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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Centennial Park in 2001

George and I had our first date on March 29, 2001 --when we went out to dinner. We absolutely 'clicked' on that first date--and both of us knew we wanted to see each other again.. SO---on Saturday, April 7, 2001, George invited me to a morning at the Centennial Park in Nashville, and then to lunch at a nearby restaurant.

We walked around the entire park and enjoyed seeing the early spring flowers in bloom. We also visited the Parthenon and the Art Museum that it houses. We had a wonderful time that morning, and I could feel that 'love' was already in the air between us... WELL---that was until we went to lunch!!!

Here are some pictures from the park that day. The pictures are OLD--but really came out pretty good overall. Anyhow--I just wanted you to see us on our SECOND date!!!!! Above is a picture of the entrance to the park. Below are more.

This was the first picture that George took of me!!! (Don't you just love those hot pink shoes????? Yipes!)

And---this is the first picture that I took of him!

George took this picture of the pretty yellow Tulip. We realized on this day just how much both of us love beautiful flowers.

I enjoyed sitting among all of the beautiful flowers at the park.

At that time, I never dreamed I would have a yard full of these beauties myself now!!!!

Don't you just love the color of this beautiful Tulip???? I want one of these in MY yard!!!!!! SO pretty!

Here's one final picture taken that Saturday at Centennial Park.

Now---I just have to tell you what happened that day at lunch. There's a really neat little local restaurant near Centennial Park called Rotier's. Being the bigshot, independent, women's libber-type woman I was, I offered (demanded) to pay for our lunch that day... (I wanted to do MY part, you know!!!)

SO--George finally agreed... (What else could he have done, since I had made a BIG deal!!)... We ordered and ate a wonderful lunch ---and then I realized that they didn't take credit cards. Uh Oh... This gal had very little CASH with her.... I was SO embarrassed!!! George was so nice (and he didn't even laugh at me ---at least to my face)--- and helped me pay for our lunch that day... I'm surprised that he ever called me back after that date. Who was this idiot that he was dating?????????

Luckily, he just laughed it off---but I had alot of EGG on my face that day!!!! Thank Goodness, he did ask me out again---and again ---and again---and here we are 9 yrs. later. (And I still do dumb things like that at times!!!! Oh Well! I'm glad he loves me.)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring in Hendersonville, TN

George and I were shocked (and pleased) to see that Spring has arrived in Hendersonville, TN (where George's parents live). We have very little color so far up here on the Cumberland Plateau----but driving down off of the mountain about 2.5 hours west of home, we found Spring color yesterday!!!!!! I was so excited ---and I know this color will get to our area soon. Here are some pictures of Spring in Hendersonville, TN (which is north of Nashville). Above is one of the many Bradford Pear trees --found in almost every yard in Tennessee!!!! Below are more!

Dad Adams has always grown beautiful flowers. This is the row of Daffodils along the driveway... There are more on the other side of the driveway and also in several places in their large backyard (which Dad calls the "Back Forty")... SO pretty!!!!

The white blooms on the Bradford Pears look like SNOW.

Besides the white Bradford Pears, there was alot of YELLOWS all around the neighborhood. The Forsythias were in full bloom.

Besides Dad's white Daffodils, he also has lots of yellow ones.

Here's one more picture of the beautiful blue sky and a Bradford Pear. Can you tell that Spring has Sprung in Hendersonville, TN???????

We found George's parents in fairly good condition --although Dad (who is going to be 98 in August) has to do almost everything these days due to Mom's forgetfulness. He has never had to cook before---but has learned. However, we can tell that this is all too much for him. Please pray for them! They need to accept more help ---yet they are BOTH very very independent and stubborn.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thoughts of Early Spring--Part II

Be sure and read Part I first (click HERE) if you missed it. Today I will show you more photos of our yard in March of 2007. Above are our beautiful Tulips (in the side flowerbed). Below are more!

Here's more of our Tulips.. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Here's a picture of some of our Daffodils --along with more of the Tulips.

