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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waterfalls in Wears Valley

Lower Cove Creek Cascade
As I said in the Feb. 6th post,  George and I took a short trip on Monday and Tuesday (Jan. 30 and 31).  On the 31st,  we drove through the glorious Smoky Mountains stopping in Wears Valley to check out FIVE waterfalls.  We saw these waterfalls in 2008 ---but were anxious to see them again!!!!    On that gorgeous day,  we loved walking along the creek checking out the waterfalls along the way...   Above is Lower Cove Creek Cascade...  Isn't it pretty?   Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them..

Cove Creek Falls
This little waterfall sits directly behind a house/cabin....  Great location for the cabin ---but it seemed to be in disrepair.   Nobody was around when we were there. 

George at Cove Creek Falls
I love this picture of George.  I put it on Facebook last week.  He is standing in front of Cove Creek Falls.

Secret Falls
There are two cabins at  Secret Falls.  One of them (like some of the other cabins along this road) sits TOO close to the water... I'm sure that high water or a flood would do alot of damage to these cabins.  (That may be why one of them is for sale!!!!!)

The picture above is Secret Falls.  The two cabins are across the creek.  You can see the one closest to the water --but the other one (a huge cabin) is up on the hill (to the left).  Parking is on the road side of the creek,  and one has to walk across the bridge to get to both cabins. 

Betsy at bridge above Secret Falls
George took my picture as I checked out the bridge above Secret Falls..  This area is just gorgeous---and we had a nice walk on a mild January day.

Middle Cove Creek Cascade
I took this picture from the bridge --looking toward Middle Cove Creek Cascade, farther upstream.  Wish you could have heard the roaring water as it swiftly made its way downstream. There is another cabin in the distance --along with another bridge.

Close-up Picture of the Cascades
We loved seeing this creek and all of its cascades and waterfalls.  We both love taking 'up close and personal' pictures of the water.  The picture above is a close-up I took...Isn't the water gorgeous?   It looks like silk, doesn't it?

Upper Cove Creek Cascade
The last waterfall upstream is farther away ----so George put on his long lens for a great shot.  There is a house (with no-trespassing signs) at the end of the road,  so we couldn't get close to this waterfall.  I love our long lenses for pictures like this. 

Hope you enjoyed our little walk along the creek.   You can imagine how wonderful it was seeing these beautiful waterfalls and cascades as we walked...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  George and I have been in Georgia doing some hiking and 'waterfalling'....  That's our very favorite thing to do.  On Monday and Tuesday,  we have seen a total of SEVEN waterfalls...   We had SO much fun!!!!!   We also went out to a wonderful Valentine's Dinner of Prime Rib and more.... What a wonderful trip!!!!!    (I will begin catching up with your blog posts soon...  There's never enough time!!!!)

One more piece of GREAT NEWS:  My youngest son Jeff and his gal (Dawn) are officially engaged now.  He gave her a ring on Valentine's Day!!!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter in the Smoky Mountains

On January 30 and 31st,  George and I took a short little trip to North Carolina and Tennessee... We saw alot of things in those two days including a trip to Biltmore,  lots of waterfalls and cascades,  and the gorgeous Smoky Mountains.    As you can imagine,  we took MANY pictures!! ha

Today,  I'll share some pictures which I will title "Winter in the Smokies"...  However,  this winter has been MILD ---so there wasn't  any snow nor ice on top of the mountain at Newfound Gap.  Unbelievable!!!!!   SO ---on our day there (31st),  we had gorgeous spring-like weather with an interesting sky.   Hope you enjoy the photos,  but be sure and enlarge them for a much better look!  The picture above was taken on the North Carolina side of the mountain.

It was mid-afternoon, and the sun was peaking out around the clouds.  I liked  this picture with the sun's colors on the mountains, but the blue sky disappears when shooting straight toward the sun!!!!

This picture was taken looking south  (away from the sun).. Now you can see some of the blue sky and clouds.  This picture was taken from the Newfound Gap parking area.   This is the Tennessee/North Carolina state line --and the elevation here is 5046 feet...  Again,  we were surprised that there was NO snow and only a few icicles along the rocks up there this year...

We are now on the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Bypass.   The city of Gatlinburg is in the valley to the left... Straight head of you  is the gorgeous Mt. LeConte at an elevation of about 6600 feet.  That is not snow on the mountain ---but the late afternoon sun and shadows... Nice, huh?

I love this picture ---as the sun was going down quickly.   AND---with the sun going in and out of the passing clouds,  we were able to get some great pictures with every changing moment.

This is my favorite picture of the beautiful sky on that fabulous day in January.   I added this to Facebook --and got many great comments there...  Hope you enjoyed these pictures taken on a 'winter'????  day in Tennessee and North Carolina.   Don't forget to click on the pictures to see them larger.

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl?  It was  a great game --and my team won!!!! Even though I am not a Madonna fan (never have been),  I do think that the halftime show was good (much better than past years).   BUT--I was sorta disappointed in some of the commercials this year.  I liked the VW Bug one with the dog... AND --I liked the Coca Cola ones with the polar bears...  Loved the Doritos commercials --and I enjoyed Mr. Quigley!!!  What did you think???

