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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From the Archives: Antigua 2001

George and I  got married in June of 2001.  Our honeymoon was a seven day cruise to the South Caribbean in September of that year.  We had a fabulous time that entire week, even though 9/11 happened during our stay there.  It was strange being away from home that week--but we made the best of it,  and had a wonderful time.

Today I'll show you some of the coastline around ANTIGUA.  The picture above was taken from an old blockhouse which we visited while there.  The coastline in Antigua was the prettiest coastline of all of the areas we visited that week.

Here's another picture from there --looking at more of the coastline.  As you can tell,  this area was almost like a desert ---complete with cactus.   That seemed strange to me --since we were in a 'tropical' place.

Here's a picture looking down at the waves hitting shore.. The breakers were so pretty --and very STRONG.

We are now at an area called Shirley's Height.  You can see Nelson's Dockyard in the distance.  Nelson's Dockyard was named after Lord Nelson of the British Navy.

Here's a picture taken from Shirley's Height --looking out to sea.

These next two pictures are my favorites --since the sun was glistening on the water.  This is another picture of the beautiful coastline of Antigua.

Finally,  here's another beautiful picture of the coastline of Antigua.  If you ever have a chance to visit there,  do it!!!!


George and I drove to Tullahoma, TN yesterday to visit his parents in their new situation at G's sister's home.   They both seem well and fairly happy --knowing that they are where they NEED to be.  Bless their little hearts!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fabulous Valentine's Trip

George and I had a wonderful Valentine's trip to join our good friends,  Judy and Charlie, in their beautiful mountain home in North Carolina.  We went out to dinner a couple of times.  We TALKED and TALKED and just relaxed.  It was a wonderful trip and a great way to  celebrate Valentine's Day --with such good friends.   Above is a picture of me and Judy.  Judy is standing up on some steps --since she is really MUCH shorter than I am!!!!!

We visited Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina AGAIN (since we have season's tickets now)..  Since it is still winter,  there were no outside flowers blooming yet.. We have to wait until April to go back for that.  BUT--we did visit the Conservatory again --and there were many beautiful green plants and several beautiful flowers in bloom as you can see from the above picture.  As you can imagine,  we took a gazillion pictures ---so you will be seeing them on our upcoming blogs I'm sure.  (My new header was taken at Biltmore on Valentine's Day.)

Here's a view of the beautiful North Carolina mountains above Fontana Lake (which was very low on this side of the dam).  The mountains are very pretty--even in winter, aren't they????

And of course a trip wouldn't be a real vacation for us IF we didn't stop and see some waterfalls.  Isn't this a pretty little waterfall??  I loved seeing all of the Rhododendrons along that little creek.

George and I had a wonderful time with our friends...  I'm sure the four of us solved ALL of the problems in the world this week---with all of the talking we did!!!  ha ha

These are two wonderful people, Charlie and Judy.   We are blessed to have two such wonderful friends...  Thanks for the great time, you two!!

Finally,   no mountain vacation would be complete without a gorgeous sunset.... The weather was fabulous all week----and we enjoyed beautiful blue skies plus sunsets (like the one above) --over the mountains..     Life was beautiful in the North Carolina mountains, and we certainly enjoyed the view from Judy and Charlie's home!!!!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day and week.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Straight from the Elk's Mouth

If you have read my blog recently, you will know that George and I and our great friends, Neal and Patti, went to the Cataloochee Valley (north of Maggie Valley, North Carolina) to see the elk on Wednesday, October 20. I posted pictures yesterday and will tell you an elk story today---straight from the elk's mouth!!!!!! (Did you know I spoke 'elk'????? I do--and this bull elk confided all of this to me!!!!!)

In the picture above, Simon the Elk was bugling.... Can you hear him???? He is hollering: "I want me a woman! I want me a woman!"

"Hmmmm... There's one!!!!!! Hi, Edith.... Wanna play with me????????"

"Awe Shucks.... Edith is paying no attention to me... Think I'll sing her a song.... 'I Luv You Truly....... Truly Dear'...... Now, ain't that purdy???? (I'm a southern elk you see!)"

"Doggone it all.... That Edith is just so gorgeous--but she's paying me no mind at all.... What shall I do??? I feel dejected!!!"

