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Monday, August 25, 2014

Cookie Jar Cafe Visit with Blog Friends

Special Friends:  Bill, Lynda, Betsy, George
On Saturday,  August 16, 2014,  George and I  had the privilege of meeting Blog and Facebook friend, LYNDA and hubby Bill,  at the neatest little country farm and cafe.  The Cookie Jar Cafe is in Dunlap, Tennessee in the Sequatchie Valley.   We met for lunch and lots of talk and fun!!!

Lynda and I have been blog friends for a long time --and fairly recently,  Facebook friends.  But--we had never met in person until now.  You will want to check out Lynda's blog by clicking on her name in the first sentence of this post.  What a wonderful couple --and to say that we 'hit it off' is an understatement.  It was as if we had known each other for many years... Lynda's husband doesn't blog --but he truly has a fantastic sense-of-humor.  Obviously,  he kept us in stitches all afternoon!  BUT--since both Lynda and I are 'talkers' ---the guys had to work hard to get a word in edgewise.... ha ha

You need to click HERE to read more about this little cafe/farm/petting zoo/picnic area/playground, etc... The food it down-home country food and we enjoyed every bit of it --including the homemade desserts (cupcakes for us). 

The gorgeous Sequatchie Valley (Photo taken by George)

Inside the cafe;  Guess who is running her mouth?????? ha ha

There are all kinds of little cookie jars decorating the walls in the cafe....

More of the cookie jars!!!  (I could do an entire blog post showing these adorable cookie jars!)

Another of George's gorgeous photos of our view from the porch of the cafe

I loved this wood carving on the porch of the cafe. 

We enjoyed sitting on the porch.  Of course,  the men had to WAIT on us women as we got more pictures of those cookie jars!!!!!! ha

Then we walked around the area ---and just HAD to check out this old tractor.

This little goat was so friendly and was part of the Petting Zoo.

Bill had to take some time to talk to that little beauty there!!!!

Bill must have been in the doghouse for some reason??????  BUT--when he stuck his head out of that window,  he got a kiss from Lynda!!!!!  (I love this picture of Lynda.)

These youngsters had to take time to PLAY......So much fun!!!!

Not to be left out,  George had to 'play' on the Sliding Board... Since it was a hot day,  the board was too HOT for him to slide on it.... Maybe he'll slide down the next time we go down there!!!  Ya think?????????

Two wonderful people standing on the porch of that precious little cabin.... I told my Facebook friends that I wanted that cabin on top of a mountain with a waterfall nearby!!!!!  Sound good????

Two wonderful friends FOREVER

Bill, Lynda, Betsy, George in the Picnic Pavilion at the Cookie Jar Cafe/Farm
Finally,  here's one more photo of the four of us.  You should have seen George finding the perfect spot to set up the camera for a photo of the four of us.  He forgot to bring the tripod ---so we had our pictures taken inside the picnic pavilion.   Not bad, huh????

IF you ever get a chance to meet a blog friend,  DO IT...  Blog friends can become some of the best friends in our lives...  Thanks to Lynda and Bill for making our day such a JOY...  We are already planning a Fall time together.   AND---George and I met two more bloggers on 8/24/14--so that will be another blog post soon!!!!!   OH how much fun!!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cumberland Mountain State Park

Our Fall weather has been awesome recently (even though a cold front came thought this past weekend).   Last Wednesday,  George and I headed to one of the state parks near us,  Cumberland Mountain,  to do some walking and take some photos.  We went late in the afternoon --and were able to get some great Fall pictures.   The temperatures were in the 70's and the sky was a deep blue...  Just perfect Fall weather for sure!!!

Today,  I'll share some pictures we took last Wednesday.  The photo above shows the beautiful bridge at the state park.  See the Canada Geese out there swimming around?  I love the reflections in the water!  Below are more.  (Click on them for larger pictures.)

This is an interesting picture since you can see a great shot of the BLUE sky in the water.

Here is another picture showing some of our Fall colors ---and the reflections in the water.

Here's another photo showing the bridge --from a distance.  The shadows were taking over --since the sun was setting.  BUT--we seemed to get there at the right time,  don't you think?

I was thrilled at the way the water looked this time of day..  Other than some Geese swimming around in the water,  it was very still on this day!

And of course,  I couldn't do a blog post from Cumberland Mountain State Park without showing a picture of some of the many Canada Geese which live there!  They are almost tame!!!

Finally,  here's one last picture of some of the Fall colors in our area.   This will only get better ---so hopefully,  we'll go back for more photos before Fall ends!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Paradise is Right Here

This past week, here in the Glade, our weather has been near PERFECT in every respect. As you know, I have complained about the unbearable heat and dry conditions all summer. Well--we are still dry, but today, you will hear no complaints from me at all. We are having milder temperatures, low humidity, and an abundance of sunshine. I know this is a 'tease'--and that we'll have some more HEAT and HUMIDITY before Fall really gets here. BUT--I needed this week SO much --and I'm sure that many of you, who are experiencing this Fall-like weather, feel just like I do.

