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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stonewall Falls, Tiger, GA

As both George and I have mentioned,  when we travel,  we usually try to break up the trip by visiting some waterfalls along the way, both going and coming.  In December,  on our way to Ocean Isle Beach,  we stopped at Tiger, GA (Near Clayton) to visit a little waterfall named  STONEWALL FALLS.

We drove back into the woods and then took a short hike in order to see this little waterfall. Above is our first view of Stonewall Falls.  Below are more.

Here is another picture showing the falls surrounded by Rhododendron.

This is a small cascade near Stonewall Falls... We named it Stonewall Creek Cascades.  This was such a beautiful hiking area.

My favorite part of this hike was seeing the gorgeous Rhododendrons in that area.  The trail followed the creek --and the hike itself was worth taking.

I loved looking up at the sky and the pine trees ---while we were at Stonewall Falls.

I had to get a picture of the best reason to be at Stonewall Falls on a beautiful December day...  Here he is!!!

Here is one final picture of a beautiful little waterfall in Georgia.   I could have sat there and listened to the sound of the falls and looked at those Rhododendrons forever!!!!!  BUT--we had to get on the road --since the beach was also calling our names!!!!

Several have asked how we find waterfalls WAY back in the woods like we do... WELL--there are lots of waterfall books (usually by the state or area) with tons of information including directions on how to get there.  AND--we also have the internet which also gives alot of info.  If you were to google  "Stonewall Falls, GA"  --you would find lots of information.  Apparently there is a great mountain biking trail nearby...


Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 Best of....: WATERFALLS

Most of you know that George and I 'collect' waterfalls ---pictures, that is!!! ha..  We have seen over 435 different waterfalls since 2001, many of them several times.  Picking out favorite ones is always hard,  but I chose 11 favorite waterfalls which we saw in 2010. I will show you 9 of them today.  Above is a picture of LODGE FALLS--found at DeSoto State Park,  Alabama.  We had seen this waterfall before,  but this is the first time we have seen it with ICE all around.  George surprised me with a Valentine's trip to DeSoto that week.  The picture was taken on 2/14/10.

We drove WAY back into the woods, and then went on a beautiful hike in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas to see this beautiful waterfall.   This one is named the LITTLE MISSOURI FALLS.  This picture was taken on 2/22/10.

This is the MT. NEBO WATERFALL in Arkansas.   As you probably know if you have followed my blog for awhile,  George and I go to Mt. Nebo State Park at least once a year.  We stay in a cute little cabin with a view of the valley below while we are there.  Mt. Nebo is one of our favorite places.  This waterfall also looks different each time we see it.  This picture was taken on 2/23/10.

Another of our favorite places is SERENITY FALLS (near Cosby, TN)... We stay in a cabin right beside the waterfall --and enjoy its beauty 'up close and personal'.  I took George to Serenity Falls for his birthday this past year.  The picture was taken on 3/9/10.

In April,  we took a little trip to West Virginia to check out some new waterfalls there.  We saw many pretty ones --but I chose my favorite one to feature today.  This  1500 feet wide waterfall (you can only see part of it in this picture) is named SANDSTONE FALLS.  This picture was taken on 4/23/10.  (There are two other West Virginia waterfalls which I had chosen as favorites.  One is Campbell Falls and one is Brush Creek Falls.  IF you want to see pictures of these two falls,  click HERE. )

This waterfall is found near Bland, Virginia (where many of my Bruce relatives used to live).  Its name is the FALLS of DISMAL,  and the picture was taken on 4/24/10.

After my knee surgery in June,  George took me on a little outing to Tellico Plains, TN.  We saw some of our favorite waterfalls in that area (Bald River and Baby Falls).  BUT--we also drove back in the mountains and found a new waterfall for us.  This one is named NORTH RIVER FALLS..   Isn't it pretty?  This picture was taken on 6/18/10.

