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Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Came!!!!!

See our shirts????? We do BELIEVE!!! (Thanks to our friends, Judy and Charlie, for giving us these shirts from their visit to Santa Claus, Indiana.) We must have been really good little boys and girls this year --since Santa did come to our house this year!!!! He even ate ALL of the cookies, and drank all of his milk!!!!! (Must have been hungry!!) Here are a few pictures from our Christmas here in Fairfield Glade.

Here is a gorgeous close-up picture of part of our Christmas tree which George took on Christmas Eve. I love the colors in this photo.

Our tree, early on Christmas morning; Our weather here was rainy and windy! NO White Christmas for us--but Santa still managed to get here!!!

First, we had to check out all of the goodies in our stockings!!! Thanks, Santa!

Blogger friend, Shelley, (click HERE for her blog) sent us these two gorgeous Cardinal ornaments. Shelley KNOWS how much we love our backyard birds, including the Cardinals. Thanks Friend!!!!

My Sweetie gave me two new Willow Tree figurines for my collection. I love love love this one since it is ME. Her name is the ANGEL of HAPPINESS, free to sing, laugh, dance...create! Don't you love the birds on her arms???

I couldn't resist getting George this hat. It says: "Don't Forget My SENIOR DISCOUNT! (I know, I look too young for it!)"... Since we go to Kroger's every Wednesday JUST for our Senior discount, I felt this hat was perfect for him.... (Got myself one also--since I cannot let him be out-done!!! ha)

My second Willow Tree angel is the ANGEL of the HOME. Isn't she pretty??? A friend asked me about these angels, so I had to look at the Willow Tree Angel web page to get the link for her. Uh Oh----there are probably 20 more of these angels that I'd love to have. (I gave the link to George just for the fun of it!!!!! ha ha)

Here is our 'big' present from Santa (to both of us). We got a bread-maker.... Neither of us have ever had one---and we even tried it out on Christmas afternoon... We made some delicious sourdough bread. YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

From beautiful Fairfield Glade, TN, these two lovebirds hope that you had as nice a Christmas as we did... NOW---we all have to change gears and switch to the New Year.... The time just keeps flying by... Pretty soon, it will be spring and we'll be waiting for a new crop of roses. My My!!!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Bird Ornaments

Yesterday, I showed you just a few of George's and my ornaments that we have given each other through the years. I saved my favorites until now to share with you... As most of you know, I am a fairly new 'birder'... We had hummingbirds first --and then the Bluebirds came and nested in our backyard. That SOLD me.... Since then, I have loved every minute of seeing and feeding our backyard birds.

SO---last Christmas, George surprised me with some gorgeous bird ornaments. He couldn't have given me anything that would have been more special to me. Today, I share my sweet little bird ornaments with you.

The picture above is the only bird ornament I had before last Christmas. George gave me a gorgeous GLASS hummingbird several years ago. The picture isn't great, since I put the hummingbird in front of a candle which caught some of the camera flash. But you can get the idea of what this fragile little hummer looks like. He is gorgeous. Below are the ones from last year.

This little birdie is my new hummingbird.. He is much larger than the little glass one above.

I love this ornament. It is a little bluebird house with bluebirds sitting around it. Isn't that just beautiful????

This beauty is another of my favorite backyard birds, the Cardinal. Isn't he gorgeous sitting in our tree?

George took all kinds of pictures of me while I opened these ornaments last Christmas... Can you tell how happy I was?????? (Just a little! ha)

Right above the Bluebird house is a beautiful Goldfinch. I have many, many Goldfinches this year ---so this little bird is another of my fav's. (Note another of our special ornaments which I didn't feature yesterday: the little lovey-dovey couple in the top right of the picture!!!)

This was one happy gal----looking at that Goldfinch, don't you think??? I still smile when I see the bird ornaments on our tree.

Finally, here's a picture showing three of the four bird ornaments: Goldfinch, Bluebirds and Cardinal. I hope you enjoyed seeing my 'birdie' ornaments!!!!

What is/are your very favorite ornament(s)?????


P.S. We drove to Hendersonville yesterday to see George's parents and take them out for an early Christmas Dinner at Mimi's Cafe. They are doing fine and will be with George's sister on Christmas Day. All of the family put a monetary gift to missions in their church in their honor for Christmas. Dad said that that gift made him so happy that he almost cried. God Bless this wonderful couple.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Christmas Ornaments

Well--it is only 4 days 'til Christmas. Are you ready????? I guess we all will be ready because it will happen regardless. Today and tomorrow, I will feature some of our many favorite ornaments. George and I both saved a few ornaments from our lives before we met--but we started a new tradition when we got married. We exchange 2-3 different ornaments with each other every Christmas. SO--our tree just keeps getting fuller and fuller. BUT--it is just so much fun when we decorate the tree, to unwrap these special ornaments and talk about that particular year and what the ornament meant or means.

The overall blog header in the center above was from 2001. It 'obviously' (HA) is a special one since it was our first Christmas together. That is a small ornament --and when I tried to crop and enlarge it, the overall picture didn't come out very good. BUT--I wanted you to see this happy couple eight years ago. The picture directly above is another ornament from that first Christmas. Below are a few more of some of our fav's.

You know that "I" love this ornament...... YES---"Let it SNOW"!!

I'll bet you may have one of these on your tree also... This is an ornament of a key to our home, which we bought in 2002. We bought our house in early Fall that year ---and we were just so so excited, as you can imagine!!!!

I love this ornament which I gave George... It is Santa going through his LONG list.... George relates to this since I usually have a LONG list of things for him to do!!!!! ha

Many of my 'gardening' blog friends will love this ornament which George gave to me one year. I have my own Gardening Greenhouse!! Is this not adorable????

Here's another of my favorite ornaments. We brought two replicas home from our wonderful trip to Williamsburg in 2007. This is the Governor's Palace.

I gave this little guy to George one year because he is my CHEF. When I married George, I had no idea that he loved to cook. The first meal I cooked for him was Spaghetti (something easy for me to do, and something I couldn't screw up too badly). Anyhow it turned out fine --but I didn't know at the time that George was a "cook from scratch" person ---and I had used bottled sauces... Uh Oh!!!! Glad he came back to see me after that meal!!!! ha ha

You can't see this ornament very well---but I gave it George in 2007. It is an ornament of George's HERO, Robert E. Lee. He loved it!!!!

Finally, here is another of my favorite ornaments. This is a gorgeous fishie..... I gave it to George since I love to go up to him begging for "Kissie-Kissie"..... Isn't she a beauty?????

I'll post more of our favorite ornaments tomorrow. In the meantime, sit and relax some this week and enjoy the week.