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Monday, January 9, 2012

More of the Blue Ridge Mountains

If you missed the last post showing our trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway on Thanksgiving Week,  please click HERE.   Today I'll share one more group of photos from our stops at the overlooks along our way.   Above is a picture of Price Lake.   Seeing this beautiful lake along the parkway was neat!!!   I think you get a taste of everything  when you stop at the overlooks along the Parkway.

This waterfall is 'almost' named after me...  Its name is Betsey's Rock Falls... In the picture above,  I was hiding the "E" ---so that it could be MY waterfall.  This waterfall is hard to see since it falls down the mountain in the distance.

This is Betsey's Rock Falls.  George put the long lens on his camera and got a picture of it... It is quite far away. 

I love the clouds in this picture.  OH---so much beauty along the parkway!!!!!

Finally,  here is another great photo of the BLUE Ridge Mountains.  See why they are called 'blue'????   Love seeing the layers of mountains!

Hope you enjoyed going on our little trip with us today---along the Blue Ridge Parkway.. Next week---I'll share more,  as we travel north toward Skyland Resort...

On another note,  this Mama was a 'happy camper' on Saturday.  Son Jeff brought his girlfriend to meet Mama!!!!!  Dawn is AWESOME ---and I SO approve... She's so personable, caring and smart.... Jeff has a "keeper" for sure. 

I was so excited that I forgot to take any pictures... Luckily they brought me a neat photo of them which they framed and I have on the end table next to our sofa....  Thanks Jeff and Dawn ---and thanks for coming!!!!  I love you BOTH very much.  Above is the picture they brought me....  Aren't they adorable?  (There's another picture of them on my Facebook page ---if you have FB.)

Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh, those Gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains

After leaving Biltmore and spending the night in Asheville,  we then traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway --heading north...  Here are some of the things we encountered along the way that day.  I love seeing all of the layers of mountains (above) ---in addition to the clouds...  Below are more pictures... Enlarge the photos for some larger pictures.

Here is a photo of Linville Falls.  We had seen it before --but that was years ago.  George hiked for awhile to get some 'up close' photos---while I took it easy!!!!

This gal loves riding on the parkway...  Can't you see that happy face?

We found a really nice place for a picnic lunch... There was a little creek behind us....SO relaxing.

Here is the little creek behind our picnic table.  Isn't it pretty?

I have many more photos along the parkway --but I'll share them gradually...

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!  Did you get snow yesterday????  We did---but it didn't stick much ---or when it did,  it melted quickly... SO---I'll just say that we had flurries all day!!!!  Oh --how I love SNOW!!!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday Ride to Lilly Bluff Overlook

If you missed Part I of our little hike to the Lilly Bluff Overlook on July 25, please click
HERE. Even though it was hot, I enjoyed my first hike in a long time. Here are more pictures from that fun day. Above is a close-up of the swimming area in Clear Creek, taken from the overlook. You can see people swimming down there. Below are more pictures from that day!

Oh My!!!!! Look at the SNOW on the top of the mountain!!!! HA HA HA--in my dreams!!!!! (It was only about 90 degrees that day!) When we were leaving the overlook, I noticed this interesting lichen (or moss) on the nearby rocks. Interesting, isn't it???

As we hiked back to the car, I loved seeing the sun's rays coming through the trees.

When we left Lilly Bluff, we decided to take a country road home, one which we had never been on before... Can I tell you how much fun it is to just get in the car and RIDE--not knowing where you are going???? There's so much to see. Look what we saw!!!! We saw gorgeous farmlands ---with a view of the Cumberland Mountains (near Frozen Head State Park) in the distance.

There are so many things to see in the country. Don't you just love this old fence?

Guess what else I saw in the country???? This is Potter's Chapel!!! I love little country churches.

Finally, when we take a drive in the country, I also usually find a home which I would love to have.... See that home in the distance????? I'll add that to my 'wish' list!!!!! ha

Hope you enjoyed our Sunday afternoon drive!!!!

Have a great Tuesday.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lilly Bluff Overlook, TN

This past Sunday, July 25, George and I drove NORTHEAST of Crossville to hike to the overlook over Clear Creek, in the Obed Wild and Scenic River area, not too far from Wartburg, TN. The drive was nice ---as we passed the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area, and headed into a sparsely populated area of Cumberland County and Morgan County.

Added to the National Park system in 1976, the Obed Wild and Scenic River is a very rugged area with very few added trails so far. The Obed River and its main tributaries, Clear Creek and Daddys Creek, have carved steep gorges into the sandstone bedrock. This river is perfect for VERY experienced kayakers (except this summer --when we have had so little rain).