In September,  we took a trip to the Cumberland Gap area of TN/VA/KY.  During that trip,  we stopped by to see CUMBERLAND FALLS... And--as you can see,  God smiled down on us that morning,  giving us a beautiful rainbow to enjoy in addition to the waterfall.  This picture was taken on 9/25/10.

Finally,   on our way to Ocean Isle Beach in December,  we stopped near Tiger, GA to see  STONEWALL FALLS.  We had to drive back into the mountains for awhile and then hike to this pretty little waterfall..  The setting was beautiful --and I could have stayed there forever.  However,  the beach was also calling my name!!!! ha... This picture was taken on 12/19/10.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my 2010 favorite Waterfalls.  As you can tell,  waterfalls don't have to be huge.  In fact,  some of my fav's are the smaller ones in great settings --where we can enjoy them from up close.

Well--the good news is that the SUN CAME OUT at home yesterday.... Hooray!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.  I will see you on Monday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yahoo Falls Hike, Kentucky--Part II

Be sure and check out yesterday's post in order to see Part I (click HERE) from our hike to Yahoo Falls.   Today I will share some of the area around the falls... As I said yesterday,  due to the drought this past Summer and Fall,  there was almost no water coming over the falls.. The picture above shows the waterfall when we were there this time, on September 25, 2010.  This waterfall is about 113 feet tall --and is usually about 8-10 feet wide.  If you look closely,  you can see a tiny bit of water!!!!! ha...... Below are more.

I am on one side looking at the big bowl surrounding this waterfall.  You can see the waterfall on the left side... The trail leads behind the falls.   I was taking George's picture--and all of those other people (whom we did not know) posed also!!!!! ha ha ... George is on the right.

George took this one of me hiking up the trail toward where he was --behind the falls.  The steps going down on the right lead down to the bottom of the falls.  In Summer --people love to swim in the pool at the bottom of the falls.  This time,  there was almost no water down there.

This bowl (overhang) is amazing. Can you see the water?   George is standing almost under where the waterfall is.    IF there was alot of water,  he would definitely be WET standing where he was!!!!  (Those people across the way are still posing for my picture!!!!! Tee Hee!!!)

As we followed the trail around behind the falls,  there were lots of rocks to climb up --when headed up the hill on the other side.   This bowl in the gorge is truly an awesome place to visit.

Here's one final picture of Yahoo Falls---taken by George from the far side.   You can see the brink of the falls here.  When we hiked out---we crossed back over the creek at the brink.  We did not go back up all of those steps!!!!! ha ha

When we go back to Yahoo Falls,  hopefully there will be much more water coming over the falls.  We'll show you the difference then!!!!!!   BUT--as I have said,  this is a fabulous hike  (only about 1.5 miles total) into the gorge,  and we really do recommend it --any time of year, even if there's not much water at the falls.

I have mentioned that George and I have visited about 430 different waterfalls since 2001.  There are some huge ones like Niagara or even Cumberland Falls.  AND--there are the small ones like Yahoo --where the setting is phenomenal.  Do we have favorites???  Probably not--since all are unique and gorgeous--each in its own way!


On another note,  my wonderful friend RUTH lost her husband yesterday.   Jake lost his battle with cancer.   Ruth and Jake have been great friends of George and me --and we are grieving so much at his loss.  May God bless Ruth and the family during this time of sorrow.  IF you have time,  stop by Ruth's blog  (click on her name above) and send some of your love to her.  Thank You.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yahoo Falls Hike, Kentucky--Part I

After leaving Cumberland Gap and Cumberland Falls,  while on our way home,  we stopped for a nice hike at one of our favorite places,  Yahoo Falls (not far from Whitley City, KY).  This is in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area.

We have been here several times --at different times of the year.  We knew that, due to the drought this year,  there wouldn't be much water coming over the falls.. But--the hike to the falls and the area itself is fabulous --as you will see from our pictures.

The above picture shows the trail which leads us by some huge rock croppings as we go down into the gorge.  All of these pictures were taken on September 25, 2010.  Below are more.

