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Friday, November 16, 2012

Weather Changes in the Smokies 11/7/12

IF you enjoy changes in weather,  you need to come to TENNESSEE..... George and I traveled over the Smoky Mountains (between Gatlinburg and Cherokee, NC) on Wednesday, 11/7/12,  headed by way of the scenic route to Asheville,  North Carolina.

It was a fabulous day to be in the Smokies ---and we captured LOTS of great pictures along our way.... Sit back and take the trip with us!!!!  Remember to click on the photos for enlargements!!!

The above picture was taken from the bypass overlooking Gatlinburg ---with Mt. LeConte in the distance (covered with FOG)....  There were still some beautiful Fall colors in the lower elevations also...

Here is a great photo of some of the colors still showing off for us on this November day.

Late Fall is one of my favorite times to come to the Smokies.  Many of the trees are bare--but the ones left with leaves are still showing off their beautiful colors... Do you like this photo as much as I do????

Now you surely are not surprised as to what we encountered on our way UP the mountain!!!!!!   Lots and lots of FOG.... Oh how I love fog photos.  Do you???

Another picture showing fog along the creek;   There's just something magical about fog (or mist--or whatever you call it)!!!!

The higher we went,  the colder it got ----AND guess what we encountered next????? SNOW!!!!  (This old woman was a happy girl!!)    OH--how I love seeing snow around the Rhododendrons...

We even had to stop and talk to Mr. Snowman (which someone else had left for us)!!!!

After that came the beauty of snow..... There's just nothing more beautiful than seeing snow clinging to evergreens....  Wish you could have been there.  (Roads were clear!)... The scenery was marvelous!!!!

I love seeing snow clinging to the tree limbs like that.... It was AWESOME.

The higher we went in elevation,  the more snow we saw.   They had gotten this snow the night before, so we got there at a perfect time!   AND--it was 'spitting' snow when we were there.  Beautiful photo,  don't you think?

AND---when we got to the top of the mountain at Newfound Gap,  here is what we saw. That tree is really weighted down with the snow!!!!

FINALLY,  we got over the mountain into North Carolina....  Soon--all of the snow was gone!!!!  AND---the SUN was even trying to come out....  Isn't that an interesting picture---especially when comparing it to the snow pictures above??????

OH MY GOODNESS..... Life in the Smoky Mountains is ALWAYS enjoyable --no matter when we are there.... This particular day,  we were treated to all kinds of weather....  Hope you enjoyed our day!!!!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday...


Monday, November 5, 2012

Hike to Look Rock Observation Tower (Smokies-10/23/12)

Look Rock Observation Tower
George and I spent a day in the beautiful SMOKY MOUNTAINS in Tennessee on 10/23/12  visiting the Foothills Parkway near Townsend, Tennessee... If you missed my first post showing all of the gorgeous colors up there,  click HERE.

Today I will share another post from that day.  We hiked up to the Look Rock Observation Tower on top of the mountain.... It's not a hard hike (only about a mile round-trip) and on a clear day,  you can really see a long distance from up there.  If you are ever in the Smokies,  we recommend this hike.

The picture above was taken on the Foothills Parkway---looking up at the tower....  Below are more.   Be sure to click on the pictures in order to see them larger.

Now we are on the TRAIL leading up to the tower... George took this picture of me. The Fall colors were still gorgeous here.  You can see that I am wearing my Camera Vest --with water on my right hip and my long lens on my left hip!!!!!!  I'm ready to go!!!! ha

Here is more of the pretty Fall colors on our walk!!!!  Isn't that blue sky just great as a backdrop?

We are almost at the TOP.....  Here is a picture I took of George on the ramp up to the tower... We both took lots of pictures while hiking up to the tower.

I snapped this picture of the Look Rock Observation Tower --up close and personal!!!

I took this picture from the top ---looking down at the Foothills Parkway.   That is where I took the first picture at the top of this page.

Here's George at the top of the tower.  I'd love to be up here either at sunrise or at sunset.  Wouldn't that be tremendous????

