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Monday, April 1, 2013

What a HUGE Difference a Year can Make

Dad Adams'  Daffodils 2012
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Welcome to April...  My blog looks like Spring  but it doesn't feel much like Spring here on the mountain yet.  Recently I pulled out last year's March pictures taken in our yard... Oh My Gosh!!!  I was SHOCKED to think that this March is so very very different.  It's April now --and we still don't have much SPRING at all here on the Cumberland Plateau.  A few things have bloomed and are blooming --but not much at all.  Now I wonder if we will have much color at all this year....  The cold weather in March has done a 'number' on so many of our buds/blooms/flowers....   It's CRAZY!!!!

I hope I'm wrong and hope that April will turn out to be like March was last year.  I hope that I'll be showing pictures to you at the end of April that are similar to last year's March photos..... BUT--who knows?????  We'll just have to wait and see.   Someone said that we may just go from winter to summer!  HOPE NOT!!!!

Here are some comparison photos for you today.  You won't believe it either!!!!!  I put the dates when the photos were taken,  and tried to make the photos similar to each other...  Hope you enjoy them.  You can click on them in order to see enlargements.

Dad Adams' Daffodils 2013

Rose Flowerbed and Front Yard 2012

Rose Flowerbed and Front Yard 2013
New Flowerbed 2012

New Flowerbed 2013  (The Hyacinths hated the cold weather.)

Redbud Tree 2012
Redbud Tree 2013

Round Flowerbed 2012

Round Flowerbed 2013
Side Flowerbed 2012

Side Flowerbed 2013

WELL---that's it... Photos don't lie!!!!!  We just don't have much spring here yet AT ALL...  I hope that your spring is better so far...  AND---I hope that in a month,  I'll look back at these photos and know that Spring was JUST late --and that we didn't lose alot of our Spring flowers!!!!!  (Right now,  it looks like we have lost many Tulips and Daffodils...)

Hope you had a great weekend and Easter!  Hallelujah---Jesus Christ has risen!!!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Tour of our Yard

Come and relax on our deck!
WOW---here it is June 1st!!!  How can that be?????  Now that Summer is here (unofficially),  I will say that,  even though it passed by quickly,  we did have a gorgeous spring this year.  I have shared many of our beautiful flowers with you (crocus, hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, irises--- plus more including our ROSES).   The pansies are still blooming but will be gone if it stays HOT for much longer.  The roses will be with us until late Fall.

But now our biggest bloomers are our lilies and daylilies.  Most of the roses have finished blooming their first batch ---and will start a 2nd batch soon.   George and I have both been very busy lately working in the yard.  We enjoy it ---although working in extreme heat is not much fun!  We finally have everything looking pretty good ---after weeding and weeding... Of course though,  those pesky weeds do have a habit of reappearing!  SO--weeding is an ongoing process.

Today,  in order to do something a little different,  I invite you on a short tour of our yard.  All of my photos today were taken either on May 27th or May 28th.  Be sure to click on them to enlarge them.

First though,  you need to sit on our deck and relax a minute.  I'll furnish some cold lemonade!!!!! Let's just TALK....

Freedom's Glow Lilies
OKAY---time for the tour!!!!! Wasn't that lemonade good?????  Our first stop is on the 'upper' side of the house where many lilies are planted... Some of them are blooming (picture above) ---but there are many more to bloom.   It's nice to sit on the deck and smell and enjoy all of the lilies!!!

The Upper side of our home
Next we will walk along the rock sidewalk noticing other lilies --either blooming or about to bloom.   When I talk about seeing this beauty from the kitchen window,  this is where that flowerbed is.   I weeded this big bed (going all along the length of our home) last weekend...  The Chipmunks love to tunnel in this bed --and eat the flower bulbs.... Darn those cute little critters!!!

Our ground covers (Periwinkle and English Ivy) and several gorgeous Hostas
Now we are in the front yard ---on the upper side. We have quite a bit of ground cover in certain places around the yard.   It has taken this ground cover several years to get thick enough to 'eat' the weeds!!!!  We love it---and it helps with the mowing!!!

Our Home --taken from the street
Here is a picture  taken from the road ---looking 'through' our road flowerbed toward the house.  Sometime,  I'll share some before and after photos of how this flowerbed has evolved... Those red lilies are our Montenegro Lilies.  They have been gorgeous this spring.  Behind the lilies are some Veteran's Honor Roses (also red in color).

