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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fall Branch Falls, near Blue Ridge, GA

On our Valentine's Trip to North Georgia,  we visited a neat waterfall on 2/13/12 near Blue Ridge, GA.   FALL BRANCH FALLS  is a two (or three)-tiered falls which is about 50' high...  There was a short hike ---and one thing which was interesting was that on one side of the creek was private land with some mountain cabins... And on the other side was the Chattahoochie National Forest...  I kept thinking how much I'd love to have one of those cabins near that waterfall!!!!

Once we got to the waterfall,  there was a viewing platform where we could see the entire falls...  We had never seen this waterfall before --and were thrilled to find it..  IF you love waterfalls and are in the Blue Ridge area,   check this one out...

Hope you enjoy our photos from this waterfall... Above is a picture of the waterfall taken below the observation deck.  Be sure to click on all pictures in order to see them larger.

George took this picture of me as I wandered around the creek below the observation deck..  Even though it wasn't raining,  it was a damp, cold day!  I decided to wear my rain jacket --but George didn't want to wear his.

Here is a picture showing some of the ICE still around the waterfall.  Remember,  this was February 13th and we had had some cold weather.  Do you see the upside down heart in that ice???  Think that was there since Valentine's Day was the next day?????

I took this picture of George from the observation deck --while he was getting more pictures from the creek level.

Here's another photo of my 'creative' water ---from up close and personal.   Do you see those TEETH --smiling at me?????  Actually,  you can almost make out a distorted face.....  My My!!!!!!  How 'bout that?

I love this picture of George that I took while we were on the observation deck.

Here is another picture of FALL BRANCH FALLS ---using my zoom lens.

Finally,  here is a picture of George and me taken at the observation deck at Fall Branch Falls with our tripod... We had this entire area to ourselves ---so you can imagine how much we enjoyed being there.

Hope you had a great weekend.  We had a wonderful time with family and friends,  and luckily (as opposed to other areas of the country),  we had a beautiful weekend weather-wise also.    Prayers for those in the path of all of those storms.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia

Smith Creek
Another waterfall we visited on February 14th  (besides Horse Trough Falls --click HERE  to see that post) was ANNA RUBY FALLS.   This is one of the more popular waterfalls in Georgia --but since we were there on a cold, drizzly day,  there weren't too many other people around.

Anna Ruby Falls is found near the Unicoi State Park in White County, near Helen, Georgia.  Anna Ruby Falls gets its name from the daughter of the land owner,  John Nichols... After Nichols died,  the US Government purchased the land in the 1920's.  The entire area was named the Chattahoochee National Forest.

There is now a visitor's center and craft shop and a paved path up to the falls (which is .8 of a mile).  The path follows Smith Creek up to the falls, so it is a beautiful hike.   There is a small fee in order to visit this waterfall...

As you can tell from the pictures,  Anna Ruby Falls is really a double waterfall.  Curtis Creek (on the left) falls 153 feet.   York Creek (on the right) falls 50 feet.  Both  come together forming Smith Creek.   Curtis and York Creeks are named for early settlers in the area,  and Smith Creek got its name from one of the surveyors.

If you ever get to Helen, Georgia,  check out this gorgeous waterfall...   Be sure to click on all of the pictures in order to see them larger.  Above is a picture of Smith Creek---as we walked up to see the waterfall(s).

'Creative' Water at Smith Creek
Both George and I love to photograph water in a creative way... George is REALLY good at this---but this picture is pretty good,  don't you think?

As we hiked up that mountain,  we finally got a long-distance view of Anna Ruby Falls. You can see the paved path to the falls--with Smith Creek on the left.

Here is a picture of Anna Ruby Falls.  They have built some great platforms for viewing.  Curtis Creek is on the left and falls for 153 feet.   York Creek is on the right and fall for 50 feet.

Once we got to the top platform,  we got some close-up pictures of the waterfall(s).  Even though it was foggy and drizzly,  we loved these waterfalls ---and were glad that we visited here.. We had visited Anna Ruby Falls several years ago---but enjoyed it much more this time.

Here's a picture from the top platform looking back down the trail and Smith Creek. See the platform on the left?   The next picture of us was taken from this platform.

Finally,  George put up the tripod and took some pictures of us at Anna Ruby Falls.  We really enjoyed this gorgeous double waterfall.

