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Friday, April 4, 2014

More from Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia

Amicalola Falls in March of 2014! (Compare this one to the next one)
George and I visited Amicalola Falls State Park near Dawsonville,  Georgia from March 24-26, 2014.  Today I'll share more photos from that fabulous park.  As I said in this past Friday's blog post,  Amicalola Falls is 729 feet high and is Georgia's highest waterfall,  and is the third highest falls in the Eastern United States.  There are 600 steps leading up to that glorious waterfall.   Hope you enjoy my photos...

Amicalola Falls in March of 2011
And we just 'thought' there was alot of water coming over the falls this year... Look at the photo I took when we were there in March of 2011 (after tons and tons of rain).

Amicalola Falls --from a distance, with the long lens!

Amicalola Falls ----from a LONG distance;  (You can also see the lodge where we stayed --on the top of the mountain!)

The 'small' creek at the bottom of the mountain;  We walked in this area --and the Rhododendrons were beautiful.

This is the Reflecting Pool --at the bottom of the waterfall.   See that swing?  That's where George and I sat and enjoyed some lunch. It was COLD ---but the sun made it bearable.

George took this photo from the very TOP of the waterfall --showing the Reflecting Pool  (pictured above) WAY down there (about 1000 feet down).  See it????

Looking down toward the bottom;  See the steps on the left?

Another photo showing some of the 600 steps!

Photo from below the bridge;  There's one more bridge (at the VERY top)--which you cannot see.

Us at the bridge  I showed you in the photo above...It was neat being so close to the top of that huge waterfall.

I took this photo of the very TOP of this gorgeous waterfall,  with my long lens.
Hope you enjoyed seeing more photos from this fantastic waterfall.   Have a great weekend and week ahead. 

I found out in March that blogging less often is good for me --and gives me time for all of my interests in so many other things.  I just can't find enough hours in my day!

Please forgive me for not commenting very much on your blogs lately.. Life has gotten in the way BIGTIME... We are busy weeding and putting down mulch.  There's SO much to do in the yard. Please don't give up on me.  I do keep records of who comments on my blog and when,  and I so appreciate getting comments from those whom I have NOT had time  to visit.  It means so much to me.  You are special!

Because of life's busyness, I'm taking another blog break on Monday and Wednesday,  but will be back on Friday,  April 11.   Have a great week. Love you all.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring in Georgia and in Tennessee

Hyacinth in our yard
We finally bit the bullet and bought a new iPhone 5s.  It will take me a long time to get it learned --but so far,  I am THRILLED.  My first photos taken on March 23, 2014 using the iPhone camera were of some of the Spring Flowers in our yard.   I will share these little spring flowers with you today. 

Breck's Colossal Daffodil (Jonquil) in our yard

Another Hyacinth in our yard

Crocus blooms in our yard

Bradford Pear in Georgia
On our way home from Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia on March 26,  we noticed lots and lots of Bradford Pears blooming in Georgia... We also saw Forsythia in bloom,  other fruit trees,   Daffodils and even some Phlox. Spring has sprung down there... We are quite a bit behind Georgia with our spring blooms here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

Lodge at Amicalola Falls State Park,  Georgia
While in Georgia, we loved staying at the Amicalola Lodge on top of the mountain.  The view from our room was awesome...  Here is a photo of the lodge entrance area.

I posted this photo in another blog post--but wanted to show you again a close-up photo of the lodge using the long lens, from a distance.

Here's another photo of the lodge from a distance (NOT using the long lens).

Beautiful CLOUDS
We had interesting weather while we were there (sunshine, clouds, snow).  AND--since we had such a great view from our room at the lodge,  we both took several photos from our room... SO---I'll show you some of them now.

An early morning in Georgia

Blowing Snow in Georgia

Sunset in Georgia
Can you believe that we saw all of this beauty from the big window in our room at the lodge?????  Neat,  don't you think?

Please click HERE  to go to my Photo Blog to check out another gorgeous photo from our room while at the lodge in Georgia!!!!!

Welcome to April... Be sure to check out my new quotes on my sidebar. 

Have a great day!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Another March Trip/Hike: Amicalola Falls State Park, GEORGIA

Here is the gorgeous Amicalola Lodge, located at the top of the mountain.
I told you that we had a busy March planned... WELL---if you have missed out on my posts, let me just tell you that this is the FOURTH trip we have had this month.  First was Arkansas; second was Ohio;  third was North Carolina;  and this past week,  we were in Georgia!!!!!

We got a great Groupon coupon --so we spent a few days (March 24-26, 2014)  at one of our favorite lodges,  the Amicalola Falls Lodge near Dawsonville,  Georgia.  We have been there before --but this visit was one of our favorites... This time,  one of the things we did was to hike the loop around that HUGE waterfall.

Amicalola Falls is Georgia's highest waterfall and is 729 feet.  It is the third highest waterfall in the eastern United States.   There are SIX HUNDRED and FOUR steps which lead from the bottom to the top of the falls (and back)... The hike is hard since there is about a 1000 foot elevation change---but just being close to that huge waterfall all of the way  either up or down is awesome!!!!

Today I'll share a few photos from Amicalola Falls...  Hope you enjoy them!

From the bottom, looking up at the top of the mountain;  You can see the top of the falls--but they do cascade ALL of the way down the mountain.,... Ready to head up there?????

Betsy on some of the 600 steps!!!!  Pant Pant!!!

Some of the cascades along our way

I wanted you to see some of the elaborate steps they built.


Here's George (carrying his tripod) as we got closer to the top.

George crossed the bridge to get to the other side of the falls.  This is a neat area since they have built a handicapped trail for those in wheelchairs to see the top of this falls up close.

This is the top of Amicalola Falls.  I took this photo from the bridge.

The other part of the hike was away from the waterfall.  AND---it got colder and very windy (as you can tell) ---and we even experienced some  blowing SNOW....   (Crazy us---our coats were in the car!)

The views from the other part of that hike were incredible --on the top of the mountain.
A family of three (lady and 2 children) were hiking this part of the trail also ---and my comment to them was:  "I hope you all are hiking like this when you are 72!"  (Not sure they will be!!!! ha)

Us at Amicalola Falls,  Georgia
We made it --despite the steepness and the horribly cold, windy, snowy weather.  We finished our day having hiked for 3.8 miles.....  This is an awesome place ---and we highly recommend it to YOU.

Have a great weekend,  and I'll see you on Monday.