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Friday, March 29, 2013

Autumn Ohio Trip 10/12

This is my 8th and FINAL post from our trip to Ohio from October 15-18, 2012 with great friends NEAL and Patti Treadway.  In order to see any of the other posts  from this trip  (mostly from Hocking Hills State Park near Logan, Ohio), please click HERE.

This post will include our trip to Lake Logan on Oct. 17 (after we left Hocking Hills) and then it will also include our trip from Ohio back to Tennessee on Oct. 18th.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  Be sure to click on them to see enlargements.

The picture above shows the Mute Swans at Lake Logan.   We talked to a man who lives near there, and he told us that these Mute Swans have been at that lake for several years. Aren't they pretty?

Here's a collage of the Swans and Ducks.  We sat on the bank and watched them for a long time.

Here is a photo of the beautiful lake and the Fall Colors all around us.

Ohio had the most beautiful Fall Colors last year of most anywhere we went.  We just happened to be there during the perfect week... Aren't these gorgeous photos?

Here is another photo showing the swans and some of the ducks...

Here is a collage showing the ducks along the bank of the lake.  There were quite a few of them--trying to find some shade where they could rest.

The next morning,  the Treadways headed back to their home in Indiana and we headed toward Tennessee.   We took the 'backroads' home ---and when we do that,  we always find something interesting to see!!!!   Above is a photo showing one of the roads we traveled on... Do you enjoy traveling the backroads like we do?

Guess what we found along the backroads?????  A COVERED BRIDGE!!!!!   This is the Cox Covered Bridge (built in 1884).  This beauty is in Vinton County,  Ohio.  Do you enjoy seeing covered bridges?   When I spotted this little bridge,  we immediately turned around so that we could get some photos.

All along the way,  we enjoyed the views all around us.   I'm not sure what river this was but it might be the Little Raccoon River...  Pretty though, isn't it?

After we got into Tennessee,  the GPS took us through the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area on a gravel road.   The Fall Colors along that route were AWESOME.

Here's a photo showing some of the beautiful Fall colors all around us.  Guess this proves that the Fall Colors in TENNESSEE (where we were now) were just as pretty as those in Ohio... We had a gorgeous drive home that day!

Finally,  here's another collage showing more of the Autumn Colors as we headed home that day.   All in all,  we had a marvelous trip.   Just being with good friends made it even more special.   I hope we have more trips with Neal and Patti... The four of us enjoy being together and we have so much in common.

Today is a special day for George and me.  We had our first date in 2001.... Think we'll celebrate today!!!!  YEAH!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Blessed Easter!   If you missed my Photo Blog post this past Wednesday,  be sure and click HERE


Monday, March 4, 2013

More from Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

NOTE: Be sure to read the 3 items at the bottom of this blog post.  Thanks!

If you have missed seeing my posts from our trip to Hocking Hills State Park, near Logan, Ohio,  in October, 2012,  with friends, NEAL and Patti Treadway,  click HERE.   We had such a great trip --and I'm still trying to get through my photos.  Today,  I'll share with you our crazy hike through the Cedar Falls area,  and also to Ash Cave.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and collages.. Be sure to click on them for enlargements.  AND I apologize for such a long post today.. I am trying to finish up that trip!!!!

The picture above shows more of the gorgeous Autumn Colors we experienced while in Ohio.  We were there at a PERFECT time... Hooray!!!!

We were hiking now (following our time at Old Man's Cave) on the trail to Cedar Falls.  We knew there wouldn't be much water at the falls --but the  whole area was pretty.  Top Left: Patti, Neal, George;  Middle--ME--trying to hold up a rock!!! ha;  Top Right:  George and Neal;  and Bottom: Patti and Neal.

Here is CEDAR FALLS---even though there wasn't much water coming over the falls... If you want more information about Cedar Falls and this area,  click HERE.

This is a great picture of the rock formations in the Cedar Falls area...

AND THEN--- Miss Betsy led the group down the 'wrong' trail ---obviously --IF you look at the pictures!!!!!  I thought we were taking a short-cut... HA HA ----not the case though...

Here's one more collage showing the rugged trail we took (actually--not a trail I don't think).....  We were beginning to look for either a horse or a helicopter in order to get outta there!!!!!! ha ha ha  (OH--the memories we will have after this hike!!!!!!)

