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Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Really HEAL after Gallbladder Surgery

Healing Rule 1:  A trip to the BEACH;   Betsy at Ocean Isle Beach,  5/22/14
First of all,  a Happy Memorial Day to ALL.  I hope that you are enjoying the long weekend,  but remember to stay SAFE and also remember what we are celebrating today!  Don't ever forget those who have served and are serving in the Armed Forces in order to provide us the freedom we enjoy.  God Bless them ALL.

OKAY (back to my post)----in order to help me get better after Gallbladder Surgery --and that nasty infection following the surgery,  my Sweetheart took me to the BEACH.  We had rescheduled our beach trip from the first week in May (due to my surgery) until this week...After having that infection,  I wasn't sure we'd even get to go this past week... BUT---we did --and  had a fabulous time...

We went to our favorite beach, to the Islander Inn in Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina (north of Myrtle Beach).  This is about the 10th year we have gone there in May ---and  we DID have a fantastic week.  The weather was truly PERFECT---with no rain and very few clouds all week long.

SO---today I'll take you on a 'healing' experience of a lifetime!!!!!!  Get some coffee and enjoy the photos!!!!!  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

Healing Rule 2:  Find a wonderful inn on the beach, facing the ocean!
This year (because we had to change dates),  the inn worked with us to 'fit' us into this week.  We were in Building 6 (of 7) on the first floor --with parking below.  We actually liked the change!!!

Healing Rule 3:  Set up our chairs on the beach.   (Photo was taken from our room balcony)
It was amazing how 2 weeks could make such a difference in the number of people around... When we come the first of May,  there are not many people at all... This week,  there were MANY more people as you can tell.

Healing Rule 4:  Sit in your beach chair with a cold drink.  (Drink lots and lots of water!)
Neither of us came home with sunburns although we WERE out in the sun ALOT all week.   Thank Goodness for SUNSCREEN.....

A couple of the days were almost cool --due to the breeze,  but that last day (Thursday),  it got MUCH HOTTER...  (That made me realize why I don't like to go to the beach in the summer when it is extremely hot!!!! ha)

Healing Rule 5:  Enjoying French Vanilla Coffee with that wonderful man in my life on the Balcony!
We had our special coffee (gift from son/wife) on the balcony each morning while reading our daily devotions.   AND--we also enjoyed our lunch on the balcony!!!!  It was so nice to sit and just enjoy the ocean/waves/sounds/smells, etc... Love it!

Healing Rule 6:  Getting to see  'our' teeny tiny Beach House!!
Blog friends who have followed me for years will remember when this house was under construction.  We have followed this one for many years ---and I still cannot believe the SIZE of it.... Goodness---if I had enough money to really own a place like this,  I'm sure I'd also have enough money to pay a full staff to keep it up!!!!!!  Want one like this????  (As much as I love the beach,  I think I'd rather have a little log cabin in the mountains!!!)

Healing Rule 7:  Dinner at DOCKSIDE Seafood House in Calabash, NC
There are several really good seafood restaurants near Ocean Isle... A favorite of ours  is the LARGE Fried Scallops at Dockside... YUM!!!!!!  We can sit under the big Live Oak Tree and enjoy the waterfront while we are at Dockside.  We can also walk out on the pier and check out all of the fishing boats which bring those delicious shrimp, scallops,  oysters, etc.  to shore for us to enjoy.  Talk about FRESH SEAFOOD... It's the BEST. 

Healing Rule 8:  EXERCISE....
We enjoy taking long walks on the beach both mornings and afternoons.  It's great exercise for both of us ---AND we certainly need the exercise so that we can eat that delicious seafood!!!!

Healing Rule 9:  SLEEPING and/or NAPPING
Whether I'm on the beach --or in the room (listening to the waves),  it's great for napping and sleeping!!!!!!  LOVE it.

Healing Rule 10 and the MOST IMPORTANT:  Be with the most wonderful man in the world,  who takes such good care of me!!!
This photo was taken on 5/22/14 at the Gazebo at Islander Inn,  Ocean Isle Beach.   You all know how much I love George and appreciate everything he does for me...  BUT--this trip was one HUGE healing opportunity for me.. I feel GREAT!!!!!!!  Thanks, Honey!!!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunflowers Galore!

First of all,  let me say a HUGE Thank You to so many, many of you who commented/emailed/contacted/text/messaged after my blog post last Friday.  Blogging and Facebook friends are INCREDIBLE... You all gave me so much HOPE... Thanks so very much!

Today I'll post another favorite time we had on my Birthday Trip this year.  On August 6, 2013---we stopped at a favorite place of ours,  the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina.  One of my posts last week (click HERE) talked about the beautiful Italian Garden (where we showed photos of the waterlilies and lily pads).  Today---I will share another favorite part of that particular visit to Biltmore,  and that is of their beautiful SUNFLOWERS.

I love all kinds of flowers --but in August,  the Sunflower fields at Biltmore are FABULOUS...  Hope these photos will make you smile today!  Just sit back,  get a cup of coffee or tea, and relax while you see the photos.

Bet sure to click on the photos for enlargements...  The photo above is a favorite of mine --and one that you already saw if you checked out THIS blog post.... BUT--it just tells the true way I feel about being 'in' the sunflowers...

George has to take off all of the 'gear' in order to set up the tripod to take our photo together.

So many Sunflowers ---and so much fun!!!!!!

The Bees love the Sunflowers!!!!!  (Glad they didn't 'love' us!!)

"Okay, Dear... Stand Still --so that I can get this set up right!!!"

Not only do the Bees love the Sunflowers --but the Butterflies love them also!

"Is this where you want me, Honey?"

Here is a far-away look at more of the Sunflowers... They go and go and go!!!! SO MANY of them!!!

Here is our photo together using the tripod....

Finally,  here is a cute picture of my Sweetheart in the Sunflowers!!!!!

Hope our photos made you smile today.. Sunflowers are such gorgeous flowers... If you are ever at Biltmore the first week of August,  be sure and check out the Sunflowers...

Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts on my Friday's post...  I love you all!!!!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Italian Garden at Biltmore

Part of my Birthday Trip was spent at one of our favorite places,  Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina, on August 6, 2013.  That place never disappoints no matter what time of year we go there.  This time we went with 3 goals in mind:  See the Waterlilies and Lily Pads,  See the Sunflowers,  and See the Roses... We accomplished all three goals!

Today,  I'll share with you SOME (I took many many more) photos from the Italian Garden.  WOW---the Waterlilies and all of the different Lily Pads were AWESOME... Hope you enjoy my photos today.

Above is a photo from the Garden when I was looking into the water --and captured a great reflection of the Biltmore House.... You'll love this one IF you like reflections as much as I do.  Below are more photos.  Be sure to click on them to see enlargements.

Here is another reflection showing the Biltmore House.

Love these unique pads.

Love the shadow in this photo.

These last five go together --and are in sequence....  Amazing Waterlily!!!

1. The Bud

2. The Bud--showing the HUGE leaves.

3. The Blossom;   Gorgeous,  isn't it???? (Note the middle!)

4. Another Blossom;  The middle opens up too--which you cannot see well from this angle.

5. This is what a group of them looks like.... I love those huge leaves!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the beauty at the Italian Garden at Biltmore today.  You can only imagine how many photos George and I took there!!!!!! ha

There's one more photo today on My Photo Blog (click HERE)---so jump on over there and check it out also!!!!!

Have a marvelous Wednesday --and don't forget to take time to enjoy the flowers.