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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another SNOW???????? In March??????

Well---most of you know that I am a southern gal who LOVES snow... Until this winter, we hadn't had much snow here since about 2006.. This year though---we have had 4 fairly large snows ---plus several more smaller ones. It has been a dreary, cold, sun-free winter here on the Cumberland Plateau. Our county school system is having to cancel its Spring Break week plus having to add days at the end of the year in order to make up days missed. They built in 11 snow-days into the original schedule--but have missed about 17 or 18 so far this winter. The teachers and students obviously haven't been to school very much since the beginning of January.

Anyhow---believe it or not, you are hearing ME say publicly that I'm TIRED of the snow now--and ready for some sunshine and warmer temperatures. My hubby will definitely write this down since he won't believe that I'm saying it!!!! ha...

Yesterday, we had a nice two-inch snow ---which was one of the prettier ones which clings to everything and is so pretty. SO--here are some pictures of hopefully our LAST snow of this winter (we hope). We drove around yesterday ---so our pictures are not only from our yard, but from around the Fairfield Glade area. Above is another picture of our Confederate Jasmin bush in our yard. I included it again --since I have featured it about 3-4 times this winter!!!! Below are more!

I love seeing the snow cling to the evergreens like this one did. Isn't it pretty?

Wanna play some GOLF??????? This is one of the cart paths!!!!

This bush with the red berries is in our neighbor's yard. I always enjoy seeing the white and red together!!!

This is one of the Glade's many lakes.

More evergreens along our road; Wish you could have been with us on our drive---seeing all of the snow-covered shrubs, trees and bushes. Very pretty!!

I always enjoy seeing the small rocky creeks --with snow surrounding the creek.

Finally, I saved my favorite picture 'til last... I took this picture in order to get the icicles--but after putting it on the computer, I loved seeing the different colored rocks --and the snow-covered branches also.

Okay---are you tired of snow????? ME TOO!!!! Let's hope for some SPRING SOON!!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birdies ask: "Is it Snowing AGAIN?"

We got about 2 more inches of snow since returning home from our trip on Monday afternoon. That makes our total here about 8 inches ---which is ALOT of snow for us.. Remember--I just recently said that WE don't get much snow here... (Guess I shouldn't have said that, huh???? ha ha)

Anyhow--the birds have been flocking to the feeders. I have had to refill them ALOT since getting home. I'm not sure how many birds we have had but I'll bet we've had about 100 different birds total (with at least 50 of them being Goldfinches)... The birds really EAT in this kind of weather. I'm glad I am here to help!!!!

Here are some pictures of the birds in the snow and of the snow itself. The bird pictures were taken yesterday and the snow pictures were taken on Monday. Above is a male Cardinal sitting on one of my plant hangers---waiting on a turn at the feeders. I have some cute close-ups of him, but wanted to show you the snow today. Below are more.

See that sweet little Chickadee sitting up in a tree---also waiting for a turn at the feeders??

This picture made me laugh... Poor little Carolina Wren (who looked like Santa Claus, with bushy white eyebrows and a white beard) was sitting on his perch... Do you know what that perch is?????? Look at it again. It's a Rhododendron Bud.... Isn't this a cute picture????

George took this great picture of our pink Dogwood tree filled with snow. Can you see the dogwood buds????

I took this picture along the front of the house --toward our Confederate Jasmine bush.

This final picture is neat to me because the snow has formed lots of FINGERS and HANDS on the evergreen tree... Can you see them????

Hope the worst of WINTER is almost over for all of us!!!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Wonderful Weekend

As you probably know (if you have read previous posts), George surprised me by taking me to Desoto State Park near Mentone, AL to celebrate Valentine's Day this past weekend. We have been there before --but have never stayed in their lodge. We had a cute little room -with our own balcony and little stream and cascades right behind the room. We had a delicious Rib Eye Steak dinner on Valentine's evening. AND--while we were there, we visited the Little River Canyon nearby and took in several nearby waterfalls. It was a fabulous couple of days!!!!

We both enjoyed using our new cameras (George has a new Canon Rebel T1i and I have a Canon Rebel Xsi) --and as you can imagine, we took a million pictures (well--not quite!!! ha)... Here are a few --with many more to come!!!! The picture above is one of our favorite waterfalls (Little River Falls). Below are more!!!

Here's a picture of Desoto Falls --showing the icicles along the side. We have showed you pictures of both of these waterfalls before, but there was MUCH more water coming over the falls this time. It was awesome!

Here's the happy couple standing by the fireplace before enjoying a delicious dinner on Valentine's evening at the state park restaurant.

I took this picture of George at the dinner table on Valentine's evening. At that point, we were enjoying some salad from the salad bar. Dinner was delicious --and the atmosphere was super!

We didn't have much snow (just a dusting) in Alabama---but look what we found when we got home! We have about 5 inches of just the type of snow I love (the kind that clings to everything). I was so excited --and had to get outside when we got home, so that I could take even more pictures. It is SO pretty---so I'm a happy camper today just enjoying it!! George doesn't like it for some reason --but he's the one who has to shovel the driveway!!!!! Oh Well!!!! ha

I love to see the snow clinging to all of the evergreens. (You can tell that by looking at my header picture.)

My sweet little backyard birds are THRILLED that I am home. I had to refill the feeders when we got home. Don't you love this little female Cardinal at the house feeder?? Look at the snow on top!!!!!! Mercy Me!

I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend. I will try to catch up with your blogs this week (I hope).


