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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shine On...

I have talked and talked about how much we enjoyed seeing the sunrises and sunsets while at Ocean Isle Beach,  NC, in December.  What I haven't shared is the beautiful moon pictures that George took while there.  We enjoyed seeing that gorgeous full moon each night we were there,  and we even set the clock to see the Eclipse on Dec. 21.  Here are some of our beautiful MOON pictures.

These first two pictures obviously are of the gorgeous full moon.  It was wonderful to be at the beach during this time --since we had such great views of the moon that week.

There is something so interesting about seeing the moon surrounded by clouds.  George took this one from our balcony one night... Neat, huh?

Here is another picture of the moon with the clouds around it.  If you look at the clouds,  you can almost make out some different shapes.  I see a dog's or cat's face,  above and slightly to the left of the moon.  What do you see?

We didn't get outside soon enough to see the total lunar eclipse,  but we did get to see the partial eclipse--after the moon was moving out of the earth's shadow.   During a lunar eclipse,  the Earth lines up directly between the sun and the moon,  so there is no direct sunlight to hit and reflect off the moon's surface. During the total eclipse,  you cannot see the moon at all because it is hidden by the earth's shadow.

The only light that reaches it is 'filtered and bending through our atmosphere'.  That gives it the color of "all of the world's sunrises and sunsets"  together.  It was awesome to see.

Here is one more picture of the moon as it moves out of the earth's shadow.  The total eclipse lasted for 72 minutes and the entire eclipse lasted for about 3.5 hours.  We only saw about 10 minutes of it --since it was 4:07 a.m. Eastern time when we got up.  YAWN!!!! ha...   Well---even if it was in the middle of the night,  we are both glad that we got up and saw this rare happening.

Hope you enjoyed our moon pictures as much as we did.   We think we picked a perfect week to go to the beach!!!!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Lights in North Myrtle Beach, SC

I know you are tired of seeing Christmas lights ---so  I promise that this is my LAST Christmas post from 2010...  We were out-of-town and I missed over a week of blogging ---so I'm still trying to catch up.  ANYHOO----today I will share some pretty pictures from Barefoot Landing Shopping area in North Myrtle Beach,  South Carolina.

Barefoot Landing is built around water --so there are walkways going across the water to the different shopping areas and restaurants.  The picture was taken from one of the walkways--looking at another one.  I love the lights --and the reflections in the water.

This shows one of the walkways going across the water.   This is a very popular place most of the year.  However,  the evening we were there (just before Christmas),  most of the shops were closed.  A few restaurants around were open,  but we had the area mostly to ourselves (which was nice).

Lots of water birds live in this area. While we were walking across the walkway,  I noticed those white things in a tree on the other side... See them????  At first,  I thought they were Christmas decorations... Then we realized that they were EGRETS  sleeping in the tree...  Isn't that amazing????

George took this picture to show the beautiful flag----but  I noticed that he got another picture of the Egrets sleeping in that tree.   I just couldn't get over seeing them there.

Barefoot Landing is an 'open-air-type-mall'  with rows of all kinds of shops.  The Christmas decorations around those shops were very pretty.

There were even some Egret decorations at Barefoot Landing... Aren't they pretty???

Finally,  here is a picture of the beautiful Carousel at Barefoot Landing.  I used to call them "Merry-Go-Rounds"....   This one was closed --or else,  I would have taken a ride!!! (That's 'my' type of amusement ride.... ha ha )

Even if it's January,  I hope you enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights from Barefoot Landing.  If you ever get to North Myrtle Beach,  check out this gorgeous place.

Our snow just keeps on giving!!!!   George says that I got what I asked for.  He has cleaned the driveway 3 times and there's more snow on it today... When will it quit?????  We are home-bound since we live on a steep hill ---and are out of our daily bananas... BUT--there's plenty of food in the house and we'll catch up on the bananas if and when we ever get to the store...  Snow-Snow-Go Away.. Come Again Some Other Day!!!! ha


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Lights in North Carolina

Another nice thing about going to the  beach in December (when compared to our usual trip in May) ---besides seeing gorgeous sunrises and sunsets,   was getting to drive around the area to see their Christmas lights and decorations...  OBVIOUSLY,  we don't see that in May.  I have two posts remaining from our December trip to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.

