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Friday, July 5, 2013

North Carolina Visit to See Family

After our trip to Kentucky,  we made another short trip---this time to visit George's son and family from Florida,  who were vacationing at the Mountain Air Resort near Burnsville,  North Carolina.  Melissa's parents own this condo --so it's a great place to meet  up with them when they vacation here.

I call your attention to two other blog posts (which I wrote on another visit --in 2009).  This first one  (click HERE) shows you some family pictures taken when we were there four years ago... This next one  (click HERE) shows more pictures from this ritzy resort (where the wealthy people fly their private planes in and vacation at their million dollar homes)!!!!  There are four other blog posts from that trip --if you want to see more.  Just go to my sidebar and click on Mountain Air Resort.  Much has changed in these four years... Zack and Sean have grown-up,  and even the trees which allowed a great view from the deck at the condo have grown up and are obscuring the view... Shame on them!!!!! ha ha

Today,  I will share with you photos from this year's trip... Above is a picture of George's son and family (Zack-age 13;  Melissa,  Sean-age 9 in front of Melissa, and Bob/Robert).  Robert is Bob to us, and Robert or Rob to others!  Below are more photos from the Mountain Air area.

Here is a view of the mountains from the deck of the condo.  It was so nice just to sit out on the deck (even though it had rained some, and was only about 66 degrees that afternoon) and enjoy nature all around us.

This photo shows one of those beautiful homes at Mountain Air.   Bob did say that many homes up here are for sale now --due to the economy.  SO--even the wealthy may be struggling some!!!!!  ha   (That is one HUGE rock in front of this home.  You can only see a small part of it...

Here  is a view of the mountains.  The homes in Mountain Air are all built on the sides of the mountains --and all have a tremendous view of the mountains....All I can say is WOW.

This  is another of those tiny (NOT) homes in Mountain Air.... Mercy Me!!!!!  Wouldn't you love a 2nd home (or 3rd or 4th)---to visit on occasion in the mountains, LIKE THIS ONE????  I'd have to bring a full staff of maids with me!!!!!! ha ha   (Think I'll stick to a tiny little mountain cabin--which I would love!!! ha)

Here is another view of the mountains around that area --and the valleys below... I would love to have a view like this --but not sure I'd ever get anything else done.  I'd be staring outside all day long!!!! ha

There is a fancy golf course winding its way through these huge hills.  Here is a photo we took looking down on the golf course.   They certainly do a great job on keeping everything in good condition in this entire area--especially considering how very very steep and hilly it is!!!!  But --the owners pay steep fees in order to keep things in tip-top shape....

Here is a picture of the Master Chef at work.  Both Bob and Melissa are FABULOUS cooks ---and they served us a delicious dinner and breakfast  while we were there....  WOW---I could get spoiled by this special treatment.  Bob had made some fantastic BBQ (pulled pork) ---and we were lucky enough to get to bring some home with us.   YUM... SO delicious!!!!!!

Here are four photos showing the NIGHT SKY as it was getting dark... I love how it changes so quickly.... I couldn't quit taking pictures of that beautiful pink and purple sky.

Finally,  I'll close with one more picture of Bob and Melissa....  They are both such wonderful young adults and we enjoyed our time with them so very much... (They reminded me of my son, Jeff, and his wife, Dawn.)

Hope you had a great July 4th celebration.   AND--I hope you have a fabulous summer weekend... I'll see you on Monday!


Friday, July 31, 2009

Mountain Views from North Carolina

Okay --okay---this is the last post from our fabulous weekend at Mountain Air with George's son and family. BUT--I think I saved the best 'til last!!!! These are the views of the North Carolina mountains all around us that weekend. The picture above actually was taken at Mt. Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway (on our way back to the condo from Sliding Rock). Except for the next one, the remainder of the pictures were taken from the Mountain Air Resort area. Hope you enjoy!!!!!

We saw this pretty waterfall right off of the road --as we traveled down the mountain from the Blue Ridge Parkway going toward Asheville. We stopped in the middle of the road to get this picture... (The people in the car behind us blew their horn --but there was nowhere to pull over. We just made them wait 'til I got the picture!!!! ha)

Just think of the views that all of these homes have on that mountain. The homes sit RIGHT on the edge ---and all have open decks or big porches along the back---where one can sit and enjoy the mountain view. Must be nice!!!!!

I love seeing the sun's rays in this photo.

I also liked this one with the fence.

The clouds in this picture are so pretty, and...

... also in this one.

The clouds were so different the next day when we took pictures. This picture was taken near the airstrip and the place where a big mountain lodge is supposed to be built sometime.

