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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bull Sluice on the Chattooga Wild and Scenic River

When we travel to and from the beach (Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina),  we always stop to see some waterfalls (or something) along the way. Coming home this year,  we stopped by Biltmore House and Gardens.  SO--going to the beach,  we stopped near Clayton, GA to see BULL SLUICE.

Waterfall purists may scoff at Bull Sluice being included in a guide listing waterfalls, but this Class V Whitewater Rapid is a textbook definition of falling water.  Tons of frothing,  aerated water explode over this drop each minute,  producing an audible roar far downstream.

Bull Sluice may be approached on either the South Carolina side or the Georgia side of the Chattooga River.  We went to the South Carolina side and walked down a path to the observation deck.   While there,  we got to see several kayakers negotiate the sluice.  There were also some whitewater rafts --but we didn't get to the overlook in time to get pictures of them.   Above and below are some pictures we took while there (April 30).

This close-up picture, and the one at the top of the blog, show Bull Sluice.  They were taken from the overlook.   There was ALOT of water there!!!

I love this picture of George ---as he took pictures from our overlook.

Here comes some of the kayakers... See them?

Here he comes over the top!!!   Get a good breath!!   WHEW!!!!

OOPS... Where did he go????  I see the oar!!!!!! ha

WELL--luckily,  all of this group made it!!!!  Now they can float down to the sandy beach and get some 'rays'....

We had a great time at Bull Sluice --and enjoyed watching the kayakers...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Any big plans to celebrate this weekend?  We will be home --so I will post a blog on Monday.  Whatever you do,  have a good weekend.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fabulous Seafood

As you know (from looking at us--ha ha;  of course,  I'm speaking for me, not for George), George and I do love to eat.  We love fresh seafood ---and we cannot get much of it in Tennessee... Red Lobster just doesn't do it for us!!!! ha ... SO--that's one major reason we love to go to the beach.  We eat fresh seafood EVERY NIGHT we are there...  We both love the huge fresh SCALLOPS  (Yum) and I (not George) love OYSTERS.  We also love many other seafoods:  shrimp,  crab, clams, flounder,  etc....

One of our favorite restaurants at Calabash,  North Carolina,  on the inlet (where shrimp boats and deep sea fishing boats go in and out) is the DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT...  Click HERE to see map of area. You can see Myrtle Beach (on the left --Grand Strand),  then Little River,  then Calabash,  then Sunset Beach and then Ocean Isle where we stayed.  If you look at the word Calabash on the map --and drop down toward the water inlet,  Dockside Restaurant is located there.

Anyhow,  if you want the best seafood in the entire world including hush puppies to die for,  be sure and visit the Dockside Restaurant if you are ever in that area.

Here are some pictures we took one of the nights we were there.  Above is the water inlet where the restaurant is.  We walked out on the dock to see the fishing and other boats.  Below are more pictures.

Here is one of the shrimp boats...  Can you imagine how fresh our dinners were --with that restaurant RIGHT there where the seafood is brought in????? Wow!!!

George says that he will take this boat.... Hmmmm--that would be nice!!!!

The seagulls caught the attention of the 'birder' in the family (Ha).  Each of them had a special post which they sat on, and squawked at us while we were roaming around that dock!!!!

The 'birder' in the family couldn't decide whether she liked the boats best or the birds.... ha

I love this close-up I got of one of the cute little Seagulls,  perched up there above my head!

George stands next to his huge live oak tree --next to the restaurant.   Sorry we didn't get any pictures of the restaurant itself this time.  We have in past years,  but didn't take any this year.

Like I've said,  if you ever get to the Myrtle Beach area,  a drive to Calabash for some DOCKSIDE seafood must be on your agenda.  YUM!!!!

Have a wonderful day.  This post has made me hungry --just thinking about that seafood!!!! ha


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ocean Isle Beach, A Piece of Heaven!!

Since we go to Ocean Isle at least once a year (twice in 2010)---you have already seen alot of our pictures from there.  It is truly our kind of place... The Islander Inn is just exactly what we want when we go to the beach... It's north of Myrtle Beach --away from the crowds.  And yet,  we are close enough to go to the 'city' if we want to!!!!

