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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring in Georgia and in Tennessee

Hyacinth in our yard
We finally bit the bullet and bought a new iPhone 5s.  It will take me a long time to get it learned --but so far,  I am THRILLED.  My first photos taken on March 23, 2014 using the iPhone camera were of some of the Spring Flowers in our yard.   I will share these little spring flowers with you today. 

Breck's Colossal Daffodil (Jonquil) in our yard

Another Hyacinth in our yard

Crocus blooms in our yard

Bradford Pear in Georgia
On our way home from Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia on March 26,  we noticed lots and lots of Bradford Pears blooming in Georgia... We also saw Forsythia in bloom,  other fruit trees,   Daffodils and even some Phlox. Spring has sprung down there... We are quite a bit behind Georgia with our spring blooms here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

Lodge at Amicalola Falls State Park,  Georgia
While in Georgia, we loved staying at the Amicalola Lodge on top of the mountain.  The view from our room was awesome...  Here is a photo of the lodge entrance area.

I posted this photo in another blog post--but wanted to show you again a close-up photo of the lodge using the long lens, from a distance.

Here's another photo of the lodge from a distance (NOT using the long lens).

Beautiful CLOUDS
We had interesting weather while we were there (sunshine, clouds, snow).  AND--since we had such a great view from our room at the lodge,  we both took several photos from our room... SO---I'll show you some of them now.

An early morning in Georgia

Blowing Snow in Georgia

Sunset in Georgia
Can you believe that we saw all of this beauty from the big window in our room at the lodge?????  Neat,  don't you think?

Please click HERE  to go to my Photo Blog to check out another gorgeous photo from our room while at the lodge in Georgia!!!!!

Welcome to April... Be sure to check out my new quotes on my sidebar. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Even the Flowers don't Like THIS much RAIN

Those of you on Facebook have heard me complain and post comments and pictures last weekend.  On Saturday and Sunday (July 6 and 7),  we had 6.5 inches of rain.... On Saturday,  the rain was constant and we had 5 inches that day.  Then Sunday,  it only rained once --but it was a 'gully-washer' since we got another 1.5 inches at one time... Most of these photos were taken on Sunday--after the 'gully washer'... Luckily,  the skies cleared on Sunday afternoon--and we actually saw some SUNSHINE for a few hours that day.  It felt wonderful...

The picture above shows some of the daylilies begging for the rain to finally stop.  Be sure to click on the photos in order to see enlargements.

Here's a photo of one of our rose bushes... Note that all of the roses are drooping and turning brown because of TOO much rain... I always say that the roses are bowing their heads and praying for the rain to STOP.

Here are some photos of the heavy rains in our front yard.

And here are some photos taken from our deck of the back yard (near the golf course fairway).   Bet nobody played golf on this rainy day!!!!


Here is a photo of our driveway---with the water running across it --as it makes its way down the hill.

Now---here's the good news.... We DO need rain---and the plants/flowers love it (unless it is too heavy like now).  BUT--when I think of the alternative--drought---I'll choose rain anytime...

More good news is that we have had a COOL June and July so far because of the rain.  I hate HOT weather ---so I am thrilled to say that it's been fairly cool most of the summer.  BUT--August is usually our hottest month---SO??????????

And --more good news is that we can get some great pictures outside AFTER the rain.  Here are four pictures for you to enjoy!!!!

Lily Buds with water droplets

Lavender Deal Daylily with water droplets

Touching Lily with water droplets

Sedona Rose with water droplets
See????  There is good that comes along with the 'not-so-good'..... Don't you just love seeing the water drops on the flowers?   We manage to take plenty of photos during the rainy days --as well as the sunny days.

Truly though,  there has been WAY too much rain in all of the surrounding areas  of Tennessee lately.   Our home was 'high-and-dry' here --but don't forget those who live on the river or creeks --and who may have had some severe damage to their homes and other buildings/property due to the flooding...

UPDATE:  I wrote this post on Sunday ---and am here to say that on Monday,  we only had a tiny bit of rain about 6:30 p.m.  Then on Tuesday,  we had a rain-free morning with some sunshine (yeah) ---but had some thunderstorms and a rainy afternoon....  At least though,  the rain was not heavy.

