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Monday, February 16, 2015

SNOW in the SMOKIES 2/12/15

SNOW on the Mountains of the SMOKIES --2/12/15
Hope ALL of you had a great VALENTINE's WEEKEND...  My theme this month is to share the LOVE --so whatever you did and wherever you went,  I hope there was A LOT of LOVE shared!!!!

George and I shared our LOVE by taking a short trip to the SMOKIES for a couple of days... As you can imagine,  we took PLENTY of pictures to show you... SO--today I'll share with you just one small piece of our trip...

Our weather for these two days was cold and snowy ---but where we were,  there wasn't much snow (even though I LOVED seeing even a small amount)...  HOWEVER,  on the tops of the mountains,  they had LOTS of snow that day (2/12).  In fact, there was so much snow,  the main road across the mountain (Highway 441) was closed...  SO--we took our pictures from below.

Some of these pictures were taken near the Sugarland Visitor Center and some on the Gatlinburg Bypass.  We love taking pictures from the Gatlinburg Bypass since there are two special overlooks (looking toward Mt. LeConte and other mountain ranges).  We have taken pictures during all seasons and at all times of the day --but this was the first time we have taken pictures of SNOW on the MOUNTAINS.

Hope you enjoy the pictures... Please click on them for enlargements..

I love the close-ups of the SNOW on the MOUNTAINS.

The SUN was peeking through!!!!  I love seeing all of the PINE TREES covered with SNOW.

SUNSHINE was beginning to take over, and win the Battle with the SNOW-CLOUDS.

Another one I love --with the sun peeking through;

I love seeing the shadows and layers in this shot.
WELL---I could show you about 100 more---but you get the idea of how gorgeous it was as we stopped there in the late afternoon of 2/12/15.

Do you have a favorite from this group?????  I had a hard time just choosing this particular set since the entire area was so beautiful to try to capture... This was another one of those,  "in the right place at the right time"  moments. I guess my fav is the top one and the 4th from the bottom (for a close-up)....  YOU?

Have a great week.  We are in the midst of some nasty weather here in Tennessee... We thought we were going to get some snow (would have been exciting for me)---but with that possibility also comes something very dangerous (ICE,  SLEET,  FREEZING RAIN).... GADS---nobody needs that... My husband doesn't like snow--but says he would rather have A LOT of SNOW rather than an ICE STORM.  AND--there are many other friends having terrible weather also.  Prayers for our area and for all others who are experiencing this nasty stuff and who have to be out in it.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's All About LOVE

Today is HUG DAY.... So---hug someone you love!!!!!  Saturday is VALENTINE'S DAY....  What does that day mean to you?  Is it just another day?  Since George and I love to CELEBRATE anything and everything, even though our love is the most important thing to us each and EVERY day,  we still enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day...

I love to think of ALL of February a month of LOVE.   In fact,  I wish all people would celebrate LOVE every day all year long.  But--we can really emphasize this love (love for God,  love for self,  and love for others) during February.

For this Month of Love (including Valentine's Day) ---I give you this little box...  Read the poem below and you'll see what to do with your special box!!!

George and I will be celebrating ---so I may not get to your blog posts this weekend.  BUT---just know that my little box to you is filled with LOVE  for YOU.... Have a wonderful holiday weekend ---and take a few minutes to contact those you love and let them know what they mean to you!!!!! God Bless.

Please read my sidebar on the right if you haven't done so!!!!!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Catching Up ---Christmas and Beyond

Two Bloggers meet:  Ruth and Betsy together AT LAST!
Sorry I have been missing in action lately---but wanted to share some pictures from our month with you today.  Despite my knee problems and knee surgery (Jan. 8),  we did have a great Christmas and so far,  January has been good also. 

The picture above was taken on December 29, 2014 at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Nashville,  Tennessee.  Ruth Heibert  (Ruth's Photo Blog) and friend Gwen came to Nashville to attend a special Gospel Music Convention.  SO---since we are only 2.5 hours from there,  George and I  drove over to Nashville,  picked them up at their hotel and took those two Canadian ladies to the Cracker Barrel for a good ole' southern dinner..... They both enjoyed Chicken and Dumplings for the first time ---and CORNBREAD.    (Can you imagine ANYONE going through life without cornbread????? ha ha ha)

I have met LOTS of bloggers (and I love all of you) --but Ruth and I have been very special friends for many years ---back when we both started blogging... To say that finally getting to meet her was special is an understatement.  She is EXTREMELY special to both George and me.  We love her so much---and are already thinking about when we will meet again. Thanks, Ruth,  for coming to Tennessee!!!!!!  Come back SOON.