Today and tomorrow,  I will share some of the pretty Christmas lights for you.  Above is a picture of one of our favorite restaurants in the area.  This is the Boundary House in Calabash, NC.  It is called that since it is near the boundary between North and South Carolina.

This is a picture of another of our favorite shopping places in Calabash, NC.  The name is Callahan's --and they have tons and tons of Christmas decorations and ornaments in addition to many other things, as you can see listed in the picture...

This beautiful Christmas tree was outside near Callahan's in Calabash, NC.

Here's another picture of Callahan's...  It was a little too cold to sit on the long porch!!!! ha

I love this picture of the side of Callahan's --with the full moon above!!!!

These last two pictures were taken at Islander Inn,  where we stayed on the beach in Ocean Isle, NC.  There weren't many decorations along the beach--but they did decorate the Palm trees at Islander Inn.  AND--you can see that the moon was still with us!!!!

Here is a close-up of one of the Palm trees at Islander Inn--all decorated for Christmas.

Tomorrow,  I will show you some pictures of the lights at Barefoot Landing at Myrtle Beach,  so stay tuned!!!!

Still snowing in our area!!!  We can't get out since the roads are a MESS...  I love snow--but enough is enough!!!!! ha ha

Thursday, January 6, 2011

More from Ocean Isle Beach in December

As you know if you have read my recent blogs,  George and I went to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina for a few days before Christmas.  If you didn't see any of my other pictures from there,  go to my sidebar and scroll down to Labels.  Click on the label named 'Ocean Isle 12-2010'...  This is my 4th post from that trip.

Today I'll share with you a few more pictures around the Islander Inn where we stayed.  Above is a picture of a very happy woman --to be at the beach on a sunny afternoon in December!!!  Below are more.

The sun was setting ---and I loved the color it produced of the area around the Islander Inn.  Isn't this a gorgeous picture?

George was happy to be at the beach also, even though the sun was in his eyes...

I took this picture of George as he was walking back from the beach on a COLD day to take some pictures.  Can you see him down there --with his red hat and his camera bag over his right shoulder?

George took this picture of me ---standing on our balcony (right after I took his picture).  See me up there in my Christmas sweatshirt????

And--here's one more picture of George walking back to our room at the Islander Inn.  Obviously,  there was nobody swimming in our pool (HA) and nobody even sitting in the little gazebo.   Did I tell you that it was COLD there,  especially when the wind blew?

I still have about three more sets of photos to share from this little trip...  MAYBE I'll catch up someday!!!!! ha

Have a wonderful Thursday!!  Today is Epiphany---- which is when the three Wisemen (Magi) visited the Baby Jesus.  Yesterday was the end of the official Twelve Days of Christmas.  Many people think that the twelve days are BEFORE Christmas --but they are officially the 12 days after Christmas ending on January 5.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Stepping into 2011

On Friday,  I showed a sunset on my blog ---representing the ending of the year... SO--what better way to begin a new year than by sharing a SUNRISE for you today.  I told you that,  when we go to the beach in May,  we cannot see either the sunset nor the sunrise.  In December,  we saw them BOTH... How marvelous is that!!!!

SO--to honor the beginning of 2011,  I will share with you a beautiful SUNRISE which we saw on December 23, 2010 at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina (taken from our balcony).  Above is first glance of the sunrise.  The sky's color over the water was incredible...  I may have even liked it more than the sunset...  Awe Shucks--I love them both!!!!!

You can see a little evidence of the sun beginning to pop up in the distance.

See it??????   It was a very clear morning ---and there is one man walking on the beach.

