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Monday, September 9, 2013

Day Trip to the SMOKIES (9/5/13)

SUNRISE on Sept. 5, 2013
I enjoyed my week off from blogging SO much --even though I missed each of you.  I did try to read some of your posts during the week but didn't do much commenting.  I've been working on Family History most of the week with three exceptions.

First,  on Friday,  August 30,   we met another blog friend and her hubby.  Nellie and Gene (photo below) were headed to Nashville to visit their daughter.  SO--we met them (where else) at Cracker Barrel here in Crossville for lunch... Nellie has been a great blog friend for awhile,  but this is the first time we have met in person.  Twas WONDERFUL!!!!! You can see Nellie's blog (Berries and More) by clicking HERE.

On Labor Day (Sept 2),  we drove to Ashland City (near Nashville) to visit with George's daughter and hubby --who have just moved to the Nashville area.  We had a great day with them and are thrilled to have them closer to us (from Buffalo--where they lived before).

Then on Thursday,  Sept. 5,  we got up before dawn,  took our car to Knoxville to the Toyota place for her maintenance.  After that we headed to the SMOKIES for the day.  We first did some hiking in the Tremont Area (on the Middle Prong Trail).   It was a great hike and we saw SEVERAL waterfalls along the way.  After that,  we drove on the Foothills Parkway stopping at the overlooks for more photo opportunities.  We finished the day by having dinner at one of our favorite places,  the Texas Roadhouse.  It was a fabulous day ---and we had over FOUR miles on our pedometers!

Today I will talk more about the Smokies Trip. Be sure to click on all photos for enlargements.   Above is a picture of the SUNRISE we saw while we were driving from our home toward Knoxville. 

The picture above is a favorite of mine since it is 'different' from most of our photos together with the tripod.  I told George that you all are seeing our BEST side.. ha ha ...We are enjoying one of several waterfalls,  Lower Lynn Camp Falls.

George taking a photo of Lower Lynn Camp Falls
George hiked down a STEEP hill in order to get some better photos of Lower Lynn Camp Falls.   Can you see him down there??????  (I took this photo from the bench on top.)

Here is one of George's photos taken from the bottom!!!

One of SEVERAL cascades between Lynn Camp Falls and Lower Lynn Camp Falls
We both hiked down to the bottom of several of these cascades to get photos of the falls.  Here's a cute picture of George taking photos at this waterfall.

Top of Lynn Camp Falls
Lynn Camp Falls is in layers. I took this photo from the TOP of that waterfall...

After the wonderful hike,  we stopped at several overlooks along Middle Prong for more photos.  Again,  we enjoyed seeing several beautiful cascades.  This is a photo of us sitting near one of those cascades.

See that little flower in the lower right corner in the previous photo????   This little beauty was growing down there near the water --and it was all alone!!!!  Isn't it pretty?  (UPDATE:  a blog friend said that this is a Cardinal Flower.)

Beautiful Smoky Mountains!!!
After leaving the Tremont area,  we drove along the Foothills Parkway.   Have I told you how much we love our PRIUS?  We are averaging about 55 mpg in that car!  Awesome!   AND--have I told you how much we love the SMOKIES?  We want to return to this area after the leaves change colors.

Dogwood leaves changing colors
Speaking of FALL,   I did manage to get some photos showing some of the indications that Fall is coming... Above is one showing the changes in the Dogwood leaves.

I love the colors in these leaves. They seem to turn a very very deep purple...  I think this is one of the many types of MAPLES.

Finally,  here is a neat photo I got while looking up at the top of this tree ---showing some color changes near the top.  Can you tell that AUTUMN is on the way?????   I get so excited this time of year --just like I do in Spring.

Here's a photo of my blog friend,  Nellie and her hubby,  Gene...  WONDERFUL people!!!!!  I'm so blessed to have met them both.

Hope you had a good week...   Be sure and catch me up on anything important which I may have missed last week...  Have a fabulous Monday.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Hike to Look Rock Observation Tower (Smokies-10/23/12)

Look Rock Observation Tower
George and I spent a day in the beautiful SMOKY MOUNTAINS in Tennessee on 10/23/12  visiting the Foothills Parkway near Townsend, Tennessee... If you missed my first post showing all of the gorgeous colors up there,  click HERE.

