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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Big Birthday Celebration

I took my Sweetie on a 'surprise' trip to celebrate his 68th birthday this week. We went back to the little cabin in Cosby, TN which is RIGHT next to a huge waterfall. IF you were reading my blogs the end of March last year, you will remember our trip to Serenity Falls. This little cabin is fabulous --because you can sit in the living room --and look out of the huge picture window and see this waterfall. We thought there was alot of water coming over the falls last year, but there was even more this year... SO gorgeous!!!! (If you want to see last year's pictures, look under the COSBY label on my right sidebar.)

We got to Cosby on Monday after a wonderful ride through the Smokies. I asked George what he would really like to do on his birthday (Tuesday). He chose going to his favorite place Tullulah Gorge in GA and then having dinner at another of our favorite restaurants, the Dillard House, in Dillard, GA. Here's a little 'preview' of George's special day----with many more pictures to come in future blog posts. Above is a picture of us sitting outside of our cabin ---at Serenity Falls. This is truly an incredible place!!!!! Below are more pictures from George's birthday!

In order to get to Tallulah Gorge, we drove over the mountain on Highway 441 --between Gatlinburg and Cherokee, NC. Even though it was a very warm day ---there still was ALOT of snow on the tops of the mountains. This picture was taken at Newfound Gap (elevation over 5000 feet). It was fun (more fun for me than for George) to see snow on a warm day!!!

We also enjoyed seeing the gorgeous Smoky Mountains as we drove. Of course, we stopped at many overlooks and took TONS of pictures!!!!

We're at Tallulah Gorge... See that smile on my Honey's face????? Oh ---how we love that place!

This is one of our favorite waterfalls in the gorge. This one is named Tempesta Falls. We have now visited Tallulah Gorge in three seasons. We still need to go in Spring. I must say that going in winter is great since we could see down into the gorge easier since there are no leaves on the trees.

The Birthday Boy (and his bride) enjoyed a HUGE and WONDERFUL dinner at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA. As usual, there was so much food, we had to take some back to the cabin to eat for other meals!!!! Our favorites this time were the pork chops and a creamed cabbage/cheese casserole... Another fav were the stuffed green peppers. AND--we really enjoyed the red pickled peppers which were fabulous, especially on the green beans... Can you tell???? It was GREAT!!!!

We got back to the cabin in time to enjoy some birthday cake. George chose a Red Velvet Cake this time---along with his favorite, Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Here is the new camera bag I gave George for his birthday. We ordered our new cameras through Amazon.com. For some reason, George's camera came from a different company than mine did. I got mine through Cameta Cameras---and my camera came with a really nice camera bag. When George got his (from another company) ---his camera bag was not even large nor sturdy enough for his new expensive camera. We have complained because that was truly the worst camera bag I have ever seen. This new one I got for him is really nice!!!! He loves it... I gave it to him early so that he could enjoy it on this trip... If you look back up this page, to his picture at Tallulah Gorge, you can see George holding his new bag!!!

WELL----I think the Birthday Boy had a great day !!! At least, I hope he did! Getting to stay in a cabin with his own personal waterfall, seeing snow on the mountains, seeing the glorious mountain peaks, enjoying Tallulah Gorge, having dinner at the Dillard House , and then cake and ice cream at the cabin -----------------well, what else needs to be said????? Life is GOOD.

Hope you have had a good week!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Burgess Falls in Winter (Part II)

Look at that gorgeous waterfall!!!! Yesterday I showed you Falling Water Cascades, Little Falls and Middle Falls. All of these plus the 'beauty' pictured above are at Burgess Falls State Park in Cookeville, TN. Be sure and check out yesterday's post --if you missed it, for information about this beautiful area which is not far from our home. Above is the largest of the four falls at 136 feet. Its name is BURGESS FALLS... More pictures are below.

When we got to Burgess Falls, I sat at the brink of the falls just feeling the mist and enjoying the area.

George walked on down to get better pictures of the side and the bottom of the falls.

Look at all of the icicles tucked up along the bluffs and gorge area.

To get a perspective of how large this waterfall is, look at the top--on the right side. Can you see ME standing up there watching George as he makes his way toward the bottom?????

Here's a close-up of me standing at the top of the waterfall.

This picture is truly amazing. Can you see it????? Look again.... There is a icicle CROSS in the center of Burgess Falls. (Now scroll back up two pictures --and look at the cross in the center left side of Burgess Falls! Awesome, isn't it???)

Another picture of Burgess Falls and the icicles beside it

And one final picture of Burgess Falls and nearby icicles in February of 2007

Have a great weekend.


P.S. Thanks to all of you!!!! I now have 200 followers!!!! Wow!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Burgess Falls in Winter (Part I)

On February 2, 2007, George and I drove to Cookeville, TN (about 35 miles northwest of here) on a cold, snowy morning to check out one of our favorite nearby waterfalls, Burgess Falls. Burgess Falls is named after Tom Burgess, a Revolutionary War veteran who settled along this section of the Falling Water River in the 1790's. Due in large part to calls from Cookevillians to protect this area, Burgess Falls State Park was established in 1971.