I love the pink Tulips and of course, our beautiful Daffodils (or Jonquils, or whatever you call them in your area of the country).

Here is the best picture I have ever taken of the telephone pole in our front yard... Isn't it a beauty????? ha ha (Oh how we hate that pole--but it's there. We inherited it!) Anyhow--except for the stupid pole, I love the picture of our Redbud and our white Dogwood---both blooming.

Here's one more picture of our side yard ---looking at the big side flowerbed toward the backyard.

I showed you this little round flowerbed in yesterday's post---but the one yesterday was taken at the beginning of March and this one was taken toward the end of March that year. Even the lilies are beginning to sprout.

OKAY---I mentioned yesterday that I didn't want my yard to look like this in March this year. Wonder why I said that!!!????? Well----seeing the following picture will help you to understand.

This is what happened the first of April, 2007 (AFTER that beautiful March we had had). We had a VERY hard freeze here (for about 4-5 days) ---and lost all of our Daffodils, Tulips and Lilies ----along with our Redbud, Dogwoods, and Azaleas blooms. The picture above when compared with the one above this one, shows how the freeze zapped all of the lilies --and turned them to mush.

You can read about this horrible freeze and see pictures by clicking HERE. Many of you may remember this post from April 5, 2009--when we were afraid that we were going to have another horrible April freeze. Luckily, we didn't. But--as long as I live, I will never forget the Freeze of April 2007.

Now you should know why I do not want the March beauty in our yard. I'll take it any other time--but not March. Our weather usually always gives us at least one more freeze in early APRIL---so if we have beauty, we want it to wait until after the last April freeze... The horrible freeze in 2007 was the worst I have EVER seen. You won't believe it until you see the pictures of the black leaves on the trees which had just added those new spring leaves.

SO---do I want a beautiful March like we had in 2007??? Absolutely NOT---if there is a chance we will have a freeze and lose everything in April... Okay--now you know the answer to my 'tricky' question!!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thoughts of Early Spring--Part I

Are you tired of winter???? Do you want to see some Early Spring colors???? WELL--in 2007, we had a wonderful March... Sometimes March is cold and still wintery and sometimes it is spring-like. On this particular year, we had a fabulous Early Spring... Here are some pictures to show you our yard that year which, when thinking about it, is only a month from NOW.

In the picture above, you can see yellow and purple Pansies, lots of small Daffodils, and Forsythia (in the background)-- all blooming... Below are more!

The lamppost flowerbed in the front yard was all abloom with Daffodils (called Jonquils in Virginia where I grew up) and Pansies. We have planted lots of Pansies in the late Fall for several years ---and until this year and last year, they have lived through the Winter--and until it get really hot in June/July. However, the last couple of years, we've had very cold winters ---and the Pansies really struggle. This year, I'm not sure we'll have any Pansies blooming in Spring. But in 2007--things were very different.

Our Crocuses are the first spring flower to bloom--even before the Daffodils.

The Hyacinths are early-bloomers also. I love the color of this one.

The grass was green, the pink Dogwood was blooming ---but we also had lots of those little pesky 'things' blooming, the Almighty Dandelion. Do you see George in this picture? He's digging up those pesky WEEDS!!!!!! (Sorry Dandelion lovers.... We don't like them, at least in our yard!!!!)

Here's another view of the upper part of our yard--looking from the road toward the upper side and back. Note that even some of trees were beginning to show some new growth.

Finally, here is a picture of one of our two beautiful Redbud trees...

Now---while you look at all of this beauty, I will tell you in tomorrow's blog why I don't want our yard to look like this .... Hmmmm!!! Do I love winter so much that I don't want it to end????? Tune in tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What we Found Once we Got Home

We did have a wonderful beach vacation---but there was alot of beauty waiting for us when we get home. Since we had had LOTS of rain here while we were gone, everything was growing ---including the weeds and the grass!!!! ha.. BUT---there was some beautiful color waiting just for us to get home. Above is one of our beauties---the gorgeous Azalea bush in the front yard. It is just fabulous, don't you think??? Below are more pictures!

