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Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Home has a New TOP!!!!

Many of you remember last Summer when we had a new DECK put on our home.  If you missed that post,  click HERE.    Then,  after we got the new deck,  we got the house PAINTED.  Click HERE to see that post.

SO---this year,  we got a new ROOF.  Hopefully,  we are finished with these big jobs for awhile, except for the staining of the deck which we hope to do sometime this summer...   (We have given up some of our longer travel plans for this!!!)   Who was it that said the we don't own the house;  the house OWNS US..   ha ha (TRUE!!!)

Today,  I'll share photos with you  from the installation of the roof.   We had been waiting for a few weeks for the roof---but Mother Nature wasn't cooperating... SO--on Monday,  July 8, 2013,  the sun came out --AND a large crew came to give us a new roof.  They got here at 8 a.m. ---and had it totally finished by 3:15 p.m.  We were SO impressed with their work --and they did a fabulous job of the clean-up.   I would highly recommend A-1 Roofing (Crossville, TN) to others in our area who need a new roof.

They had originally said that it would take about two days.  BUT--with our crazy weather this summer,  they doubled up on the crew and got it done in one day.  AND---we are glad they did it this way since we had some rain that night at 6:30 p.m.!!!!! Crazy weather!!!! And--since we got the new roof,  we have had some rain most every single day!

The photo above shows some of the crew working on the roof...  George and I both slipped out of the house and took some photos of them working. They backed the big truck up to the house to collect all of the old shingles and old skylights.  They also had big tarps around the house to collect anything that dropped from above.  They had a little elevator (with the help of a generator) which took all of the shingles up on the roof.   They seemed very organized and all of these guys had their own jobs---and all worked hard!!  (Be sure to click on all photos for enlargements.)

Here is a photo of them working at the back of the house... Like I said,  there was a large crew here...

This is another photo of those hard-working young men...  I took this photo from the  backyard --on the upper side.

Here  is one more photo of the hard workers ---which I took from the road,  looking toward the front of the house.

This next set of photos were taken AFTER completion.   We love the new roof ---and the color is a Charcoal/Black.  In some shadows, it looks dark --and in certain other lights,  it looks lighter.  I wanted DARK ---and didn't want green,  so we are happy with our choice.  It's similar to what was on the roof --although the old shingles had more of a bluish look--which we did NOT want.

 This is a close-up of the shingles and one of our TWO new skylights.  We had skylights before --but they were made of plastic and were OLD and dingy... They needed replacing.  The workers also replaced some old wood around the fireplace...  The new skylights are WONDERFUL....

And here is a photo of the completed roof from the back of the house.  You can see the other skylight in this photo.  Both skylights are in each of two bathrooms.

This one was taken from the backyard --on the upper side.  You can see the top of one of our umbrellas on the deck.

NOW---here is a "BEFORE" photo of our home taken last summer (before the paint job and before the new roof).... You'll note that they had already taken the shutters down and were getting ready to paint when this photo was taken.   You can barely see the old skylight up there!!!!

AND---here is the "FINISHED PRODUCT"  in a similar location from the photo above.    Quite a difference,  don't you think????   How do you like it????  We love it!!!!   Guess that is all that matters, huh????

Hope you have a good weekend...  I will see you on Monday!!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Our House gets New Clothes

I had another post ready for today,  but I'm so excited about our beautiful little home ---that I just HAD to share this with you...  IF you are on Facebook,  you saw my surprise yesterday--but that was only one photo.  Today I'll share several!!!!!

Our home is being painted... Maybe I should have waited until they finish,  but I am just too excited to wait!   I'm always apprehensive when choosing a paint color...  What if we don't like it?  What if it is too dark --or too light????  YIPES---what a decision!!!

I will show more pictures when they totally finish.  The painters haven't started the white trim yet --so that will take awhile.. BUT--other than touch-ups,  they have finished the green....  I love-love-love this green... It seems to be perfect for us and blends so well with our yard and the surrounding trees.. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures today!!!!   Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

The green has a 'sheen' to it when the sun hits it.  It looks darker in the shadows... This is the front left side near the garage.  I love the way the ROSES are smiling ---just like I am.

Walking on around the house to the left,  I took this picture of the 'upper' side of the house,  near the upper flowerbed and the rock sidewalk.   The large window in the distance is George's little office area---across from the laundry room.  The smaller window is our kitchen.  The big sliding door goes into our 'Great' Room  (combo living/dining room).

You've seen the new deck (at the back of the house) in other blog posts recently...  If you missed the main post showing the new deck,  click HERE.   Both doors (on either side of the chimney) go into our Great Room... George and I read  our devotions together every morning on the swing (weather permitting)... The 'Bird Kitchen' is on the far end...   Beyond the deck  on the far end (out of sight) is one of our bedroom windows.    (The new deck will be stained in the spring.)

I don't think I have ever shown this side of our home.  This is the lower side of the house  where we have a half basement.   The two windows go into our bedroom... Since our bedroom is next to the Bird Kitchen (and since we put our bird feeders up at night)--the Northern Cardinals (and their loud chips) wake us up about 6:30 each morning begging for their breakfast...  There are 2 bathrooms in the middle (one off of our bedroom and one off of the hall).  The area to the left is the 2nd bedroom --which we use as our computer room...

 Now I am back around to the front of the house... This is the right side (from the front)--and inside the window is where we live most of the time---our Computer Room!!!!!  ha ha ..... There is one bird feeder next to this window---so that I can see some of the little birdies when I'm not close to the Bird Kitchen!!!!!