There are two ways to hike into the gorge... You can do what we did (see picture above) by going down the steps they have built.   OR--you can go around the gorge and enter on the other side...  We chose to go down the steps ---and then we hiked back out by going around the other way.  There is an arch you can also hike to --but we didn't do that this time.

Look at some of the huge rocks and boulders in this area...  This is a fabulous hike even in the hot summer --since you can cool off in this shady, secluded area.  There are rocks to sit on along the way---so that you can take in the beauty all around you.

Here's another picture of the trail we hiked... Since it was September,  there wasn't much Autumn color yet --but the ferns were still as green as can be!!!!!  It would be nice to see this area when the Fall colors are showing off!!!!

Of course, I had to sit and relax a bit also ---just wishing I could stay there  forever.. What a gorgeous place!!!!!

Finally,  here is one more picture of the trail we hiked.  The trail is in good shape --and really is a fun hike to take.  AND--if you are ever near Highway 27 in southern Kentucky,  this hike is not far from there...  We highly recommend it.

Tomorrow,  I'll show you the waterfall itself --and the big bowl surrounding it.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, KY--Part II

If you missed yesterday's post on Part I at Cumberland Falls, click HERE.  Today I'm sharing more pictures from that gorgeous area.  First,  I must admit to you that we specifically went there to SEE a MOONBOW... Heard of that?????   It is like a rainbow --but is at NIGHT.   The mist of Cumberland Falls creates the magic of a moonbow,  only visible on a clear night during a full moon.  The full moon causes the moonbow.   Cumberland Falls is one of only a very few places in the entire world where one can see a Moonbow.  Isn't that exciting?

WELL---for us,  the ONLY cloudy night of that entire week was the night we just happened to be there.   We took our cameras and tripods down to the waterfall --hoping that the skies would clear. But they did not!!!!!  We were disappointed ---but know that we will go back and try again sometime when there is another full moon.

Above is a beautiful picture from the brink of the falls... There are several lookout areas near the falls---and of course,  we had to check them all out.  Below are more pictures!

This one was taken from another overlook.   This is a beautiful waterfall --and ALWAYS has water coming over the falls (which is nice)...

WOW--isn't this incredible????   We found this beauty when we went back to the falls the next morning...  It's not a moonbow --but is a rainbow...  The moonbow looks just like this --but is at night...  I was THRILLED to even see this one... Thanks be to God!

A double rainbow just for YOU!!!!!   Is this not just wonderful?????   I'm ready to go back RIGHT NOW--even if there is no full moon yet this month... ha

WOOOOOOO---  Look at that rock formation... What does it look like to you????  I think it's a big alligator right there in the Cumberland River....  Ya think??????

Finally,  a sweet lady took a picture of the two of us at the lower overlook at the waterfall.

Hope you enjoyed my two sets of pictures from Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.  We WILL go back---and one day,  we'll get pictures of that Moonbow!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.  We didn't get to work on the leaves in the yard yesterday since we had had some rain the night before--and it was much too wet.  Hopefully,  we will 'tackle' them this weekend...  Wanna come and help?????

OH--and it's COLD in Tennessee --and only going to get colder (in the 20's) ... Bye Bye, Roses for 2010.... Sigh!!!!!!  See you Monday!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, KY

On our recent trip to the Cumberland Gap, TN area, after we toured that area, we headed west to visit Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. This beautiful state park is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest. We stayed in Dupont Lodge (pictured above) and had a delicious seafood buffet in the 125-seat Riverview Restaurant.

Here is a picture of the Cumberland River ---above the falls. Since we were there on September 25, there weren't many Autumn colors in that area yet. But it was still a beautiful state park.

Here is a picture of Cumberland Falls... Known as the "Niagara of the South", the waterfall forms a 125-foot wide curtain that plunges 7 stories into a boulder-strewn gorge below. Isn't it beautiful????

Here is George standing at one of the overlooks at Cumberland Falls.