Hooray!!!!! Our first rose bloom of the season is smiling for us!!!! Her name is Rio Samba. Isn't this a gorgeous rose????? One reason we changed our annual beach vacation from the middle/end of May to the beginning was because we didn't want to miss any of our roses when they bloomed. This one was waiting for us to come home!!!! There will be MANY more to come.

This picture of Rio Samba was taken yesterday. The one above was taken Monday. These beautiful roses change daily... I love this rose. It's neat that it has bloomed FIRST this year.

Our big Rhododendron (we have three: this large one and two small ones) is putting on a show this year. This was obviously taken from our deck. I can sit on my 'throne' inside and see this gorgeous Rhody!!!

Here is a view of the Rhody --from the back yard. WOW--what a beauty!!!!

When we first moved here, Dad Adams gave us these little American Irises. They are much smaller than our other Irises, but they are pretty and do add color in our yard. They are in a rock garden area in the front yard surrounded by English Ivy. Very pretty!!!!

Here is a close-up of some of our little American Irises.

These gorgeous Irises are so beautiful. They are named Orange Harvest. This is the year for yellow Irises I guess since we've had two different sets of yellow in bloom (Honey Glazed and Orange Harvest).

I am going to post an entire page of our Irises soon (besides this one and Orange Harvest above, we have two more new ones so far this spring), but since this is one of my all-time favorite Irises, I just had to show it to you. This beauty is named Cable Car!!!! Neat color, huh?????

Now you can see why we love to get home!!!!! It's fun to go on vacation---but it's even more fun to get home.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Happening in our Yard this week????

First, let me say that our Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are still here. AND---the females are here also now. A birder friend told me that they are migrating and will stay a couple of weeks before heading north. In the meantime, I'm enjoying seeing them at our feeders off and on all day!!!! The picture above is of the female Grosbeak. I think she looks like a HUGE Sparrow ---with that big white eyebrow!!!!! (Excuse the window screen in the picture.) Below are many more pictures of things going on in our yard!

Is that male Grosbeak sticking out his tongue at me?????? ha ha

Another picture of the female.. She has that same huge beak as the male. But--except for the beak, they are very different--one from the other.

I had a couple of pictures with both male and female at the feeders. AND--I had a picture of FOUR males at the feeder together... Unfortunately, I was using my small camera from inside---and the window screen came out so bright that it almost covered up the birds totally. I was so mad!!!! Oh Well!!!! I have enjoyed seeing the Grosbeaks so much!!!

Also in our yard yesterday was our first (of many) IRISES... Isn't she pretty???? Her name is Honey Glazed Iris.

Another first for us this week is one of our beautiful Azalea blooms. We have about 7 Azalea bushes --and this color is always one of my favorites.

Here's one more picture of this pretty Azalea. This bush is in our back yard ---in front of our deck.

I absolutely love Pansies. They usually do well in our area. We purchase them in the Fall (about 60 plants) and put them all over our yard to add color through the winter. Most years, our Pansies make it through the winter--and live until June or July --when it gets hot outside. However, this past winter was consistently colder than most.. SO--we did lose many of our Pansies. BUT--we probably have about 20 left..AND--it's still nice to watch these pansies bloom and add color in our yard. Below are three more of our pretty Pansies.

I love this deep wine color, don't you?

I love this one also... Pansies are all just so pretty I think!!!

These are so unique-looking... I love them!!!

And last but no least, these are the first two Bluebird eggs in our nestbox in the back yard. Bluebirds add one egg a day until they get to five. Mama incubates the eggs for about 12-15 days. Once the baby birds (fledglings) hatch --it takes another 12 days before they get big enough to leave the nest.

I'm SO SO SO SO excited. It was the bluebirds nesting in our back yard last Summer (July) that got me interested in birding... I've certainly learned alot about many, many birds since last July.... Yeah -Rah!!!!