I think I showed this one before in a previous blog, but it is my favorite one out of all of them. SO---now you've seen all of the beautiful views we saw when we were there. Hope you felt as if you were in the North Carolina mountains --at least for awhile.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Mountain Air Condo (NC)

I have done several posts about our weekend with George's son and family in North Carolina, which took place the weekend of July 10. As I mentioned in previous blogs, Mountain Air is a ritzy resort in the mountains of North Carolina --near Burnsville (northeast of Asheville). I blogged about Mountain Air Resort itself, about our picnic to the Pink Beds and also sliding at Sliding Rock. Today I'm going to show you some pictures we took from the condo. Above is a view from the deck---where we stayed most of the time when we were there. Below are more.

George enjoyed sitting on the deck. If there had been a bed out there, I'll bet we would have slept out there. SO gorgeous!!!

The deck--from the other direction; There was a bird feeder out there, but no birdseed!!! Darn!!!! I could hear TONS of birds in the distance while we were on the deck. The one I loved listening to was the Towhee (who sings "Drink Your Tea-he-he-he-he"). Have you heard this one????

The deck wraps around and there's another door which goes into the master bedroom.

Here's a view of the woodsy 'yard' around all of the condos. I was impressed that they built all of these condos ---and left all of the big trees and woods.

This is the side yard next to the condo. IF you look carefully, you can see (barely) the next set of condos on the top left. The builders did a great job at keeping the privacy.

Melissa had put together two large booklets filled with all kinds of 'projects' for the kids to participate in. She did it for their use on the long trip (from the Tampa area to NC--and back) --but they also worked on some of their projects at the condo. George and I were so impressed at how SMART both of these little boys are.

Bob and Melissa fixed meals for us that were fit for a king and queen... This particular night, they prepared chicken and hamburgers with all of the trimmings. Melissa's baked beans were to-die-for!!!! YUM!!!

As you can tell, I absolutely loved this condo and our weekend with Bob and family... Now it's time for the best part----the SUNSET!!!

The beginning of a beautiful sunset on Friday night, July 10

Oh---how pretty!!!! What a view we had from the deck!!! We sat outside even after dark--talking and drinking coffee.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh-----can I hear you saying that????? Is that sky not stunning???? Wow!!!! That was the end of a marvelous day and weekend, with those we love.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where the Wealthy Go on Vacation

I'm sure that there are many places in this world where the wealthy go to get away from their busy lives. One place they may go is to the MOUNTAIN AIR RESORT near Burnsville, NC (in the Blue Ridge Mountains northeast of Asheville). Mountain Air is a gated community which has luxurious homes, condos, cabins, etc.

George and I definitely are NOT wealthy (except in our hearts)---but we were invited to visit George's son and family at Mountain Air the weekend of July 10. They were vacationing in a gorgeous condo (which belongs to Melissa's parents) at Mountain Air. We had a marvlous time ---and they took us on a 'tour' of the area. That weekend, I felt as if I really was one of the 'privileged'.... (Of course it helped that the young people 'spoiled' us while we were there.)

Today I'm going to show you some of the pictures that we took while in the Mountain Air Resort area. In another blog post, I will show you some of the gorgeous views from these mountains--but today, let me introduce to 'how the other half live'.... Above is a picture of one of the golf courses which were built all over that mountain. Below are more pictures. Be sure and click on the pictures to make them larger--for better viewing.

On the top of the mountain, there is a beautiful 'mall' area ---filled with shops, a restaurant, a golf pro shop, a swimming pool and even a putting green --in the middle of all of the shops/stores.

Wouldn't you love to go swimming in THIS pool???? Look at the view!!!! Wow!

Do you see the tee on this hole????? Look at the top--near the left---way up there!!!! Mercy!

This is the 'kicker'!!!! This resort has its own private airstrip. People can fly their private planes into the resort and spend the weekend at their mountain homes. The resort management will pick people up when the airplane comes in ---and take them to their homes. The resort will also have their home 'ready' for them!!!!!! Talk about the LIFE!!!!

Which one of those private airplanes do you want????? I'll take ANY of them. ha

We rode around the resort (which is HUGE) and were impressed at some of the landscaping and beauty around us. I loved this little covered bridge.

The area we are entering here is called Timber Sky. I like the way they used 'timber' for decoration--across the road.

In the same area, look how they used 'timber' as the bridge railings. Neat, huh?

Here is one of the many multi-million dollar homes we saw --sitting on the edge of the mountains. You have to see these homes in order to realize the beauty. We walked in one unfinished one... HUGE!!!!! And to think---most of the people who own homes such as this probably own 4-5 homes like this. Unbelievable!!!!! One of the homes we saw (it may have been this one) belonged to the Chef Boyardee family. Another one we saw belonged to the Oreck Family--you know, the vacuum cleaner family!!!!

Here's another home ---as seen from the road below. The pictures just don't do them justice. These were homes that were built with native stone and wood ---which helped them fit into the environment in the area. They were simply GORGEOUS!!

I'll close showing you one of the great views we had ---from all of the areas around Mountain Air. Wouldn't you just love to have a cabin on top of this mountain with THIS view?????? Wow!