Here's another picture taken from the top of the tower.  You can see the beautiful Smoky Mountains in this picture... We were there in the middle of the afternoon ---so the sun wasn't always in the 'correct' place for some good photos... Like I said above,  we need to come really early in the morning sometime--or stay until sunset.

George took this picture of me ---on the top of the tower.  As you know,  I love being on top of a mountain.. This one is awesome!!!!

Here's a neat picture of the sun shining on some yellow leaves  we saw on our way back down the mountain...

I'm going to finish with two more pictures taken while we were on the top of the tower.  I used my long lens to get a good picture of a farm in the valley below the mountain....

And finally,  here's one more ---showing a lake in the valley below.  The last time we came to this observation tower,  it was in September of 2010 I think.... It was nice --but the Fall colors weren't nearly as pretty as they were this year...

Hope you have a good week.   As you probably know,  this is a busy time of the year for us... We are taking the week off ---so our next blog posts will be on Monday,  Nov. 12. 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Smoky Mountain Autumn

Thanks to Blog Friend,  SHARON,   George and I took a day trip to the SMOKIES yesterday (10/23/12) to check out the Fall Colors.   Sharon wrote me an email telling me how beautiful the colors were along the FOOTHILLS PARKWAY.    Thanks, Friend!!!!  The colors truly were marvelous and both George and I took a tillion photos I'm sure... ha

Hope you enjoy some of our photos.   We also took a hike to the big tower near Look Rock.  I'll blog about that another time.  The photo above shows all of the colors we saw on the road (along the parkway).

Here is a collage of some of the beautiful colors we saw along our way.  It's hard to choose favorites ---so I just made some collages.  (Be sure to click on all photos to see enlargements.)

I love this picture I took of George in front of some of that beautiful color.

Here is our beautiful SMOKY MOUNTAINS...  I love seeing the mountains all year long---but especially in the Fall.

Here is one very happy girl ---to be here in our beautiful Smokies!!!!!

Here is one more collage showing some of the beautiful colors we saw along the parkway.   I love seeing LOTS of different colors together in Fall---and today,  we got to experience just that!  Awesome!

Of course,  George and I can't go anywhere unless we pull out the tripod and take our picture together.   Hope you enjoy this photo of two very very happy people enjoying their day!!!!

Finally,   after a delicious steak dinner at the Texas Roadhouse (one of our favorite restaurants)---we headed home....  AND---to end a gorgeous day,  look what else we got to experience....   Here is a Cumberland Plateau SUNSET just for US!!!!

WOW---what an incredible day!!!!!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There's a Hint of Fall in the Smokies

On Monday (8/27/12),  we had to go that direction to run some errands,   SO we headed to the gorgeous SMOKY MOUNTAINS for a day of hiking and photography... We visited Tremont and Cades Cove.   Surprisingly (since it was the end of August I guess),  most of the tourists had left the area... We love having visitors to the Smokies --but we also love to  have it to ourselves (if you know what I mean).

One thing I noticed about this particular trip there were the hints of Fall all around us....It's still late summer (and our temperatures remind us of that) ---but I did want to share some of the early signs of Fall which I saw...  As we drove and drove higher and higher into the mountains at Tremont,  I noticed several trees beginning to show off their colors... I'll share a few of them with you today.

There was quite a bit of yellow ---and we even noticed a yellow tint to things when we got into Cades Cove.  This yellow was found in the mountains in the Tremont area.

And I love these little yellow wildflowers... They are everywhere in the Cades Cove area.  Aren't they pretty?

One other wildflower blooming in Cades Cove is the purple one shown here.  These may be Thistles (same color)---but I'm not sure.  Maybe one of you wildflower experts know... Whatever they are,  they are pretty.

I love the REDS of autumn ---so just 'had' to get a close-up of this one for you... Oh --how I love Autumn ---and all of the beautiful colors.   AND--as I've said before,  I not only enjoy seeing the colors of autumn,  but I also love to 'smell' autumn in the air....