A 1.5 mile loop trail follows the bluffs along the south bank of the gorge, starting at the Falling Water Cascades and after passing two smaller waterfalls (Little Falls and Middle Falls), it ends at a platform overlooking Burgess Falls. Burgess Falls falls 136 feet. A stairway leads down to the overhang of Burgess Falls --and then continues down into the gorge.

On this particular trip, the temperature was 28 degrees and we had had some snow. It was a perfect time to visit the falls. I thought you might enjoy seeing our pictures from that little hike. Above is a picture of one of the four waterfalls at Burgess. This one is Middle Falls. Below are more.

This is Falling Water Cascades --found at the beginning of our hike. The snow was so pretty that day--as it clung to the trees.

The gal who loves snow was so happy to be here that morning.

Another view of the Falling Water Cascades

Even George, who doesn't like snow much, was enjoying hiking along this trail.

The second waterfall along our path is named Little Falls.

There were icicles all along the bluffs near the trail...

I am standing at the overlook at Middle Falls.

I get that man on his knees as much as I can!!!!!! ha ha.... I wanted to get him in the picture along with Middle Falls, and this was the only way to do it.... Isn't George a good sport????

You won't want to miss tomorrow's post (Part II). Seeing the beautiful and huge waterfall (Burgess Falls) and its surrounding icicles is GORGEOUS... So ---be sure and come back tomorrow for more!!!!


"Lordy-Lordy----Look who's FORTY!!!!" (Middle son Mark was born on 1/15/70); Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie... I love you dearly!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our First Snow 12/5/09

Well by now, most of you know that this ole' southern girl LOVES snow... SO--yesterday morning, I was happy to wake up and see some here in Fairfield Glade. We only had an inch or two --but it was pretty (prettier than most any snow we had last year AT ALL).. SO---I am a 'happy camper'... And--the snow didn't melt quickly (like it usually does) since our temps are quite low today. SO--I enjoyed it most of the day.

I know that you northerners --who get lots of snow--are probably laughing at us southerners making such a 'big deal' about a tiny bit of snow, but this is special for us!!!!! ha ha.... Here are some pictures --so I hope you enjoy them!!!! Above is a picture looking from the inside of our home --onto the deck. Below are more, and I do have a question at the end.

From inside, looking out onto the deck; You can see our Christmas garland and bows.. I love seeing snow while the decorations are up.

Here's the other side of the deck, looking towards the back yard and golf course fairway.

I was standing on the front porch looking out toward the road. You can see some of the left-over rose bush stems. We haven't had a freeze before now--so George hasn't cut them back and put them to bed for the winter yet. Bet he'll be doing that very soon now!!!!

I like this 'Christmasy' picture--showing snow on the holy bushes and the wreaths hanging out front.

Also--looking out across the front yard to the road; Bet the pansies in that round bed are cold!!!!

Since I love seeing snow on evergreen, George took a couple of pictures for me. Pretty, huh?

Here's one more gorgeous picture George took of the snow on our pine tree.

I couldn't resist taking this picture of a male Cardinal on the front feeder outside of the computer room window. The birds always come to the feeders constantly in either rainy or snowy weather.

Wow----count the Cardinals!!!! Can you see all three of them???? One is on the plant hanger, one on a branch, and the other is at the feeder... I was lucky to get his shot of all three of them.

Here's one more picture of the male having breakfast!! Sorry these pictures are faded looking. I was shooting through a dirty window (oops) and a screen... Oh Well!!!

OKAY---here's my question.... See these prints? They are on the deck leading from the steps to one of our sliding doors. There are only about 4-5 of them--but they are from 18-24 inches apart..... Totally weird!!!! What could it be??? A big Rabbit??? It had to have been something fairly heavy because of the indention in the snow. We do have rabbits up here but I have NEVER seen one anywhere near our deck. We have squirrels and chipmunks on the deck and sometimes a raccoon or skunk.... Any idea what visitor came to see us?????? (By the way, the small prints in the upper right corner are squirrel prints for sure.)

Here's one more picture. It's a puzzlement---but maybe someone knows!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Hope you had a great Saturday... I certainly did!!!! Now--have a wonderful Sunday also!


P.S. George won a gorgeous BIRD calendar Giveaway from Kentucky Blog Friend JEN. Check out George's blog HERE to see what a fabulous gift he won. Don't forget to check out Jen's great blog site also. Thanks Jen!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now You'll Know Why I LOVE Snow

(Be sure and read yesterday's blog if you haven't done so. Many of you KNEW before reading this one--what is going to happen!!!! BUT--you don't know the details!) This is Part II of my story of when I moved to Hendersonville, TN in December of 2000. The minute I got to Hendersonville, I had a PEACE within me that I hadn't had in awhile. I loved my new job ---and even bought a townhouse there (thinking that I would be there for years and years). Before I go any farther, I need to change the subject and give you George's story.

