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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Me and Maxine

I have been tagged by Mary Beth at SMALL CITY SCENES. I usually avoid these types of things, but thought, "Why Not?"--because it was almost a year ago when I last did one. I also enjoy reading these from other bloggers---since I am always wanting to get to know people on more of a personal level. Can you believe that I go to some people's blogs almost everyday, and yet--I do not even know their name. How sad is that!!! My favorite bloggers are ones I email with (in addition commenting on their blogs) and consequently, we become great friends.

SO---here goes!! I added some of my favorite added Maxinisms, to spruce up what might be a boring (to you) post.. Thanks to Mary Beth for her encouragement. AND--I encourage everyone to check out MB's blog. Click on the link above. You'll love it!!!!

Here is my list of 8 things in 8 categories (nothing is in any kind of specific order):
8 TV Shows I watch
(NOTE: Good category for me since George and I watch ALOT of TV; We watch Fox News --and I enjoy sports--but our favorite shows are here, in no particular order.)
1. "24"
2. Leverage (my all-time favorite show)
3. The Good Wife (my favorite new show this year)
4. Criminal Minds
5. NCIS and NCIS: LA
6. All of the CSI's
7. All of the Law and Orders
8. The Closer
More: House, The Mentalist, Bones----etc. etc. etc.


8 Places I like to Eat
1. Home--when my hubby cooks (YUM)
2. Olive Garden
3. Favorite seafood restaurants near Ocean Isle Beach: Twin Lakes, Dockside, Boundary House
4. Golden Corral in Cookeville, TN (best pot roast in the world!)
5. Hardee's (best thickburgers in the world)
6. Local Restaurants: KFC Buffet, Ryan's, our Chinese Restaurant, Cancun's Mexican, Cracker Barrel
7. Cafe UNO for Chicago Pizza
8. Steak Restaurants (Outback, Logan's, Texas Roadhouse, etc.)

8 Things I look forward to
1. Getting lots and lots of Blog Comments!!!!! YOU make my day!
2. SPRING --when our roses and spring flowers start blooming, and when we make our annual trip to the beach
3. A surprise trip planned by hubby for Valentine's Day, our trip to Mt. Nebo in Arkansas the end of February, and George's 68th birthday trip in March
4. Getting my daily emails and texts from my BFF Judy
5. Hiking and seeing many more waterfalls (we've seen about 400 since 2001)
6. Seeing new backyard birds --and getting them to my feeders
7. When I can spend time with my sons and grandchildren; Love getting texts from my sons!
8. George and my daily devotional time together with God

8 Things I like about Winter
1. Hiking --I enjoy hiking when it's cold!!!
2. Snow and Icicles; I LOVE snow!!!
3. Fires in our fireplace
4. my Electric Blanket
5. Leaves off of the trees--so that I can SEE the birds better
6. the Colder Weather (don't like HEAT and HUMIDITY)
7. my favorite holiday season, Christmas
8. lots of great football games

8 Things on my Wish List
1. Good health for many years for me and for George
2. A new camera for both George and for me, including a long lens for birding!
3. A cabin on the top of a mountain somewhere (maybe in Arkansas)
4. LOTS and LOTS more years with George
5. Traveling (eventually want to go to Alaska and to Hawaii and out west and to Canada--etc. etc. etc.)
6. Good Health for my childhood friends: Susan, Reida and Nita
7. Getting some SNOW here in Fairfield Glade (the 'wet' kind which clings to everything)
8. For success and great lives ahead for my five grandchildren

8 Things I am passionate about
1. SPORTS (especially the Vols football and basketball, and Titans football)
2. Blogging (absolutely love it --although it does take alot of time to do it right)
3. my Love for George and OUR love for God
4. Love of the USA --and praying that we vote the corrupt Congressional leaders OUT of office, while working hard to keep God in the center of all things
5. our yard (Roses and Flowers) and home, including my love of our backyard birds
6. Photography (waterfalls, birds, flowers, home, etc.)
7 Love for family and friends
8. our MAC computers!!!! Yeah Rah!

8 Things I learned from the past
(NOTE: This was definitely the hardest category for me since I don't live in the past --and really don't remember too much about it.)
1. That I am a good and worthwhile person, even though I've struggled all of my life with my weight (In past, my weight kept me from having much self-esteem, and I felt as if I had to work 24/7 to prove myself.)
2. I did not know what real love and relationship was until I met George
3. Hurts from my past are still inside of me, and come back up sometimes (even though I have dealt with them professionally through the years)
4. Ambition can get you FAR. After my divorce, I worked fulltime, got my Master's degree and raised my two younger children by myself!
5. I learned the importance of God in my life from my parents. I hope I instilled that in my sons and hope that they instill it in their children.
6. I learned that you can't dwell on the past -- and you need to live in the moment, doing the very best you can while looking toward the future.
7. From my mother, I learned the importance of Family History. I just wish I had have been more interested when Mom was alive.
8. IF I could give advice to the younger generation, I would tell them to learn to slow down and enjoy your children and your life more. My children grew up so quickly --and the time passed by so quickly. I sometimes wonder where all of those years went.

