Welcome to the month of AUGUST, 2015. My 'header' this month was taken on a very 'smoke-filled' day (wildfires around) at Yellowstone National Park, September 2012.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

What Else did we Enjoy in the Smoky Mountains????

Early Morning in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Tennessee
Well Friends,  It's almost October.... Can you believe it????  I thought I just wrote that it was September --just a week or so ago.  Time is FLYING... Mercy me---before we know it,  it will be Christmas... GOSH!!!!  Anyhow---welcome to AUTUMN.  It's my favorite season --so I hope we can enjoy it for SEVERAL WEEKS/MONTHS....

But today,  we're going back to SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 ---and talk more about our Day Trip to the Smoky Mountains that day.  This will be my third blog post talking about that daytrip.  If you missed either of the other two, click HERE  and/or HERE.   We had so much fun that day ---so I'm sure there will be more posts upcoming...

Today is a 'hodge-podge' post just showing you some of the other things we saw (besides the back roads, creeks, early fall colors and wildflowers).  Hope you enjoy these pictures.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

We walked across the new bridge at the Chimneys Trailhead to check out the water/cascades.

WOW---don't you love the sunbeams?  We had a mixture of sun and rain and clouds all during that day!

Beautiful and interesting SKY all around these mountains!

George standing at an overlook;  We were watching rain to the left and sun to the right!

Oh those gorgeous Smoky Mountains;  I could stay here all day --just looking!

A beautiful doe almost came up to us when we were hiking near one of the overlooks along Highway 441 between Gatlinburg and Cherokee.  She and her fawn actually followed us part of the way--and weren't as afraid as most deer are.

I love seeing the big puffy clouds...  Are they full of rain???????

Here is the cute little Fawn (with its spots) --who was following his/her mother  on that trail. 

Oh those beautiful Smoky Mountains!!! I love seeing all of the layers.

Here we are at one of our favorite overlooks --checking out the mountains AND wildflowers.

More beautiful sky pictures;  I love seeing the shadows on the mountains!

"Hurry!!!  Let's have lunch before the rain gets here."

See the RAIN on that next ridge????  BUT--there was still sun where we were!!

Here's one more picture showing the mountains,  the sunshine,  AND RAIN in the distance!

AND---after seeing all of the beauty in the Smokies,  we had more glorious beauty on our way  home that evening.  This is the SUNSET that evening as we drove on the Cumberland Plateau heading home!!!!  WOW!

Two people in love ---who also love being in the MOUNTAINS!

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our pictures from that Day Trip to the Smokies.  As you can see,  whether it is sunny or rainy or just cloudy,  the sky can give us so much beauty while in the mountains.. We will go back and take pictures in some of these same areas after the leaves change colors this coming month.  I can't wait to see it all again in AUTUMN.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sunrises and Sunsets while at Mt. Nebo, Arkansas -Feb. 2014

Neal, Patti and George at Sunrise Point at 6:45 am on 2/26/14 (19 degrees F --wind chill made it feel like 9 degrees)
Besides just being in our little cabin with a view on top of the mountain at Mt Nebo, Arkansas,  the thing I love the most is seeing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from that mountain. AND--since we had friends with us this time,  we were hoping to see more 'beauties' while there.  AND---we certainly did!!!  Hope you enjoy seeing some photos of God's blessings to us today!!!

So grab a cuppa and sit back and relax for a minute ---looking at my photos!! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do... Click on them for larger photos!

Sunrise- 2/26/14;  Lots of clouds that morning --but where the sun peaked through was pretty; Love the way it glistened on the water below;

Sunset- 2/26/14;  We had a gorgeous sunset that night.  I love framing my sunsets with the trees around our cabin.

Sunset- 2/26/14;  This is one of my favorite photos EVER of a sunset... I love the tree branches framing this sunset.

Sunrise- 2/27/14;  This one was a beauty!  The photo is looking down into the town of Dardanelle, about 6:45 am. 

Sunrise- 2/27/14;   Neal, Patti and George enjoyed seeing this beautiful sunrise from Sunrise Point. It was another cold morning --but not quite as cold as the day before!

Sunset- 2/27/14;  I love sunrises and sunsets when there are some clouds around.  This was another beauty, don't you think?

This is a close-up of the clouds above the sunset.  I took this photo AFTER the sun went down behind the mountain!  Aren't the colors just beautiful?

Well---that's my list of sunrises and sunsets for this year from Mt. Nebo.  There's one more fantastic beauty on my Photo Blog today.  Please don't miss it!  Click HERE for that blog.    AND--don't forget to check out my sidebar --since I put all new quotes on this week.   Thanks!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, February 10, 2014

More Beach Beauty!

Sunrise at the Beach
On a cold winter day,  I'm going to share more photos from our trip to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina on Dec. 3-6, 2013.  Above is another sunrise photo.   I loved seeing all of the sunbeams.

Lots of FOG on the beach
One morning --it was very very foggy --but we still enjoyed our walks on the beach.

George on the Beach on a Foggy morning

One more 'foggy' photo --showing our inn (Islander Inn)

Betsy at the 'big house'
If you have followed my blog for several years,  you will remember me showing this huge home --when they first started building it.  It's all completed now,  so do you want to visit me here sometime?????  HA HA ---I could only qualify to be a housekeeper here!!!

An Angry Ocean one Day

Beautiful sky at sunset on 12/5

George at the Beach --on a sunny day (quite different from the foggy day)

The Fishing Pier at Ocean Isle Beach
We always take a ton of pictures of the Fishing Pier when we go to the beach.  I like this one because of the reflections --and also that gorgeous sky!!!!  Clouds at the beach are so interesting.

Another picture of the Girl who LOVES the Beach

One of my favorite Sunset Photos!  (Look at the colors even along the shore. Wow!)  12/3

Two People who Love being at the Beach
I posted this photo before ---but wanted to end with it today ---just to show you how much we truly do love the beach and each other... We'll be back there hopefully in May!

I'll be taking Wednesday and Friday off from blogging to enjoy VALENTINE's DAY with the Love of my Life... Hope you have a great week--and a Happy Valentine's Day to ALL... Show LOVE wherever you go!  I will be back on Monday,  February 17.