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Monday, February 8, 2010

One More Set of SNOW Pictures

Aren't you saying HALLELUJAH that this will be the last set of my snow pictures from our Snow and Ice Storm on January 29 and 30????? After seeing all of the pictures from the HUGE storm along the East Coast this past weekend, our 5-6 inch snow looks just like a 'dusting' to that storm. BUT---it was a 'neat' storm for us --and we enjoyed taking pictures to share. Above is a neat picture looking across our backyard toward the woodpile. Below are more pictures!!!

I took this picture of George when we were out on the golf course fairway, behind our house.

We saw deer tracks out on the golf course. This showed how heavy the deer are ---since they made TRACKS ---and George and I couldn't sink into the snow AT ALL.... Crazy!!!!

Another view from our back yard--looking toward the lower end of the golf course fairway

This Eskimo loved being out in the snow.... However, I had to take my gloves off to take pictures---and after being out in the cold for awhile, my fingers were so cold, I couldn't feel the buttons on the camera.... Brrrrrrr!!!

The sun came out on Sunday, the 31st. Families were out on the golf course fairway sledding. I watched them a little while---wishing that my kids and grandkids could have been here.

One more picture of the sledding; I was on our deck using my long lens.. AND--the sledders were moving along so fast, it was hard to get a good picture. What FUN!!!!

This picture was taken last Sunday the 31st (when the sun was out) --from our deck. I love seeing the shadows on the snow!!!! Hooray for the sun!! I think this was the last day we had sunshine here!

And---Hooray to the New Orleans Saints!!!! My team won the Super Bowl last night. I was so happy for the city of New Orleans. I sat on my sofa and cried. I lived in New Orleans in the '80's and we followed the Saints when they were not a good team. But--these fans are like Cubs fans... They don't ever give up on the team. This year --they finally WON... I am so so so so happy!!!!!

While enjoying texting with my 3 sons on the phone all evening (which I love), George and I enjoyed a dinner of Brats on the grill, 'tater salad and baked beans... Yum!!! AND--we watched the commercials also. As usual, there were some really good commercials and some really bad ones. (And we won't even talk about the halftime show!) ....... BUT--a few of my favorite commercials were:
-Budweiser's Human Bridge
-Clydesdale Fences (friendship between a young Clydesdale and a young steer)
-Doritos Play Nice (Little Boy protecting his Mama from a boyfriend)
-Doritos Dog Gets Revenge
-Bridgestone Bachelor Party
-E trade Girlfriends
What were your favorites?????

Hope you have a great Monday... We have had flurries all weekend --with more coming Tuesday and again Friday.. Don't think the sun is ever going to come out here!!!!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blogger Request, AND "Go Saints"

Several people have made this request since I have read it on other blogs --but I never have asked before until now. And I apologize to any of you who already know about these options!!!! Today, I am asking you to consider making one change which would help.

Like many of you, I have LOTS and LOTS of blogs to visit each and every single day... Some days I get WAY behind --and other days, I can keep up!!!! But--I will tell you that it does take alot of time. One way that you could help SO MUCH is by changing your Comment Form Placement.

There are three ways people can make comments on your blog. Note the picture above.
-Full Page
-Pop-Up Window

-Embedded Below Post

I like both of the first two options. I chose the second one on my blog--but I like some things about the first one better. However, for some unknown reason, Blogger uses the third option as its default. It is a horrible option --in my opinion. It take much longer to add a comment to the Embedded option.

SO--unless you really like this 3rd option, I hope that you will consider changing to one of the other options. Following is how you change to one of the other options:

-Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on SETTINGS
-Once you are in Settings, click on COMMENTS.
-The 3rd question on that page asks you to choose the Comment Form Placement.
-Click on one of the three options (NOT the 3rd one PLEASE)
-Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Settings'. Don't forget this --or it won't work!

That is IT.... After that, you'll be back at the top of that page, so just click on View Blog...
This is a little thing ---but most of us who use either Option 1 or 2 would really appreciate your changing to one of these two .. It will make blogging so much easier... Thank you so much, and again, I apologize to those of you who already use Option 1 or 2.

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?????? I certainly am --since I truly love both of these teams. Peyton Manning is my favorite Quarterback. BUT--this year, my heart is with the Saints. I lived in New Orleans for 5 yrs. in the '80's (when they NEVER won many games)---but we were still big FANS. The Saints fans have stuck with them for many, many years. And after what that city has gone through (Katrina), I will have to be for the SAINTS to win this year. And of course, I'll be watching all of those commercials!!!!!

