My April Header is a photo I took of the lovely TULIPS at Biltmore House and Gardens, Asheville, North Carolina, on 3/23/15.
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina Vacation ---January 2015--Part II

Two people in love at the Gazebo on 1/27/15
If you missed Monday's post (Part I of our trip),  click HERE.     Today I'll share more beautiful pictures from our days last week at the beach...

What we LOVE about going to the BEACH:
-Going during the off-seasons when there aren't many people around, and the prices are cheaper;
-Islander Inn --right on the beach where we can sit on our balcony and enjoy the ocean;
-Leaving our room door opened (even all night) so that we can hear the ocean;  SO Peaceful!!!
-The SEAFOOD --especially at Dockside Seafood Restaurant in Calabash;
-Walking on the Beach (getting exercise so that I could eat that fried seafood);
-Finding shells and watching the Birds;
-Watching the clouds (always different from one day to the next)
-Sunrises and Sunsets (can be viewed from our balcony in winter)
-SUNBEAMS ---which we saw this past week!!!!
-Just being able to totally relax, read, sleep/nap, work on the computer ---anything we want to do!!!!!
-For me this time especially,  we used the steps most all week rather than the elevator;  That gave my bum knee LOTS of good exercise!!!

George eating his favorite Seafood (those big, yummy fried Scallops)--Photo taken on 1/28/15
As I mentioned,  we love Dockside Seafood Restaurant in Calabash---so we managed to go there 3 out of four evenings...  We even got to know our waitress (who is from West VA)...  SUCH wonderful seafood!

The other night (when we weren't at Dockside), we went to another favorite restaurant in Calabash,  The Boundary House.  That is where we get the best PRIME RIB ever!!!!! 

We had never eaten beside the beautiful fireplace at Dockside until this year --but we loved it.  Photo taken on 1-25-15

NO---I'm NOT in the water!!!!!  Photo taken on 1/26/15
George was wandering around the dunes taking photos ---and he captured this picture of me playing Peek-A-Boo..... It looks like I am standing in the water --but I'm not... TOO COLD!!!! ha

SUNSET on 1/27/15
Except for Jan. 26,  the weather was wonderful the entire time we were there. (Even the 26th was not bad though.) We photographed  3 beautiful sunsets  (1/25, 1/27, and 1/28) while there.  This is when the sun was almost 'going going gone'..... Isn't this a beauty?

Lots and lots of BIRDS  (photo taken on 1/26/15)
We enjoyed watching the birds all week...  I guess they love it when 'they' can rest and not be bothered by lots of people on the beach... Most of these are GULLS  I think.

My Wonderful Man enjoying walking on the beach  on 1/27/15
Don't you love seeing the puffy clouds?  AND did you notice that there were no people out walking????  There are usually a few locals who live nearby who walk usually very early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  BUT--when we were out during the day,  we sometime were the ONLY people around!!!!  We loved it.

This Girl was so happy to be there --and be WALKING. Photo on 1/26/14;
Even though my knee is still painful,  it is gradually getting better.  I enjoyed walking on the beach ---and got some good exercise.

SUNRISE on 1/28/15
As much as I loved the sunsets,  the sunrises were even more beautiful (mainly since they were not at an angle like the sunsets were).  Thanks be to God for all of this beauty we enjoyed.

The morning we were leaving ---1/29/15
I was standing out in the parking lot as we were getting ready to leave Ocean Isle Beach..  The sun hadn't come up yet---but the sky was gorgeous....I loved seeing the Palm Trees and the Gazebo from this angle.

Oh how marvelous it is to be out in God's Beautiful World   (1/27/15)
I wanted to end these two sets of photos with this one because it expresses my deep feelings about our time at Ocean Isle Beach.  There are many beautiful places in our country --and this is just ONE of them.  BUT---if we all just take time to get out and look around and enjoy what God has provided for us,  we will be a better people for doing so.  Thank you God and thank you,  George,  for making this such an incredible vacation.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Ocean Isle Beach Trip--January 2015

The SUNSET from our balcony the day we got there,  1/25/15
Hello Friends,   First of all --let me welcome all of you to FEBRUARY.  Let's make this entire month a month filled with LOVE.   I added new quotes on my right sidebar of my blog--so check it out for many quotes about LOVE.  I think you will enjoy them!!!!!