Landon (college),  Avery--age 16,  Bay Lee (college) and Brooke (graduating from high school in June)
The next day,  December 30,  George and I drove to Chattanooga to meet up with two of my three sons and their families...   Seeing these adorable grandchildren just made Christmas for this Grammy!!!!!  Aren't they beautiful --including Bay Lee's tiny little doggie!!  Landon and Avery are Jeff's children and Bay Lee and Brooke are Mark's children.  We were SO glad to see them and spend the day with them.

George with his little girl (Kelly) and her hubby (Chuck)
That same week (on January 2)---George and I drove back to Nashville to celebrate Christmas,  New Year's AND Kelly's Birthday (Jan.1) with them.  It was a cold and dreary day ---but we had a great time,  having a delicious lunch/dinner at the Dan McGuinness Irish Pub in West Nashville.  George and I both enjoyed Shepherd's Pie --which we hadn't had in a long time... It was a great day!

George enjoying his new camera lens,  a Tamron lens, 16 to 300mm
After all of the other trips we had after Christmas,  Christmas Day was spent at home with just the two of us enjoying one another.  I went 'away' from tradition this year (yipes) and we had a delicious Honey Ham (instead of turkey),  some scalloped potatoes,  green beans,  sliced tomatoes, baby carrots, pickles and cranberry relish.  For dessert,  we enjoyed some Dutch Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream on top... YUM...  (Since we still had turkey left-over from Thanksgiving,  we decided that ham would be a nice change.  And it was ---although I struggle with changing traditions... ha)

I gave George this nice lens ----but somehow,  his bride has already taken it away from him... He 'wants' me to use it so that I won't have to change lens so often... If I like it,  I may just have to buy another one for his birthday for HIM.... ha ha

Willow Figurine named HERO
George gave me lots of really nice things for Christmas ---and this was definitely one of my favorites.  Since I collect WILLOW Angels/Figurines,  I was thrilled to get this one (which I had never seen before).   Reminded me of a widow of a United States Military man killed in action.. Makes me cry!!!!  OH how I appreciate our Armed Forces and what they do for us...  Isn't HERO a gorgeous figurine?

Three new ornaments on our Christmas Tree this year depicting our 2014 trips
Besides many day trips and short trips in 2014,  George and I took 8 longer trips.  Six of them are on the ornament on the left:  Strasburg,  VA and the Shenandoahs;  West Virginia (Cass Railroad) for our anniversary;  Maggie Valley NC and the Blue Ridge Pkwy with friends;  Mt. Nebo, Arkansas with friends;  Blowing Rock, NC  for my birthday;  and Hocking Hills,  Ohio for George's birthday.   The ornament in the middle was from our trip to  Texas to visit 2 sons/families in Sept.   AND the one on the right is from our beach trip in May to Ocean Isle,  NC.  That cute ornament made me laugh since Santa is dressed up with his beach attire.  We had planned to go back to Ocean Isle the first of December --but my 'bum knee' cancelled that trip temporarily. 

Mama Says:  "Now Sweeties,  SMILE for the camera!"
I just had to include this funny picture of sons Jeff and Mark on December 30 in Chattanooga...  That was such a fantastic day together as a crazy family ---which we are... My sons were in RARE form telling stories about their childhoods and lives... I've never laughed so hard in my life.  Of course,  I told a few stories myself that day!!!!!! 

Two crazy people on Christmas Morning at our home!!!!!  

After looking at this photo,  you will know where those two funny guys in the picture above this one get their craziness.... Do you think their Nutty Mama had anything to do with it????????? (Don't answer that!  ha ha)

Speaking of a Nutty Mama,  I was barely standing and not doing much walking on Christmas morning... But---how could anyone keep a crippled girl from dancing on Christmas?   (I do think that George was there to catch me if I fell!!!!! ha)

A very happy Mom and her Three Sons  (on January14, 2015)
This is a picture that I will cherish forever... I seldom get to see all three of my sons together ---but did on January 14  (which was only 6 days after my knee surgery).  From left to right:  Mark--45;  Me--old woman;  Jeff--43;  and Bert (called Tre)--51.

