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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio

After we left Buffalo (visiting George's daughter and hubby),  we stopped  south of Cleveland on Sept. 12,  to see a waterfall which we had read about previously but had never seen.   BRANDYWINE FALLS is in the Cuyahoga National Park.  What a gorgeous waterfall.  Even the hike to the falls was nice.  Hope you enjoy seeing that area with us through our photos.  Above is a picture of George ---as we hiked on the nice trail they had built.

Here is one of our first views of the entire waterfall.  Isn't it awesome?

This is a close-up photo of the top of that massive waterfall.

I loved the way they built this waterfall viewing area.  There were steps --but seeing the waterfall from the lower vantage point made it all worthwhile.

The entire area around the falls was very pretty --with the greenery,  the wildflowers,  and the rocks (boulders).

I wanted you to see more of this platform --built around the rocks and ferns.  Pretty, huh?

Finally,  we set up the tripod and took some pictures of us at Brandywine Falls.   Hope you enjoyed seeing our photos from this gorgeous waterfall in beautiful Ohio.

Have a wonderful day. We will be out-of-pocket today since we are going to Biltmore House and Gardens to see what is NEW in the way of Fall colors/flowers...


Monday, September 26, 2011

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia
As you know,  we took some time off from Blogging recently... We did get some much-needed yardwork done,  visited George's father,  and finished some other projects which were on our lists...  BUT--we also decided to take a short trip to Buffalo, New York,  to visit George's daughter,  Kelly, and hubby Chuck.   We enjoyed seeing them --and on our way home,  we decided to take a few more days and visit some scenic areas (including waterfalls) in Ohio and West Virginia...

Believe it or not,  we did manage to see about 25 new waterfalls.  Some were 'waterless' --or almost waterless...  Others were huge... Today I'll share one of our favorites,   Blackwater Falls,  in the Potomac Highlands near Davis, West VA.  Thanks to blog friend,  ANGELA,  for promoting her gorgeous state on her blog... That's one reason we went there!!!!

We got to the state park on a rainy, wet, foggy day ---which is usually a good time to view waterfalls...  WELL--we definitely hit the jackpot.  It was still drizzling when we hiked down to the waterfall --but once we got there and saw that raging beauty,  we just forgot about all of the rain!!!! Blackwater Falls  (50 feet high) is on the Blackwater River.  The hike wasn't bad ---and there is a great boardwalk with steps leading down to the falls. 

Today I will share with you some of our photos around the state park.  Above is a photo taken near the falls,  from the boardwalk.  Below are more!  Be sure and click on each picture to see a larger version.


Here is a picture of George taken on the boardwalk ---as we headed to the overlook on the other side of the gorge.

Since Blackwater Falls State Park is about 3500 feet in elevation,  we got to see some beautiful Fall colors up there.

Here is another picture of Blackwater Falls --taken from the overlook on the other side of the gorge.   From here,  you can see the platform where we were when the first picture above was taken.

This is a funny picture George took of me while we were at the Blackwater Falls Overlook --on the other side of the gorge.

Fog seems to follow George and I when we are traveling.. On this rainy day at Blackwater Falls State Park,  we did have alot of fog around..  Isn't this a great photo of the mountains,  the fog and some Fall color?

This picture was taken from the Pendleton Point Overlook --and shows the Blackwater River as it rages through the gorge.

Finally,  here is one more photo of gorgeous Blackwater Falls taken from the overlook across the gorge. 

There are more waterfalls in this 2,456 acre state park.  We saw a few more here on this trip--but want to go back there in order to do more hiking on their many trails and to check out more waterfalls in the area.  This is a state park which we definitely recommend.

Hope all of you have had a great 2+ weeks.  I have not checked many blogs --so if I missed something really important,  please remind me to check  that particular post.  Otherwise,  I will start reading your blog posts this week.

I also enjoyed participating on Facebook while I've been gone.  IF you are on Facebook and haven't found me yet,  please go to my sidebar and click on my Facebook info.  I never thought I would enjoy Facebook --but my kids/grands are all on it.  SO-- IF I wanted to keep up with them and their busy lives,  I 'had' to join!!!!!   What I found out though was just how much fun Facebook is.  I have also caught up with many blog friends --some of which are not blogging anymore.

Hugs to All,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bull Sluice on the Chattooga Wild and Scenic River

When we travel to and from the beach (Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina),  we always stop to see some waterfalls (or something) along the way. Coming home this year,  we stopped by Biltmore House and Gardens.  SO--going to the beach,  we stopped near Clayton, GA to see BULL SLUICE.