Our front yard ---looking toward the road
I took this photo from the other direction.  I was standing near the garage --looking out toward the road.  You can get a better view of the road flowerbed.  Many of you remember when George built that bed.   We did it for the same reason we have so many container roses----to have a sunny spot in our mostly shady yard!!!!  Roses need SUN!!!!

Small flowerbed along the rock sidewalk
Now we are walking back around the sidewalk toward the back deck.  This little bed along the house side of the rock sidewalk has been a 'work in progress' since we bought the house in 2002.   For several years,   I planted Impatiens along here every spring....  Then,  one year,  the rabbit (or more than one) kept eating the Impatiens.... I tried again the next year,  and the rabbits came back and did it again... SO--I had to come up with Plan B!!!!!   Dad Adams gave us more of his Autumn Joy Sedum (we have it in other places around the yard),  so I separated it and planted it along this area.  It has done well---and causes me no trouble at all.   Last year,  I added more Hosta between some of the Sedum....

Autumn Joy Sedum and Hosta
Here's another picture  (closer)  of some of the Autumn Joy Sedum and Hosta in that little flowerbed.  Both are doing well---and take very little --if any---care or upkeep!!!!  I recommend Autumn Joy Sedum if you want some plants that are easy to grow and maintain.

More of our back deck
Finally,  we are back to where we started!!!!!  Hope you enjoyed the little tour.  We didn't go to the 'lower' side of the yard since there's nothing much there now except for our big woodpile and compost... Can't say that that is worth showing off!!!!! ha

WELL---now that we are back to the deck,  George and I invite you to 'break bread' with us!!!!!  Do you prefer burgers or steaks or chicken?????  George can cook a mean steak on the grill...  I KNOW ---since he made me one on Memorial Day evening... YUM!!!!

NOW---take me on a tour of your home.  I learn so much from all of you bloggers!!!!!  Thanks for visiting today -and you sincerely are invited to visit us if you are ever in Beautiful Tennessee...

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is Blooming???

Love and Peace Roses
We go to the beach every year around the first of May... Each year,  when we get back home,  we are always 'anxious' about what we'll find in our yard... AND---depending upon the year and the weather,  every year is different from the previous ones.   This year was no exception. 

Even when we left FOR the beach,  there were lots of Roses already blooming.  It was hard to leave the yard---but we 'forced' ourselves.. ha....    BUT---coming home was even more awesome!!!  Not only were the Roses blooming,  but also lots of the Lilies and even a Daylily were all blooming.

Today I'll share a little of what we found when we got home from the beach on Saturday,  May 12.    Hope you enjoy seeing more of the beauty in our yard!  Be sure and click on the pictures to see them larger.  The first two pictures were taken on May 3 --before we left on our trip.  All of the rest of the pictures were taken on May 12 when we returned.

This picture was taken from the side, looking across the driveway at two of our Rose beds.  Can you imagine how hard it was for us to leave all of this beauty????   Luckily though,  it was still there for us when we got home!

This is what met us when we drove into the yard that day.   These gorgeous lilies are named Montenegro and the roses in the background are named Veteran's Honor.

Aren't these lilies pretty?   They bloomed for us ---when we came home on the 12th.  They are appropriately named  Lollypop.  

This picture was taken of one of our round flowerbeds in front.  This one is the middle bed --and it's full of lilies and pansies...  The names of the lilies in this picture are Juanita.

We even have one set of daylilies blooming already.  This one is named Wild Horses.

This bed (near the front road) is full of color now... The irises are mostly bloomed out ---but the roses and lilies are really showing off.   All of those red roses (Veteran's Honor) are on ONE bush--believe it or not!!!!!  The roses on the right are named Double Delight,  and the yellow roses are named Welcome Home. 

Finally,  here is one of my all-time favorite roses,  named Peppermint Splash.  This one had not bloomed until we returned from our trip.  Isn't it beautiful?

Hope you enjoyed seeing our flowers today!!!!!   AND--I also hope that you have a fabulous  day!!!!!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Funny Birds!!!!

