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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Family Homes of Two Special Friends

My Childhood Home in about 1941--soon after it was built
I met NEAL about 5 years ago through blogging.  We became friends almost immediately.  Part of the reason was our love for the area of the country where we were both born and raised.  Neal was born and raised in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee and I was born and raise several miles east of there in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

When the four of us (Neal, his beautiful wife, Patti, George and I)  met this year,  we stayed at Pine Mountain State Park in Pineville,  Kentucky ---which is close to Cumberland Gap.   SO--while in that area,  Neal took us around the area of his homeplace.

Also--while there,  we drove to Kingdom Come State Park one day,  and since it was so close to my hometown,  we visited that area also...  I loved hearing the stories about his childhood which Neal shared.  AND--I loved telling my own stories about my childhood.  As you can imagine,  we had a GREAT week together.

Today I'll share with you some photos from both of our childhood home areas beginning with mine,  which we visited on Tuesday,  10/23/13.  Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them.

Above is my childhood home --right after it was built about 1941.  I lived there until after high school  days (after 1960)...  I loved that little home ---and the one thing I loved about it was watching all of the spruce, hemlock, boxwoods and big trees/shrubs grow and grow--through the years... The yard was very woodsy---which I loved.

After my Dad died in 1969,  Mom kept the house for a few more years... Sometime in the '70's,  she sold it (much to my disappointment--although I understood). She stayed in Big Stone Gap for several more years in a small home she had purchased... Later, she moved to Florida to be closer to my brothers.  I then had and still have no more close relatives (other than some cousins) living there.  But---it will always be HOME to me!

The people who first bought the home from my mother (it was sold again later to another couple)  made two big changes:  They put bright yellow siding on the house AND they cut down most of the beautiful old trees and shrubs....I was sad to hear that!

My childhood home in about 1941

My Childhood Home in 2013
Here is what 'my' home looks like NOW.  They have added on (porches, rooms, etc.) ---so the house really is hard to even recognize these days.   I was telling George that I have 'mixed feelings' about seeing my home now...   I'm sad that it looks so different --but I'm also happy that someone loves it and is taking good care of it!

Me standing in front of my home
George took this photo of me standing near the front of my childhood home.  The front door is the SAME ---so I was glad to see it!!!!  If you look back at the first photo,  you can see the door.  Ah--the memories!!

Me at the back of my childhood home
This is taken from the backyard.  Again,  it is VERY different---but that little garage (right side of the photo) is still there!! That garage was only large enough for one car --and not a big one!!!!! ha

Family Headstone at Glencoe Cemetery,  Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Besides seeing the family home,  we also visited the graves of my family members... I am the LAST person left in that immediate family.   My parents, both brothers and one sister-in-law are buried in that cemetery..

Me looking at family members buried at Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap, VA
George took this picture of me --as I sadly looked at the individual grave markers of my family members who are buried there.  From left to right: brother, Raymond;  sister-in-law, Evelyn;  Dad, Simon;  Mother, Edith; and brother, Jimmy.

All that remains of Neal's childhood home,  the chimney
The next day (10/24/13),  we visited Neal's homeplace.  His home was off the beaten track ---in the country.  I enjoyed seeing the old school (which is now a small church) ---where Neal and his brothers and sisters used to walk a long ways along the railroad track in order to get there.

The family still owns the property where his home was ---which is hidden up a dirt road back in a holler.... I kept telling Neal when we were at that property that he needs to build a little cabin there.  I would visit him there --and would love that privacy, as that area is surrounded by mountains all around!  FABULOUS!!!

Above is a picture of all that is left of Neal's childhood home.  I have seen photos of this chimney on Neal's blog ---and was thrilled to get to see the area in person.

This barn belongs to a neighbor (whom we met while there).  He recently bought the property, and is in the process of fixing up the old barn.  Neal's sister,  ROSE,  is also a special blog friend of mine.  She loves to write stories of their childhood---and some of Rose's favorite things to photograph are old barns.  She has featured this old barn several times ---so I'm sure she will be glad to see that the new owner is  renovating the barn --and wants to keep it in good shape.  (Click on Rose's name above to see her blog.)

Neal is searching for the old well on their property
Neal was searching for the old well --where his family used to get their water.  He told stories about how good that water tasted!   He also told stories about how his brothers and he would go 'skinny-dipping' in the nearby creek!!!!!  Ahhhh--more wonderful memories!

Neal and I checking out the old chimney
I loved listening to Neal tell his stories about his home and his childhood.  His Dad was disabled and the family struggled financially.  BUT--Neal remembers all of the good times they had --not the struggles!!!!!

The Family Property where Neal's childhood home was
Don't you think this would be a fantastic place for a CABIN??????  I do!

Headstone showing where Neal's parents were buried
Besides checking out the property where Neal's childhood home was,  we also checked out the cemetery where his parents (and some other family members) were buried. 

Nearby Barn--photo was taken from the cemetery where Neal's parents are buried
Here is another barn  (which Neal and Rose-his sister, have made 'famous' on their blogs).   The power lines were in the way when I took the photo--but I used my 'zapper' to get rid of them!!!! Isn't that a neat barn???  I'm sure that Rose will enjoy seeing this photo!!

Neal standing in front of what is left of his childhood home
Here is one last photo showing Neal at his homeplace.  Wish you all could hear some of his stories telling about his life growing up in Cumberland Gap, TN.  They are SO interesting!!!!!  I truly enjoyed visiting the area where our good friend grew up....

Hope you enjoyed seeing photos showing both of our childhood homes.  As you can imagine,  we all had a wonderful week together.