NEXT,  after getting back to our car SOMEHOW,  we then drove to ASH CAVE for some more hiking.  Ash Cave is not really a cave ---but a HUGE rock overhang.  For more information on Ash Cave,  click HERE.    You can see a photo of what the waterfall should look like with some WATER...   The picture above is looking back into the rock formations under the overhang.

This is a collage of us ---as we wandered around checking out the area.  Top left: Patti and Neal; Middle:  Me;  Top Right: Neal, Patti, George

Here is a picture of the almost waterless waterfall.  I would love to be there when there is alot of water coming over the falls.

You can see how vast the cave is in these picture.  George is in the one on the left and I am in the one in the middle.  Neal is checking out the water droplets from the waterfall.

This picture was taken from under the overhang... You can get some idea of the vastness of this 'cave'... The horseshoe cave is 100 feet deep,  90 feet high and measures 700 feet from one end to the other.  It's HUGE.

This ends our time at Hocking Hills State Park.  Hope you enjoyed seeing all of the beauty in that park... I will have one more post from that trip ---showing you the lake we visited late that afternoon,  and some photos from our trip home the next day.

George and I have such a great time with Neal and Patti.  The four of us have the same interests --and we just enjoy being together.   I hope we get to do several more trips together in the future!!!!

1. Be sure to check out Theresa's blog  (TexasWisGirl) on BLOGGING.  Click HERE.   That gal really gets the comments ---so if you want to do it her way,  check it out.  She's the expert.

2. I am featured today on Ann's Snap Edit Scrap BLOG....  She asked me some questions which I answered for her.  Check it out --and leave her a comment.  Click HERE.  Thanks,  and thanks to Ann for inviting me to participate.

3. Because so many people these days enjoy SHORT blogs,  I am starting a new one which will contain only one picture plus explanation.  I hope that you will enjoy the new blog --and follow me on it beginning on WEDNESDAY this week.  I will alternate blogs --so you  will have some choices.  Tune in to THIS blog on Wed. and I will provide the URL for the new one.  Let me know what you think...

Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Old Man's Cave, Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Neal and Patti;  George and Betsy
Continuing our October trip with friends,  NEAL and Patti Treadway,  the next morning we first went to  OLD MAN'S CAVE, the most popular area of the Hocking Hills State Park, near Logan, Ohio.  If you missed any of the other posts from this trip,  click HERE.  Besides this one,  there have been 5 other posts.   Hope you enjoy our photos from this gorgeous place.  If you want to know more about the history of Old Man's Cave,  click HERE.   Be sure to click on the photos to see them larger.

Above is a picture of the four of us taken at Old Man's Cave ---near the Upper Falls.  Speaking of waterfalls,  there is a Lower Falls and an Upper Falls in Old Man's Cave.  We have been there two different times --and there was no water much (other than a trickle) coming over the waterfalls... However,  even without water in the falls,  this is a gorgeous area.

George took this picture of me standing on one of the bridges ---while I was busy taking my own pictures... The trail all along this area is FABULOUS...  It's not a cave ---but you are down in a canyon-like area as you walk, or gorge.

Here is a collage showing more of the beauty in that area...  It's another one of those places you have to visit in order to really know what you are experiencing.  Photos are okay---but being there is much better.

I love the reflection in this photo, taken at Old Man's Cave.

This is a picture of four friends having a great day.  Top:  Betsy,  and  Betsy and Neal;  Bottom: Neal and Patti, and George.

Neal and Patti are climbing the steps after we left the Lower Falls area.

Here is more of the great trail at Old Man's Cave.  Our visit was in October --so you can see many fallen leaves.  AND--in some of the pictures,  you can see the Fall Colors.

Above is a collage  of friends hiking in Old Man's Cave.  Top:  Neal and George;  George and Neal/Patti;  Bottom:  Neal, and Neal/Patti.

Here is a good picture showing some of the left-over Fall Colors inside the Old Man's Cave area.

This shows some of the cliff that we had to come down in order to get to the bottom of the little gorge area.  However,  the trail down was not hard since we obviously did not climb straight up and down a cliff.  As I've said many times, there is a great trail in this area.

Here's another photo of the tiny bit of water in the area --and all of the vegetation.  I love seeing the tree roots like that.  (I'd love to visit here after a huge rain --when the water is flowing through this gorge area.)

You can tell by my smile how much I enjoyed hiking in this area.  Hope you can get there sometime yourself!!!!

Finally,  here's a final picture of four friends enjoying a beautiful area.   Being here and hiking on a gorgeous Fall day was fun ---but being with GREAT friends was even better.

Have a wonderful day.