"A-ha... There are some friends... Think I'll ask George and Neal what I need to do to get a woman! They told me to go over to the other field where there are ALOT of beautiful women!!!"

"Hmmmmmmmmmm.... There are more possibilities out here... Maybe I'll sing to Sandra, or to Ginny, or to Mildred, or even to pretty little Suzanne. Think they'll pay some attention to me??????"

"Well...NOBODY---not even Ginny (who loves everybody) wants to be my 'woman'... Think I'll just take a nap --and cry for awhile.. Poor ME!! Do any of you Bloggers want to be my special friend????? PUH--LEASE!!"

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you on Monday morning.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elk at Cataloochie

If you have missed any of my posts from our recent trip, please go to my sidebar, scroll down to Labels, and click on Maggie Valley 10/10. This is my 3rd post from this wonderful trip...

As I mentioned before, there were two things which we really wanted to see on this trip (besides being with friends, Neal and Patti). These two things were: to see the Autumn Colors; and to see the Elk at Cataloochee Valley. We definitely accomplished both...

Today, I will show you some pictures of some of the elk we saw ---and then tomorrow, my photos will tell a story!!!!!! We enjoyed seeing the elk ---and hearing them BUGLE was just as exciting as seeing them... We had an awesome time.

Above is a picture of a group of them. Below are more!

This is a picture of a Mama and baby.... Cute, huh?

I was drawn to the males --because of their racks!!!!

The females are pretty too ---and in the groups which we saw this week, they seemed to outnumber the males.

Another beautiful male; Isn't he amazing?

Here are two males in another field.... No ladies around !!!! Guess they were taking a break!!!!! ha

Finally, this is one of my favorite pictures... The elk on the left is scratching his back --using his rack!!!! Neat, huh???

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the elk from Cataloochee Valley (near Maggie Valley, North Carolina)... Tune in tomorrow for an Elk Story...

Have a wonderful day.

P.S. George and I got good reports yesterday at the Eye Doctor, during our annual check-ups. Our eyes are in good shape----no glaucoma, no cataracts, and no signs of macular degeneration.... That is especially good news for George since macular degeneration is in his family. Praise be to God!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friends, Fall Colors and Fabulous ELK

George and I joined blog friend NEAL and his lovely wife, Patti, for several days together in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina, at Maggie Valley. Neal and George/I have been friends for about 2 years --but we had never met until this past week... What a neat couple these two are... The four of us had a fabulous time together ---and found out that we have so much in common. It was such a great trip--and I'm sure we will plan more vacations together.

Neal is a big tease ---so of course, we spent much of the time laughing and joking with each other... George was thrilled because now there are two of them who can give me a hard time!!!!!! ha ha.... Patti (Neal's wife) doesn't blog --but I told her that she needs to start --so that I will have some HELP.... Patti is a tiny little gal --like my good friend, Judy, and is very personable... Like I said, we all had a great time together ---and it's as if we have been good friends for years.

Besides being with these wonderful friends, we all went to Maggie Valley for two reasons: to see the Fall colors, and to see the Elk in Cataloochee Valley. We accomplished BOTH. Today, I'll show you an outline of our week--but will divide them into categories for many more pictures in upcoming blog posts... I probably won't show you the entire group of 600 photos I took (George took 500) ha ha --but I'll show you the BEST ones I hope. Above is a picture of our special friends, Neal and Patti. Below are more.

We started out driving through the Smokies (between Gatlinburg and Cherokee). Even though there were TONS of people and traffic, once we got on 441 to go over the mountain, it wasn't too bad. Once we got to Cherokee, we got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed toward the Balsam Mountain Road. The weather was perfect --and the colors were gorgeous... Above is one picture taken in the Smokies.

We stayed at the Abbey Inn in Maggie Valley. Thanks to blog friend DOROTHY for reommending the Abbey Inn. It was a wonderful, little motel. The view was terrific... The picture above shows the view from our front porch... Wow!!!!

The absolute highlight of the entire week was getting up early on Wednesday morning (in the drizzle and fog) and driving to Cataloochee Valley to see the ELK. Not only did we see about 20-30 of them that morning, we also heard them BUGLE.... How awesome is that!!!! I was so very very excited--as you can imagine!!! I will have many pictures to share --but above, here is one for you to enjoy. My pictures were taken from the road --using my 300mm lens.