George's wife died from cancer in 1999. They lived in Little River, SC. George stayed there after she died --until he changed jobs the end of 2000, looking for a 'new' life. He thought at first that the new job he was interested in was in Memphis---but later found that it was in Nashville (close to Hendersonville). SO---about the same time I interviewed for my job (October), George was in town interviewing for his job. He stayed with his parents ---who incidentally lived in Hendersonville and belonged to the church where I was going to be employed. He took his new job ---and so did I. He moved to Hendersonville in December and so did I. (Can you believe all of this?????) His home in South Carolina had not sold yet---so he lived temporarily with his parents after getting there.

Now here is the crazy part!!!! George is an Episcopalian ---so on his first Sunday in Hendersonville, he was going to attend worship at the Episcopal Church. However, it was snowing that morning (not much, but enough to scare a Tennessean)---so services at the Episcopal Church were cancelled. George went back to his parents' home and offered to take them to services at the Methodist Church. They took him up on it---and because of the snow, George attended my first service at that church, and never went back to the Episcopal Church after that Sunday. (See why I like SNOW so much!!! ha)

I spoke to the Adult Sunday School Classes that morning and George attended. But--we didn't actually meet until about January 7. BUT---think about it!!!! IF it hadn't have snowed that Sunday, George may have attended the Episcopal Church ---and I may never have met him. That little bit of snow is what God provided that morning in his quest to get us together. There's no other way to explain it.

I made it through those first couple of weeks meeting tons and tons of people. I knew from my experience in Texas (since there were times of terrible loneliness) that I would love to meet someone to spend my 'golden years' with. BUT--I had been 'single' (divorced) for about 20 years ---so I didn't think that my Prince Charming would ever come into my life. The list of what I 'wanted' in a man was VERY long... Was there someone JUST for me out there?????

On January 7, I was invited to speak to the Men's Group at the church. I just happened to sit at a table with George and his father. I remember talking to him a little---but as he still says, I was 'flirting' with some of the other men at our table. A week or so later, I was offering to teach a Bible Study Class. George called me to ask about the study --and to find out if his mother could attend even though she was blind and couldn't read the book. I of course told him that his mother was welcome to attend. After that call, I looked George up in the church directory --but since he was new (I didn't know that), he was not listed.

The Bible Study began the end of January and there were about 50 adults in the class---and that included George. As 'luck' would have it, George's job called for him to be out-of-town quite a bit. SO--he missed some of the Bible study Classes. We were emailing at that time ---and I offered to meet with him sometime and catch him up on the study. He then asked me out to dinner on March 29. I took the Bible Study books with me and thought that we would spend the evening talking about the study. HA HA HA---guess what???? The Bible Study NEVER came up. We talked for 2 hours ---and it was truly magical.

From that night on, we were inseparable. George may not have 'Had Me from Hello'---but he had me after that night when we had our first dinner together. God had put us together---and, after that evening, we both knew for sure why we were 'called' to Hendersonville. We knew within a week or two that we loved each other. George gave me my engagement ring on April 19 ---in our Bible Study Class. (And to think: I HAD to teach the class that evening AFTER getting my ring!!! Don't know how I did it!! ha).. We were married in an outdoor ceremony for family only in Knoxville beside the Tennessee River on June 21 of that year (2001).

After meeting George and getting married, my entire life changed. We sold George's South Carolina home and eventually sold my townhouse, and bought our dream-home here in Fairfield Glade in 2002. But we didn't move here until July of 2003 (when I retired). George continued to work until 2006 --when he officially retired also. Retirement for both of us is absolutely fabulous. BUT--like most busy retirees, we don't ever seem to have a free minute. We're both doing things that we never had time to do when we were younger.

My family and friends who knew me as a workaholic never believed that I could be happy NOT working those 12 hour days. I was independent and driven. I don't think my sons even know me anymore since they've never seen their mother enjoying gardening, hiking and being a birder. My-My--how I have changed!!!! But--I'm happier than I have EVER been in my entire life.

George and I are truly soulmates (for lack of a better word). We love being together ---and seldom are apart. Our marriage is truly from God---and we keep God at the center of our lives each and every single day. Our 8 years together so far (and we hope to have many more) have been the best times of both of our lives ---and with each passing day, our love for each other continues to grow and grow.

Yes---I stepped out of my comfortable box, listened to that little God-feeling inside of me, moved to Tennessee, met the man of my dreams, and am living a blessed life. That is my love story that I wanted to share today. My advice: Never give up on your dreams---and never ignore those deep feelings within you. Dreams CAN come true ---and mine did! Let it SNOW!!!!! ha