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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 to our Family and Friends

Hi There,  Can you believe that it is 2017?   Wow---the older I get,  the faster time seems to go...  I'm always a little sad to see Christmas end and a new year begin.  BUT---there's a lot of good things which can happen when one starts a NEW BEGINNING.... I pray that you (and us) have a fantastic 2017 ---and will stay happy and healthy!!!!!  Blessings to ALL.

The picture above was our picture taken by their photographer on our special evening at the Christmas Candlelight Visit to the Biltmore Estate, Asheville,  North Carolina, on Dec. 14, 2016.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to our Friends and Family

Merry Christmas to YOU.   Hope you are having a fantastic day/weekend.

This year has been such a blessing and I thank God for EVERYTHING.

Today,  we celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus.... What JOY.    Hallelujah!


Monday, July 4, 2016

Red, White and Blue FLOWERS for the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all of my Blog Friends in the Good Ole USA today!!!!!  Hope you are having and have had a fantastic weekend --filled with lots of fun, family, friends, fellowship,  and food.

Today---in celebration of our colors,  I will share some red, white and blue flowers that have bloomed or are blooming in our yard this Spring/Summer.  Hope you enjoy seeing the 'patriotic' flowers today!

Here's a 'combo' for you which reminds me a little of fireworks.  This is LOLLYPOP LILY (taken on 6/2/16)

 A RED  Tulip  (taken on 4/13/16)

An 'almost' white Rose with a hint of pink;  This one is named SWEET AFTON ROSE (taken on 5/26/16)

A gorgeous IRIS named CLARENCE ---with some blueish/purple colors (taken on 4/25/16)

A pretty RED Day Lily --appropriately named Christmas Wishes  (taken on 7/3/16)

A white DAFFODIL named MOUNT HOOD  (taken on 3/25/16)

Some gorgeous BLUE PANSIES (taken on 3/11/16)

A gorgeous RED ROSE --which just keeps on blooming;  This one is also appropriately named  ALWAYS AND FOREVER.  (taken on 6/21/16)

My favorite WHITE ROSE named SWEET FREEDOM;  (taken on 6/1/16)

Our beautiful ground cover all around our yard;  The name is VINCA MINOR (but it's also known as PERIWINKLE).    (taken on 3/15/16)

Beautiful TULIP (taken on 4/13/16)
I love this last picture when thinking about the 4th of July.  This sweet little tulip reminds me of FIREWORKS....

Hope you enjoyed my red/white/blue post today!!!!!  To be honest,  we have LOTS of reds and whites blooming most all spring and summer ---but we don't have too many BLUES... Blue flowers are not easy to find ---and as you can tell from my pictures,  the blue tends to become more purple than blue... BUT---I love purple and have lots of purple flowers....

Have an awesome day today ---and Happy Birthday AMERICA.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Tribute to our Veterans

If you missed my blog post talking about our recent trip to the beach,  click HERE.  In that post,  I talked a lot about our wonderful experiences at the Sunset Beach Town Park (Sunset Beach, NC).   We fell totally in love with that amazing little park.

One special part of the park was a fantastic monument honoring all Veterans...  George and I are both EXTREMELY patriotic---so we enjoyed that monument each time we were at the park. Being there truly brought tears to my eyes.

Today I'll honor our Veterans on Memorial Day by sharing more pictures of the monument.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy sharing them.

We didn't know why the flag was at half-staff one day when we were there.

Can you tell how much we love that park?  Not only did I enjoy the monument --but I also enjoyed all of the big trees. 

Tributes to loved ones (probably from the Sunset Beach and surrounding community residents) were listed  throughout the monument area

I love this picture of George paying homage to the flag--and to our Veterans.

Here's one last picture of the entire monument.  George took this one from another angle --when the flag was "perfectly"  blowing in the wind.
Happy Memorial Day to ALL...  Let's never forget what these brave people did for US and for our FREEDOMS... God Bless them ALL --and God Bless America.


Monday, May 9, 2016

My Wonderful Mother's Day/Week and Memories --- 2016

Dear Blog Friends,  I posted this album on Facebook yesterday --but wanted to share it with you also since my Mother's Day celebrations were so special this year.

First of all though,  I paid tribute to my wonderful mother,  EDITH BALLARD BANKS (1900-1991). Over the weekend, in celebration of Mother's Day, I remembered my "Mama"... Even though she has been gone for 25 years now, I still miss her SO much. I never thanked her enough for being the best Mom in the world to me. She was such a gracious Christian lady---and I only hope that she is looking down from heaven on her daughter knowing how much I love and miss her and appreciate her for all she gave to me. Thanks, Mom for YOU! (Photo taken in 1982)

On Friday (5/6/16), we got an invitation to drive to Dalton to visit and have dinner with my son, Jeff and Daughter-in-law, Dawn. What an awesome day we had--and a fantastic Mother's Day Celebration for me. They fixed Grilled Chicken, Grilled Fresh Veggies, Grilled Fresh Corn-on-the-Cob, and for dessert cake/ice cream... ALL was SO delicious...

This is part of (they have a BIG yard) Jeff and Dawn's backyard. They have veggies and flowers planted. We enjoyed walking around the entire yard seeing all of the beautiful plants/flowers--many blooming already. We are so proud of these two --and the life they are enjoying together.

Not only did Jeff and Dawn cook us an amazing dinner, but they gave me this beautiful Hanging Basket... It hangs proudly in our yard!!!!!

This beautiful angel (Angel in the Garden) was sent from son Mark and his love, Debbie. They know that I collect angels and they also know how much I enjoy Gardening. If you can't read the inscription, it says: "To plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow".... Isn't she gorgeous?

Mark and Debbie also sent me a beautiful Butterfly Suncatcher (with the word, Mom, inscribed on the bottom). This will hang proudly on one of our sliding doors.

This is one of the neatest and most unique gifts I have ever received. It's an ornament which is from Debbie which says: "Thank You for Raising the 'Man of my Dreams'". Is this not just AWESOME? Oh My Godness --how I love it.. Thanks, Debbie, for this --and for making my son SO happy.

I wanted so desperately to see Mark and Debbie on Mother's Day ---but since they are in Texas and I am in Tennessee,  that wasn't possible.  However,  I did have a phone video conversation with them as they were on their way to the Astros Game---AND they sent me a picture.... This is  Mark and the love of HIS life,  Debbie!

I can't end this album without THANKING my wonderful husband, George, who constantly makes me laugh --and has made me so very very happy. He asked if I'd rather go out to eat on Mother's Day --or to have a home-cooked dinner... I opted to stay home and eat one of his delicious meals (scallops/shrimp/sauteed veggies, etc.)... Oh how spoiled I am --not only by my sons but by this awesome, terrific, fantastic man in my life. Thanks to ALL for making my Mother's Day so tremendous. I love you ALL

Hope all of you had an awesome weekend also...  I am one very blessed woman!!!!  Thanks be to God!