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Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Day Lilies and Lilies in our Yard

Are you tired of seeing the Day Lilies and Lilies in our yard????  I hope not---because here comes another post!!!!!!  Even though we were gone for 3 weeks in June,  we have been fortunate to have so many different Lilies and Day Lilies blooming off and on for these past couple of months.  Altogether,  we have had 20 different varieties of Lilies and 19 different varieties of  Day Lilies.   AND--that doesn't count the ones we totally missed seeing in June.  SO---we can't complain!!!  They have been so pretty --and many still are!!!!

Today I will show you some of each...  IF you missed any of my other posts,  you can go to the sidebar and scroll down to labels.  Then click on either DayLilies 2011 or Lilies 2011.  Above is a picture of another of our Day Lilies.  It's name is appropriately,  BICOLOR DAY LILY.

CAROLYN CRISWELL  DAY LILY  (I love this yellow color.)

SPANISH GLOW DAY LILY (This one didn't bloom last year ---so we'll say that this is a new one for us!!!)

This one is named MERO STAR LILY.   Isn't it a gorgeous lily?

And this little yellow beauty is named TREBBIANO LILY.

And I think this has been one of my favorite lilies this year.  Its name is SIMPLON LILY.   Doesn't it remind you of old-fashioned fabric called Dotted Swiss???  Or --maybe it's like tapioca pudding.... 

Finally,  here's the reason I love the SIMPLON LILIES so much... There are so many of them --and they are truly gorgeous!!

This is probably the last of my lily and day lily posts for this year... IF you don't have them in your yard,  then you need to get some...  They are such a joy to have around.


P.S.  Many of you talked about the sad faces in yesterday's pictures.  If you remember, it took a very very long time back then to take photographs..  It was not a fast project.  People couldn't have held a smile for that long---so that is why people in old pictures never smiled.   I also read that people didn't have good teeth back then either---so that is another reason for no smiles much.  BUT---I truly feel as if my family had many happy times and were never as sad as they looked in photos.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lilies in our Yard---Part II

Since we were gone for three weeks,   we missed most of our beautiful lilies this year.  Sniff Sniff!!!!   BUT--we told our neighbors to enjoy them and pick them as they wished... We did come home to some blooming ---and we also took some pictures JUST before we left on our trip.

IF you missed my first post showing this year's Lilies (Posted on June 6),  click HERE.   Today I'll show you one more set of the lilies we did SEE in our yard this year... Above  is one called PINK LEMONADE  (taken on 6/4).  Below are more.

AMERICAN ORIGINAL (taken on 6/29--after we returned home)

WHITE LACE (taken on 6/4)

BUENA VISTA (taken on 6/29--after returning home)

GARDEN PLEASURE (taken on 6/29--after returning home)

MUSCADET (taken on 7/3)--one of my fav's!!

TOUCHING (taken on 6/29)----This entire group greeted us when we drove into the yard after being gone for three weeks.   WOW--What a welcome home!!!

God took good care of our yard while we were gone.  We had plenty of rain --so all of the flowers/plants/roses, etc.  did WELL.....  Thanks be to God!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our two sets of Lilies this year.  We will NOT take a long trip in June next year---for several reasons,  one of which is the beauty in our yard!!!!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Lilies in our Yard--Part I

Many of our Lilies have started blooming since the weather has been so hot the past couple of weeks.  Usually they don't bloom here until the end of June--but this year is different.  Some of our Day Lilies are also starting to bloom --so I'll share more in a later post.

Today I will share some of the many varieties of LILIES we have in our yard.  Above is a favorite named LOLLYPOP.  Below are more.

Here's a bunch of LOLLIPOP LILIES.


A group of JUANITA Lilies blooming in the Lamppost flowerbed;





As you know,  we have lots of deer around.  Now that it's gotten so hot and dry here,  the deer come into the yards looking for their lunch.   We spray something entitled Liquid Fence in order to keep the deer away from our yard and flowers.  It works about 98% of the time ---although during times like this,  we have to spray more often.  The Liquid Fence doesn't harm the plants nor the deer --but they just don't like the taste.  SO--they stay away MOST of the time.

However,  this past week,  one lone deer enjoyed some of our flowers --including the gorgeous Montenegro Lilies (like the one pictured above).   I'm glad we at least got one picture before they were eaten!!!   Since that latest visit,  George has been spraying about every other night... So far--so good!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our Lilies.  Hope you also had a nice weekend.  We are still HOT HOT HOT.. BUT--we got a tiny bit of rain yesterday ---so thank God for what we got....We are so dry now--so that rain helped!