Waterfall purists may scoff at Bull Sluice being included in a guide listing waterfalls, but this Class V Whitewater Rapid is a textbook definition of falling water.  Tons of frothing,  aerated water explode over this drop each minute,  producing an audible roar far downstream.

Bull Sluice may be approached on either the South Carolina side or the Georgia side of the Chattooga River.  We went to the South Carolina side and walked down a path to the observation deck.   While there,  we got to see several kayakers negotiate the sluice.  There were also some whitewater rafts --but we didn't get to the overlook in time to get pictures of them.   Above and below are some pictures we took while there (April 30).

This close-up picture, and the one at the top of the blog, show Bull Sluice.  They were taken from the overlook.   There was ALOT of water there!!!

I love this picture of George ---as he took pictures from our overlook.

Here comes some of the kayakers... See them?

Here he comes over the top!!!   Get a good breath!!   WHEW!!!!

OOPS... Where did he go????  I see the oar!!!!!! ha

WELL--luckily,  all of this group made it!!!!  Now they can float down to the sandy beach and get some 'rays'....

We had a great time at Bull Sluice --and enjoyed watching the kayakers...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Any big plans to celebrate this weekend?  We will be home --so I will post a blog on Monday.  Whatever you do,  have a good weekend.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OOPS---You can't visit this Family.....

Look at that picture above.... What do you see?   Lots of water????  YES -of course!!!!  BUT--what else do you see?

Now--look closer... See that road?????  It leads to someone's home on the other side of the flooded creek..... You can even see the road on 'this' side of the creek better in this picture....  YIPES!

Here is the home on the other side of the creek...  Don't think I'd want to live there. You????  Hopefully,  there is another way in and out!!!!

These pictures were taken in Dahlonega, Georgia when we visited there for George's Birthday trip.  Click HERE  for more pictures from that trip to Amicalola Falls State Park.   IF you remember,  this was a very very rainy day.  These pictures were taken AFTER we walked up and viewed Amicalola Falls and Cane Creek Falls.

This picture shows a NEW waterfall for us (CLAY CREEK FALLS) --which is found in Dahlonega.   However,  this picture came from the internet --and shows the falls as they usually are... Aren't they pretty????

THIS however is what we saw on March 9, 2011....  There was so much water coming down that creek on that morning that we couldn't even see any of the rocks... I will admit that it was fun seeing that over-flowing creek that day,  but the 'internet' picture of Clay Creek Falls is much prettier.  (Guess we'll have to go back sometime for another photo!!!!)

This is my favorite picture from that area.  I love the way that raging water looked like SILK...  This place (above the falls) is where one can 'usually' cross the creek to get to the houses on the other side...  NOT that day though!!!!   IF you want to visit those folks on the other side,  I think you'll have to wait awhile!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.   We went to Tullahoma to visit George's parents yesterday.  We found them in fair condition --but they both ate a hearty lunch when we took them out.  Bless Their Hearts!!!!!!

MORE storms on the way too.... GADS!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 21-- an Important Day

Why do you think April 21st is important to George and me?????  If you have read my blog for over a year,  you will KNOW.....Here's our story: In 2001,  when George and I were dating,  he took me to Fall Creek Falls State Park here in Tennessee  on a gorgeous Saturday --which happened to be April 21, 2001!!!!

Several things are important about this April 21, 2001 date:
-This was the beginning of our love of waterfalls... Little did we know in 2001 that we would have visited at least 450 different waterfalls by this date in 2011. Fall Creek Falls has SIX waterfalls --and we enjoy seeing all of them,  especially after much rain (which we have had this spring).
-Fall Creek Falls is where George first KISSED me...  Now--that is awesome!!!!
-AND,  Fall Creek Falls is where George and I first told each other that we loved each other.  All of this happened on April 21, 2001!!!!

Because we love to celebrate,  we return to Fall Creek Falls on this date every year.  This year was no exception.   Last Thursday,  we drove to Fall Creek Falls and enjoyed seeing all six of the waterfalls.  We had dinner in the lodge restaurant--which we have done each year also.   It was a wonderful day.

Today I will share with you some photos from this year's April 21st trip to Fall Creek Falls..  Above is a picture of one of the waterfalls,  called the CANE CREEK CASCADES.  As I said previously,  since we have had LOTS of rain,  the waterfalls were all flowing well...  They were just beautiful today!

This is the 'main' waterfall at the state park,  named FALL CREEK FALLS.

And this one is another fav,  but not as easy to get to.  George took this picture using his long lens,  since he was at an overlook quite far away.  BUT--it's one of the best pictures I have seen of PINEY FALLS.