I'll close with one more photo of the front of the house.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the entire outside of our precious little home.  We love it --and it's perfect for a couple of retirees...   Sometime--I'll have to show you the inside --which is not nearly as pretty!!!!!!  Don't you just love our home and her new clothes?  George and I do----and I guess that is what matters...

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.   Tomorrow is George's Dad's 100th birthday party...  SO--like most weekends,  I'll be out-of-pocket.  His actual birthday is next Wednesday... We will be with him on that day also. Amazing man!!!!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Our New Deck including a 'Bird Kitchen'

Wood for the new deck
Many of you know by now that we are doing some home renovation around here... First,  we now have a new deck.   We love our wrap-around deck ---but we knew that it was old (over 25 yrs. old) and some of the boards were beginning to warp....

We also made a huge mistake about 5-6 years ago when we did what we thought we needed to do at the time ---and that was to have it stained....   Little did we know at the time but the different colored stain is nothing more than PAINT....  We were happy to choose a gray stain ---which turned out to be too BLUE  (which was not pretty with our green house)...   I hated the stain from the beginning --but we had it,  so we lived with it... And then (because it was a paint rather than a real strain) ---it started peeling off ..  I hated it ---and spent many hours each spring trying to clean it with our power washer...

Bottom Line:  IF you ever get a new deck put in,   do what we've NOW learned to do :  put the wood down and then wait for 9-12 months before getting it stained...  That way,  the wood has a chance to 'season'.  Have it stained with a 'real' stain ---and then it will last for years and years and years....   We are very happy with this decision.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!  The first 3 pictures were taken on June 15 and the last four were taken on June 28....  Be sure to click on the pictures to see enlargements.

Here you can see where they were taking the old deck apart... Luckily,  they were able to use quite a bit of our old deck since it was still in good shape... They will sand all of the posts to look like new--when they stain the deck next spring...

This is what our backyard looked like for a couple of weeks...  You can see our deck furniture there ---and also George --trying to hide from the camera!!!! ha..... (NOTE though that our grass was still green on June 15.... That grass and all grass in this area is now BROWN due to the heat and drought.)

Our deck man and his team did a GREAT job ---and finished everything within a couple of weeks total --while working off and on.  I provided the team with some cold drinks each day since it was HOT...

Here is our completed deck.   This picture was taken on June 28 ---and we are ready to enjoy our deck (if only it were cooler)...  We are enjoying it early in the mornings and in the evenings around sunset.   Want to come and 'sit a spell' with us?????

I am thrilled to show you my new "Bird Kitchen".....  As you probably know,  we have been using a clothes line for some of the bird feeders.    SO----our wonderful deck man built an ARBOR for my feeders.   (It would also be good for hanging baskets if someone would prefer to do that.)        I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!

My bird kitchen contains seven feeders total.  First, there are 4 little hanging feeders above the sliding glass doors.   Three of them have black-oil sunflower seeds and the fourth one contains Nyger (for the finches)...  On the Arbor so far is a little house (with the red roof)... That house contains black-oil sunflower seeds and  suet on both ends.   Also, the big plate is one of the most popular feeders ---since it contains a fruit and nut combination...  Most birds --even woodpeckers like that plate.  The nuthatches and bluejays enjoy the nuts, and they wait for me to refill that plate most every day!  Then there is a hanging suet feeder ---enjoyed also by many of the birds.   Don't you think this is a pretty nice kitchen for my birdies??????   Don't you like the arbor?

By the way,  we have a big container which can be seen in the picture below this one,  that we use to put away all of our bird feeders each night... Since we have night critters (like raccoons, possums,  skunks, etc.) who will eat it all ---we have to put it all up each evening.

Here's another picture of the deck looking the other direction ---while standing at the bird area...  You can now see our swing in the distance... Since we lost the cover over the swing two winters ago when too much snow/ice ripped it, we now have an umbrella over the swing also.  George and I read our devotions on the swing most every morning.

Finally,   while standing out in the backyard ,  I took a picture so that you can see the entire wrap-around deck.  As you can tell,  we have 3 sliding glass doors which open out onto the deck.    Now I'm sure you can understand why we love our deck so much!!!!

On another note,  like so many people,  we are experiencing a terrible heat wave here in Tennessee...  AND --to make things worse,   we are also experiencing a major drought... Can you see how BROWN our grass is in this photo, and in the one above?  (Compare it to the 2nd photo from the top of the page.)  We are desperate for rain!!!!   George and I are both keeping the flowers watered --but the grass will just have to suffer...  Kinda Sad!

One reason we moved to Fairfield Glade here on the Cumberland Plateau was because the summers aren't supposed to be nearly as hot here as in the valley areas.   We are 2000 feet above sea level ---and since buying our home here in 2002,  this past Friday was the hottest day we could remember... LATER that evening---we found out that we set a new all-time record with a high of 102 degrees that Friday, and again on Saturday.    I am not and have never been a summer-lover ---so,  as you can imagine,  this is NO FUN!!!!!

Back to our renovations,  we are not finished... The next thing on the agenda is to paint our house....  I'll share pictures of it after it is completed.  The same wonderful crew will be doing this also.  We decided to stick with this mossy green color ---so it probably won't look alot different than it does now.  But---it hasn't been painted since before we bought the house in 2002--so it's time!!!!

Sorry this is so long ---but  I just had to share!!!!  Have a great day,  and stay COOL wherever you are.