8 Things I want and/or need
(NOTE: I truly have a wonderful life now --and had trouble finding things to add!!! But--I tried!)
1. Good Health
2. A continued relationship with my God
3. More time with my sons and grandchildren
4. More TIME in my life to get things done (HA)
5. More ENERGY and Less Aches and Pains (Quit getting older!!! ha)
6. Hey, how 'bout a little less WEIGHT on me????? ha
7. NEED to be a little less passionate about my football teams ---when they LOSE; (Hubby would say AMEN to this one!!!)
8. And --one of the most important things which probably won't EVER happen: PEACE in the WORLD

I love Maxine ---and had seen some of these before... BUT--some of them are new to me. Hope you enjoyed my post ---and if you don't want to read all of the 'things' about ME, at least you can enjoy some Maxinisms.

Even though I am supposed to, I am not going to "TAG" anyone specifically. But if you would like to do this, I would love to read your ideas... Just let me know IF you are going to do it!!!!

Hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday.. Thanks for your thoughts about my crazy foot problem!!!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Giveaway Winner

Thanks for so many comments on yesterday's blog. My all-time high was 62 comments on March 30... I was hoping you all would top that ---and you DID. I even had five new folks who visited yesterday.

This is my first Giveaway ---and I wanted choosing a winner to be as simple as possible. (You know I'm all about SIMPLE.) SO----I went through my comments and made a list of those who signed up for the book giveaway. Then I numbered all of them off ---from 1 -44. (Several who commented didn't mention the book or the giveaway, or had already read the book.) George had no idea what I was doing ---so I just asked him to pick a number between 1 and 44... He came up with Number SIX. And the person's name next to Number six is the WINNER.

Congratulations to BETH who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains in gorgeous North Carolina. Beth has been a regular viewer (and commenter) on my blog since the end of February. I really like this young woman. She is a great writer. Here's some info I found on Beth's profile:

Hi, I’m Beth, and I’m happy to say that I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Most of my early life was spent as a preacher’s daughter in Eastern North Carolina, but I always felt most at home in the Appalachians. So, four years ago, my family and I followed our hearts west. As they say, I wasn’t born here, but I got here as quick as I could.

I’m married, with two children, who, if I may say so, are simply the most extraordinary children ever. My youngest just left for college. Empty nest? Are you kidding? They might be gone, but their stuff isn’t. Books, papers, art supplies, computer parts, amps, guitars—I am still surrounded by the remnants of my children’s lives. But I don’t really mind. Truth is—I’m not quite ready to completely let go.

My abiding interests and passions—besides raising my children—are reading, hiking, porch sitting, and trying to grow a little every day in my spiritual life. I have been a secretary, library assistant, and a janitor. My husband is a carpenter and handyman. And both of us want to write.

I used to write. Poetry, essays, fiction—even got published a time or two, but the past twenty years have been hard ones. They’ve taken a toll, and I’ve lost something. Oh sure, I still write, but it comes hard. That’s why I started this blog—to see if I can find what I lost and to see if I can ever hope to become a real writer.

Beth recently wrote a blog post that just blew me away. I wrote her and told her that she needs to send it to Guidepost magazine (or some publication). Please click on her name above and read the post entitled "Signs and Wonders and Marvels and Miracles"... It's long---but very powerful. You will be glad you read it.

Congrats to Beth ---and to all of you. You are ALL winners in my book.

We are heading back to Hendersonville today /tonight ---for a family get-together --so I won't be around to check your blogs.. I will catch up SOMEDAY.

Hugs to all,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Giveaway Today ONLY on my Blogaversary

On June 15, 2006, I started blogging. I knew that I enjoyed writing ---and I had always kept hand-written journals throughout most of my adult years (and even a 'diary' when I was young). I started my blog hoping that my grandchildren and great-grands in the future would know a little about my life. I have yet run out of something to say!!! ha...

I was so excited about blogging and had hoped that many of my friends and family members would jump in with me, or at least comment on my blog posts. This never happened much (except for my BFF Judy--who knew how desperately I wanted to receive comments). I was on Lightblog from 2006 until January of 2009.

