My April Header is a photo I took of the lovely TULIPS at Biltmore House and Gardens, Asheville, North Carolina, on 3/23/15.
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Late October in our Yard---October 2014

On the Street Where We Live 10/27/14
We recently saw SO much Autumn Beauty on our vacation to the Maggie Valley area...  I didn't think we'd get to see anything nearly as pretty once we got back home.  For you see,  we have had a very DRY late Summer and Fall here at home.  So many of the leaves on the big trees just turned brown and fell off... SO---we weren't expecting to see much color here.

However,  we did find (and continue to find) quite a bit of color in our area --since the leaves are hanging on longer than usual this year (which indicates a frigid winter upcoming).... Today--I'll share with you some pictures around our yard... One of them is my header this month.  There are two more on my Photo Blog (click HERE for those two pictures).    Hope you enjoy the Fall Photos from Fairfield Glade, TN!  (Click on them for enlargements.)

Oak Leaves changing colors  10/27/14

Front Yard --taken from the driveway  10/28/14

Looking toward the lower side of our front yard  10/28/14

From the street,  looking toward the upper side yard  (You can see our Maple and Dogwood showing off their colors in this shot, along with our English Ivy and Periwinkle Ground Cover.)  10/28/14

From the road,  looking across the front yard toward the lower side 10/28/14

Love our MAPLE which turns a brilliant red color  10/28/14

A close-up of the Maple and Dogwood  10/28/14

Back to one of our OAK TREES --getting prettier by the day!  10/28/14

The Oak Leaves --as they change colors;  Neat, huh?   10/28/14

Color in the lower part of the yard in back   10/28/14

Beautiful tree in our back yard  10/28/14

Looking from our deck toward the golf course fairway as the early morning sun began to shine on that pretty tree;   10/30/14

Another early morning shot --looking through the trees at all of the color;  10/30/14

a close-up of some pretty leaves --as the sun shines on that tree;  10/30/14
Well---that's it!!!!  As you can see,  the last of these pictures were taken on 10/30.   It was on 10/31 and 11/1 when we had that big storm (rain/ice/snow--and lots of wind).. Needless to say,  I'm glad I took these pictures before that storm!!!!!

Have a wonderful day and get out and enjoy nature!!!!  We are definitely 'enjoying' it right now---picking up leaves--leaves---leaves in our yard!!!!!  Fun Fun...


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Early Fall in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee

A Little Color is showing up around our home on 10/4/14
As you know (since I have told you many times --ha),  George and I love to 'walk the yard' early each morning.  Most of the Summer,  we were taking pictures of our flowers.  Then---as the colors began to change in early Fall,  we took pictures of these changes.  SO---my post today will show you our yard including colors and other decorations in early Fall (from the end of September until about October 4).   As the colors continue to change throughout October and November,  I'm sure I will share many more Autumn Colors with you.

BUT--today,  I hope you will enjoy some pictures from Early Fall here at home...  Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements.

Meet Toby---our new Autumn door decoration!!!! (The last Toby finally fell apart died last year --so we replaced him with this one.  Cute, huh?)

Some of the red colors around here turned early this year.

Vinca is one of the annuals we plant in Summer to replace our Winter Pansies.  Vinca does well here in sunshine and warm temperatures.

Autumn Joy Sedum;   Dad Adams gave us a bunch of these plants --and they look nice in Fall --since their colors change to a Fall-colored burgundy --and then to a brown as Fall begins to end.

Autumn Joy Sedum ---close up and personal!

Colors changing in one of the empty lots next to us

More of our pretty VINCA

The front porch in Autumn

A new Winter Pansy in our yard;  We will plant more Pansies once the Vinca dies out.

Combo for you:  Vinca,  Pansy,  and Hosta

Our Pink Dogwood is always one of the first trees to change colors in Autumn.

Another one of our new Winter Pansies (Pretty colors,  don't you think?)

Can you believe this one????  This is an AZALEA blossom in OCTOBER.  We have several Azalea Bushes in our yard --and I have never had one to bloom in the Fall.  Azaleas ALWAYS bloom in Spring!!!!  AND--this little blossom is the ONLY one... Crazy Flower!

Vinca and a Winter Pansy  (Wonder if the Pansies will make it through another hard winter --which is what they say we will have again this year???  Last year,  we lost about half of our Winter Pansies during our frigid winter..)

Finally this is our Fireplace and some Autumn decorations inside.  Oh how I love Fall!!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing our Yard/Home in Early Fall,  2014.  We still have some Roses in bloom and there are some Irises (re-bloomers) getting ready to bloom.  BUT--soon the Hosta,  Autumn Joy Sedum,  Azalea (YES--that one!),  and the Vinca will all be gone --and the only thing left to bloom during the winter are our Winter Pansies!!!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Great Visit with Blog Friends ---8/24/14

Four Bloggers together:  Larry,  Betsy,  David --and George (taking the photo)
Welcome to September 1st, and a Happy Labor Day to YOU and YOURS.... Yeah Rah---Now I'm getting excited that AUTUMN is coming...  It is one of my favorite seasons.... Be sure to check out the new quotes on my right sidebar  this month... I enjoy these quotes and they do speak to me --like I hope they will speak to you also!!!!

