Winter Storm Number SIX ---2/26/15

Evergreen Fingers  (3/26/15)
I know that EVERYONE (including me) is TIRED of WINTER...  BUT--since this is my journal,  I have a couple more posts to publish regarding our crazy winter this year.  SO--I apologize in advance....

We had 3 winter storms the week of Feb. 16---with the Ice Storm on the 21st was the worst one (causing lots of damage to our area).  BUT--after the 21st,  winter was not finished with us yet (and still may not be).  There were two more storms the next week.  Luckily,  the one on the 24th missed us.. BUT--we did get SNOW (not much ice, thank goodness)  on the 26th...

SO--today,  I'll share some pictures from that day for you... It wasn't much snow  but it was pretty since it covered up all of the damage from the storm on the 21st.   For a few hours,  WHITE covered the area and helped us forget most of the damage done around us...

Hope you enjoy the pictures (even if I'm showing snow and NOT Spring today)... Click on them for enlargements.

The Girl who LOVES Snow (and not ICE) was busy taking pictures.

This is the picture I was taking... This is one of our Redbud Trees with  a round flowerbed below.  See the Daffodil sticking up on the right????

Deer Tracks in the snow

I love seeing the way the snow was clinging to the trees.  Pretty,  huh?

Our huge Icicle on one side of the house  (caught in one of our windchimes);  The temperatures stayed below freezing for over a week --so each storm just added more and more to the ground/area... This icicle kept growing for a week and a half until the sun finally came out and began to melt it.  It finally fell to the ground --taking the windchime with it... (Luckily, nobody was underneath when it fell...)  NOTE:  You can also see one of our 'dangling branches' we had to get the professionals to cut down.  The branch looks like it was hitting the house --but it was not.

Snow on one of our Holly Bushes

Another picture showing another round flowerbed and the road flowerbed

REALITY.......  One of MANY dangling branches left from the Ice Storm on 2/21;  I marked the breakage with a star... We had to get these professionally taken down ---so----- that damaging ice storm cost us a big batch of money!!!!  But--we were luckier than some.

Our house the morning of 2/26;  I marked the tree shown in the previous photo with a star --so that you'll see why we had to get that branch taken down (and several others)! 
Well---that was our Snow on 2/26....  It was pretty until the melting started... Then --all of the sticks and junk from the storm appeared again!!!!  YUK.

BUT--the good news is that as of 3/22----we finally have our yard back to 'almost' normal!!!!!  AND Spring has come and we have flowers blooming... SO--all is GOOD here....

Thanks for making it through another winter post.... At least,  this one was prettier than the 2/21 Ice Storm photos.  Let's just hope we don't have anymore frigid weather this year... We 'usually' have a frost in early April ---so I'm holding my breath --hoping that we get spared this year..