In my last bird post (click HERE) ,   I promised that I would show you some of the funny bird pictures I have taken through the years...  SO---today you get those pictures... Hope you enjoy them as much as I have....

Can you figure out what bird that is above????????  It's a ROBIN----a baby one!!!!  The hair on top which looks like bushy eyebrows makes him look like an OLD MAN..... ha ha

I love this picture of a CAROLINA WREN.  It was in the dead of winter ---and he was perched on top of a Rhododendron bud,,,  Bet that poor little guy was COLD!!!!!

I love this photo of the Baby CARDINAL ---as he tried to come to a screeching halt on the deck... Daddy Cardinal always brings his babies (who are bigger than Daddy now) to the feeders to teach them to eat.... When they are very young,  they'll just shake all over and make a tingly sound--which sounds like a little tiny bell...  They are begging Daddy to feed them --but he wants them to learn to feed themselves.  I love watching this process.

Have you seen birds do this? When I first saw this,  it scared me.  I thought there was something wrong with the bird.  However, since that time,  I've seen many birds do it... They do it in the HOT SUMMER --when the deck is VERY hot... They spread out and get the 'mites' off of their tummies---or at least,  that is what I was told....  Interesting, huh?  This bird is a TUFTED TITMOUSE.

I have several 'funny' pictures of our PILEATED WOODPECKERS.  When they are young and try to fly up to the suet feeder,  they don't quite know how to do it... I'll show you some more pictures of the different poses of some of our Pileated Woodpeckers in another post.    I love this picture of this woodpecker telling me to "butt out and leave him alone"!!!!!!!   Cute,  isn't he???

Finally,  here is one of my favorite photos of any bird since I have been taking their pictures... This is a MOURNING DOVE sitting on the birdbath.... Isn't this one just a HOOT????

Birds are so much fun to watch... This week,  I sat on the back deck,  watching Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird going in and out of the nestbox... They have a little growing family in there... Isn't that just special????

Here's another flower blooming in our yard now,  our gorgeous RHODODENDRON.   I love Azaleas,  but Rhododendrons just take my breath away... Wish you could see all of the blooms covering our big Rhododendron now... Wow-Wow-WOW!!!

And finally,  here is another beautiful ROSE blooming in our yard now.   This is ALEC'S RED.   George brought one inside for me---and you should smell it...  Another WOW!!!!

One More Thing:  I've been on Blogger since 2009... As of this week,  I now have 500 Followers... Amazing,  isn't it???  How many Bloggers do you know who have this many followers without doing memes,  or giveaways,  or tags or awards?????  (That is the way that most people get more followers, which is fine --but I just don't choose to do that.)   THANKS to all of you for coming to my crazy 'waterfall/flowers/birds/travel/hiking' blog!!!  Have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Hugs and THANKS again for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flowers, Friends and Family

Hell's Fire Iris
As you know (from all of my posts recently from our yard),  Spring has been very good to us here on the Cumberland Plateau.  Right now,  we still have some Azaleas blooming,  some Roses beginning to bloom,  our Rhododendrons are blooming,  AND lots and lots of beautiful IRISES blooming...    I think  (as of now) that we have 16 different varieties of Bearded Irises blooming.   I showed you two of them (Autumn Bugler and Honey Glazed) in a previous post.  Today,  I'll show you a few more of our Irises.... Hope you enjoy seeing them.   Be sure to click on them for larger views...

Clarence Iris

Blatant Iris

Waltz Across Texas Iris

Hemstitched Iris  (my favorite out of this group)

Max,  Teacher Betsy, Sharon
On another note,  you have to read this story!!!!!  I started teaching high school in 1965.  This was my first job after graduating from college in 1964.  I taught Choral Music and Math at West High School  in Knoxville, Tennessee from 1965-71.   I loved my first job ---and loved the students that I taught...

Anyhow--to make a long story short,  through Facebook,   I caught up with a couple of my favorite students.  Max and Sharon were 'sweethearts' in high school.  After they graduated and when I left Knoxville,  I lost total contact with them.  This past weekend,  they came to Crossville to camp---so we met back up --after 43 years...

What JOY for me!!!!  This couple did get married at age 18/19,  and are still very much in love after all of these years.  They have 2 married sons and I think, four grandchildren now.  Both Max and Sharon are retired and live in Maryville, TN.   They are such wonderful people --and I'm so glad that I could catch back up with them. 