Hello Sunshine!!!!!!  Welcome to a beautiful morning!

The man on the beach stopped and took pictures --just like we were doing from our balcony.  I love the reflection in the water in this picture.

Isn't this just awesome?   Doesn't a picture like this just make you glad to be alive???  LOVE it.

Here's one last picture of our sunrise.  I included this sun-burst picture for my good friend, RUTH.  Isn't this a great picture????  Makes me want to live at the beach year-round... NAH---I'd miss my mountains!!!!! ha

I wish all of you HAPPINESS,  HOPE and LOVE --and especially good HEALTH all during 2011.


Friday, December 31, 2010

Sunset at the Beach

First of all,  HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE....  Can you believe that 2010 is almost OVER???? Where do the months and days go????  The older I get,  the faster time flies by!!!!!

As you know, if you are a regular follower of my blog,  we took a short trip to Ocean Isle Beach during Christmas week.   I published a blog post yesterday showing some pictures of the beach around Islander Inn where we stayed.

Today,  I'll post another set from our balcony at Ocean Isle Beach.   When we visit this area each May,  we cannot see either the sunrises or the sunsets from our room... SO--this was a JOY for us to see both while we were there...

The pictures today were taken late in the FIRST afternoon we were there... Seeing this sunset just took my breath away.  I knew at that moment exactly WHY we were there... It was awesome.   Here are some pictures of our beautiful sunset as taken from our balcony on December 20.

Not only were we enjoying the sunset over the ocean,  we also were enjoying the beautiful sky.

Can you believe seeing this beauty???? Made me chill all over---not because I was cold,  but because I was 'tingly' with excitement!!!

No words are needed to explain this picture!!!


Going  ---  Going...

GONE!!!!!  BUT--look at that sky!!!!!   AWESOME!!!

Hope you enjoyed our gorgeous sunset....   NOW---have a Happy New Year and stay SAFE... What will you do tomorrow, and do you have a meal planned?   We'll watch football most of the day I'm sure (with some naps included)---and I'll make my 'famous' (??)   HOPPIN' JOHN for dinner.  Hoppin' John consists of black-eyed peas, rice, kielbasa and ham.  It's delicious --and will hopefully bring us GOOD LUCK for 2011.  See you on Monday!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at the Beach

George and I always visit Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina every May... This year,  we decided to visit that area just before Christmas also.  WOW--what a treat we had...  It was cold there,  so we didn't enjoy the beach very much--like we do in May.  BUT---there were many other things which we did enjoy that we don't see in May.

As you can imagine I have several sets of pictures to share with you... HA HA HA.... Today,  I'll share some pictures around the Islander Inn --where we stayed on the beach at Ocean Isle.  Above is a picture from our balcony showing the dunes and waves...  Can you believe that there was almost NOBODY around????  Loved it!!!!

George did manage to take a walk along the beach one day --even though it was cold and windy!   He captured this great picture under the fishing pier.

For the three days we were there,  Mother Nature gave us several kinds of weather.  On this particular day,  it was FOGGY all day long....  Luckily,  we had no rain (nor snow--thank goodness)---but  on this particular day,  the fog remained with us...  It was relaxing!!!!

All of these shore-birds (gulls)  were lined up waiting for ANYONE to come by and give them something to eat...  BUT--there weren't that many people walking on the beach while we were there.

Here's another favorite picture of the dunes, sea grass,  waves and fog....

On one of our clear days,  we could see the Casino boats going out to sea --from the Little River Waterfront... Gambling is one thing which George and I do not do since I'm sure I'd lose my shirt (and MORE)... ha ha ... BUT--there are always plenty of people getting on those boats every single day to gamble....

More pictures to come!!!!!!  Are you getting ready to celebrate the New Year???  What will you do?  George and I will stay at home and watch some football on TV,   watch the ball fall in Times Square on New Year's Eve, and enjoy some Eggnog.  That is the extent of our 'big' celebration... ha