What brings families together more than anything else?  FUNERALS.....  My sons' wonderful Grandmother died and her funeral was that day in Knoxville,  TN.  Laura Wilhite (age 99) was loved by all,  including me (since she was my ex-mother-in-law) and my sons and grandchildren.

Even though I was still re-cooping after surgery,  I cleaned up and we went to the funeral... I did great that day --but really felt the pain the following day... BUT--it was worth it and I am very glad I went.  Just having my sons with me for a few hours was worth everything.

Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas.
Finally,  I want to wish each of you a Happy 2015.... I INTEND to have a great one.  I apologize for being away from blogging for so long. To look at all of these pictures,  you'd think I was doing GREAT... Truth be told ---it has not been easy for me.  I will do an entire blog about my knee/surgery/recovery, etc.  sometime  AFTER I am totally well and back to myself again... But--just know that I am okay and am gradually getting better and better.  Thanks be to God.

I will try to be back to blogging again sometime the first week or two in  February.  In the meantime,  be sure to check out my January quotes on my sidebar.  There are some good ones...

Thanks for all of the comments/emails/Facebook comments/messages/texts,  etc... George has even had people asking about me on his blog.  That is SO sweet that so many people care.  God Bless You ALL.  I have so many wonderful friends.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year Brings Surgery for Me

Happy New Year from George and me to YOU and YOURS.  I hope that 2015 will be a fantastic year for all of us...  I don't make New Year's Resolutions -but if I did,  mine for 2015 would be to have a better year health-wise... I try SO hard to eat right,  watch my weight, get lots of exercise, and stay healthy.  YET in 2014 --I had Gallbladder Surgery,  and on November 21st,  I twisted my left knee,  which ultimately is leading to another Meniscus-Tear Surgery on JANUARY 8, 2015...

I already had meniscus-tear surgery on that same knee in 2010,  so I know what I'm getting into....  AND---I'm 'okay' with this surgery.  It's out-patient and the recovery time is not too bad...  As you know,  I've had LOTS of pain with the knee this past month and a half---so I'm ready for ANYTHING to give me some relief.   AND---since I'm an active person,  I am ready to get out there and do some HIKING again!!!!!

Again,  Happy 2015 to you!  Check out my new January Quotes on my right sidebar.  And---there's a new post on my other blog,  Betsy's Photo Blog,  if you have time to look at it... Thanks!!!!

Thanks for all of your prayers for me during this time of my knee problem... God Bless ALL of You.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas to YOU

My hope and my prayer for each of you is that you have a fantastic and blessed Christmas this year.  I will close with this interesting poem about Christmas.

Let Me Not Keep Christmas  
by Linda Felver

Let me not wrap, stack, box, bag, tie, tag, bundle, seal, keep Christmas.

Christmas kept is liable to mold.

Let me give Christmas away, unwrapped, by exuberant armfuls.

Let me share, dance, live Christmas unpretentiously, merrily, responsibly with overflowing hands, tireless steps and sparkling eyes.

Christmas given away will stay fresh—even until it comes again.

Many Blessings to you and yours...

 Big Hugs,

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Today in our country is a special day,  our Thanksgiving.  This is a time for families/friends  to get together and celebrate their love and their lives with one another.  We all have so much to be THANKFUL for --and yet,  so often,  we dwell on our hard/bitter/unhappy/angry times.

No matter where you live today,  take some time to think about your life and all that you do have to be thankful for.  May God richly bless each and everyone of you not only on this very special day---but also on each and every  day all year long!!!

UPDATE on my Knee/Leg Pain:  I did go to the doctor --and am now on some medications for the pain and for the swelling/inflammation..  Once the swelling goes down some (if I am still having problems),  I will have an MRI to see what is going on.  I'm still  hoping that it's just a strain/sprain.... I am taking some time off from Blogging --to work on some Family History while I am SITTING....   I'll be back with an update in a week or two... God Bless ALL of you...

I love this quote:  “Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have—life itself.” ~ Walter Anderson

Hugs to all,