In October of 2008, I signed up with Blogger and began finding people who had blogs with like-interests (birding, genealogy, flowers/roses/gardening, hiking, waterfalling, etc.). My very first Blogger friends were Dave Heiser and Tina Kellogg. About a week or two after that, I began hearing from Shelley, Leedra, Barb (BirdGirl) and Carolyn (NC Mountainwoman). I continued going to many blogs and leaving comments ---hoping to find more who would comment on my blogs. WELL---it didn't take long---although many bloggers had a very hard time commenting on my Lightblog site., which was very different from Blogspot.

On January 1, 2009---I made the switch to Blogger and haven't looked back. I cannot thank ALL of you enough for caring enough to check out my posts each day.. You have brought so much joy to my life---and I feel as if I have new friends for LIFE. It never ceases to amaze me that anyone would want to read my blogs---but obviously you do.. Thanks so much!!!!!

In honor of this blogaversary, I am offering a giveaway. The book (pictured above) is entitled Big Stone Gap--and is a novel about my hometown in Virginia. Author Adriana Trigiani grew up just as I did in Big Stone Gap. However, since she is much younger, I never knew her. But I love her books. She has written FOUR books in the Big Stone Gap series: Big Stone Gap (2001), Milk Glass Moon (2002), Big Cherry Holler (2004), and Home to Big Stone Gap (2006).

Since 1999, Adriana has written at least one novel EACH year. She has a huge fan-base---and listens carefully to what they want from her books. Critics from the Washington Post to the New York Times to People magazine have described Adriana’s novels as “tiramisu for the soul”, “sophisticated and wise”, and “dazzling.”

Pictured above is Adriana Trigiani. She now lives in New York City with hubby Tim Stephenson, the Emmy award-winning lighting designer of the Late Show with David Letterman.

I would love to give a copy of
Big Stone Gap to someone, along with a few other goodies. If you are interested in this book and would like to be entered, just comment on today's post ---mentioning the book. I will choose a winner tonight--and announce it tomorrow morning.

AND---since it is my Blogaversary today, I again thank all of you who have given me awards and tags. I have so many and they mean so much to me. Check them out on my sidebar. Because they are so special, I am passing them on to YOU. Pick one (or more) out and proudly put it/them on your blog. YOU deserve them!!!!

Thanks again for making my blogging such a joy!!!!
Go out and celebrate MY Blogaversary with me today!!!!! Okay?????

Hugs to all,

REMEMBER: Mention the book in your comment if you want to enter the Giveaway, AND be sure and take an AWARD on my sidebar!!!!! Happy Blogaversary to ME!!!!! Yeah!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Uh Oh---You are NEXT!!!!

I've Been Tagged. My sweet friend, REBECCA, has tagged me. Check out her blogsite by clicking on her name. You'll love it and love her!!!! She's also from my state of Tennessee.

Here's what I had to do:

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Seeing our Roses in bloom
2. Getting some new pictures of my backyard birds, and seeing new birds
3. Going to the beach in May
4. Seeing some new waterfalls, and traveling/hiking
5. Tornado season being OVER in our area
6. Living many many more healthy years with George
7. Meeting some of my new blogger friends in person
8. Having more time to do Family History (including visiting cemeteries, etc.)

8 Things I Did Yesterday (which was Saturday -since I wrote this on Sunday):
1. Got up!!! (ha)
2. Worked in yard
3. Had omelets (made by my sweetie) for breakfast/brunch
4. Went to the recycle center
5. Went to Wallymart
6. Went to the KFC for dinner
6. Watched TV (Rick Warren's Easter message)
7. BLOGGED----wrote one and answered comments
8. Went to BED!!!!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Lose weight without dieting OR exercising (HA)
2. Find a way to keep the stupid Chipmunks out of the bird food on my deck
3. Learn more of my backyard birds' songs (I get so mixed up!!!)
4. Wish I could have seen more snow this winter (Sigh!)
5. See my sons more--and the grandchildren
6. Own a log cabin on top of a mountain somewhere
7. Wish I had as much energy as I did when I was younger (ha)
8. Wish my friend Susan was totally WELL

Things I Am Currently Watching:
Since we are TV watchers (and never go to the movies) I'll list some of our favorite shows (in no particular order).
1. House
2. Criminal Minds
3. Leverage (my new favorite one this year)
4. The Closer (LOVE this show)
5. Damages
6. Saving Grace
8. all of the Law and Orders
9. all of the CSI's
10. "24"
11. Flashpoint
12. Southland (new show)
13. Bones
ETC. ETC. ETC. (ha)

Now, I am tagging these people: ALL of you but only if who want to do this!!!!!! Consider yourself tagged!