Friday, February 12, 2010

A Night Snow

I've seen many bloggers' snow pictures recently --but don't think I have seen many taken or shown at night. On Tuesday evening, Feb. 9, about 9 p.m., we had the nicest little snow here. It was one of those snows that I truly love ---one that clings to everything, is wet and has BIG flakes. I was SO excited!!!!!

I couldn't wait to wake up the next morning and see that beautiful snow...... BUT----guess what???? The rains came during the night and the snow was mostly all gone by the morning. Sigh!!!!!

Glad we took a few night photos... Here they are for you. Above was one taken of our front yard as we stood on the front porch. More are below.

Here's a picture of one of our Holly bushes in the front yard.

The umbrella on our deck was collecting snow... Like I said, this was a snow which was clinging to everything!!!!

Look at the snow as it collects on our swing on the deck. It looks like a piece of cotton, doesn't it????

I love this picture looking from the deck out into the backyard. Isn't the Rhododendron just beautiful????

The snow was clinging to the trees in the backyard.

Here's a close-up of the top of our large Rhododendron. The snow was so pretty clinging to it.

Here's one more picture of part of the Rhododendron next to our deck.

Finally, here's one more picture of the front yard. It was such a pretty snow! Too bad it didn't last.... You missed me making a snow angel JUST for you... What a shame!!!!!!! har har har

Even though I love snow, I need to send a blog {{{{{{HUG}}}}} to all of my friends who are suffering due to having TOO much snow in their areas of the country. I also need to invite ALL of you to move to the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee since we truly do not get much snow here. (Hope I don't have to eat my words for saying this!!!! ha)


Monday, February 8, 2010

One More Set of SNOW Pictures

Aren't you saying HALLELUJAH that this will be the last set of my snow pictures from our Snow and Ice Storm on January 29 and 30????? After seeing all of the pictures from the HUGE storm along the East Coast this past weekend, our 5-6 inch snow looks just like a 'dusting' to that storm. BUT---it was a 'neat' storm for us --and we enjoyed taking pictures to share. Above is a neat picture looking across our backyard toward the woodpile. Below are more pictures!!!

I took this picture of George when we were out on the golf course fairway, behind our house.

We saw deer tracks out on the golf course. This showed how heavy the deer are ---since they made TRACKS ---and George and I couldn't sink into the snow AT ALL.... Crazy!!!!

Another view from our back yard--looking toward the lower end of the golf course fairway

This Eskimo loved being out in the snow.... However, I had to take my gloves off to take pictures---and after being out in the cold for awhile, my fingers were so cold, I couldn't feel the buttons on the camera.... Brrrrrrr!!!

The sun came out on Sunday, the 31st. Families were out on the golf course fairway sledding. I watched them a little while---wishing that my kids and grandkids could have been here.

One more picture of the sledding; I was on our deck using my long lens.. AND--the sledders were moving along so fast, it was hard to get a good picture. What FUN!!!!

This picture was taken last Sunday the 31st (when the sun was out) --from our deck. I love seeing the shadows on the snow!!!! Hooray for the sun!! I think this was the last day we had sunshine here!

And---Hooray to the New Orleans Saints!!!! My team won the Super Bowl last night. I was so happy for the city of New Orleans. I sat on my sofa and cried. I lived in New Orleans in the '80's and we followed the Saints when they were not a good team. But--these fans are like Cubs fans... They don't ever give up on the team. This year --they finally WON... I am so so so so happy!!!!!

While enjoying texting with my 3 sons on the phone all evening (which I love), George and I enjoyed a dinner of Brats on the grill, 'tater salad and baked beans... Yum!!! AND--we watched the commercials also. As usual, there were some really good commercials and some really bad ones. (And we won't even talk about the halftime show!) ....... BUT--a few of my favorite commercials were:
-Budweiser's Human Bridge
-Clydesdale Fences (friendship between a young Clydesdale and a young steer)
-Doritos Play Nice (Little Boy protecting his Mama from a boyfriend)
-Doritos Dog Gets Revenge
-Bridgestone Bachelor Party
-E trade Girlfriends
What were your favorites?????

Hope you have a great Monday... We have had flurries all weekend --with more coming Tuesday and again Friday.. Don't think the sun is ever going to come out here!!!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

And Then--It Turned to ICE

I have published several previous posts from our big snow and ice storm (Jan. 29/30). Yesterday, I showed the snow on our shrubs and bushes. Today, I will show you more of our ICE pictures. As I have said, we first had about 5-6 inches of snow --and after that, an inch of ice... Then--even after that, we had another inch of snow... It was a weird storm!!!!

Here are six more ice pictures, all taken on January 30, plus one taken on the 31st. Above is another picture (this one is a close-up) of that Confederate Jasmine bush after the ice storm. Below are more!

I showed you a close-up picture of our big Rhododendron bush in a previous post. This picture shows you the ice clinging on more of that bush. You can also see the icicles hanging from the gutters.

Here's a close-up of some of the icicles hanging from our home---all of the way around the house!!!

Hmmmmmmmmm.... Don't think we will be grillling any steaks!!!! Ya think????

How do you like the ice on the windchimes???????

I love this picture that George took... The little buds on the Dogwood tree are all covered with ice. Isn't this an incredible icy picture?

Finally, here is one last picture taken on January 31--when the sun came out. I was using my 300mm lens --and shooting toward the sky. The trees were glistening due to all of the ice on them.

Hope you enjoyed the ICY pictures today. AND--I hope that none of you have a ice storm this weekend. I know that they said that areas north and east of us and along the east coast could get TONS of ice and/or snow... We are only supposed to get rain and maybe some flurries this weekend. BUT--we may get some snow on Tuesday/Wednesday.. Winter is NOT over...