Have a great weekend. I'll be back Monday morning. GO SAINTS!!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comin' UP in the World

George and I are really comin' up in the world these days. I have never considered myself technically 'challenged' ---BUT I'll admit that there have been alot of changes in the past few years that have passed me right on by. My friend Judy cannot live a minute without her Blackberry. I don't have one of them , and don't even 'text' on my cellphone YET. Obviously, I'm still slowly learning, making my way up that mountain!!!!

However though, we recently purchased a High Definition DVR . Just let me tell you how wonderful it is.... We had seen how one worked when we were in Texas visiting son Mark in April, and I knew that I would love to have one. WOW--why did we wait so long????? We can now fast-forward through the commercials, record two different things at one time, and even rewind something IF we want to see it again and again. This little machine is truly fabulous...

But--that is not all!!!!! Since getting our laptop in August, we've been talking about getting some kind of wireless device so that we can go online while traveling and on vacation. Yesterday--we stopped by our wireless provider, Verizon, looking at the possibilities. We walked out with a Verizon MiFi.... I can go online with my laptop now wherever there is a Verizon signal (which is most everywhere these days). How 'bout that? Ain't that just SPECIAL???????? I'm so excited ---and will try it this coming week when we travel to Hendersonville to check on George's parents.

Well ---I may not be connected all of the time like Judy... But--I'm definitely making some progress, and learning alot along the way. Just going wireless in the house is a huge step for us. We may be taking baby steps---but we're still climbing....

Our adult kids should be proud of us!!!!! At least we're not still watching movies on the old VCR..... ha ha ha..... NOW----if all of these new devices don't quit working all at once causing us STRESS!!!!!! Surely I jest!!!!! ha ha

All pictures on today's blog came from the internet.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!


P.S. My Tennessee Volunteers didn't beat Number ONE Florida yesterday, but they played a GREAT game. Nobody believed they would do as well as they did. This young team is just beginning... They will only get better and better!!!!! Hooray!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wish I Could have Seen This!!!!!

Yesterday, I received some fabulous pictures from my Texas family. Son Mark is the coach of his youngest daughter's softball team. When we visited them in April, we had hoped to see both daughters play softball.. WELL---you may remember that it rained all weekend and we didn't get to see ANY games. I was so sad---but one of these days, I hope that we'll get to see them play!

In the meantime, photos are the next best thing!!!! This past weekend Coach Mark's team won a big tournament. Here is what Mark wrote on the team's webpage:

You brought home the Championship Trophy in this past weekend's Ballerz Bash tournament held in Southbelt. Great defense, clutch hitting, and outstanding pitching highlighted the weekend for the Surge. Led by tournament MVPs Sarah and Stephanie for their outstanding pitching performances, the Surge never gave up more than 2 runs in any inning and held their opponents scoreless in 14 innings. The Surge were tied in or trailed in four of their five victories, but showed incredible heart and desire by never giving up and finding a way to win those games. It was a FANTASTIC weekend to be a Surge! Great Job, Ladies!!

Pictured above is my son and my granddaughter (who incidentally is the team's catcher). Below are more pictures of the happy team.

This granddaughter of mine (age 12 --in March) is certainly VERY happy after the big win!!!! Isn't she a cutie????

Here is a picture of the entire team. Mark is on the back row in the center--barely visible!!!!!

After a big win, there's celebration for the ladies. They had a pool party at Mark and Lara's beautiful home. AND---as you can tell---they enjoyed their CAKE, in many ways besides eating it!!!! ha ha (Oh to be young again!!)


This is my oldest granddaughter (Mark and Lara's other daughter--aged 15 1/2) who is also playing softball this summer. However, she is now EMPLOYED...... She took lifeguard training this spring and will be a lifeguard all summer at one of the local pools in their area. I wonder what this gal will spend all of her money on??????

It's hard to believe that I have a grandchild who is old enough to be gainfully employed... Yipes!!!!!


Finally, after showing you my beautiful grandchildren (and my wonderful son), I will close with another beauty. This is my all-time favorite ROSE. I am partial to red ones --and this one is named VETERANS HONOR. It is a big rose (which I love)--and it smells SOOOOOOO good!!!!!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Beach is CALLING us!!!!

George and I are off again on a week's vacation to our favorite beach place, the Islander Inn at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. We've been going to the beach in May for several years. George (before I knew him) used to live in Little River, SC.. So he knows the Myrtle Beach area very well.

We used to go to a small motel (Cherry Grove Manor) in North Myrtle Beach. But 'progress' took that gorgeous little place away from us. They replaced the manor and built another huge high-rise in its place--like you find everywhere in the Myrtle Beach area these days. DARN!!!!