Here is a gorgeous photo taken in Cades Cove. There is not nearly as much color here as in Tremont --but the elevation is lower.  I love this picture of the cove with those gorgeous Smoky Mountains in the background... Don't you think that Fall is on the way when you see a picture like this?  I love the 'yellow tint'....

This one is  from the Tremont area --beginning to show its Fall colors...  I was really surprised to see as much Fall color as I did since we were still in August...  We don't have any color much here at home yet,  but the dogwoods are beginning to show their Fall colors.

Finally,  this one is not really a Fall picture (could be any time of the year I suppose)---but I love it ... SO --I just had to show it to you all who love barns and fences like I do.... This was taken at Cades Cove.   (Well--there is some yellow in one of the trees --so I guess it can be a Fall photo.... ha)

Hope you enjoyed seeing a hint of Fall today.... Wish now that the temperatures would cooperate ---and that it would get cooler!!!!    There's nothing like a cool, crispy morning to make the Autumn colors pop....

Hope you had a great weekend.   We certainly did.   I enjoyed going to the Bridal Brunch for Dawn,   and George enjoyed his time together with Jeff.   They had lunch out together --and Jeff took George to visit an old Civil War railroad tunnel.... George loved that!!!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Summer Smokies Hike

Can you believe that it is now AUGUST?  Goodness---where did July go????  The good news for me is that Fall will be here soon.  Yeah Rah!!!!!

George and I SELDOM hike during the hot summer,  especially in the crowded Smokies.  BUT--on  July 23,  after a stop in Knoxville at the Apple Store,  we headed to the east side of the Smokies at Cosby.  We decided to hike part of the Gabes Mountain Trail (toward Hen Wallow Falls)...

The hike is rated moderate because of its steepness... It's 2.2 miles one way to the waterfall which is not that far...   However,  since it was VERY hot and VERY humid on the 23rd,  we hiked for about a mile and a half --and turned around there.   SO---instead of a 4.4 miler,  we had a 3 mile hike  which seemed like a long enough hike to me!!!!

Even though we didn't see the waterfall,  we did stop several times along the way so that we could get lots of great pictures...Today I'll share with you some of what we saw along the trail on that hot summer day.

Above is a picture I took from our trail...  Other than being steep,  this area is a great place to hike.  Be sure to enlarge all of the pictures in order to see them bigger.

I took this picture of George on a little bridge at one of our water crossings...  This is a pretty area ---and we enjoyed our day,  despite the high humidity.

As I was resting along the trail --while George took more pictures of the creek,  I got some good pictures of the trees ---as I pointed my camera UP toward the sky... Pretty area,  don't you think?

George got more great pictures of the creek using his tripod and 'special' filter....  Isn't this an awesome photo???

They have had more rain in the Cosby area recently than we have had on the Cumberland Plateau....  I got several pictures of mushrooms along the damp trail...  One even had a pretty yellow stem...  Aren't these pretty little mushrooms --with moss all around them?

George took this picture of me on the trail...  Since it was so hot,  I was wearing my white headband --and carrying my 'sweat' towel!!!!!   I also was wearing my camera vest --which I love.

This little blue butterfly followed us for awhile.  I love its color.  Anyone know what kind of butterfly this is????   I do NOT know my butterflies ---like I do our flowers.

This is a 'creative' picture I took of a big leaf with the sunshine peeking through and shining perfectly on it!!!!!   You like it?

This little ground cover was EVERYWHERE along the trail... I loved it.  It is very tiny with little red berries.... Anyone know its name?????  SO PRETTY!

Finally,  here is a picture we took of the two of us using the tripod---beside the creek....  As you can imagine,  even though we didn't make it all of the way to the waterfall,  we did have a great day!!!

Do you like my new header?  Thought you might!!!!   We DID see the sunflowers when we were at Biltmore on Monday... Had a wonderful day!!!

Hope you have a great day today!!!