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Monday, April 13, 2015


For about 2 1/2 weeks between February 15 and  March 5,  2015,   our area had SIX winter storms... The worst one by far was the horrible Ice Storm on Feb. 21st.  I have blogged about all of them except the last one (March 5th)....    Luckily,  this 6th storm was not nearly as wicked as most of the others.. We did get some ICE and SLEET and a tiny bit of snow,  but luckily,  it didn't last long...   And the good news for us (and hopefully for you) is that this was a pretty storm with no damage, and we got some great pictures to share..

SO--today I'll end my Winter 2015 posts with one I think will make you smile.  George and I both went outside off and on during the day getting pictures of the sun (at different angles) as it was shining on those icy trees --making them look as if there were jewels all over the branches.... Hope you enjoy!!!   Click on them for enlargements.

Now---how's that for the END of a Wicked Winter?????  As I said,  we took these photos at different times of the day when the sun was in a different location... I love the ones that have a goldish tint.. Those were taken in the late afternoon...

Hope you enjoyed my LAST (thank goodness) WINTER post from 2015.... It was a hard winter --but nature is AWESOME....  Giving us these beautiful glistening trees --and then bringing us a marvelous spring is just tremendous... At one time during all of those storms,  I was not sure what --if anything---we would have living and blooming this spring.  BUT--things came back!  Thanks be to God.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Winter Storm Number SIX ---2/26/15

Evergreen Fingers  (3/26/15)
I know that EVERYONE (including me) is TIRED of WINTER...  BUT--since this is my journal,  I have a couple more posts to publish regarding our crazy winter this year.  SO--I apologize in advance....

We had 3 winter storms the week of Feb. 16---with the Ice Storm on the 21st was the worst one (causing lots of damage to our area).  BUT--after the 21st,  winter was not finished with us yet (and still may not be).  There were two more storms the next week.  Luckily,  the one on the 24th missed us.. BUT--we did get SNOW (not much ice, thank goodness)  on the 26th...

SO--today,  I'll share some pictures from that day for you... It wasn't much snow  but it was pretty since it covered up all of the damage from the storm on the 21st.   For a few hours,  WHITE covered the area and helped us forget most of the damage done around us...

Hope you enjoy the pictures (even if I'm showing snow and NOT Spring today)... Click on them for enlargements.

The Girl who LOVES Snow (and not ICE) was busy taking pictures.

This is the picture I was taking... This is one of our Redbud Trees with  a round flowerbed below.  See the Daffodil sticking up on the right????

Deer Tracks in the snow

I love seeing the way the snow was clinging to the trees.  Pretty,  huh?

Our huge Icicle on one side of the house  (caught in one of our windchimes);  The temperatures stayed below freezing for over a week --so each storm just added more and more to the ground/area... This icicle kept growing for a week and a half until the sun finally came out and began to melt it.  It finally fell to the ground --taking the windchime with it... (Luckily, nobody was underneath when it fell...)  NOTE:  You can also see one of our 'dangling branches' we had to get the professionals to cut down.  The branch looks like it was hitting the house --but it was not.

Snow on one of our Holly Bushes

Another picture showing another round flowerbed and the road flowerbed

REALITY.......  One of MANY dangling branches left from the Ice Storm on 2/21;  I marked the breakage with a star... We had to get these professionally taken down ---so----- that damaging ice storm cost us a big batch of money!!!!  But--we were luckier than some.

Our house the morning of 2/26;  I marked the tree shown in the previous photo with a star --so that you'll see why we had to get that branch taken down (and several others)! 
Well---that was our Snow on 2/26....  It was pretty until the melting started... Then --all of the sticks and junk from the storm appeared again!!!!  YUK.

BUT--the good news is that as of 3/22----we finally have our yard back to 'almost' normal!!!!!  AND Spring has come and we have flowers blooming... SO--all is GOOD here....

Thanks for making it through another winter post.... At least,  this one was prettier than the 2/21 Ice Storm photos.  Let's just hope we don't have anymore frigid weather this year... We 'usually' have a frost in early April ---so I'm holding my breath --hoping that we get spared this year..


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Part 6 of our Crazy Weather Week to Remember ---more from 2/21/15

Yard Damage after our Ice Storm on 2/21/15
On March 5,  I posted Part I of our HORRIBLE Ice Storm (which devastated our area on 2/21/15)... SO--today I will share 10 more photos from that storm.  If you missed any of those first 5 posts (showing pictures from ALL of the first 3 storms),  click HERE.   Just remember that they are listed in reverse order,  beginning with Part 5 --and going backwards, in that folder.  Be sure and click on today's photos for enlargements.