I've enjoyed working in the yard this week, and I especially enjoy the cool nights and mornings. Since we've been able to turn off the AC and open the house, it's just wonderful hearing the 'tree frogs' at nights and waking up to the sound of birds singing in the mornings... God is Good and All is Right with my World!!!

Today, I'll share some pictures of our little home and yard which I took on August 23. Above is a picture of our home taken from the road. Below are more.

I was standing near the garage --looking across the front yard, toward the road.

This is the upper side of our yard , taken from the road --looking toward the backyard. You can see a bit of our deck in this picture. You can also see our Confederate Jasmine Bush on the right. I took these in late afternoon --so the shadows are taking over! Sorry!

This is the other side of our home (what we call the lower side) looking from the driveway toward the backyard. You can see the woodpile in the distance.. The English Ivy and Periwinkle ground covers have done well on that hilly, shady area. Grass won't grow in this area ---so eventually, we'll have more Ivy and Periwinkle taking over we hope.

I feel so blessed to have this little home as my own. God has blessed both George and me so very much --and I get really emotional when thinking about our country and how much I love it.... God Bless America!

I'll close with one more picture showing our new 'road' flowerbed --with our home in the background. Wish ALL of you could come to visit us!!!!! You would be welcome here!!! BUT---if you come in the Fall, I'll put you to work raking and blowing leaves.. As you can see ---we have tons of trees with an abundance of leaves!!

UPDATE on who Woody Woodpecker is patterned after: My blog friend, CAROLYN, who is NCMountainwoman, sent me a couple of articles which clarified this mystery. It seems that Woody was patterned after an ACORN Woodpecker (which I have never seen)... How 'bout that??? We all learn by blogging, don't we?

One more update: My Orthopedic Surgeon released me this past week... Seems my knee is healed--and I am back to 'normal' (whatever that is---ha)... YEAH!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you on Monday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

West Cumberland County

We took a ride west of Crossville on the Cumberland Plateau on Sunday afternoon, August 1st. But--since we left on our big trip that week, I didn't get a chance to publish these pictures...

The terrain is a little flatter in that area than it is near us. Above is a picture of one of the many fields (since there is quite a bit of farming there) --and that gorgeous blue sky with the puffy clouds... I will say that it was another hot and steamy day though!!!! Below are more pictures.

Here's one the little roads where we stopped --in order to get some pictures.

Doesn't this little creek look inviting on a hot, summer day???? There was nobody around to take advantage of that cool water though!!!

There were many barns and farms in this area..

On our little rides, I always seem to pick out a special home to show... This huge house and all of the land around it was pretty... (The house is as big on the right side --behind the trees, as it is on the left side.) BUT--wouldn't you think they'd pave their driveway????? Geeeessssshhhhh... ha ha

This is part of the 'grounds' around that huge home. Aren't they gorgeous????

Hope you enjoyed going on our little ride with us to Western Cumberland County. We'll take some more rides soon --but maybe not on Sundays (since FOOTBALL begins)... ha ha

I just had to show you this unique and gorgeous Grandiflora Rose (named Peppermint Splash) sitting on the table in our home. This is a new rose for us this year ---and I picked it out simply because of its uniqueness. Isn't it pretty????

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday Ride to Lilly Bluff Overlook

If you missed Part I of our little hike to the Lilly Bluff Overlook on July 25, please click
HERE. Even though it was hot, I enjoyed my first hike in a long time. Here are more pictures from that fun day. Above is a close-up of the swimming area in Clear Creek, taken from the overlook. You can see people swimming down there. Below are more pictures from that day!

Oh My!!!!! Look at the SNOW on the top of the mountain!!!! HA HA HA--in my dreams!!!!! (It was only about 90 degrees that day!) When we were leaving the overlook, I noticed this interesting lichen (or moss) on the nearby rocks. Interesting, isn't it???

As we hiked back to the car, I loved seeing the sun's rays coming through the trees.

When we left Lilly Bluff, we decided to take a country road home, one which we had never been on before... Can I tell you how much fun it is to just get in the car and RIDE--not knowing where you are going???? There's so much to see. Look what we saw!!!! We saw gorgeous farmlands ---with a view of the Cumberland Mountains (near Frozen Head State Park) in the distance.

There are so many things to see in the country. Don't you just love this old fence?

Guess what else I saw in the country???? This is Potter's Chapel!!! I love little country churches.

Finally, when we take a drive in the country, I also usually find a home which I would love to have.... See that home in the distance????? I'll add that to my 'wish' list!!!!! ha

Hope you enjoyed our Sunday afternoon drive!!!!

Have a great Tuesday.