George and I just got home the end of last week from several days at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina... Most of you know (if you have followed my blog for several years) that there are two places we absolutely love.  These two places are the Islander Inn at Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina, and Mt. Nebo in Arkansas... We go to Mt. Nebo once a year and we go to Ocean Isle twice a year.  However,  this year,  our December trip to Ocean Isle got cancelled due to my knee problem.

After taking care of me for two months (while I sat on my backside doing nothing except hurting) ---I knew that George definitely needed a vacation after my knee surgery.  (Actually,  I needed that vacation also!)  SO---we went this past week and had a marvelous time.

Some of you may also remember that George took me to Ocean Isle Beach after my gallbladder surgery last May...  That (as was this past week) was 'Just what the Doctor Ordered'.... Hopefully,  I have had my LAST surgery for a long long time... ha

Today I will share 11 photos from this latest trip ---and will show 11 more on Thursday... Hope you enjoy this latest trip of ours!!!!!! Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

Dockside Seafood Restaurant,  Calabash,  North Carolina
Not only do George and I enjoy the beach/waves/sky, etc.---but we also LOVE LOVE LOVE the seafood from Dockside at Calabash.  The plate contains our two favorites,  fried scallops and fried shrimp... They also have the BEST hushpuppies in the entire world.....  This year though we were smart!  We took an extra cooler and some containers ---so that we could take some of that wonderful seafood home with us for more meals!!!!!  YUM...

Us on the Beach,  1/26/15
There were almost NO people around while we were there at the beach --so most days we had the beach all to ourselves.  However,  we met a lady who was also walking on the beach that morning and she offered to take our picture together.   You can see our inn where we stayed (Islander Inn) behind us.

SUNBEAMS on 1/26/15
This picture shows you how different one day can be from another.   We wanted to see a sunrise (1/26) ---but it was VERY cloudy.   We didn't get any rain (until about 5 p.m --and even that wasn't much) ---but when we went outside to see if we would see a sunset (like we had seen the night before) ----God gave us SUNBEAMS instead.... I love sunsets --but I also love clouds and sunbeams...  Isn't this a neat photo?????  Wow---thanks be to God.

On 1/26 ---we did get to walk on the beach despite the weather.
I love clouds ---and we had them only on one day when we were there (1/26).. The waves were also stronger that day ---which made for some great pictures... Speaking of waves,  we love to leave the door to our room open at nights -so that we can sleep while listening to the waves... VERY peaceful!!!!

The Beginning of a gorgeous day ---1/27/15
On the VERY early morning of 1/27,  we stood on our balcony to see what the sunrise would provide for us.  Even though there were still lots of clouds around,  we loved all of the colors which this one gave us... Wow----again I say,  Thanks be to God.

Walking on the beach on 1/27/15
As you can see,  the beach looked very different on this day compared to the day before.  The clouds were disappearing and the waves were fairly calm.   Look at all of the shells!!!!!!!

One of George's Creative Photos
I know that George will share his terrific photos on his blogs ---but I just had to share one that I love.  He was standing behind one of the palm trees at the Islander Inn  at sunset.... Don't you just love this one?  I certainly do.

Betsy is SO happy to be there!!!!
On 1/27,  we enjoyed walking on the beach.  You would be proud of me that week.  I was really exercising the 'bum leg'....  We took walks on the beach every day --and most of the time,  twice a day.  I also made myself take the stairs (instead of the elevator) most all week --since going up and down steps is good exercise for my knee... I did fairly well!!!!

A gorgeous sunset on 1/28/15
After seeing the Sunbeams the night before,  we enjoyed gorgeous sunsets (with almost no clouds) both on 1/27 and 1/28.

The beginning of another gorgeous day on 1/29/15
We were leaving that morning --and didn't have time to wait to actually see the sun pop up.  BUT---we did enjoy seeing the sky at sunrise just before that sun rose.

Hope you enjoyed these photos from our trip.  I will share another group on Thursday,  Feb. 5.   Please stop back by then!!!  AND--don't forget to check out my quotes this month on the right sidebar.  Thanks!!!

I also have a short blog post on my Photo Blog (click HERE)...  Check it out if you have time.   And---if you want more information on the Islander Inn in Ocean Isle Beach,  NC--click HERE.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From the Archives: Antigua 2001

George and I  got married in June of 2001.  Our honeymoon was a seven day cruise to the South Caribbean in September of that year.  We had a fabulous time that entire week, even though 9/11 happened during our stay there.  It was strange being away from home that week--but we made the best of it,  and had a wonderful time.