P.S. Check the top right on my sidebar!!!! I've only been on Blogger since January 1, 2009 (103 days)---and I have had over 10,000 visitors to my site. I remember when I was on another blogging site, there were many days that I'd only get one or two comments... WOW---Blogger is incredible!!! Thanks to all of you who visit me day in and day out... Please take one of my awards and put it on your sidebar from ME. I love you!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bus Trip to Washington D.C.

In April of 2005, George and I went with a group of people to Washington D.C. on a tour bus. We went for a specific reason (which I'll talk about in tomorrow's blog), but we also just happened to be there during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Today, I'll share these pictures with you. But first, let me tell you a little about the National Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is an annual two-week, city-wide event featuring more than 200 international cultural performances and over 90 other special events. From arts and exhibits to cuisine and sports, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

In 1912, the people of Japan sent 3,020 cherry trees to the United States as a gift of friendship. First Lady Taft and the Viscountess Chinda, wife of the Japanese Ambassador, planted the first two cherry trees on the northern bank of the Tidal Basin. These two original trees are still standing today near the John Paul Jones statue at the south end of 17th Street. Workmen planted the remainder of the trees around the Tidal Basin and East Potomac Park.

Approximately 3,750 cherry trees are on the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Most of the trees are Yoshino Cherry. Other species include Kwanzan Cherry, Akebono Cherry, Takesimensis Cherry, Usuzumi Cherry, Weeping Japanese Cherry, Sargent Cherry, Autumn Flowering Cherry, Fugenzo Cherry, Afterglow Cherry, Shirofugen Cherry and Okame Cherry. I didn't know that there were THAT many different Cherry trees. Did you???? Washington, DC’s famed cherry trees grow in three park locations: around the Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park, in East Potomac Park (Hains Point), and on the grounds of the Washington Monument.

Since we were in D.C. for another reason, we only got to see the beautiful Cherry trees from our bus. Therefore, the photos are not as good as they might have been IF we had have been able to walk around more. But, hopefully, you will enjoy them anyhow!!!! The picture above shows one of the Cherry trees--with the Washington Monument in the background. Below are more photos.

Here's one of the beautiful white Cherries.

Here's one of the pretty Pink Weeping Cherry tree.

I included these also--even though they are a little blurry. Aren't they beautiful????

I love seeing the blue sky behind these pink Cherry trees.

In this picture are more Cherry trees ---and you can also see the Lincoln Memorial.

Excuse the bus window reflection, but enjoy seeing the Washington Monument and the World War I American Army Monument.

The bus ride was really pretty--especially as we drove through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

We paralleled the Blue Ridge Parkway while enjoying the Shenandoah Valley.

We had a great trip ---so tune in tomorrow to see why we REALLY went to D.C. Have a fabulous Easter Weekend. Eat a big chocolate bunny for me!

P.S. Fellow bloggers have been SO nice to me. If you look down on my sidebar, you'll see several different blogger awards that I have received. These mean so much to me---and I appreciate all of my blogger friends who not only have given me an award--but especially those of you who come to my posts and leave such nice comments. SO---today, I am giving these awards to YOU... Just look through the list and choose one or two, grab them and put them on your blog from ME!!!!! Happy Easter... I love all of you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Cutie Pie and a Special Gift

Look at that precious picture above. That little Carolina wren is just precious!!!! These little guys come to our feeders usually one at a time. There may be 40 Pine Siskins, some Goldfinch, some Chickadees, Tufted Titmice and Nuthatch--and of course a couple of Cardinals on our deck and at the feeders ---but here comes that cute little Carolina wren. He's not afraid of any of the other birds---and just wanders around eating anything and everything he can get in his mouth.
Carolina wrens are small but very vocal animals. Males are especially outgoing and are the only ones to produce songs. They employ one of the loudest songs per volume of birds. They are apt to sing anytime and any place they happen to be. Carolina wrens are usually found in pairs, and each pair stays on its home territory all year long. They are the official state bird of South Carolina.

Carolina wrens are monogamous, and breeding pairs may stay together for years. Females lay about four eggs and incubate them for two weeks while their mates bring them food. Both parents feed their chicks for an additional two weeks before they gain independence. A mating pair of Carolina wrens may have several broods each year. Above is another picture of this cute bird--on our deck.