They were so complimentary of me ---and what a difference I had made in their lives.  That makes me feel so good --since none of us know how we can affect others as we go through life.  I do know that I loved teaching ---and tried to do a good job sharing my deep love of music with all that I taught.

The funny part now is that I'm only about 9 years older than they are... As their teacher,  I'm sure they thought that I was much older back then!!!!! Isn't that a hoot??????

Thanks Max and Sharon for the wonderful visit!!!!!  I am so proud of the great Christian people you became. You two have obviously done alot to make a difference in the lives of others.  God Bless You both.

Dawn and Jeff
Besides meeting Max and Sharon this past Friday,  George and I also spent part of Saturday  with son Jeff and his fiance, Dawn.   I don't know if it's because I am so happy in my marriage or if it's because Jeff had a rough first marriage,  but I am SO excited for this couple.   It's almost as if  "I" am getting married all over again!!!!! ha

Dawn is 'everything' a mother could ever ask for as a bride for her son.  These two are like George and me----they are good for each other and compliment each other.

The picture above is one of MANY pictures they made to use as 'engagement photos'... Isn't it a great picture???? I'm sure I've mentioned this many times,  but their wedding will be in October!!!!

Have a great day ---and thanks to so many of you for finding my two  surprises (the heart and the teeth) in my last post...  I often wonder how many people actually 'read' my blog --and how many just scan it.  (I hate to admit it, but I have been guilty of scanning blogs too on occasion when I am in a hurry!!!! ha)


Friday, April 13, 2012

More Colors in our Yard

Every week is a little different in our yard... It has been a fabulous spring here in Fairfield Glade.  Some of the 'colors' I have showed you so far are: Crocuses, Hyacinths, Periwinkle,  Daffodils,  Tulips,  Phlox,  Candy Tuft, Red Bud, Forsythia and Dogwood.  Today,  I will share five more 'colors':   Pansies,  Irises, Azaleas,  Dianthus and our first ROSE of the season.   Hope you enjoy more of the Spring COLORS in our yard.  Above is a group of the many PANSIES we have in our yard.  We plant them in the late Fall each year and they will last until it gets horribly hot in July. Be sure and click on the photos in order to see them larger.

I love this little blue PANSY.  She is different from most of the others --and for that reason,  I think she is special.

We have 7 AZALEA bushes in our yard,  most of which are a little different,  one from the other.  The blooms are different from one bush to the next.  Today I will share with you three of our Azalea blossoms.  This bloom is from our Dwarf Azalea --which was a gift several years ago from a friend.


Another PINK AZALEA (different from the one above the purple one)

This little 'cutie' is a DIANTHUS (Pinks)...  The same friend that gave me the Dwarf Azalea gave us these pretty little 'Pinks' several years ago...  This little flower is just so pretty ---so I got George to get her picture at close range.

This IRISES are blooming in our yard this week.  We have five different varieties/colors blooming now --with more to come.  Today, I'll show you a couple of groups blooming in two different flowerbeds... This picture is in our upper side flowerbed (the one which had alot of Daffodils and Tulips not long ago)... Aren't they pretty????  (Soon there will be lots of lilies and daylilies blooming in this long bed.)

These pretty yellow IRISES (Honey Glazed) are in the road flowerbed out front... This bed has more irises,  some daylilies, lilies and ROSES in it. Bearded Irises are just gorgeous.

Finally,  we have our FIRST ROSE BLOOM of the season.  This is SONIA ---and  she has 3 blooms on her already... (Things are so early this year ---blooming at least 2-3 weeks earlier than usual.)  And here's the good news:  My Gorgeous Groom brought one of Sonia's blooms INSIDE for me on Tuesday.  Most of you know that he spoils me by bringing in a new rose bud/bloom almost everyday once the roses all start blooming.  I love it-love it-love it...   (If you are new to my blog, I need to tell you that we have about 55 different rose bushes/varieties in our yard.  George grows hybrid tea and grandiflora roses---and they are INCREDIBLE.)

Have a fabulous weekend.  We're going to visit our son and daughter-in-law-to-be (October wedding) ----AND we're visiting some old friends whom I haven't seen since the '60's....  Should be a terrific weekend.  I'll see you on Monday.