The Inn offers a delicious breakfast buffet.  Our room is perfect for us and includes all of the amenities of a nice motel room.   And, as I said in Monday's post,  we love being directly ON the beach --so that we can enjoy the beach and ocean from our balcony.  Today I will share a few more pictures from this year's trip to the beach..

This is the pool and Tiki Hut/Bar at the Islander Inn.  There weren't many people swimming in the pool this week--but there were a few sunbathers, and people sitting by the pool off and on during the week.  George and I enjoy the beach more than the pool --so we don't spend much time there.  I'm sure this is a busy pool/area during the tourist season though.

The Islander Inn has a wonderful little gazebo.   People will sit out there on a hot day and read or just enjoy the ocean sounds.  There are MANY weddings here at the Islander Inn.  People will rent rooms at the Inn for the wedding party,  and get married on the beach. You can see all of the white chairs stored on  the left of the walkway to the beach.  These chairs are used for weddings.

Here is a picture of our little balcony.  We sat there many hours this past week,  doing our daily devotions --or reading--or just enjoying the ocean/beach.

I took this picture of George from our balcony taking a walk along the beach (with camera in hand).  Can you see him???

Here is one of the many pictures he took of the waves,  up close and personal.

AND---I love this picture of the fishing pier George took---showing a great reflection on the sand.   Neat huh???

This time of year,  the sun sets on the front side of the Islander Inn.  George went out front several nights trying to get some great sunset pictures, over the houses across the road.  I think this is a good one of the sky after the sun had set.

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our pictures from the Islander Inn at Ocean Isle Beach in southern North Carolina.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A "Fantabulous" Week

George and I just returned from another terrific trip to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina....  We couldn't have picked a better week to be there since there was NOT one drop of RAIN all week... Yeah!!!!!  It was warm and breezy --but not hot and humid.  There were very few people around --so we had the place to ourselves most of the week.  We soaked in the sun on the beach,  caught up with our reading and relaxing,  got some sleep and naps,  did some walking,  took lots of pictures,  and best of all--had some delicious seafood....  Couldn't have been better!!!!

On the way to the beach we stopped in South Carolina to check out Bull Sluice..  I will show some pictures of that in another blog.  Then,  on the way home,  we made a quick stop at Biltmore --to see if they had any new flowers blooming...   YES--they DID!!!!! WOW....   Like I said,  it was a fantastic week!!!!  BUT--it's nice to be home!

As you can imagine,  we took lots of pictures off and on during the trip..  Today,  I'll show you a few from the beach,  from Biltmore ----and our yard when we got home.

Above is a picture showing the Islander Inn where we stayed.  Our room was in Building Two (2nd from right --above the gazebo) --and we were in the top room on the left.   We absolutely love being RIGHT on the beach.  We leave our door opened all night --so that we can hear the waves.  It's awesome!!!!  Below are a few more.

See those chairs out there (on the right)??? That is our 'set-up'.... We spent quite a bit of time out there --both mornings and afternoons..  NICE!!!

Here's a gorgeous view of the ocean from our balcony.  That is the fishing pier on the left.  George has some great pictures taken in and around that pier.

Guess what we saw when we got to Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, NC??????   Lots of ROSES.....  You can only imagine what a Happy Camper George was checking them all out.  Come to find out that we have quite a few of their Hybrid Teas and Grandafloras in our yard!!!  How 'bout that?????  Above is a photo of just SOME of their many, many rose bushes at Biltmore.

Not only did we see beautiful Roses at Biltmore,  but we also saw many fabulous Rhododendron bushes.

But---after seeing all of the beauty at the beach and at Biltmore,  we headed home...  To our great surprise,  look what was smiling at us when we pulled in the driveway...  Our two pink Azaleas in the front yard were putting on a show ---just for our return,  I'm sure.... ha

And this  is our big 'road' flowerbed --also putting on a show.  The Irises are beautiful and we have LOTS of Roses blooming now.... YEAH!!!!!!!  There will be many more pictures to come --not only from our yard, but also from Biltmore and from the beach...

Hope all of you had a good week and a blessed Mother's Day yesterday.  I talked to all three of my wonderful sons, and my Sweetheart brought four gorgeous Roses inside for me to enjoy... Life is good --what else can I say?????