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Friday, November 11, 2011

Irises in our Yard in NOVEMBER

Both George and I have talked about our RE-blooming Irises...   We have several ---and have enjoyed their blooms (not only in the spring/summer ---but especially in the FALL).   Tonight I'll share with you a few pictures of our FALL Irises... 

Since I have been sick,   all of these are George's pictures... Thanks, Honey, for letting me share them!!!!!   Above is a 'group' picture of some of them...  All of these Re-blooming Irises are in our new flowerbed near the road...  There is alot of sun there,  and Irises love sun!!!!  (Click on my photos to enlarge them to 16x10.)

This gorgeous yellow one is named  "Waltz Across Texas".

And this one is named "Blatant".   I love this photo with the water drops on it.

And finally,  this pretty one is called  "Floor Show".   Isn't it just neat to see beautiful Irises blooming in the Fall?????   Which one do you like the best?????

Our temperature lows last night were predicted to be in the 20's.... SO---George brought more blooming roses inside and also a group of these beautiful Irises.  I love seeing them in the yard ---but it's great to admire them inside also....

Hope you have a good weekend.  I am still healing ---and am not being as patient as I should be.   I yearn for the morning when I can wake up and say:  "Gee---I feel AWESOME today!"   (I'm not there yet!!!! Sigh!)


Monday, October 10, 2011

Colors in our Yard in Early October, 2011

There's not too much Fall Color in our area yet --but we do have color right here in our yard!!!!  I took these photos the end of Sept/first of Oct ---so today,  I'll share some of our 'color' to you.  Above is one of our Reblooming Irises.  This one's name is Blatant --and we love seeing Irises blooming in the FALL of the year!!!!!  Isn't this one pretty?

This 'color' is one of our gorgeous Roses, named Veteran's Honor.  This has always been one of my favorite roses.  It's been blooming like crazy lately.  Roses are at their prettiest here in the Spring AND Fall.  They love sunshine but don't necessarily love the heat of Summer.  Fall is a great time for Roses!!!

Here is a close-up of Veteran's Honor... this rose is absolutely PERFECT!!!  Looks like Velvet,  doesn't it?

This photo shows some of our favorite Fall blooms ---our Autumn Joy Sedum.  We have this little beauty in several places around the yard.  This one starts out sorta blue in color, then turns to a light pink,  then darkens,  and by the end of Fall,  the color is a burnt orange.  PERFECT colors for Fall!

Here is a close-up of one of the Autumn Joy Sedum blooms.

Our Pink Dogwood tree in our front yard is beginning to turn to its gorgeous reds.  I love this photo since you can still see some of the green in some of the leaves..

Finally, here's a picture of our yard..  I was standing out in the street --so that I could get a picture of the Veteran's Honor Rose blooms.  In this picture, you can also see the Pink Dogwood as it turns --and also some yellow color on the trees behind and around our home...

I'll post some new yard photos --as we get more and more Fall color.  Now that we have had some much cooler weather,  that usually helps the trees to turn!!!

Have a wonderful day. 


Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Irises --Part II

If you missed Part I of this year's IRISES in our yard,  click HERE.  Today I will show you seven more of our different varieties.  Above is one called WALTZ ACROSS  TEXAS.   Don't you just love these names????



ORANGE HARVEST  (with some Double Delight Roses in the background)

QUEEN DOROTHY (should be QUEEN BETSY,  don't you think?????? Ha)


TENNESSEE VOL  (my favorite----wonder why?????? ha)

Hope you have enjoyed seeing all of our 2011 Irises.  We love variety ---so getting this many different Irises is special to us.  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fabulous weekend.  See you on Monday.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some of our 2011 IRISES

Today I am featuring some of the gorgeous IRISES in our yard this spring.  Above is one named CLARENCE.  Below are more.






I wrote this post BEFORE we went on vacation --but held it until this week to publish.  Most of the Irises shown above are now gone --and we have an entire new group.  SO---I'll have at least one more set of Irises to share soon.  They are pretty this year --both in the 'road' flowerbed and also in the big side bed.

Have a wonderful day.