Have a fabulous Monday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More from the Smokies 10/11

Hope you saw my photos from our latest trip to the Smokies... If you missed it,  scroll down to the labels on my sidebar and click on Fall 2011.  We went to the Smokies on Friday,  Oct. 14,  and the colors were marvelous once you got up to the mid and upper levels of the mountains...  There are just some times in our lives when we go some place at the correct time... WELL---that was it for us that day.... The colors truly would just take one's breath away.

Here are more pictures taken that day from the Smokies... Above is another photo showing the sun as it pops through the clouds on that early morning.... I love seeing the rays as they shine down in the valley and mountains...  The largest mountain in the photo is Mt. LeConte... The picture was taken from the bypass around Gatlinburg. You can see a little bit of Gatlinburg below in the photo.   (Click for larger photos.)

This is another shot of the beautiful waters found in the Smokies.... Actually,  George found this new little waterfall that day ---as he hiked down to the creek on the Chimneys Hiking Trail...  Isn't this a gorgeous little area?   They built a bridge across the creek here for the hikers...

This shows more of the gorgeous colors along the road that day..  They were truly breath-taking!!!!!

Here is George at one of the overlooks between Newfound Gap and Cherokee.   Except for the cold and HIGH winds,  we could have stayed there for hours --admiring this beauty.

This shows you what a gorgeous day we had...  Aren't the colors ---both up close and at a distance---just beautiful?

There is nothing like being in the mountains on on gorgeous day---especially in Fall when the trees are showing off their Fall colors!!!!

George took this picture of me ---with the sticking-up hair on a very windy day!!!!!  Can you tell how much I loved being there????  It was too windy to get the tripod out --but that would have been a wonderful background for our picture together.

Finally,  here's one more... All of our pictures were taken from different overlooks ---so this will give you another picture showing the beauty in the Smokies...

Hope you live somewhere where the colors are marvelous in Fall....  I read that our winter this year may be very wet and very MILD.   Obviously,  that thrills George since he hates snow...   I myself like snow (as I'm sure you know!!! ha)---so am still hoping for a little bit!!!!!   I 'figured' that the winter may be mild here since our mast crop (nuts) is quite small this year,  compared to recent years..  That is a 'sign' they say!!!!!!  Well---good comes out of bad you know... George perked up and said: "We'll be able to hike more in the winter this year and see more WATERFALLS".... ha ha

Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall in the Smokies --2011

This past Friday,  George and I went to the Smokies to check out the Fall colors there.... WOW---is what we found!!!!!!  We left home VERY early ---to see some good sky/sun/fog pictures in addition to the gorgeous Fall colors... AND--we weren't disappointed AT ALL.

The day before had brought rain to our area... But --this day was supposed to clear up and be a gorgeous, clear day.   As you'll be able to see from the photos,  the day started out cloudy--but it didn't take that sun very long to pop through!!!!

Here are just a few of the photos we took on that beautiful day in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.   Above was a great picture I captured along the bypass around Gatlinburg.   I think God was smiling down on us ---and that sun was saying "Good Morning, World!"    (That is fog glistening below the rays.)  Click on pictures to enlarge!

We stopped at an overlook as we headed up the mountain on Highway 441 (between Gatlinburg and Cherokee) and captured this photo of the fog below us in the shadows.

About halfway up the mountain (north of the Chimneys hiking area),  the colors got more and more vivid... Here is an example of some of the beauty we saw along the road on that ride up the mountain.

And since George and I love waterfalls/cascades/creeks,  we stopped along the way to check out this great Smoky Mountain creek.

When we got further up the mountain (on either side of Newfound Gap),   the colors just got more and more beautiful... I'm going to show you ONLY three of the many photos I took... Fall is always pretty---but this particular Fall day just seemed to be extra special!!!  I think we got there at the EXACT right time...

Oh the gorgeous Smoky Mountains!!!  We are so lucky to live close enough to enjoy them---all times of year, but especially in Autumn!

Finally,  here is one more for you today..   We are so blessed to live in such a magnificent world that God created for us...  I hope we all learn to take better care of it!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our photos from the Smokies.  I'll share more at another time because we managed to take a big bunch!!!! ha


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More from Cades Cove, May 23, 2011

On our May daytrip to the Smokies,  we just HAD to stop and take a few pictures of gorgeous Cades Cove.   There's just not a more beautiful place on earth I don't think!!!! Relax and enjoy!

We loved seeing the yellow wildflowers in the field --and also the horses.  Neat, huh?

Everything was so green and lush in the 'cove'.

See that black bear in this picture?  I captured him with my long lens!!!

Being at Cades Cove will always bring a smile to George's face.

It didn't matter which direction we looked while in the cove...  It is gorgeous from ANY and EVERY direction.

Bring a blanket,  have a seat with me,  and let's have a picnic!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some May Beauty in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Henry Whitehead Cabin, Cades Cove, TN

Now---take off your cowboy boots and let's leave the 'west' for today.... I'm taking you back to my area and one of my favorite places,  Cades Cove--in the Smoky Mountains.