AND--I heard on the news on Tuesday night that there is a tropical storm which 'could' come our way the first of next week and give us LOTS more rain... Gads---I hope not!!!!!  

Have a great Wednesday --and be sure to hop over to my Photo Blog (click HERE) to see a gorgeous photo today.


Friday, January 18, 2013

STRANGE WEEK here on the Cumberland Plateau

Most of you know that I am fascinated by the WEATHER.... (I seem to talk about it alot!!! ha)....  Anyhow we have just had a week of almost every kind of weather possible... Beginning last weekend,  it was like SPRING... Our temperatures got up to almost 70 degrees.  George and I were working in the yard ---and got almost too warm!!! Can you believe it ---in JANUARY????

Above and below are two pictures showing how our SPRING FLOWERS think it's March --and are trying to grow/bud/bloom... GADS--it's too early!!!!   The Jonquils (Daffodils) above are growing TOO fast.  You can even see a couple of buds on some of them...

Be sure to click on the photos to see enlargements.

AND--even though our Crocuses haven't popped up yet,  the HYACINTHS are BLOOMING.  Unbelievable!!!!

After the Spring temps/weather,  we next experienced FOG..... Here are a couple of photos I took from the deck looking out onto the golf course fairway.  Fog makes for some great pictures..

AND---as the day continued,  the fog just got worse and worse....   I don't think the fog lifted that entire day.

Next came more RAIN..... AND --it kept on for hours and hours and days and days... There was flooding all over East Tennessee.   We had nothing severe here on the mountain --but we did get alot of rain.   It seemed to go on FOREVER....

Above shows the water between our backyard and the golf course fairway...

Here is what I call the Betsy and George WATERFALL in our back yard.  This area is usually just a rocky area (no water)--but when it rains hard like it did,  we have our own waterfall here.  How 'bout that?????

Finally,  here is a picture of the water out front ---going down the hill next to the front flowerbed George built a few years ago... Some of you may remember how this wall fell when he was first building it---due to high water.  He has built a really nice ditch for the water now,  and it seems to flow well...

If  Spring temps,  fog, and flooding weren't enough ----guess what we had NEXT???  We had FREEZING RAIN...  Again,  it can be dangerous --but we didn't have enough to break any limbs or cause any damage.  Freezing rain is like fog since it makes for some really nice pictures...  Here are two which I liked. (Please enlarge them.)

I called them,  GLISTENING TREES.....  Neat picture,  isn't it????  George took this one.

After the Spring weather (with temps in the upper 60's--almost 70) ---the temperature dropped rapidly and stayed in the lower 30's most of the rest of the week... It was miserable being outside (putting out bird seed for my backyard birdies).....

One evening ---just before dark,  while I was on the deck putting away the bird feeders,  this is what I saw on the golf course fairway... I'm surprised that this picture came out as well as it did since it was almost dark...  I had to use a flash and my long lens.  There were EIGHT deer paying no attention to me --but busy eating...

The weather forecasters (who never seem to get our weather correct) predicted that we would get 3-5 inches of snow yesterday... Everyone believed them --and even the schools here were cancelled for the entire day...  Guess what????  We got NO SNOW---not a drop!!!!!   I was so disappointed --but truly not surprised...

Instead we just got more Freezing Rain --and some SLEET (pictured above).... Fun Fun!!!!

FINALLY ---to close out an interesting week,  here is what the sky looked like after the system finally left us yesterday afternoon.... 

Here's one more picture of that PINK SKY....  Isn't it pretty????   Guess what that means??? It means SUNSHINE for us TODAY ---and hopefully,  for several more days!!!!   Most of us in this area are ready now for some SUNSHINE....

Can you believe our week?  Here's what we had:  Spring temperatures in January--which turned cold quickly;  Fog;  Rain-Rain-Rain--which led to flooding;  Freezing Rain;  and finally, Sleet.....  Very interesting!!!!

BUT--the one thing I wanted (SNOW) never happened...  I told someone on Facebook that I need to just get over it --and start wishing for SPRING... ha ha

Have you ever had a week like this????  Unbelievable...

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!!!