There is a little dam on Cane Creek surrounded by some interesting rock formations.   We usually see birds going in and out of these 'cave-like-holes' in the rocks.  But, during this trip,  we didn't see any birds.  (Maybe they were napping!! ha)  Anyhow,  the rock formations are so interesting I think.

Here are more of the rock formations.   I love seeing the reflection in the water here.

Just look at 'our' mountains..  Are they not just awesome???  This picture was taken from one of the overlooks at the Fall Creek Falls gorge.

Finally,  here is a picture of the two 'lovebirds'....Note what is written on the shirts we are wearing!!!!!!!!   Do you believe that?????   ha ha

Hope you enjoyed our April 21st visit to Fall Creek Falls.  By the way,  I did get a KISS this year also (actually, several of them)... YEAH!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jiggers Creek Falls

When we went to Amicalola Falls State Park in the North Georgia mountains to celebrate George's birthday on March 9,   we stopped on the way down there to see two waterfalls... The first one was totally new to us ---and I'm featuring it today.

The Falls on Jiggers Creek are WAY back in the mountains not too far from Cisco in  Murray County,  Georgia.  The drive on the graveled/dirt forest road was pretty --and being back in the mountains is such a joy for us.  This waterfall can be seen from the road;  however,  George scrambled down the path to get the best view from the bottom.   He took the picture above of Jiggers Creek Falls... Isn't it pretty?

I took this picture from above --on the road,  from a distance.  The falls were still pretty although there were many trees between me and the water!!!

This is what a forest road looks like...  Our little Prius just does GREAT on these old mountain roads --whether we are going up or down...  The Forest Service does a good job of keeping these roads clear for those who enjoy driving back in the mountains --like US!!!!! ha

George took this picture of me --once we found Jiggers Creek Falls... You can see how happy I was to be there!!!!!

I enjoy walking along the creek... This picture shows the creek above the waterfall. The Rhododendrons were so pretty also.

I took this picture of George down on the creek bank getting some GREAT pictures of Jiggers Creek Falls.

Here's one more picture of Jiggers Creek Falls,  taken by George.  This time, though,  he managed to get ME in the picture also...See me?????

Hope you enjoyed our mountain ride to see Jiggers Creek Falls.  I don't have any idea where the name "Jiggers" comes from... Many of the creeks we visit have unusual names!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.  As I write this (on Tuesday night),  we are expecting more severe storms during the night tonight and in the morning.  We have had VERY high winds off and on Tuesday, and the temperature got up to 79 degrees today.  I mentioned to someone in a comment tonight that Mother Nature needs to take a "happy pill".... ha


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cane Creek Falls, Dahlonega, Georgia

While in Georgia to celebrate George's birthday, on that rainy Wednesday (March 9, 2011),  we also visited a couple of other waterfalls in the area along with a dam.  The waterfall above is named CANE CREEK FALLS.  It is located on the grounds of a United Methodist Camp named Camp Glisson.

Many hundreds of years ago,  the falls were home to two different tribes of Native Americans,  the Etowahs and later the Cherokees.  Artifacts from their time there, such as pottery fragments and arrowheads,  can be found in the area to this day.

In 1925, the founder of the camp,  Rev. Fred Glisson, discovered Cane Creek Falls on a trip to the mountains to scout out a place for a youth camp.  He fell in love with the spot and arranged to lease the land around the falls.  The first camp was held in the summer of 1925.

Rev. Glisson and other leaders raised money to begin to buy the land around the falls,  and to construct a permanent camp.   The land around the falls belonged to the camp--but the falls themselves still belonged to Georgia Power Company.  In 1946,  Rev. Glisson and others finally persuaded Georgia Power to sell Cane Creek Falls to the camp.  The falls were purchased for $1500. Their value today cannot be estimated..

Hope you enjoy our pictures taken of Cane Creek Falls and Cane Creek.

The picture above is what Cane Creek Falls looked like in May of 2005,  the last time we visited before this trip.  Now look at the picture below!!!!

This is the SAME waterfall ---taken on a rainy day in March, 2011... Think there's a little more water coming over the falls?????? ha ha

Here's a neat close-up picture of Cane Creek Falls.   Wish you could have heard that raging water... It was awesome!!!

You will have to name what the water looks like in this picture... On his blog,  George posted a similar picture and called it Chocolate Satin... What does it look like to you?

I took this picture of George (the Birthday Boy) standing on the little bridge crossing that raging creek.

Here's one last picture I took from the bridge looking at the creek, as it traveled downstream, away from the falls.

Hope you enjoyed seeing another beautiful Georgia waterfall.  George's Surprise Birthday trip turned out to be FABULOUS --despite all of the rain... Seeing all of that water coming over the waterfalls made it all worthwhile!