I hope you can visit this one someday...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Horsetrough Falls, Georgia

Us at Horsetrough Falls
As most of you know,  George and I took three trips in a month (one to North Georgia,  one to Arkansas, and  one to West Virginia).   Today's post is another one from our Valentine's visit to North Georgia.  Please take a peak back at this post (click HERE) --to see what we experienced that day while searching for Horsetrough Falls.

This area is near Helen, Georgia (White County) and Unicoi State Park.  We began traveling on Forest Rd. 44 (called the Chattahoochee River Road)  at an elevation of 3100 feet in the snow... We drove down that forest service  road for almost 5 miles ---DEEP into the mountains.

We drove and drove and drove (it seemed--since we had to drive slowly on that bumpy and steep mountain road) and finally came to the Upper Chattahoochee River Campground.  We parked there and took a nice little hike into the woods (about a mile one way).  Since the campground was closed,  we had to park outside the campground and walk across the Henson Creek to the other end of  the campground in order to get to the trailhead.

There was NOBODY around that cold, wet, foggy, snowy day in Georgia---so we had the entire area ALL to ourselves... (That's what we love!!!!) ..... And since you know how much we LOVE waterfalls,  you can just imagine the joy we had when we finally came to Horsetrough Falls.  What a fabulous area ---and a HUGE waterfall in the woods!!!

Hope you enjoy our pictures... Be sure to enlarge them for bigger pictures.

Here is another picture of Forest Road 44---which we had to travel on, in order to reach Horsetrough Falls...   The snow disappeared and the fog lifted as we traveled down the mountain toward Chattahoochee Gap.  But the road was steep and bumpy!

After reaching the trailhead,  we crossed a footbridge over the Chattahoochee River.

Here is a picture of the Chattahoochee River from the bridge.  Isn't this area just gorgeous?  I love the Rhododendrons.

I took this picture of George at the viewing platform where we saw Horsetrough Falls.

George took a picture of me at the same location.  Wish you could have seen that area.  We felt like that waterfall was there JUST for us!!!! Usually when we find a waterfall deep in the woods like this,  it is not such a LARGE one.  This one was huge!!!!

As we headed out,  I took a picture of George on the little bridge.  This was a gorgeous little hike!!!

Finally,  here is a picture of Horsetrough Falls from the viewing platform.  Depending upon which book I read,  Horsetrough Falls is from 70-100 feet tall.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our pictures of Horsetrough Falls...   We have found out (since we got home) that there was another waterfall not far from Horsetrough Falls.  SO--we'll go back to that area sometime...

We recently purchased two new waterfall books:
"Waterfall Hikes of North Georgia" by Jim Parham
"Waterfall Hikes of Upstate South Carolina" by Thomas E. King
I don't know how many waterfall books we have --but I'll admit that we do have quite a few!!!!!  The books help so much in trying to find information,  directions,  etc. when searching for waterfalls.   Without these books, we would never have been able to find all of the back-woods areas we have seen.    As I say alot,  SO MUCH JOY.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special Valentine's Day Dinner

The lobby area at Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge Restaurant
I thought I'd better get my act together and get this post published before Valentine's Day gets here again next year!!!!!! ha ha ..... Anyhow--I've talked some about our great Waterfall and Hiking Trip which we took from Feb. 13-15.   BUT--what I haven't talked about was the delicious meal that George and I enjoyed on Valentine's Evening...

My Sweetheart took me to the Amicalola Falls Lodge Restaurant (near Dawsonville, GA) for a VERY special meal. They offered a fabulousl buffet with many kinds of salads, breads, soups,  entrees and desserts.  All of it was DELICIOUS and the  place was decorated so pretty.   They even provided live music for us.  We got there early so it wasn't crowded yet... Of course,  that's how we like it!

Here are a few of the pictures I took of that pretty restaurant.  Be sure and click on the photos to see them larger. 

Here is a view from our table ---which showed off all of the FOG outside!!!! ha ha... Usually there is a great view of the surrounding mountains since this lodge sits on the top of the mountain above the waterfall.

That is our table (in the middle).  Now you can get a great view of the FOG....   You can see a little bit of one of the mountain ranges to the right..   This is a gorgeous lodge --so if you ever get in this area,  check it out!!!!