We traveled to the Lilly Bridge area and crossed Clear Creek, driving up the mountain to hike to the overlook above Lilly Bridge. YES---I did a little hiking, the first for me since May... It was only a .6 of a mile hike total, and was fairly level--but that is definitely a beginning for this gal, who loves to hike. The ONLY problem with the hike was the extreme heat --since the temperature was in the 90's (or at least the high 80's). But--since most of the hike was in the woods, we both enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures for you!!!!! Above is the trail. We enjoyed hiking in the woods, even on a hot day. Below are more!

We are at the overlook... The Parks Services did a great job building this overlook on top of the mountain here. The views were great!

I took this picture from the overlook --looking down at the Lilly Bridge which we crossed.

From the overlook, we took this picture --looking east at Clear Creek below. You can see some people swimming down there if you enlarge this picture.

Looking the other direction, you will not how LOW the water levels are in Clear Creek.

Here's one last picture of the mountainous terrain around this area. This picture was also taken from the overlook ---facing straight ahead of us.

I will share more pictures of our little ride/hike in this area in another post next week. We drove home on a little country road --and of course, I found another little church!!!! ha

The GOOD NEWS for us is that we had OVER TWO inches of rain here at our home yesterday.... Yeah Rah!!!! We need rain SO badly... All of our trees/plants/grass/flowers, etc. say "Thank You" I'm sure...

Have a great Thursday!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Big Birthday Celebration

I took my Sweetie on a 'surprise' trip to celebrate his 68th birthday this week. We went back to the little cabin in Cosby, TN which is RIGHT next to a huge waterfall. IF you were reading my blogs the end of March last year, you will remember our trip to Serenity Falls. This little cabin is fabulous --because you can sit in the living room --and look out of the huge picture window and see this waterfall. We thought there was alot of water coming over the falls last year, but there was even more this year... SO gorgeous!!!! (If you want to see last year's pictures, look under the COSBY label on my right sidebar.)

We got to Cosby on Monday after a wonderful ride through the Smokies. I asked George what he would really like to do on his birthday (Tuesday). He chose going to his favorite place Tullulah Gorge in GA and then having dinner at another of our favorite restaurants, the Dillard House, in Dillard, GA. Here's a little 'preview' of George's special day----with many more pictures to come in future blog posts. Above is a picture of us sitting outside of our cabin ---at Serenity Falls. This is truly an incredible place!!!!! Below are more pictures from George's birthday!

In order to get to Tallulah Gorge, we drove over the mountain on Highway 441 --between Gatlinburg and Cherokee, NC. Even though it was a very warm day ---there still was ALOT of snow on the tops of the mountains. This picture was taken at Newfound Gap (elevation over 5000 feet). It was fun (more fun for me than for George) to see snow on a warm day!!!

We also enjoyed seeing the gorgeous Smoky Mountains as we drove. Of course, we stopped at many overlooks and took TONS of pictures!!!!

We're at Tallulah Gorge... See that smile on my Honey's face????? Oh ---how we love that place!

This is one of our favorite waterfalls in the gorge. This one is named Tempesta Falls. We have now visited Tallulah Gorge in three seasons. We still need to go in Spring. I must say that going in winter is great since we could see down into the gorge easier since there are no leaves on the trees.

The Birthday Boy (and his bride) enjoyed a HUGE and WONDERFUL dinner at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA. As usual, there was so much food, we had to take some back to the cabin to eat for other meals!!!! Our favorites this time were the pork chops and a creamed cabbage/cheese casserole... Another fav were the stuffed green peppers. AND--we really enjoyed the red pickled peppers which were fabulous, especially on the green beans... Can you tell???? It was GREAT!!!!

We got back to the cabin in time to enjoy some birthday cake. George chose a Red Velvet Cake this time---along with his favorite, Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Here is the new camera bag I gave George for his birthday. We ordered our new cameras through For some reason, George's camera came from a different company than mine did. I got mine through Cameta Cameras---and my camera came with a really nice camera bag. When George got his (from another company) ---his camera bag was not even large nor sturdy enough for his new expensive camera. We have complained because that was truly the worst camera bag I have ever seen. This new one I got for him is really nice!!!! He loves it... I gave it to him early so that he could enjoy it on this trip... If you look back up this page, to his picture at Tallulah Gorge, you can see George holding his new bag!!!

WELL----I think the Birthday Boy had a great day !!! At least, I hope he did! Getting to stay in a cabin with his own personal waterfall, seeing snow on the mountains, seeing the glorious mountain peaks, enjoying Tallulah Gorge, having dinner at the Dillard House , and then cake and ice cream at the cabin -----------------well, what else needs to be said????? Life is GOOD.

Hope you have had a good week!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Pluton Monolith

How do you like that title?????? You might be like me and ask, "what in the world is a pluton monolith??????" WELL---I now can tell you!!! A pluton is a big ball of molten magma and a monolith is a single, upright block of stone. SO---the picture above is a pluton monolith. Its name is LOOKING GLASS ROCK and it can be found in Transylvania County, NC, near Brevard in the Pisgah National Forest.