Today I will share another post from that day.  We hiked up to the Look Rock Observation Tower on top of the mountain.... It's not a hard hike (only about a mile round-trip) and on a clear day,  you can really see a long distance from up there.  If you are ever in the Smokies,  we recommend this hike.

The picture above was taken on the Foothills Parkway---looking up at the tower....  Below are more.   Be sure to click on the pictures in order to see them larger.

Now we are on the TRAIL leading up to the tower... George took this picture of me. The Fall colors were still gorgeous here.  You can see that I am wearing my Camera Vest --with water on my right hip and my long lens on my left hip!!!!!!  I'm ready to go!!!! ha

Here is more of the pretty Fall colors on our walk!!!!  Isn't that blue sky just great as a backdrop?

We are almost at the TOP.....  Here is a picture I took of George on the ramp up to the tower... We both took lots of pictures while hiking up to the tower.

I snapped this picture of the Look Rock Observation Tower --up close and personal!!!

I took this picture from the top ---looking down at the Foothills Parkway.   That is where I took the first picture at the top of this page.

Here's George at the top of the tower.  I'd love to be up here either at sunrise or at sunset.  Wouldn't that be tremendous????

Here's another picture taken from the top of the tower.  You can see the beautiful Smoky Mountains in this picture... We were there in the middle of the afternoon ---so the sun wasn't always in the 'correct' place for some good photos... Like I said above,  we need to come really early in the morning sometime--or stay until sunset.

George took this picture of me ---on the top of the tower.  As you know,  I love being on top of a mountain.. This one is awesome!!!!

Here's a neat picture of the sun shining on some yellow leaves  we saw on our way back down the mountain...

I'm going to finish with two more pictures taken while we were on the top of the tower.  I used my long lens to get a good picture of a farm in the valley below the mountain....

And finally,  here's one more ---showing a lake in the valley below.  The last time we came to this observation tower,  it was in September of 2010 I think.... It was nice --but the Fall colors weren't nearly as pretty as they were this year...

Hope you have a good week.   As you probably know,  this is a busy time of the year for us... We are taking the week off ---so our next blog posts will be on Monday,  Nov. 12. 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Smoky Mountain Autumn

Thanks to Blog Friend,  SHARON,   George and I took a day trip to the SMOKIES yesterday (10/23/12) to check out the Fall Colors.   Sharon wrote me an email telling me how beautiful the colors were along the FOOTHILLS PARKWAY.    Thanks, Friend!!!!  The colors truly were marvelous and both George and I took a tillion photos I'm sure... ha

Hope you enjoy some of our photos.   We also took a hike to the big tower near Look Rock.  I'll blog about that another time.  The photo above shows all of the colors we saw on the road (along the parkway).

Here is a collage of some of the beautiful colors we saw along our way.  It's hard to choose favorites ---so I just made some collages.  (Be sure to click on all photos to see enlargements.)

I love this picture I took of George in front of some of that beautiful color.

Here is our beautiful SMOKY MOUNTAINS...  I love seeing the mountains all year long---but especially in the Fall.

Here is one very happy girl ---to be here in our beautiful Smokies!!!!!

Here is one more collage showing some of the beautiful colors we saw along the parkway.   I love seeing LOTS of different colors together in Fall---and today,  we got to experience just that!  Awesome!

Of course,  George and I can't go anywhere unless we pull out the tripod and take our picture together.   Hope you enjoy this photo of two very very happy people enjoying their day!!!!

Finally,   after a delicious steak dinner at the Texas Roadhouse (one of our favorite restaurants)---we headed home....  AND---to end a gorgeous day,  look what else we got to experience....   Here is a Cumberland Plateau SUNSET just for US!!!!

WOW---what an incredible day!!!!!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hiking in the Smokies

George and I took our last hiking trip to the Smokies for awhile... (We stay away from that area during the tourist season as much as possible--due to the traffic and large amounts of people around.)   We had to go to Knoxville for regular Toyota maintenance early on Tuesday,  May 21,  so we just drove the extra distance and went on a 4.3 mile hike.

This time, we first stopped off at the Foothills Parkway for some pictures of these beautiful mountains  before heading on for our hiking trip near Elkmont to Huskey Branch Falls.  Today will be the first set of the pictures from that trip... Hope you enjoy them!!!   Be sure to enlarge them for bigger pictures.

