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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring is a Beautiful Time of Year

I've featured many of our favorite Spring flowers so far (Crocus, Daffodils, Tulips, Irises, Azaleas, etc.). And now---our Roses are blooming and SO beautiful . AND--the Lilies are beginning to bloom now also. BUT---today I want to share a few more of the beautiful colors in our yard which we have enjoyed this spring. Above is a side view (from below the deck) of our big Rhododendron. Below are more Spring beauties!

This is one of two other Rhododendrons (the large one was already here) we planted in the yard after moving here in 2003. They are both growing fast --considering how small they were when we planted them!

These pansies are among several in our yard which made it through the horribly cold winter this past year. They continue to bloom and grow ---and should be pretty until it gets too hot for them --about July.

This is one of several blooms from our Mountain Laurel bush in our yard. Aren't these little blooms just gorgeous?

This is a macro of one of the sweet little blooms on my new Fushia hanging basket that my son gave me for Mother's Day. The blooms are incredible!

Finally, this is a macro of one of the Verbena blooms. Aren't the little pink flowers just so pretty?

Thanks for stopping by. I have an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon today. My knee has gotten worse and worse --and now I cannot put any weight on it. Say a little prayer, or send some good thoughts my way PLEASE. I will try to catch up on your blogs when I am feeling better.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Here's some pictures taken in our yard recently. Above is a great photo of our PHLOX. Below are more!

I love this little pink AZALEA. A friend gave it to us --and it's not a very big plant, but the blooms are marvelous, don't you think?

This AZALEA is definitely not pink... ha ha ... BUT---I love its color. The lilac color against one of larger pinks makes for a gorgeous view from our deck.

This is the pretty pink AZALEA --which sits right next to the lilac one. There are five Azalea bushes in a row planted next to our deck (beside the Rhododendrons). These two are the largest ones ---and look so pretty from the deck (or from inside the house).

I took this picture from the deck, looking straight down on the two AZALEA bushes. Aren't they pretty--side-by-side?

Now you can see the AZALEA bushes and the deck (in the sunlight)!

Our big RHODODENDRON is just beginning to bloom. Aren't those blossoms pretty? We may miss alot of these blooms while we are at the beach next week.. Darn!

And ---I saved my favorite picture until last!!!! This is just one close-up of one of our beautiful pink RHODODENDRON blooms. Is that not just fabulous?????

As I said in yesterday's post, we are headed to the beach for a week. As much as I love going to the beach, I do hate to leave all of the pretty flowers blooming in our yard now. We may miss some of the Iris blooms and also the Rhody blooms. Oh Well---we didn't want to go later in May because we will miss some of the roses blooming. SO---is there a good time to leave home in Spring???? I'm not sure. BUT--once I'm at the beach, I'll forget about home and just enjoy the sea breeze, the sand and that delicious seafood!!!!

I will have my laptop with me --and I'll try to keep up with your posts. I may not comment much --but I'll try to read at least... Have a wonderful week!


P.S. Please remember those people in Arkansas who were affected by tornadoes last night... I have several Arkansas blog friends. Hope they are all okay!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Little Angels

Well -----I guess, if truth be told, I have LOTS of ANGELS in my life.... First, there's my Sweetheart hubby (who is the most important angel in my life). Then there's my kids and grandkids, all of my friends--including YOU, and of course, my special little backyard birds. But today, I'm featuring more of my angels----our PANSIES.

Do you like Pansies? We do ---and they love our climate here. We buy them in late Fall--to give us some color in the yard --which will last most years through winter. AND-they will bloom all spring --and won't die until it gets too hot in July.

This past winter, we had some bitter temperatures here ---so we thought for sure we lost our Pansies. BUT--those little guys have come back and are showing off like crazy right now. We have them in our three round beds in the front yard where we also have Daffodils and Lilies. Once the Pansies die out, we put Impatiens and Vinca in their places (Impatiens in the 2 shady beds and Vinca in the sunny bed).

Why do I call them 'angels'???? WELL---it's because there is an angle design in many of them.... You can see for yourself in our pictures. Above is one of our 3 round flowerbeds. This one is the 'sunny' one ---and in this picture, you can see the Tahiti and Replete Daffodils which so many of you said that you liked. You can also see the beginning of our lilies ---and also the little Pansies dotted around in the bed. Below are some close-ups of my 'angels'. Thanks to George and his macro lens for these.

Now---aren't they just SWEET???? Sometimes I think the Pansies are smiling at me... They are similar to each other---and yet quite different, one from another. Do you like the plain yellow one????? The orange one looks like a kitty face instead of an angel. Can you see it???? Maybe it's a "Kitty Angel"... ha

Hope you have a wonderful day. I spent the past couple of days 'power-washing' our deck and deck furniture. SO---if I am behind on comments, please forgive me. I'll catch up SOMEDAY!!!! ha.....

OH---we now have a Chickadee egg in our Bluebird Nestbox. SO---I guess it's the Chickadee Nestbox for now. That egg is teeny tiny --about the size of the tip of my pinky finger. SO---I'm gonna be a Grammy again---even if they aren't Bluebirds.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blossoms and Birdies

One of our REDBUD TREES in our yard; You can see the white dogwood to the left --but it is not completely blooming yet.

A neat macro of our REDBUD TREE

Our PINK DOGWOOD in the front yard

A macro of our PINK DOGWOOD; Isn't it fabulous??? Thanks George!!!