The ICE and heavy winds (50 mph) were just too much for many many trees in our neighborhood/area... They just CRACKED.  Some fell to the ground and some  were left broken and dangling.  This picture is what the tops of trees all over the area look like.  SAD!

That first cup of HOT TEA was fabulous... 
 Don't I look cute in my turtleneck shirt,  TWO sweatshirts, sweatpants, heavy hiking socks and slippers,  and my BIG heavy pink bathrobe!!!!!  HA HA ....BUT--thanks to the gas-log fireplace and my clothes and blankets,  I stayed warm all weekend.

On our 2nd day without power,  George was able to get to our grill on the deck and make us a pot of hot water for some HOT TEA.   Oh My Heart---that was so delicious.   I think I missed coffee and hot tea (ANYTHING hot) the most.  He also heated up a pot of homemade Chili leftovers for us in a pan on the grill --and we ate that meal on Sunday night (Feb. 22).  DELICIOUS!

 Looking toward one of our Rose Beds;  I can't believe it but in 2-3 months,  our Roses hopefully will be blooming,  if they make it through this weather this year.

This is what our sidewalk looked like next to the garage.

Coolers on our front porch--trying to save fridge/freeze items
 We have two fridge/freezers.  One of them (in the utility room) stayed closed the entire 50 hours our power was out.  The items in there were FINE.   We did however use the fridge/freezer in our kitchen.  SO--in order to save as much as we could from there,  we filled two large coolers and then added lots of ice/snow in the coolers,  and put them outside (where it was cold).  We put some heavy items on top of both to keep the night critters out... We saved all of the food in that fridge/freezer also!!!  BUT--if the power had have stayed out much longer,  I'm sure we couldn't have saved everything. 

Tree Damage in our Yard

One of about 8 'dangling' branches in our yard
 We had to hire a Tree Service to climb these trees and cut down these 'dangling' branches.  We didn't want those big branches to fall and cause more damage.   I will have a picture or two of these men in action --as they worked on our trees on 3/2/15,  in another post.

Back Yard;  Note the ICE buildup on the deck rail;

Tree down in Neighborhood
George and I 'thought' that our damage was BAD until we were able (several days after the storm) to get out and check our neighborhood and the area... OH MY ---so many people had so much more damage than we did... We truly were lucky.  We didn't lose any 'total' trees  and we had no house damage.   AND--we were only out of power/electricity for 50 hours whereas some people didn't have power for over a week.  

-That God was with us and we knew that, through Him,  we were loved and cared for;
-That we bought a new gas-log fireplace not long ago --which kept us WARM; 
-That we had had quite a bit of tree trimming done a few months ago (to get the tree limbs away from our home);  (If we hadn't have done that,  we most likely would have had damage to our home.)
-That both George and I kept a good attitude the entire time,  trying to count our blessings, and make the best from the situation;
-That we could stay connected with our friends and family (through our iPhone, iPad and my laptop);  Even without power,  we could charge the batteries of the iPhone and iPad in the car --in our garage;  Had to use my laptop sparingly since I couldn't charge its battery;
-That our FACEBOOK friends and family (LOTS of them) were there for us --praying and commenting and giving good suggestions,  etc.  I felt as if God was with us through all of these friends.  (I know that many people don't like Facebook---but for us,  it was truly a life-saver for that 50 hours. I'm not sure what I would have done without them.)

-That we might get a small portable generator  (to run our two fridge/freezers) under similar situations when no power is available;
-That we need (and will buy) a small camping stove so that we can cook some HOT food/drink;  OH--how I missed my coffee!!!!  It was nice having the grill --but there may be another time when George wouldn't have access to the grill....
-That someone's suggestion about filling coolers with food and then adding ice/snow from outside to them was very helpful--since the temperatures outside were still very cold;  (That would not work if the power was out during the summer for long periods of time.)
-Purchased an adapter to use in the car so that I can also charge the battery in my laptop when there is a power outage;  (Already have adaptors for the iPhone and iPad)
-That Mother Nature can be wicked ---so we always need to be prepared!