The picture above was taken from the Foothills Parkway near Townsend.  OH how I love these beautiful mountains!!!!!   NOTE those threatening skies... Hmmmmmmm---wonder what that means??????????

George took this photo of me at one of the overlooks on the Foothills Parkway...  As you can see,  I was happy to be there!!!!

Now we are on the path to Huskey Branch Falls... We followed the Little River (shown above) all of the way up the mountain.  This is a fabulous area of the Smokies --and provided us with many photo opportunities.   The last time we were in the Smokies,  the leaves were still not on the trees ---so it was great seeing all of the beautiful new Spring growth.

Here's another picture of me enjoying the Little River.  Since the weather was 'threatening'--we decided to wear our jackets on the trail.   Am I ever glad that we did!!!!!! ha.....  Note also that I'm wearing my camera vest ---which is wonderful.   The camera is always right there in front of me,  but I don't have to carry it,  or struggle with it bobbing back and forth when I walk!!!!!   If you don't have a Camera Vest (or wear a backpack like hubby does),  then I highly recommend this!

Here's a picture of George doing what he loves ----taking pictures using his tripod and his new filter......  

This is a picture of the type of photos George is getting using the new filter... I think they are truly AWESOME...  He can make the water turn to SILK....

Here's one of my 'creative' shots --without tripod and fancy lens.... BUT--I think it turned out pretty good anyhow.  I call it "Swirling Water"...

Finally,  here is a picture  we took of us at the Little River,  using the tripod...  Oh how we love being in the Smokies!!!!  More pictures to come of this 'memorable' hiking experience.....

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.  We did --although it was HOT here (hotter than it usually is this time of year up here on the Cumberland Plateau)..   We got some yard work done and cooked some steaks on the grill on Monday!!!!

Have a fabulous Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look Rock Observation Tower, Foothills Pkwy-Part II

If you missed yesterday's post showing Part I,   click HERE.  Today,  I will show you several more pictures taken from the Observation Tower on the Foothills Parkway.

Above is another picture showing where Cades Cove is. You can't see it because it is surrounded by mountains.   BUT--it is down in the 'cove' between that ridge and the mountains behind. It is only 8 miles from where we were!

George took this picture of me on the tower...   Below on the right is the Foothills Parkway.  The water to the left is Lake Santeetlah near Robbinsville,  NC.

This picture was taken with my 300mm long lens... I am facing west.   That is steam from the Watts Bar TVA Plant in the distance...  The Watts Bar Dam is nearby --and that is Highway 68 --near Spring City, TN.  That is quite a distance from where we were on that tower.  Amazing...  The water to the left in that picture is part of Fort Loudon Lake I think.

The row of mountains in the distance are Walden's Ridge --which are very close to where we live on the Cumberland Plateau. I don't know how many miles it is from the tower to the Cumberland Plateau,  but when we drive it,  it takes us about two and a half hours.  (Like I said yesterday,  this was an extremely clear day!)

This is Rich Mountain (in the middle)--which George and I traveled across in September..   Check out that post by clicking HERE for Part I and HERE  for Part II.   I took this picture with my 300mm long lens from the Observation Tower.  Rich Mountain was 10 miles from where we were,  and it is 3,686 feet high.

This is  Clingman's Dome --also taken from the Observation Tower with my long lens;  Clingman's Dome is the peak in the distance and is 6,643 feet high,  and is 26 miles from where we were... Amazing, isn't it?

Finally,  this is Mt. LeConte in the distance--taken from the tower, with my long lens.  Mt. LeConte is 6,593 feet high and is 29 miles from where we were.  Our friends, Judy and Charlie,  climb up to Mt. LeConte every year and stay in the lodge on top of that mountain...

Visiting this tower was truly fabulous since we could see so many of the places where we have been.   IF you are ever near Townsend, TN---please visit the Foothills Parkway and hike to the Observation Tower.  It's awesome!!!!

We got the rest of the Pansies planted (72 total) yesterday...  We have them in 5 different beds/areas in our front yard... Hope they make it through the winter.. Usually (unless we have a really harsh winter) they will last here until about July (when it gets really hot).  They are so pretty... I am a Pansy lover for sure!!!!!