Can you see what I see???? Besides that gorgeous BLUE sky, the LEAVES are popping out on the trees..... Aren't they pretty????? BUT---the birds will be able to hide from me now!!!!! Sigh!

I guess I need to give a Bluebird Update... The Bluebirds are still coming to the feeders ---but they are NOT nesting ---at least not in my nestbox YET. I know that last year, they didn't nest until the end of April... SO-- I'm not giving up hope yet... AND--they had two broods last year.

The Chickadees are still around --but they aren't nesting either. SO---right now, the box is empty. I am concerned that the 1.5 inch hole in the new nestbox may be too small for the Bluebirds. I read on the Bluebird website that 1.5 inches is fine --and the nestbox I bought is definitely for Bluebirds. But--the old nestbox had a MUCH larger hole. AND--we never had any trouble with Chickadees before this year.

SO--if we don't get any Bluebirds using the new box, I will take the box back and get the hole enlarged.... Hopefully, the Blues will use the nest ---and all of my anxiety will be for naught.... We have had Bluebirds nesting in our yard for many years ---so I hope that doesn't ever stop!!!

Please tell Mama Bluebird to check out my nestbox.... Okay??????? Sniff Sniff!!!

I'll close with a new picture of our front yard--taken from the road on the upper side of our yard. You can see the Redbud tree, the Dogwood tree, and our new flowerbed in front... Spring is such a wonderful season.


P.S. For those who asked, we purchase our DAFFODILS from Breck's. We've used Breck's for years and are VERY happy with them. Contact them at Brecks.com.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tulips and More...

I took more pictures in our yard today ----so of course, I just HAD to show you... So much has changed ---even in two days! Above is a picture of some more of the Tulips blooming in our side flowerbed. Below are more...

The Phlox look pretty in our big rock bed beside the driveway. When we purchased our home and moved here permanently in 2003, we inherited a rocky, dirt, no-grass, steep, ugly area from the driveway down to the lower side of our yard. We knew we needed something growing in that area ---so we started out with the Phlox, Semps, Pinks, Candytuft, and then added our favorite ground covers, Periwinkle and English Ivy. It's taken several years, but this area finally is beginning to look really nice.

This is some of our Candytuft (Iberis) --in the same big rock bed. All of the colors in this bed now really have added alot to an area which used to be bare and ugly. Any gardener will tell you how much work goes into trying to make your yard look good---and many times, it takes YEARS.

I just had to include this picture of the pretty two-tone red/white Tulips---with some Periwinkle blooming in the background. Pretty, huh?

Here's a picture of our backyard---looking toward the golf course fairway. As you can tell, we have Periwinkle growing back there. NOTE: You can see the Bluebird nestbox in this picture also.

Here is the lower side of our front yard . You can see the empty lot next door. AND--you can also see one of our beautiful Redbud trees blooming.

Here's the upper side of the front yard. Our Pink Dogwood is beginning to bloom.

Finally, and I think I saved the best 'til last----here is our beautiful side flowerbed with Tulips and Daffodils blooming like crazy. The neat thing about this bed is that once the Daff's and Tulips are gone, we have Daylilies, Irises and Lilies coming next!!!!!! Yeah Rah!!!!

Now for the bad news!!!! We need your prayers for the next few days. There's some bad weather coming ---with storms and MUCH COLDER temperatures... I just pray that we won't lose all of this beauty!!!!!! Thanks for your help!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What a Difference...

Last Thursday (April 1st) was the day that we drove to Hendersonville and noticed all of the beautiful spring colors THERE. WELL-it's been FOUR days since that trip ---and GUESS WHAT????? We have LOTS of color and beauty now right here in Fairfield Glade. We've had almost summer-like conditions since last Thursday---so everything is beginning to show their colors!!!!

Here are some pictures taken yesterday afternoon around our yard... Above are some of the many different TULIPS in bloom near the back deck. The yellowish/white ones are named Purissima and the multi-colored ones are named Haley's Comet. Below are more!!!

This year, we have had two colors of HYACINTHS in our yard, dark purple ones and these pretty pink ones. Their name is Red Rocket. Pretty, aren't they?

Here is a picture of our side flowerbed ---along with some of the many areas of blooming ground cover around our yard, PERIWINKLE. In this side flowerbed are planted Crocuses, Hyacinths, Daffodils (several varieties), Tulips, Lilies, Daylilies, and Irises.

I love HOSTA.... I have them planted in several places throughout the yard. I love to watch them pop up from the ground and then grow!!!!! Awesome!!!

The little blue flowers on our PERIWINKLE ground cover are just gorgeous against the green leaves and grass. We have Periwinkle around our yard in areas where mowing is difficult , and in areas where it's too shady for grass to grow. Along with the Periwinkle ground cover, we also have some English Ivy --but it isn't very pretty yet.

The Purissima TULIPS are even blooming in the new flowerbed beside the road.

Here is our lower front yard ---looking toward our rock bed and toward the woodpile in the back yard. Note that the rose bushes are growing now---and loving this weather. We may have some roses in bloom by the first of May --depending upon our April weather of course. You can also see all of the little Daffodils (Narcissus) in this picture. For those of you who were following my blog a year ago, you may remember these little Daffodils --which I have named the DAD ADAMS DAFFODILS (since he gave these to us).

This is the upper side of our front yard. You can see the Daffodils blooming in the two round beds --along with some of the Periwinkle in the distance. After George fertilized the yard, the grass has 'greened up' really well.

I have lots more pictures to share, and George has taken some great macros. SO---I'll close saying that there will definitely be more to come. I'm THRILLED that spring is HERE.