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Friday, July 30, 2010

Our 2010 Lilies---Part IV

So far, I have shared 19 varieties of the gorgeous Lilies in our yard this year. Today I will share 6 more with you ---which still leaves 5 (since we have 30 different Lily varieties). In order to see any of the first 19, go to my sidebar and scroll down to Labels. Then click on Lilies 2010.

Above is one of my favorite Lilies --which is a popular one which I have seen on several blogs this summer. Its name is STARGAZER. Below are more!






As I have said in previous blogs, our Lilies and Daylilies really put on a 'show' for us this summer... But--they are all gone now!!!! Sigh!!!! The Roses are still going strong --and we planted some Vinca recently in our small round beds to give them some color until we plant our Fall Pansies.

I will have one more post featuring the rest of our Lilies. Hope you have enjoyed seeing all of these varieties of our 2010 Lilies.

What are your weekend plans? I will be working on Family History (what else is there???? ha)--and hopefully, we'll take a ride on Sunday. I'll blog again on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Our 2010 Lilies---Part III

So far, I have shared 14 varieties of the gorgeous Lilies in our yard this year. Today I will share 5 more with you ---which still leaves 11 (since we have 30 different Lily varieties). In order to see any of the first 14, go to my sidebar and scroll down to Labels. Then click on Lilies 2010.

Above is a picture of the side flowerbed --where many of our Lilies and Daylilies are. Most of them are gone now --but I wish you could have been here to smell them. Below are more individual Lilies. Hope you enjoy them!




ORANGE TIGER LILY (I love this lily!!!!)

DIZZY (another fav---but I love them all!!!!)

Hope you are enjoying our Lilies. Like the Daylilies and Tulips, the Lilies were gorgeous this year... Even in the heat and humidity and dryness of the summer, the Lilies put on a great show... I will have two more blogs showing the remainder of our Lilies, sometime in the next week or two.

Blog Tip #6: Never assume that people know what you are talking about. New people come to our blogs often --and if we don't explain what is going on, they may not understand at all. That is why I repeat things so much. It's boring for those who have come to my blog for awhile--but new people appreciate the explanations.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll blog again on Monday morning.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Our 2010 Lilies --Part II

So far, this Summer, I have showed you 8 of the Lilies blooming in our yard. Today, I am sharing 6 more for you, beginning with AFRICAN QUEEN --pictured above. (To see all of our 2010 Lilies, you can go to the LABELS on my sidebar and click on LILIES 2010.)

BLACK BEAUTY (Pretty color, don't you think?)




TOUCHING (one of my favorite new Lilies this year)

Several of you have asked about my knee--and I will tell you that it's been 3 weeks since surgery and I am beginning to feel better. My knee is actually doing better than my stomach. The pain medications did a 'number' on my tummy ---and even though I am OFF of most of those medications, my stomach is still not back to normal. BUT--since I try to stay positive, let me just say that I'm BETTER --and just need to stay patient. Thanks for asking.

Have a nice weekend... I'll be back on Monday morning.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

June, Around Our Yard

As I said in a previous blog post, June has been a hot month for us so far this Summer. But--even still, we have had some beautiful color in the yard (besides our gorgeous Roses). So--today, I will show you a few shots around the yard. Above is our blooming CLEMATIS. It is doing what it is supposed to do-------climbing up that ole' telephone pole in our yard. It also loves to connect with the Redbud tree... Below are more pictures.

Here's one of the CLEMATIS blooms, up close and personal.

Here's some of our pretty SEMPERVIVUM (Hens and Chicks) in our yard.

Here's another picture of some of our beautiful SEMPS. We have them in all shapes and colors.

This is one of our first groups of DAYLILIES in our yard when we first moved here. These DAYLILIES were given to us by George's Dad ---so we call them the DAD ADAMS DAYLILIES.

This is our side yard flowerbed. We have LOTS of LILIES and DAYLILIES in this bed --and they are blooming like crazy right now... Wish you could smell them!!!!!

I cannot thank you enough for all of your emails and comments helping me deal with the problems I have been having with my left knee. I received good news and bad news from the doctor yesterday. The good news is that my knee is healing well from the surgery, and is looking much better. The bad news is that I have some severe arthritis in that knee which is causing all kinds of other problems. SO--the saga of my left knee isn't over yet.... Eventually I will get back to normal (I hope).


Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 Lilies

Instead of featuring more of our Roses this Friday, I want to feature some of the LILIES blooming in our yard now. Right now, there are 11 different varieties blooming --with more to come!!!! Like the Tulips, it is a good year for Lilies... Hope you enjoy seeing some of ours. Above is FREEDOM'S GLOW (the orange ones).. Below are more!


One of my favorites, named GARDEN PLEASURE


I love this group also, which is named REGALE


Thanks to my Sweetie for taking all of these beautiful pictures. He also has been totally in charge of the yard for the past month --since my knee pain and surgery. He has truly had his hands full --taking care of ME along with all of the flowers!!!! Let's all give George some HUGE Kudos today!!!!! Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our Lilies.

Have a great weekend. I am doing okay--but am still recovering. I'll blog again on Monday morning.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Beauty All Around

While I recuperate from knee surgery, I will show you some of the beautiful things all around me --which have helped keep my spirits up. Above is one of my new hanging baskets given to me on Mother's Day by my son, Jeff. It's VERBENA and is really putting on a show for me. Below are more 'beauties'.

This is the other hanging basket that Jeff gave me on Mother's Day. It is FUCHSIA and is also blooming like crazy... I've enjoyed see these two hanging baskets SO much.

I can see these beauties from the house --while looking out toward the road. This is one of my favorite roses, VETERAN'S HONOR --showing off for ME. It is in the new flowerbed near the road. George brought one of the blooms inside for me to enjoy.

Here is another of my favorite roses, DOUBLE DELIGHT. George also brought one of these into the house just for me to smell.

These two lilies are new this year, and are called LOLLY POP. They are also in the new flowerbed next to the road. Aren't they pretty?

This is another new lily in our yard this year. Since I love all RED flowers, I just had to show him to you. His name is MONTENEGRO.

And---last but definitely not least, look at this 'beauty'.... I have waited so long to see a RED-HEADED WOODPECKER come to our deck to the suet feeder. We have lots of woodpeckers, but this gorgeous one has only recently begun coming to the feeder. I was so excited to finally get a picture of him.

About my knee surgery, the good news is that the knee is healing nicely and the swelling and bruising has gone down. AND--there is not much pain, and I can walk some on that leg. However, I don't know if it is the medication (which I am no longer taking) --or if I picked up a 'bug' at the hospital. But I have been horribly sick to my stomach, very weak, and running a fever for the past couple of days. I felt a little better yesterday afternoon---so I am glad that I could do this post for you. However, I have done no computer work all weekend --and don't know when I'll get back to normal. Please be patient with me --and pray for me to be patient (which is hard--ha) while I continue to recover. Hopefully, I'll be be feeling much better very soon.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just 'Cause You Asked!!!!

Welcome to JUNE!!!!! Where did May go????? Mercy Me--time is a-flyin'!!! Several of you have asked to see more pictures of our yard. I've been showing you individual flowers until today, so now I will show you some pictures of ALL of the flowers in our yard blooming (mostly Roses and Lilies right now). Above is our front yard --looking from the street toward the house. Besides the Roses and Lilies, you will notice our American flag --which we proudly fly year-round. Below are more!!!

This is our Lampost Flowerbed in the front yard. This round bed is full of beautiful Lilies and Pansies right now. After the Pansies are gone, we will probably plant some Vinca--which also loves full-sun.

This is one of our three Rose flowerbeds (not counting all of the Roses in containers along the driveway). This is the biggest bed --and is close to our garage. Note the Semps along the sides.

Here's another view of the Lamppost Flowerbed --full of Lilies and Pansies. You can see some of the new Road Flowerbed in the distance.

Here's one more view of one of our three Rose flowerbeds. Wish you could be here to walk in our yard and SMELL the Roses.

And finally, here is a view of the new flowerbed which George built last Fall. It is now filled with beautiful color. In this bed are planted Periwinkle (on left), Semps, Tulips, Irises, Roses, Lilies and Daylilies. Right now, only the Roses and Lilies are blooming, but the Daylilies are close to blooming.

The big flowerbed on the side yard (where the Daffodils, Tulips and Irises are planted) is full of Lilies and Daylilies --neither of which have bloomed yet. That bed is in a shadier area --so things bloom later there. I'll feature that bed at a later date.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our yard in early Summer!!!!!! Since I cannot walk in the yard right now, George is so good to bring lots of pictures inside for me to enjoy. AND--he brings a fresh rose in for me every single day!!!!

Hope also that all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend.