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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spring Flowers in Winter

I don't know about you but I just feel the need to look at some Spring Flowers today... Maybe it is because we have had such frigid temperatures here on the Cumberland Plateau for over a week now... As much as I love winter and SNOW, right now I just want to think about the season-to-come!!!!

All of these pictures were taken in 2009 and are flowers in our yard. Hope you enjoy this 'taste' of Spring on a cold winter day!!!! The picture above is of one of our beautiful Daffodils, named Fortissimo. Below are more!

Broadway Lily

Cable Car Iris

Mardi Gras Tulip

Custard Candy Daylily

Orange Tiger Lily

Replete Double Daffodil

Hush Little Baby Daylily

Electric Shock Iris

Red Dynasty Tulip

Now---do you feel warmer???? Does it feel as if Spring is just around the corner???? Well---it IS------- after a few more months of winter!!!! Sigh!

Have a great Sunday.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Flowers in our Yard

While Fall begins to wrap up its color, and the leaves are falling from the trees, we STILL have some beauty in our yard. Since we have not had a frost yet here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, the roses are still blooming ---and it seems that these last blooms of Fall are as pretty as the first ones in the Spring. Our roses are really showing off now. Also, some of our Reblooming Irises have bloomed recently. Today, I'll show you six of our 'pretties' which have been in our yard during October.

Above is one of our new roses, TOUCH OF CLASS. Since it is fairly new, this is the first time it has bloomed for us. Below are others, plus a couple of our Irises. Hope you enjoy the October Flowers.



VETERAN'S HONOR (my personal fav)



Last night, as we came home from Cookeville, we saw two pretty sights in the sky:

Sunset ---toward the west, and...

...a full moon ---toward the east.. How's that for a great evening????


Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Last Look at August

Well---it's now September, and most everyone is 'thinking' FALL (including me). Except for our beautiful Roses and other summer flowers, I am NOT a Summer person. I don't like the heat ---although I was a sun-lover for many years. When comparing the four seasons, Summer is my least favorite. I guess that Fall is Number 1, Spring is Number 2, and Winter is Number 3... However, IF we get SNOW here, Winter can move up!!!! ha

Be that as it may, I do have some more 'pretties' to share with you today---from August--in and around our yard. Above is another August rose bloomer, MR. LINCOLN. This red rose along with Veterans Honor are two of my fav's. More pictures are below.

This one is NEW DAY. You may remember that our pink roses showed off in early summer and the yellows have bloomed alot in August.

This one is named ELLA.

This yellow one is named SUNDANCE.

This rose (ABOUT FACE) really ate its "Wheaties" this month... Have you ever seen a rose stem grow to be SEVEN FEET tall?????? Good Gosh!!!! I made George (who is 6'4") stand beside that rose to show you how tall it is... Unbelievable, isn't it????

Here is another view of ABOUT FACE. You can compare it with our tall flag pole!!!!! Wow!

Here is another picture of our Autumn Joy Sedum in bloom. You can see a black bee on one of the blooms. I should have done a macro--but didn't think about it at that time!!!!

I have talked about how gorgeous our weather has been lately... On Sunday night, this was the sunset---as taken from our back yard, looking up the hill. We stood on our deck and watched the sky change colors. Awesome!!!!

The sky just got more and more pink and red... Talk about fabulous!!!!!

Finally, here is our first IRIS of the Fall. Its name is AUTUMN BUGLER. We have several reblooming Irises now ---but this is the only one which has bloomed so far. George says that this one actually bloomed early, so hopefully, off and on all Fall, we should have some more to share with you.

NOW---August is OVER and Fall has BEGUN...


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Irises and My Bluebirds

I have featured a few of our TEN different Iris blooms on other posts. But--today, I will feature one photo of each one of them. The yellow ones bloomed the best this year, but all were pretty. Above is one of my favorites this year, Orange Harvest. Below are photos of the other nine. Can you pick out a fav????

Autumn Bugler Iris

Cable Car Iris

Cantina Iris

Clarence Iris

Electric Shock Iris

Floor Show Iris

Honey Glazed Iris

Queen Dorothy Iris (Hey Dorothy---How did you get them to name this Iris after YOU?????)

Finally, the small American Iris (whose real name is Siberian Iris I think)


The four Bluebird babies were sleeping UNTIL I opened the door and checked on them... One of them, the hungry one, woke up and opened its mouth for us!!!! They are not quite as 'pink' today---and I can see more feathers.. I think they are about 6-7 days old now. SOOOOOOOO Cute!! (Be sure to click on this picture --to get a better view of the babies.)

Hope you are enjoying Spring!!!! It's been cold here for a couple of days... I had to get the sweats back out of the winter closet. AND--we had to put our electric blanket BACK on our bed.. What's up with that???? They say it's Blackberry Winter!!!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What we Found Once we Got Home

We did have a wonderful beach vacation---but there was alot of beauty waiting for us when we get home. Since we had had LOTS of rain here while we were gone, everything was growing ---including the weeds and the grass!!!! ha.. BUT---there was some beautiful color waiting just for us to get home. Above is one of our beauties---the gorgeous Azalea bush in the front yard. It is just fabulous, don't you think??? Below are more pictures!

Hooray!!!!! Our first rose bloom of the season is smiling for us!!!! Her name is Rio Samba. Isn't this a gorgeous rose????? One reason we changed our annual beach vacation from the middle/end of May to the beginning was because we didn't want to miss any of our roses when they bloomed. This one was waiting for us to come home!!!! There will be MANY more to come.

This picture of Rio Samba was taken yesterday. The one above was taken Monday. These beautiful roses change daily... I love this rose. It's neat that it has bloomed FIRST this year.

Our big Rhododendron (we have three: this large one and two small ones) is putting on a show this year. This was obviously taken from our deck. I can sit on my 'throne' inside and see this gorgeous Rhody!!!

Here is a view of the Rhody --from the back yard. WOW--what a beauty!!!!

When we first moved here, Dad Adams gave us these little American Irises. They are much smaller than our other Irises, but they are pretty and do add color in our yard. They are in a rock garden area in the front yard surrounded by English Ivy. Very pretty!!!!

Here is a close-up of some of our little American Irises.

These gorgeous Irises are so beautiful. They are named Orange Harvest. This is the year for yellow Irises I guess since we've had two different sets of yellow in bloom (Honey Glazed and Orange Harvest).

I am going to post an entire page of our Irises soon (besides this one and Orange Harvest above, we have two more new ones so far this spring), but since this is one of my all-time favorite Irises, I just had to show it to you. This beauty is named Cable Car!!!! Neat color, huh?????

Now you can see why we love to get home!!!!! It's fun to go on vacation---but it's even more fun to get home.