On May 23, 2011,  George and I took a day-trip to the Smokies.  We went through Cades Cove and then rode across Parson's Branch Road.   You probably remember my June blogs talking about our 'crazy' trip on that rough road.   IF you missed any of those posts,  you can go to my sidebar,  scroll down to labels and click on CADES COVE 2011.

Today,  I will show you another cabin we visited that day near the Cades Cove Loop Road --entitled the Henry Whitehead Cabin...  Above is a picture of the cabin,  found in the Chestnut Flats area of Cades Cove.  Below are more.

When we post pictures of old homes and cabins,  many of you ask to see the inside.  SO---here is what the inside of the Henry Whitehead Cabin looks like now. Don't you just hate to see it when people scribble graffiti in places like this... GADS!!!!

Here is a picture of the side of the house.  Can you tell that this used to be TWO different cabins??????  Seems as if Matilda (Aunt Tildy) Shields married Henry Whitehead after her first husband ran off... (Shame on him!)...  Henry built the front portion, which was Aunt Tildy's DREAM HOME,  in 1895.

Note the brick chimney in the 'newer' cabin.  That brick chimney was unheard of in  this area at the time.  This structure might be called the ultimate log cabin,  or sometimes called a 'transition house' due to its near-perfect construction from logs sawed straight and flat at a nearby mill.  Soon the mill-sawed lumber would replace log cabins with frame construction.  By the way though,  this is the only cabin built like this still standing today in the Smokies.

SO---what about the little cabin in back, you ask???????   Well---when Aunt Tildy's first husband left her (shame on him)---her brothers quickly built this cabin for Tildy to live in. .  I love seeing the old stone-rubble chimney.   Miss Tildy lived in that little cabin until Henry courted and married her----and then built her Smoky Mountain Dream Home!!!

Here is a picture of the old fireplace --from the inside... Neat, huh?

This little building out back of the cabin was their corn crib.  Wonder if there were any snakes inside there????? We didn't check it out --for some reason!!! ha

While walking around the yard at the Whitehead Cabin,  I noticed a group of butterflies on the ground ---so knowing me,  I just HAD to take a picture... Some of you butterfly people will need to tell me what these are..  All I know is that they are 'purdy'...

Finally,  here is one more picture of the Henry Whitehead Cabin for you... WE enjoyed visiting Aunt Tildy's first home --and then her 'dream' home....  Sounds like she did well the 2nd time around when it comes to husbands.

By the way,  some trivia for you (which I'm sure you want to know):  Aunt Tildy's son from her FIRST marriage became one of the prominent producers of moonshine in Cades Cove during the Prohibition.... (Just knew you wanted to know that!!!!)

Have a great day, and mark your calendars now:  Don't miss my blog on Friday this week... It's a favorite of mine....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Waterfalls along Parson Branch Road, Smokies

First of all,  if you missed reading my first post about this road and this area,  please click HERE and read that post before reading this one.   I don't think I emphasized enough how truly BAD that road was in certain spots...  I'm sure there are times when it is not so bad --but this may have been the 2nd worst back road that George and I have driven on (the first being Potato Patch Mountain in GA--in the snow and ice).  There were huge ruts,  mud holes --which you could almost disappear in,  etc....  As pretty as it was back in that area (and it was),  there was at least one time that I wasn't sure we would make it!  BUT--we did.....  AND---the beauty we saw made it all worthwhile.

Today,  I'll share that beauty with you.  We saw three new waterfalls along Parson Branch Road.  The picture above shows the first of these waterfalls. Note that the road crossed right OVER it.   We had several 'water crossings' like this one...

We drove over the creek/waterfall,  then stopped and walked back to get some pictures... I didn't try to walk back across the water--but George did (of course).  He managed to get his feet wet --but that didn't stop him!!!!!  Afterall,  this was a new waterfall for us... ha....

George took the picture above.  Isn't it GREAT????  He said it was worth getting  wet!!!!! ha... This waterfall is PANTHER CREEK FALLS.  We have never driven so close and OVER a waterfall before, like this one!!!!!

This is the one I showed you in the last Parson Branch post.  This is TRIPLE FALLS on Parson Branch.  It's the prettiest of the three waterfalls in this area.

The above picture shows another water crossing. Again,  we crossed and then parked to get some pictures.  This time,  George didn't have to get his feet wet!!!

He was able to get down to the bank to get a great picture... Isn't this a pretty little waterfall?  Its name is LOWER FALLS on Parson Branch.  You can see the road near the top of the picture.  This area was truly GORGEOUS-----which made the bumpy road all worthwhile!

Here is a picture of George down on the creek bank.....  And NO--he didn't go wading  (although I'll bet it was tempting)!!!!! ha ha

Finally,  I'll close with a beautiful picture I took of Parson Branch --as it headed on down the mountain.  This is just the type of place which would be wonderful on a hot day (like we have been having).   Take a picnic lunch and find a big rock... AND--let your tootsies dangle in the water--without your shoes on (of course)... ha

Have a wonderful day!!!!  And don't be afraid to go to places like this...  I promise you that I'd go back again in a heartbeat...  It is truly a marvelous area of the Smokies.