As I'm sure I said,  neither George nor I have ever gone through anything like this.   BUT---we do know,  that as hard as it was for us,  our situation was not nearly as bad as many others go through due to Mother Nature.  Life can be hard at times for ALL of us,  but with a good attitude and the love of family/friends and each other,  we can make it through these rough times...  God be with us ALL.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts on the Wicked Ice Storm of 2015. Believe it or not though,  there are still TWO more storms to come... Luckily,  the 4th one missed us--but I'll show photos from the SNOW Storm on 2/26 soon.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

HUGE ICE STORM --2/21/15 (Part 5 of our Weather Week to Remember)

On the night of 2/20,  BEFORE the ice came,  we had some beautiful SNOW.
Well my Friends.... Here it comes!!!  So far I've shown you four other blog posts talking about the unbelievable 11 days of Winter Storms.   The first storm was an Ice Storm on 2/16;  second was a Snow Storm on 2/18;  third was a HORRIBLE ICE STORM on 2/21;  4th was a Snow Storm on  2/24  (which luckily missed us except for a dusting);  and 5th was another Snow Storm on  2/26 which did hit us. The only one of those storms to cause us damage was THIS one on 2/21 (the 3rd one)..

The temperatures stayed BELOW freezing during that entire 11 days.  Because of that,  anything we got with each storm stayed with us for the entire time... Finally,  on 2/27 and 2/28,  the temperatures got above freezing as the thaw began...  After that --it's CLEAN-UP time (which will take us a LONG time).

I've talked about this terrible Ice Storm on 2/21 so much,  but unless you are on Facebook (or unless I emailed you),  you haven't seen the photos yet... I chose 20 pictures to share from this storm --and will divide them into two blog posts.  Please click on the pictures for enlargements--if you 'really' want to see all of the damage.

This was what we found when daylight came on 2/21... One to two inches of heavy ice was coating EVERYTHING.  Tons of limbs/branches down and sticks EVERYWHERE!
After the snow,  the ice came---all night long.  This was the scariest part of the entire storm for us.  The noise of that ice/50 mph winds/limbs/trees blowing on our house was extremely scary.  We had no idea what we would find at daylight...We thought at that time that we had damage to our house.. The noise was unbelievable --and kept us awake most of the night... AND--the power went out during the night.  The above picture is what we found the next morning.

This was our first view from our front porch... You can't tell but that was about 2 inches of solid ice on our driveway. 
At daylight,  George wanted to go outside to check the top of our house... BUT--there was slick ice everywhere... He finally made it out by carefully going on the deck and down the steps.  What he found was GOOD news for us.. There was NO damage to our home that we knew of at the time....

We are so thankful that we paid big bucks several months ago to get all of the trees/limbs near our home trimmed/cut.  We are thankful to God that we made that decision, because I'm sure we would have had house damage if we hadn't have done that.

Limbs of all sizes --all over our yard
The ice (along with the high wind) was just too much for so many limbs... BUT--in our yard,  we did not lose any 'total' trees.  Thanks be to God.

An up close and personal view of some of our ICE on the trees

This picture shows some of our front yard and the large Rose Bed
Most of you know how much George and I love our yard --and how much time we spend keeping it looking pretty... WELL---as the old southern gal would say:  "It 'ain't' pretty now!!!!!"....  BUT--even through all of this,  we kept the faith and knew that we still have so many many blessings.  Thanks be to God.

The flag pole kept standing --but OH--the poor flag!
Those winds just tore the flag to shreds.... I've never seen anything like this before.

Just another picture showing the damage
Besides making it through the scary night (with all of the noise)---another scary thing for us was opening the door on the deck and just LISTENING to all of the CRACKING and POPPING of limbs in the tops of the trees.  Unbelievable!

A delicious dinner by candlelight (2/21)
Since we had no power,   our dinner the first night was all cold cuts... And since George and I always try to make the best of every situation,  we sat by our wonderful gas-log fireplace (which kept us warm all weekend, thanks be to God) and had a  'candlelight dinner' UNLIKE any we have ever had... ha...  Our Dinner:  chicken and ham over cottage cheese with some green onions and shredded cheese on the top.  We enhanced that dinner with some sliced tomatoes and baby carrots...   YUM...   And while eating,  we counted our blessings that we were safe and together,  and other than yard damage,  things were going to be okay.

GROWING Icicles along our garage
Finally,  I'll close this post showing you how the icicles around our house just grew and grew ---as we went through storm after storm after storm.... George captured this beauty --and I just had to show it to you.  We both love icicles.

Well there are several things we know now that we didn't know during the storm.  Yes,  we were without power for 50 hours ---BUT there are many people in our area who were without power for over a week.  AND---once we could get out and drive around the area,  we were shocked at how much more damage most people had than us..  This area has experienced one of the worst storms it has had in many, many years.  Even the Governor visited the area.  Someone said that it was like a Cat. 2 Tornado--but much more wide-spread.  YES---WE were lucky right here at our home!

Stay tuned for PART II of this storm.