Be sure to check out my Photo Blog for a great picture of Autumn on the Cumberland Plateau.. Click HERE.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Around our Home in December/January

Today I will share with you some of our birds, deer --and a beautiful picture (above) I took of our sky one evening in December, 2012.  Isn't it gorgeous?  We had so much rain and dreariness in December --that when we did get a pretty sky (here and there), we had to get out and take a picture...

We see deer around our home ALOT all year long... Recently,  I'm sure they are hungry --so we seem to see them more on the golf course fairway behind our home.  Even though there's not much for them to eat in our yard now,  we still spray Liquid Fence to keep them OUT of the yard.  BUT--I love deer.  Aren't they gorgeous?  There were about 4-5 of them that day--and they were staring at me.... ha

One of the deer came a little closer ---so I could get a better shot with my long lens.  Isn't he just gorgeous?

And on another day,  another group stopped by --and I got this picture of one of them who came a little closer into our backyard.  Love those big ears--although they aren't nearly as large as the Mule Deer.. Have you seen them?

I showed you some of my Backyard Birds in THIS post on December 17,  so today I will show you a few more of my little Darlin's....  I've talked about all of our Goldfinch this year... But--we also have some HOUSE FINCHES around... Here is one (above) of the Male House Finches... I love his RED colors.

The Bluebirds have been coming around alot lately --as do most of the birds when it's winter and COLD... This is a gorgeous picture of a male Bluebird --with a Goldfinch and a Tufted Titmouse I think to the left.  EASTERN BLUEBIRDS are still some of the prettiest little birds around I think.

Here is a picture of two Bluebirds at the suet feeder...  Bluebirds ---as do most of the birds--will eat most anything during the winter.   They seem to like the suet and also the fruit/nut combination in the plate feeder.

I love our little DOWNY WOODPECKERS.  Like the Red-bellied Woodpeckers,  they are with us year-round---and love the suet...

Here is one of my all-time favorite birds,  the huge PILEATED WOODPECKER.  They (like the Red-bellied Woodpeckers) make alot of NOISE before coming to the feeders.  AND --even though they are very large birds,  they seem to be able to handle themselves quite well at the feeders...  Sometimes they come to this feeder and hang on --and other times,  they come to the other suet feeder...

Finally,  here are a couple of photos I took of another favorite bird,  the NORTHERN FLICKER WOODPECKER...  I love these birds --and was lucky to catch him on the deck...

Here's one more of that gorgeous Northern Flicker.  He's looking up at the suet feeder waiting his turn for some dinner!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures around our home this past month or so... There's never a dull moment living here in the mountains of Tennessee...

On another note,  prayers for the family of Leontien--who lost her battle to cancer on Wednesday.  Many of us have followed her on Blogger --and have prayed for her.  She certainly fought the good fight.  I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone fight as hard.  God rest her soul.  She is now out-of-pain and with God....

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmases Past (2001-2008)

2001 Christmas Tree
I had some fun going through old Christmas pictures since George and I got married.... SO---today I thought I'd share with you a picture from each Christmas between 2001-2008.   Hope you enjoy them!!!!! (When I do this,  I always find out how much better photos are now than they were years ago... SO--some of the earlier pictures are not the best quality! Oh Well---hope you like them anyhow.  Some will enlarge--and some won't.)

The picture above is our first Christmas tree in 2001... The angel is almost as large as the tree... ha ha....  We were living in our little townhouse in Hendersonville that first year.  This little tree now sits on our front porch every Christmas.

I couldn't find one single picture from our Christmas in 2002.... I know that we bought our new house that Fall---but didn't officially move here until the summer of 2003, when I retired from my job.  We visited the new house here alot on weekends ---and I loved to cuddle up near the fireplace!!!!!  SO---here's a picture taken sometime that winter.

First Christmas in our Home ---2003
That tiny tree (with its big angel tree-top) looked even smaller in our new Great Room...  BUT---we didn't buy the new tree until 2004.... SO---this was Christmas in our new home in 2003... NOTE that there was some snow outside... (We had more snow here during those years than we have had the last several.)

New Christmas Tree in 2004
We got the new tree in 2004----and have used it ever since.   You will have to go back and look at the first picture of this tree I posted in Monday's blog post.... There are TONS more ornaments on that tree in 2012... ha  (NOTE---there's snow outside!!!)

Two silly people celebrating Christmas together------Who are those people??????

Here's the ribbon (and garland) I used to use on the lamppost.... I loved that old ribbon ---but through the years, it turned orange in the sunlight.... SO---since it didn't look like Christmas anymore,  we got rid of it.  I bought a new one this year--but don't like it nearly as much... (Those are our winter Pansies in that bed.  We plant them every year.)

This was the first year we bought our lighted garland and bows for the deck....

Another 2007 Purchase
Also in 2007,  we bought our first lighted wreath for the front of the house.  (We now have 3 out there.)

Treetop Angel---2008
Lastly,  in 2008,  I'll show you the angel which sits at the top of our tree --and has --every year since we bought the new tree in 2004.... I like her much better than the big one I used to use on the tiny tree... (The big one now joins the other angels in their area!)

Hope you enjoyed sharing Christmas Pasts with me today!!!!  Christmas is just so special to me ---in so many ways!  Praise be to God that Jesus Christ was BORN --and that we can celebrate this birth all month!!!!

Because it is December and since there is alot going on,  George and I are taking a week off from blogging.  Hope you have a fabulous week---and we'll see you on Monday,  December 19.  Don't be naughty.....  Someone is watching you!!!!!