After seeing the gorgeous elk and checking out the Cataloochee Valley (which is similar to Cades Cove), we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Maggie Valley to the Mt. Pisgah area. The drizzle and fog disappeared fairly quickly --and the sun came out --just for us of course... Above is one picture taken along the Blue Ridge Parkway that day.

On Thursday, we drove over the Cherohala Skyway (between Robbinsville, NC and Tellico, TN) checking out even more beautiful Autumn colors. They were fabulous there also--especially on the NC side.. Above is a picture taken along the Cherohala Skyway. As you can tell, this was our best day weatherwise --since there wasn't a cloud in the sky. AWESOME!!!!

Finally, George and I just HAD to show Neal and Patti one of our favorite waterfalls at Tellico, Bald River Falls. Above is a picture of the four of us on the bridge.... I promise you that Neal is NOT seven feet tall... He is standing on a step on the side of a bridge. That is my favorite picture of us!!!!

Hope you ALL had a great week like we did.... George also is posting pictures from our trip, so be sure to click HERE each day to check his blog.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One thing which George and I love when we go to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina each year is to sit and listen to the waves as they roar. We even leave our door open during the nights so that we can sleep with that incredible sound in the background. Today, I'm sharing some more of our pictures from the beach ---and this time, we'll share some of the pictures of the waves. Hope you enjoy them.

Aren't the waves just gorgeous?

You can see the fishing pier WAY in the distance!!! See it?

Next to the fishing pier; The sea was angrier this day!

Looking under the pier;

Walking away from the fishing pier;

Hope you enjoyed more of our pictures from Ocean Isle Beach. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't get my dose of the beach at least once a year. George is trying to talk me into going back more often --and I'd love that. BUT---there are so many other places we enjoy going to also!!!!! Oh Well...It's a nice problem to have!!!!

My knee is still very painful --even though I'm on some pain meds... For an active gal like me, this problem is very frustrating. Thanks for your kind words and thoughts.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Over the Ocean

As I mentioned, this is the fourth year we have gone to the Islander Inn at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Every year is a little different from the previous year. The picture above of the MOON over the ocean was taken LAST year. Look at the next picture to see where the moon was this year!!!!!

Look up---at the top of the picture... Can you see the moon????? It's there for us this year---during the DAYTIME... Not quiet the same, is it???? ha

Uh Oh----what's that in the sky above those beach houses, as we faced inland??? Looks like some rain may be coming!!!! (NOTE: Another thing we love about Ocean Isle is that the island consists of lots and lots of houses --like those pictured above-- and NO big high-rises. Well---there is ONE high-rise on the south end, but that is ALL, and we hope that no more high-rises are ever allowed to be built here. Unfortunately, that is what has happened to the Cherry Grove area in South Carolina. What a shame!!!! Progress!!!! BAH!)

The rains are getting closer to the beach!! (We only had one day of rain while there, and we really enjoyed watching and listening to the rain.)

A couple of people managed to walk on the beach during the rain---and it was NOT us. We sat on our balcony and just enjoyed it while staying DRY.

Late in the afternoon, after the rain, guess what???? The SUN came out in the west. AND...

guess what we saw?????? WOW---it's a DOUBLE RAINBOW... How gorgeous is that!!!! We were so excited ---and I think we took a zillion pictures of it. I was upset for not seeing a 'Night' moon this year, but after seeing the rainbow---I was definitely a 'happy camper'... Thank You, God!!!!

What happens after a good rain????? Well---this was the next morning---and everything outside was as clear as a bell, and very very clean, with almost no humidity. Talk about the perfect day---after a good rain!!!!

SO--what did we see 'over the ocean'???? We saw a MOON (even if it was during the day), some CLOUDS, the RAIN, a wonderful RAINBOW, and then the SUNSHINE. See what we enjoy when we go to the beach?????? Of course, there's alot more ---but that is for another post!!!

Have a wonderful day, and please take a minute to remember a couple of people today: Dorothy's son, Joe, who was severely burned in an accident; and Darla's Daddy, who has cancer and heart problems. And don't forget the people who lost so much in the floods throughout Tennessee. Thanks!