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Monday, March 31, 2014

Greenbriar Visit to the Smokies January, 2013

Beautiful Mountain Creek
NO---that is not a typo in the heading.  This is a post I never published from January, a year ago.  We took a little trip to the Smokies ---and this post is when we visited the Greenbriar area (between Gatlinburg and Cosby).  Besides Cades Cove,  two or our favorite drives and photo opp places are to the Tremont area (between Townsend and Cades Cove) and this area,  the Greenbriar area. 

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Click on them for enlargements.

George is taking some photos of the water with his special lens.

I can't take good photos of the water like George can,  but this one is kinda pretty!

Our road along the way; See our car?  We park and hike down to the water for photos and enjoyment of the sounds and beauty all around us!

This is what I do when George is taking photos with his tripod.  The area is just so peaceful --even though it was quite cold that day.

Oh --how much beauty is everywhere!!!  I love seeing the moss growing on the rocks.

There's my Cutie Pie---getting up higher for more good photos.

I am always fascinated by the mushrooms and lichen growing on the trees in the Smokies.

Out came the toboggan---as it got colder and colder up there...

The farther UP in the mountains we traveled,  guess what we saw?????  SNOW!!!!

Think these Daffodils will make it?????  They are sprouting a little early!!!!!  Brrrrrr...

Finally,  we always just 'have' to get a picture of the two of us together enjoying the Smokies!!!
Hope you enjoyed these photos from our beautiful Smoky Mountains.. I love going there during all seasons --but in winter,  we have much of the area all to ourselves!

Have a great Monday ---and I'll see you on Wednesday!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Backroad Trip in the Smokies 12-2-13

Beautiful Winter Day in the Smokies
On December 2nd,  George and I decided to take one of the backroads in the Smokies (between Cosby and Cataloochee).   WELL---You've heard about 'best laid plans' haven't you????  We got about halfway up the mountain only to find the road beyond was CLOSED.   SO---we took off on another backroad ---not sure where we would end up!!!!!  We love surprises ---and this one was wonderful...  AND---it all worked out well for us since we finally came out over on I-40---toward Asheville (which is where we wanted to go).

I'll share with you some of the beautiful photos we took along that road...  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.  The photo above shows what a pretty day it was for us.  However,  there was snow at the higher elevations ---which we hadn't planned on seeing.

Snow on the road
I took several photos of our road that day showing the ice and snow and MUD.  It wasn't very cold that day---but the snow was still clinging onto the shady spots!

Very Dirty Car!
Our pretty little Prius (Mrs. P) got EXTREMELY muddy and dirty that day.... Poor thing---she's SO abused!!!!!! ha

Mt. Sterling Baptist Church
Years ago,  people lived in small communities in the mountains... This little church sits up on top of a mountain ---so of course,  we had to check it out.  It is still in use---so there are families who still must live nearby (although we didn't see many homes).  What a beautiful place for a church.  This is Mt. Sterling Baptist Church.  Neat, huh?

Mt. Sterling Cemetery
And--this is the Mt. Sterling Cemetery behind the church.  There obviously have been quite a few families in those mountains through the years.

Huge Holly Tree
I don't know how long the church has been there,  but I was in awe of this huge Holly Tree.  I have no idea how old the Holly is but I seldom see them that large... We have some Holly bushes in our yard --but they are small. 

Beautiful Cascade
Of course,  you know that George and I always stop when we see cascades and waterfalls --no matter where we are.   We  saw some beauties in these mountains.  

George getting ready to take a picture
Since we didn't have our jackets on,  you will know that the weather wasn't too cold on this day.  There's just nothing better than being way back in the mountains enjoying a mountain creek!

My "Dream Cabin"
I put a similar photo on my Photo Blog saying that this is my 'Dream House'... That's what I would love to have:  cabin high in the mountains with a beautiful view!!!!  WOW---gorgeous,  isn't it? 

Laurel Creek
There was a sign nearby this creek/cascade saying "Twisted Laurel Trail"... SO--I assume that this creek is named Laurel Creek...  I love all of the Rhododendrons surrounding the creek.

Snow, Cascades and Creek
Here's another cascade/waterfall/creek.  As you can see,  there's still quite a bit of snow in the area.  Isn't this a beautiful area????  We LOVED it. (Just look at the next photo!)

A Happy Mountain Girl
Here's your proof... We do love being in the mountains!!!!  Can you tell???? ha ha

Another Little Cabin
Here''s another little cabin along our way!  Makes me wonder if these cabins are where people live year-round ---or are they 'seasonal' cabins???  I'm sure one could get stuck up on those mountains for long periods of time in the winter.

Beautiful View
I love this view---from those mountains... Can you imagine a cabin here with that view?  WOW!!!

WELL---after wandering around for awhile,  we did wind our way back down the mountain and came out at Interstate 40---which is where we wanted to go since we were headed on to Asheville, North Carolina.   SO---even though we didn't get to go on the road we thought we'd go on,  this was a wonderful little side-trip---and except for a very dirty car,  we loved every second in those mountains.

Hope you have a good weekend and hope that it has warmed up some where you live also.  We had a nice weekend --but they say it will get cold again here on Wednesday... SO--I guess Winter is still with us!!!!!

NOTE:  Anyone getting an email from me (with a address)--do NOT open it. I will not send out an email just with a link.  The one that hubby got, was a link and said AMAZING.   I must have gotten spammed!  I will change passwords AGAIN.  Thanks..

NOTE:  Anyone with Google+  may want to read THIS if you don't want your name used in advertisements --which you may not recommend.  

Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Three Trips in Two Weeks!!!!! (Nov. 25 - Dec. 6, 2013)

George's son, Robert and family
Since I have been away from Blogging for two weeks,  I must admit that George and I have been VERY busy!!!   We took THREE trips during this time...

First,  we took a trip to Palm Harbor, Florida,  where we enjoyed Thanksgiving with George's son Robert and family..  Secondly,  we drove to Chattanooga,  Tennessee,  and got to spend some time with two of my three sons and a couple of grandchildren... And thirdly,  we drove to Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina  (by way of the Smoky Mountain backroads and Biltmore)...WOW--what a fantastic couple of weeks!!!!

Today,  I'll give you a short glance into these trips (with the exception of the Smokies and Biltmore which will come later).  Hope all of you are doing fine and had a fantastic Thanksgiving like we did!!!

Above is a picture of George's son,  Robert,  with Melissa,  Zack and Sean.  We had taken a hike on a very windy day near the Courtney Campbell Causeway at Clearwater,  Florida,  trying to walk off some of that delicious food they prepared for us!!!!

View from the Robert Adams' home in Palm Harbor, FL
Here is a great view from Robert and Melissa's living room. That is a beautiful area of Florida!

Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner
Robert is quite a great chef ---and he cooked MANY wonderful things for us while we were there.. His Dad loves to cook also ---so those two had fun discussing all of the things one should and should not do when cooking!!!!  I had never had fried turkey before --and this one was TREMENDOUS....  Rob uses all of the best seasonings ---so this was truly one of my favorite turkey dinners EVER.

Thanksgiving Dinner
YUM.   I put two photos together to show you what I ate on Thanksgiving day... Not only is Robert a good cook, but Melissa is also... Most everything they make is 'from scratch' ---and it was absolutely fantastic.

Robert makes cheesecakes from scratch ---and we had two different ones while there.  This is a Pumpkin Cheesecake with caramel topping...  SO---other than the turkey,  the cheesecakes were my favorites!!!   Oh My Heart---can you say "DELICIOUS".... Wow!

George and me with son, Mark, from Texas
After getting home from that trip,  we headed to Chattanooga to see more family.   My middle son,  Mark,  drove up from Texas for a couple of days with his beautiful daughters,  Bay Lee and Brooke.  We hadn't seen them in awhile ---so as you can imagine,  we had a fantastic time!!!

Top: Sons Mark and Jeff;  Bottom:  Jeff and beautiful wife, Dawn
Not only did I get to see Mark and the girls,  but it was great seeing son Jeff and his wife, Dawn, also.  They drove up from Georgia so that all of us could be together.   Mark and Jeff are only 16 months apart in age --but don't get to spend enough time together these days...We loved seeing all of them.

Top:  Me with Mark and his daughters,  Bay Lee (with her teeny little dog) and Brooke;  Bottom: Mark and a very happy, proud Mama/Grammy
As I said,  Mark and the girls live in Texas.  Bay Lee is 20 now and in college at Texas State University.  Brooke is 16 and is a Junior in high school.  They have grown up much too fast for this Grammy!!!

Mark and daughters,  Bay Lee and Brooke
Finally,  this is my favorite photo of Mark and his daughters.  It was such joy to see them and get to spend some time with them.  I miss them all so very much!

Me at Ocean Isle Beach
After going back home,  washing clothes and re-packing,  we headed to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, for a few days.    We did take a couple of side trips (Smoky Mountain backroads and Biltmore)--but will report on them later.   Today,  I'll share some photos from our beach trip.

One thing we love is walking on the beach (and getting lots of exercise--which we needed after all of the good food).  George took this picture of me with some of my shore bird friends!!!!  It was much much warmer (in the 70's) this year --when compared to last December when we about froze!!!!  We love walking on the beach when there are so few people around!!!  We have it all to ourselves.. I did manage to find a sand dollar this time.

George enjoying dinner at Dockside in Calabash, NC
Another reason (besides walking on the beach) we love to go to that area is to go to Calabash, NC to our favorite restaurant (DOCKSIDE).  We have never found the seafood as good ANYWHERE we go... That night we both had Shrimp and Scallops... Our favorite though by far are those huge Scallops... They are fantastic.. YUM...

SUNSET at Ocean Isle on Dec. 5, 2013
Another reason we love to go to Ocean Isle (Islander Inn) in December is to see the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets  (which we cannot see when we go in May).  And as you can see,  we saw some 'beauties'....

What is significant about this sunset is that I took this photo about the time that my sweet father-in-law (John Adams) passed away in Tennessee.  I look at that photo now --and know that God was smiling down (see the Sunbeams?) saying that another of his angels was safely home.  Rest in peace,  John Emery Adams.

Us at Ocean Isle Beach, 12/5/13
We took this photo from the Gazebo at Islander Inn.  You can tell by the smiles on our faces how much we love being at the beach in December!

On another note,  thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments on my last blog post talking about the death of George's sweet Daddy.  Many of you feel as if you knew "Dad" since I had blogged about him so much.  Dad's health had been getting worse --and our prayers were that he die peacefully--which he did.  He was one amazing and inspirational man --who lived for 101 years,  and whom I adored with all of my heart.

If you want to read what George wrote yesterday on his blog about his Dad,  click HERE.

Be sure to check out all of my new quotes on my sidebar!!!!!  After that--jump over to my Photo Blog (click HERE) for a photo I took on December 2 on our visit to see the lights of Biltmore at NIGHT.