This big ball of molten magma would have liked to have made it to the surface to become the more popularly known 'volcano'. However the magma (which also would have liked to have made it to the surface so it could be called the easier to pronounce 'lava') cooled before it made it to the surface, or erupted. So this big ball of granitic rock lay under the surface of the Blue Ridge mountains in their early formation. As time and weather slowly wore down the mountains, this ball of stone became exposed.

Looking Glass Rock is almost 4000 feet above sea level and can be seen from most anywhere in the Brevard area. Many people who travel on the Blue Ridge Parkway in that area stop and take pictures of Looking Glass Rock. There are other similar rock structures in and around the area --but Looking Glass Rock is the most spherical.

Looking Glass Rock is a popular rock-climbing destination along with John Rock which is nearby. We have seen Looking Glass Rock several times on various trips to the Brevard area--but we got closer to it on our hiking trip last week. The granite face reflects the sunshine ---and in winter, ice/moisture streams down the face, glistening just like glass. That is obviously how Looking Glass Rock got its name.

We drove on an unpaved forest road back into the mountains in search of an old logging road where we hiked to visit three waterfalls. All along this hike, we kept seeing Looking Glass Rock --and I couldn't help but watch it as we hiked. It was as if that big rock was staring at us!!! The picture above was taken when we were there in 2002, and is a picture of Looking Glass Rock, taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Below are pictures that we took on our recent trip there.

We took this picture while hiking near the Log Hollow Branch. We were at about 3500 feet above sea level here. That rock is just SO fascinating.

Another good reason to hike in winter is that there are no leaves on the trees... That helps while we are looking at views like this.

Later, on our way to see Slick Rock Falls, we got to another overlook where we had a better view of the north face of Looking Glass Rock. The hiking area near here is closed during part of the year because it is a Peregrine Falcon nesting area.

This was the best picture we got on the day we were there, and the closest. In this picture, you might be able to see the the icy rocks . It was so neat to see the glistening rocks on that cold, winter day.

If you are ever in the Brevard, NC area, be sure and check out Looking Glass Rock. It is truly awesome. And while there, check out Looking Glass FALLS... I'll show pictures of this icy waterfall soon.

Have a great day... Christmas is ONE week from today.... Yow!!!!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Soco Mountain, NC

Again, I ask you to read previous blogs this week --in order to understand this one!!!!

We four gals got out-and-about all day. We drove up Soco Mountain, drove around on some mountain roads and took pictures of the beautiful mountains, and then drove into Cherokee. Today I will show you a few of our pictures which we took yesterday. Above is a picture of the beautiful mountains ---taken near Soco Gap near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Below are more!

Our cabin is located up on this mountain... Can you see it?????

Some nice man was kind enough to take pictures of the four of us --while we were shopping at a little gift shop on Soco Mtn. Road. From left to right: Reida, Susan, me and Nita.

We stopped at a Backyard Burger for a light lunch. I snapped this picture of Reida and Susan while we were there.

Reida took this picture of me and Nita at Backyard Burger.

One last picture of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina (taken between Maggie Valley and Cherokee).

We got back to Maggie Valley and had a wonderful Fresh Trout dinner at J. Arthur's Restaurant... More pictures to come!!!! We had a wonderful day.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cades Cove in the Smokies

Last weekend when George and I were in the North Carolina mountains, son Jeff and his son (my sweet grandson) went camping at Cades Cove in the Smokies. When they got home, Jeff sent us about 50 photos from their weekend. Jeff is a fabulous photographer ---and they saw ALOT of wildlife while there..

SO---I want to show off some of Jeff's pictures today. The picture above is of gorgeous Cades Cove. IF you ever get to the Smokies, PLEASE add a trip to Cades Cove in your schedule. It is absolutely a fabulous place to be out in nature. Below are more pictures!

This is their campsite.

A gorgeous sunset

A roaring campfire---and guess what else????? SMORES! Yum!

The horses love a pat or two!!!!

This little Baptist Church is in Cades Cove... The deer must have been wanting to go to church!!!! ha

One of the neat hiking trails in the area

One of many little cabins in the Smokies

Jeff got many great photos of the deer. There are always many deer in the cove.

Of course, the Cove is full of beautiful birds also. (I'm sure Jeff took this picture just for his mother!!! ha)

The day wouldn't be complete without seeing a gorgeous butterfly, would it?????

OOPS-----I don't think I want to see one of these... Yipes!!!!

Black bears are all over the Smokies... People love seeing them when they are in Cades Cove. Jeff said that they saw several while they were there.

This is one of my favorite photos. I love seeing the deer munching on some clover!!!

I'm so glad that they had a great weekend. They also picnicked at the Chimneys and drove up to the top of the mountain at Clingman's Dome that weekend. Oh---the Smokies!!!! I love 'em!!!! If you haven't visited here, put it on your 'list' and come sometime!!!!