On another note, I WON a giveaway from FIONA so I wanted to share it with you. If you know Fiona, she's a real 'book' person and reader. She reviews lots of books on her site, so check it out sometime. I received two books and a beautiful card from Fiona. Both books are by Karen Rose ("Die for Me" and "Scream for Me").. These are "hold-your-breath" suspense thrillers--so I'm anxious to dig into them!!! Thanks so much, Fiona. I've never won much of anything in my entire life--so this is special!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Tag: Book that I'm Reading

George and I are hoping to be like his mother and father. Dad and Mom Adams are age 96 and 88 respectively --and neither have ever taken any prescription drugs. They have been such an inspiration to us --and have helped us find alternative ways to stay healthy. Of course, eating healthy and exercising is the major key. BUT--we also take many vitamins, minerals and supplements (that's another blog).

I know there may be a time when one of us 'has' to take a prescription drug (won't ever say we won't) ---but right now, we will do whatever it takes to stay off of them. I see my sweet brother (who is 86 and living in a skilled nursing retirement facility in FL) taking TONS and TONS of prescription drugs.. Because of this, he has no quality of life much these days. I think that, once you take one, you have to take another to counteract the side-effects of the one--and then it just grows from there.
SO---since I am always looking for ways to do some of the necessary things --like lowering our cholesterol or our blood pressure, I read anything and everything I can that may help. I am always looking for doctors who are into Holistic Health approaches --and there aren't many of them, at least in our area!!!!
I got tagged recently by CICERO --asking me to talk about a book that I am reading now. SO--as you can imagine, my book is a health book. I received this book from friend Susan. This book is entitled "YOU-The Owner's Manual" It is written by Dr. Michael F. Roizen and Dr. Mehmet C. Oz. Dr. Roizen is the cofounder of RealAge, which George and I both read and participate in online. And many of you may know Dr. Oz --since he appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show. This book challenges our preconceived notions about how the human body works and ages, and then it takes us on a tour through the entire inside of our bodies. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in better health (which should be ALL of us).
I won't tag specific people this time, but will ask you this question, "What good book are you reading right now--or just finished reading?" I encourage you to either comment about it ---or better still, blog about it!!!! Thanks---and happy reading.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Abrams Falls Hike

Getting 'tagged' TWICE has brought back such good memories of our hike to Abrams Falls in 2006. SO--I decided to share a few more photos from that special hike, including one from my second 'tag'. There's two things which made this hike special. One was that it began in one of our favorite places, Cades Cove (in the Smokies). And secondly, we got to hike with our great friends, Judy and Charlie.

Many national parks are primarily famous for their natural features. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is unique, as it is well-known for its cultural attributes. The history of mountain folk culture is well-exhibited throughout the park. If you come to see the falls wihin the western portion of the Smokies , be sure to experience the human side at Cades Cove. You will LOVE it.

Abrams Falls is a 5 mile (total) hike --but has a very well-maintained trail. It is rated as moderate in our hiking book, I guess due to the length. Our friends, Judy and Charlie, are also 'outdoorsy' people like us. They have traveled more than we have, and love to camp--as well as hike. We have such a great time when the four of us are together. It was a wonderful fall day in the Smokies when we hiked to Abrams Falls. Above is a picture of the waterfall, and below are more photos from that day.

I would like to introduce you to our wonderful friends, Judy and Charlie. Judy is about as big as a minute!!!!! When I'm beside her (and I'm not THAT tall), I look like a giant!!!

George snapped this picture above of Judy and me yakking while standing on one of the little bridges near the falls. When Judy and I get together, we BOTH can talk a 'blue streak'!!!! (Heard that expression????)

This picture above shows one of the little bridges along the way. It was a beautiful day for hiking!!! I also included this picture since TRICIA tagged me (this is my 2nd tag)--and told me to go to the 4th file and show the 4th picture. Well--since I have two files from Abrams Falls, the picture above is the one Tricia asked me to feature. Anyone who would like to play this game is invited to do so. It's fun --as long as you come up with a 'good' picture to show!!! ha (Thanks Tricia!)

This final picture above is of me standing near the waterfall. That was a neat place to be. We could just sit on those rocks and enjoy the sound of the water forever. If you ever get to the Smokies, visit Cades Cove and hike to Abrams Falls!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've Been Tagged

My good friend, DARLA tagged me. I followed her instructions and will show you the 'correct' picture chosen. Pictured above is George and me taken in 2006 when we hiked with friends Judy and Charlie to Abrams Falls in Cades Cove in the Smokies.

Now--I have to choose FIVE others to tag. Here are the instructions: The rules are to open a document or file picture folder. Then click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo. Post the photo and describe it. Then tag 5 other bloggers. Congrats to my FIVE:
DIANE from Washington