We are now looking down-river from the falls. Cumberland River winds its way through the park, and there are so many things available for people to do while there (white-water rafting, fishing, nature trails, horse stables, swimming, and planned recreation opportunities). Besides the 51-room lodge, there are cabins available for rent, along with camping.

You know how much I love waterfalls.... Even though we had seen this one before, I never tire of seeing it again -and again. If you enjoy being outdoors and if you love seeing a beautiful waterfall, you will love being at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. It is located in southeastern Kentucky just west of Interstate 75.

You won't want to miss tomorrow's blog for a couple of fabulous pictures we took at Cumberland Falls.... SO---come back soon. Okay???????

Have a wonderful Thursday. We'll be out blowing, raking, and mowing leaves in our yard this weekend. Wanna come and join us????????


Monday, October 25, 2010

Friends, Fall Colors and Fabulous ELK

George and I joined blog friend NEAL and his lovely wife, Patti, for several days together in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina, at Maggie Valley. Neal and George/I have been friends for about 2 years --but we had never met until this past week... What a neat couple these two are... The four of us had a fabulous time together ---and found out that we have so much in common. It was such a great trip--and I'm sure we will plan more vacations together.

Neal is a big tease ---so of course, we spent much of the time laughing and joking with each other... George was thrilled because now there are two of them who can give me a hard time!!!!!! ha ha.... Patti (Neal's wife) doesn't blog --but I told her that she needs to start --so that I will have some HELP.... Patti is a tiny little gal --like my good friend, Judy, and is very personable... Like I said, we all had a great time together ---and it's as if we have been good friends for years.

Besides being with these wonderful friends, we all went to Maggie Valley for two reasons: to see the Fall colors, and to see the Elk in Cataloochee Valley. We accomplished BOTH. Today, I'll show you an outline of our week--but will divide them into categories for many more pictures in upcoming blog posts... I probably won't show you the entire group of 600 photos I took (George took 500) ha ha --but I'll show you the BEST ones I hope. Above is a picture of our special friends, Neal and Patti. Below are more.

We started out driving through the Smokies (between Gatlinburg and Cherokee). Even though there were TONS of people and traffic, once we got on 441 to go over the mountain, it wasn't too bad. Once we got to Cherokee, we got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed toward the Balsam Mountain Road. The weather was perfect --and the colors were gorgeous... Above is one picture taken in the Smokies.

We stayed at the Abbey Inn in Maggie Valley. Thanks to blog friend DOROTHY for reommending the Abbey Inn. It was a wonderful, little motel. The view was terrific... The picture above shows the view from our front porch... Wow!!!!

The absolute highlight of the entire week was getting up early on Wednesday morning (in the drizzle and fog) and driving to Cataloochee Valley to see the ELK. Not only did we see about 20-30 of them that morning, we also heard them BUGLE.... How awesome is that!!!! I was so very very excited--as you can imagine!!! I will have many pictures to share --but above, here is one for you to enjoy. My pictures were taken from the road --using my 300mm lens.

After seeing the gorgeous elk and checking out the Cataloochee Valley (which is similar to Cades Cove), we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Maggie Valley to the Mt. Pisgah area. The drizzle and fog disappeared fairly quickly --and the sun came out --just for us of course... Above is one picture taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway that day.

On Thursday, we drove over the Cherohala Skyway (between Robbinsville, NC and Tellico, TN) checking out even more beautiful Autumn colors. They were fabulous there also--especially on the NC side.. Above is a picture taken along the Cherohala Skyway. As you can tell, this was our best day weatherwise --since there wasn't a cloud in the sky. AWESOME!!!!

Finally, George and I just HAD to show Neal and Patti one of our favorite waterfalls at Tellico, Bald River Falls. Above is a picture of the four of us on the bridge.... I promise you that Neal is NOT seven feet tall... He is standing on a step on the side of a bridge. That is my favorite picture of us!!!!

Hope you ALL had a great week like we did.... George also is posting pictures from our trip, so be sure to click HERE each day to check his blog.

Have a wonderful day.