This shows more of the restaurant and decorations.  As I said,  we got there early for dinner ---so there weren't many folks there yet.   I'm sure it would have been full a little later in the evening.

Here were our two musicians.  They were very good ---and George and I loved hearing all of that "LOVE" music!!!!!!!

This was just one more of the pretty decorations ---found all over the buffet area and restaurant.   Some of the entrees we had to choose from were:  BBQ Ribs,  Prime Rib (a favorite of ours),  Shrimp,  and Cabbage Rolls....

After dinner,   we enjoyed sitting in the lodge area at the fireplace...  The photo in the picture is of Amicalola Falls,  one of our favorite waterfalls.

WELL-- besides eating and sitting by the fire,  we also enjoyed our hiking during the day on that Valentine's Day..  Many of you may recognize this beautiful waterfall,  Anna Ruby Falls.  It's one of Georgia's most popular waterfalls.  We had seen it before ---but loved seeing it again this year.   Hope you had as happy a Valentine's Day as we had!!!!!

Have a great day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

North Georgia Mountain Valentine's Trip

Here is the little bumpy, unpaved road we were on --on that foggy morning!!!
George and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day OUR WAY...  One of our favorite things in the world to do is to go deep into the woods on the narrow, back roads and check out waterfalls and do some hiking!!!!  SO--that is exactly what we did on Feb. 13-15.  We drove to the North Georgia Mountains --and got to see 7 waterfalls during those few days!!!

The one I will share with you today was the first one we saw on Valentine's morning.  They had predicted snow and ice --and we were afraid that we'd just be stuck all day in the motel... BUT--luckily, as is usually the case,  they missed the forecast and we only saw snow at the higher elevations..  This time,  I said  "Thank Goodness"... ha

We drove near Helen, Georgia (in White County) to see a group of waterfalls in the Chattahoochee Wildlife Management Area (near the Unicoi State Park).   We took Forest Road 44 (called the Chattahoochee River Road) deep into the mountains...

We happened upon  our first waterfall  not too far into the mountains.  According to our Georgia information,  this one is called the "Upper Spoilcane Creek Falls"...   It is near Unicoi Gap State Park.  We were at about 3100 feet in elevation at this level---so we enjoyed seeing some snow and ice here.

One really good thing about hiking in weather like this (32 degrees,  snow, fog, drizzles, etc.),  we had the entire mountain to ourselves.. We drove over 8 miles in and out of that mountain --and never EVER saw one other person nor vehicle!!!!!  It was TREMENDOUS--just like we love it.  It was OUR kind of trip, and the mountains were ALL ours!!!!

Hope you enjoy today's pictures.   Be sure to click on them to enlarge them.

Here is  the Upper Spoilcane Creek Falls--surrounded by snow and ice.  Pretty,  aren't they?

These new hiking, rain jackets were perfect on a day like this  (even though we both had sweatshirts and flannel shirts under them  for more warmth)...  It did warm up a little during the day,  but at this time,  it was only about 32 degrees up there.

Here is a neat picture of the bottom of the waterfall ---from fairly close!!!!  Wanna go for a dip in the water????????   Brrrrr----probably much too cold on this day!

George was getting some 'up close and personal' photos also.  The waterfall went very high up in the mountain --but the fog prevented us from seeing much of the top.

Here is a neat picture showing some of the snow and ice beside the waterfall.

The old woman was getting COLD ---so she is ready to get back in Mrs. P (our Prius)...

Finally,  we are heading farther and farther deep into the mountains...   Bet you can't wait to see more pictures!!!!!  It was a fabulous day in the Georgia mountains ---and a great way to spend Valentine's Day. 

SNOW in FAIRFIELD GLADE on Sunday,  2/19/12
Our Spring Flowers trying to 'grow'---Don't know what they'll look like tomorrow. ha
 Have a wonderful Monday...  As I said above, we got snow here yesterday (about 2 inches or so) --and it was SO pretty  (just the kind I like---wet snow that clings to everything).... (There are a couple more pictures on Facebook.)

Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment and I'll respond to you. BUT--I beg of you to take off "WORD VERIFICATION" from your blog IF you have it.  I truly cannot read that 'gobbly goop'...   Thank You so very very much!!!