Today I'll show you some of the coastline around ANTIGUA.  The picture above was taken from an old blockhouse which we visited while there.  The coastline in Antigua was the prettiest coastline of all of the areas we visited that week.

Here's another picture from there --looking at more of the coastline.  As you can tell,  this area was almost like a desert ---complete with cactus.   That seemed strange to me --since we were in a 'tropical' place.

Here's a picture looking down at the waves hitting shore.. The breakers were so pretty --and very STRONG.

We are now at an area called Shirley's Height.  You can see Nelson's Dockyard in the distance.  Nelson's Dockyard was named after Lord Nelson of the British Navy.

Here's a picture taken from Shirley's Height --looking out to sea.

These next two pictures are my favorites --since the sun was glistening on the water.  This is another picture of the beautiful coastline of Antigua.

Finally,  here's another beautiful picture of the coastline of Antigua.  If you ever have a chance to visit there,  do it!!!!


George and I drove to Tullahoma, TN yesterday to visit his parents in their new situation at G's sister's home.   They both seem well and fairly happy --knowing that they are where they NEED to be.  Bless their little hearts!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fabulous Valentine's Trip

George and I had a wonderful Valentine's trip to join our good friends,  Judy and Charlie, in their beautiful mountain home in North Carolina.  We went out to dinner a couple of times.  We TALKED and TALKED and just relaxed.  It was a wonderful trip and a great way to  celebrate Valentine's Day --with such good friends.   Above is a picture of me and Judy.  Judy is standing up on some steps --since she is really MUCH shorter than I am!!!!!

We visited Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina AGAIN (since we have season's tickets now)..  Since it is still winter,  there were no outside flowers blooming yet.. We have to wait until April to go back for that.  BUT--we did visit the Conservatory again --and there were many beautiful green plants and several beautiful flowers in bloom as you can see from the above picture.  As you can imagine,  we took a gazillion pictures ---so you will be seeing them on our upcoming blogs I'm sure.  (My new header was taken at Biltmore on Valentine's Day.)

Here's a view of the beautiful North Carolina mountains above Fontana Lake (which was very low on this side of the dam).  The mountains are very pretty--even in winter, aren't they????

And of course a trip wouldn't be a real vacation for us IF we didn't stop and see some waterfalls.  Isn't this a pretty little waterfall??  I loved seeing all of the Rhododendrons along that little creek.

George and I had a wonderful time with our friends...  I'm sure the four of us solved ALL of the problems in the world this week---with all of the talking we did!!!  ha ha

These are two wonderful people, Charlie and Judy.   We are blessed to have two such wonderful friends...  Thanks for the great time, you two!!

Finally,   no mountain vacation would be complete without a gorgeous sunset.... The weather was fabulous all week----and we enjoyed beautiful blue skies plus sunsets (like the one above) --over the mountains..     Life was beautiful in the North Carolina mountains, and we certainly enjoyed the view from Judy and Charlie's home!!!!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day and week.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Straight from the Elk's Mouth

If you have read my blog recently, you will know that George and I and our great friends, Neal and Patti, went to the Cataloochee Valley (north of Maggie Valley, North Carolina) to see the elk on Wednesday, October 20. I posted pictures yesterday and will tell you an elk story today---straight from the elk's mouth!!!!!! (Did you know I spoke 'elk'????? I do--and this bull elk confided all of this to me!!!!!)

In the picture above, Simon the Elk was bugling.... Can you hear him???? He is hollering: "I want me a woman! I want me a woman!"

"Hmmmm... There's one!!!!!! Hi, Edith.... Wanna play with me????????"

"Awe Shucks.... Edith is paying no attention to me... Think I'll sing her a song.... 'I Luv You Truly....... Truly Dear'...... Now, ain't that purdy???? (I'm a southern elk you see!)"

"Doggone it all.... That Edith is just so gorgeous--but she's paying me no mind at all.... What shall I do??? I feel dejected!!!"

"A-ha... There are some friends... Think I'll ask George and Neal what I need to do to get a woman! They told me to go over to the other field where there are ALOT of beautiful women!!!"

"Hmmmmmmmmmm.... There are more possibilities out here... Maybe I'll sing to Sandra, or to Ginny, or to Mildred, or even to pretty little Suzanne. Think they'll pay some attention to me??????"

"Well...NOBODY---not even Ginny (who loves everybody) wants to be my 'woman'... Think I'll just take a nap --and cry for awhile.. Poor ME!! Do any of you Bloggers want to be my special friend????? PUH--LEASE!!"

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you on Monday morning.