SO---since we wanted another quiet place, away from all the people who go to Myrtle Beach, we went NORTH into North Carolina. Ocean Isle Beach is a small community ---and we LOVE it. It's far enough away to give us the privacy that we enjoy --yet it is close enough if we want to go into the city!!!!

I have always loved the beach ---and the week that we spend there satisfies my longings!!! I love the sun and I also love to search for shells. George sits on the beach and reads ---and I lie on the beach soaking up the sunshine.

Another thing that draws us to the beach is the fresh seafood. We have several favorite restaurants where we get the most delicious seafood. (I cannot wait!!!! ha)

The rooms at Islander Inn have king beds, a sofa, chairs, dresser, TV, small kitchen with frig and microwave, and bath. Above is a picture of the beach from our balcony. One more picture is below --and following that are more pictures from our beautiful yard here in Fairfield Glade this Spring.

This picture was taken last year on our trip to Ocean Isle Beach.

This is another of our gorgeous Irises. This deep purple one is named Autumn Bugler.

This Iris is named Queen Dorothy (I'm sure for blog friend Dorothy Pepper)... ha... BUT--I told George that it should be named Queen Betsy.. Doesn't sound as good as Queen Dorothy though, does it????? ha

I showed this beauty in another post, but love seeing them in a group. These are called Honey Glazed. More and more of the Irises are blooming each day. I'm sure we'll miss some of our Iris blooms this year.

The white dogwoods are so pretty right now in our area. This one is on the front corner of our lot.

We have a large rock bed next to the our driveway. It slopes ---and we've been trying to find all kinds of things which will grow in that big bed. In that bed now, we have Periwinkle, Semps (Chicks and Hens), Dad Adams Daffodils, Daylilies, Pansies, Candy Tuft, Phlox and Pinks.. Above is the beginning of our Phlox.

This is our Candy Tuft in that rock bed. It's SO pretty right now.

These are our Pinks (Dianthus) --which were given to us by a friend. These beauties are spreading nicely in this bed.

I thnk I mentioned that we have 7 Azalea bushes in our yard. There are TWO this color in the front yard. We were hoping they would wait and bloom when we got home from the beach.. But--as you can see from the picture above, these Azaleas are really blooming now. The disadvantage of leaving home this time of year is that we may miss some of our blooms (Azaleas, Irises, and our beautiful Rhododendrons)... BUT--we don't want to miss the first Rose blooms---so that's why we are going earlier this year. Hopefully, we'll have some roses in bloom by the middle and end of May. Yeah-Rah!!!!

UPDATE: There are FOUR eggs in the Bluebird nest---and Mama has started incubating the eggs. By my calculations, the babies will be born about May 14---which happens to be my youngest son's birthday. AND--we will be back from the beach before they hatch.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and week... We won't have computers with us --so we will have to catch up on your posts when we get home (about the 11th). Thanks so much for your friendship ---and for visiting my blog each and every single day.
Hugs, and Lots of Love,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 Super Bowl

Are you going to watch the 'big game' today????? Where will you be and what will you do???? George and I will be at home watching the game on our big screen TV. Since my team (Tennessee Titans) didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year, I am not really as interested in the game as I am in the COMMERCIALS. I always enjoy seeing all of the new commercials during the Super Bowl. Do you???? And I'm usually for the underdog team, this year being the Arizona Cardinals.
Football and food go together---so what are you having for dinner or snacks tonight??? We'll cook some Kielbasa on our outdoor grill and supplement that with a baked potato and salad. That's about it for us!!!
I recently got one of those email 'forwards' which go all over the internet. This one caught my eye because it talked about the Arizona Cardinal's Quarterback, KURT WARNER. AND--like so many things on the internet, the article wasn't totally true. BUT--it did say enough about Kurt for me to do some research on him. The more I read, the more I liked that young man and his life--and what he stands for. Wow!

Kurt Warner (pictured above) has become known for his commitment to his family, his clean-kid lifestyle, and his Christian faith. He and wife Brenda live in St. Louis with their SEVEN children. He is the founder of the First Things First Foundation. Kurt feels that he is where he is today because of his belief of NEVER giving up. That is the message he wants to get out there to others. He is living proof of the importance of having a strong faith in God, in himself and in his talents. His formula for success is putting first things first---FAITH and FAMILY.
If you go to the Warner's home, you will not see anything about the father being a professional football player. The home is not a shrine to athletics but a tribute to a family at work and play. The family wrote "Eight RULES
for being a Warner Daughter or Son". One of these rules is that when they dine out at a restaurant, the family agrees on which strangers' meal to pay for. Isn't that incredible????

SO---that is why I am 'rooting' for the Arizona Cardinals tonight... GO Kurt!!!