This is Larry and Bev's home.  They have the best of all worlds: beautiful home,  gorgeous landscaping,  lots of privacy,  shade provided by many huge trees,  plus another surprise which I will talk about below.
On August 24,  George and I drove to Greenback,  Tennessee (southwest of Knoxville) to visit  Blogger  BIG DUDE and family.   Larry and his wife, Bev,  own a gorgeous home which Larry calls  "Almost Heaven  South".... The reason he calls his home that is because he is originally from the state of West Virginia --which is called "Almost Heaven".... When he moved to Tennessee and bought this beautiful home/property,  he realized that he had found something VERY special... AND now that we have seen that beautiful home,  we agree that Larry and Bev live in HEAVEN for sure!!!!! WOW--what a gorgeous home...

Do you see that green platform on the right side of the photo above?  Do you have any idea what that is????????? WELL---since you said NO,  I will tell you!!!!  That platform contains one of the largest wind-chimes I have ever seen.  I got so excited --but Larry wouldn't give it to me!!!!  Dang!!! ha

Another view of Larry and Bev's home

Larry and Bev---Wonder where they are??????

WELL----here is the OTHER surprise I mentioned above.  NOT only do Larry and Bev own that gorgeous home with all of that privacy,  but their property is also ON the WATER.   Tellico Lake is nearby --and their property is on one of the little inlets which leads to the lake.  SO gorgeous --and again,  very private and beautiful.  Larry has built a large pavilion on the water --which is where we had a delicious dinner.

David, Betsy and Larry
The other blogger who attended our 'party' was BIG DADDY DAVE. David and his wife, Laurie,  live not too far from Larry and Bev.   I have been blog friends with both Larry and David for some time now.  George and I met Larry and Bev a couple of years ago when they came to our area to do some camping with their RV,  which was new then.   BUT--we had never met David and Laurie.  It was such a privilege to be with both of these wonderful couples.

David and Laurie;  I think David is sampling some of Larry's Stuffed Jalapenos.... YUM  (See Larry's blog for this recipe.  There were delicious!)
Larry and Bev are excellent cooks ---and Larry's blog is mostly filled with the sharing of new meals they have planned/eaten--and shared with friends.   I can never check his blog posts without getting HUNGRY.... On this particular day,  Larry and Bev served us a wonderful dinner of Stuffed Jalapenos,   BBQ Pulled Pork and Ribs-too-die-for,  Chipotle Baked Beans, Slaw, Buns/Rolls,  and several fantastic drinks.  David and Laurie brought the dessert, a melt-in-your-mouth Tres Leches Cake (which was very light and complimented the heavier meal).  Can I say YUM to everything I ate?????   WOW!!!!  (As I said above,  you can find recipes for some of these dishes on Larry's blog.)    

Laurie and I were having a nice conversation.

George is talking to Pat (Bev's sister),  Laurie and Bev.

Laurie and Larry;   I think Larry is saying:  "Welcome to Almost Heaven South"

Most of the group---relaxing and telling lots of STORIES;   Notice the four little dogs in some of the pictures.  Larry and Bev have 3 furry babies and Pat has one...  Precious ones--all of them!

Another photo of the group--from another angle!

The water headed out toward the lake from Larry and Bev's pavilion;  Isn't this just SO peaceful?   Maybe the next time we visit Larry and Bev,  they will take us for a ride on their pontoon boat.

The entire group:  1st row,  left to right:  Pat (Bev's sister),  Madison (Bev and Larry's granddaughter),  and Bev;  2nd row: George, David, Laurie, and Larry;  (I was taking the picture)

Same Group --except that  George is taking the picture and I took his place IN the picture.

Two fine Bloggers and Friends:  Larry and David;   Check out their two blogs by clicking on the links listed above in YELLOW.

On our way home after a wonderful time with friends,  look at the sunset we encountered!!!!  WOW!!!
WELL---as you can tell by reading this and looking at the pictures,  we all had a fantastic time together.  The food was phenomenal and the conversation was the BEST.... Thanks to Larry, Bev and their family and furry babies,  AND to David and Laurie for a GREAT afternoon!!!!!

I have mentioned several times how special it is to meet blog friends in person.  George and I have met SEVENTEEN new friends through blogging.  AND--with this group also comes their spouses/family/friends.  If you want to see some of the wonderful people we have met,  go to my sidebar, scroll down to LABELS,  go down to BLOGGERS and click.  There are 19 different posts in that group.   BLOG friends are special... Make a point to meet some of your friends.  You will love it and them!!!!

Hope all of you are having a good LABOR DAY.   To most people,  Labor Day is the beginning of Fall--but what we all need to remember is all of those workers out there in our country --who do so much for us,  each and everyday... Don't forget to thank your garbage collectors,  utility workers,  auto repair people,  etc... Many of these hard working people even have to work on LABOR DAY...   Take a minute and thank them!!!

Have a wonderful day.  AND--don't forget to check out my new QUOTES on my sidebar,  AND click HERE to see a couple of good photos on my other blog,  my Photo Blog.