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Friday, July 11, 2014

Falls of Hills Creek, West Virginia

Us at Middle Falls of Hills Creek -6/25/14  (45 feet high)
You know that we can NEVER go on a trip without checking out some waterfalls...  This time we visited the  Falls of Hills Creek in the Monongahela National Forest area of West Virginia (on 6/25/14).   Hope you enjoy the photos today.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

Beautiful Trail to visit the waterfalls

The photographer at work--as we cross a little bridge,  while on the trail

Me on one of the series of steps down to the waterfalls
Like the steps I showed you in my blog post from Grandview,  someone VERY SMART and CREATIVE has done a fantastic job of  building these steps and platforms... I read that there were about 400 steps down,  which means that there were 400 steps BACK UP (Pant Pant).... ha

But the area was so beautiful all around us... I would recommend these waterfalls to ALL of you---and even though there were alot of steps,  there were places to stop and rest if needed along the way... It was a VERY nice area/trail....

Are you hearing her saying to him:  "Wait for me"...... OR is he saying to her:  "Wait for me... You are moving too fast!!"   Hmmmmmm---I wonder!!!!! ha ha

Who is that peaking over the edge???
Once we got down to Middle Falls,  we had to go down a series of METAL steps in order to get to the bottom platform..

Middle Falls (45 feet);  This is my 'attempt' to take a  fancy photo like my hubby does.  His are MUCH better --but this one is okay I guess.

George heading down to the bottom platform at Lower Falls
When we got down to the area where we could see Lower Falls,  guess what we found????  YES---it was another set of steps DOWN......

See her --way up there?  She is asking George:  "Can we take the elevator back up?"  ha ha
See what a fantastic job they did of building all of these steps and platforms.  Wow---we were impressed.

Lower Falls of Hills Creek,  63 feet

My Hero doing his 'thing'--taking lots of fantastic photos

US at Lower Falls of Hills Creek,  West VA   6/25/14
Well---how did you like THAT hike?????  We loved it --even all of those steps! Such a gorgeous, woodsy area ---and very well-maintained!!!!!  Check it out--if you get to West VA.  If you want more information about this area,  click HERE.

Have a tremendous weekend..


Monday, June 30, 2014

How do Two OLD People Celebrate their Anniversary

Us at an overlook at Grandview,  at the New River Gorge National River, West VA-- 6/23/14
George and I celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary this past week---with a great trip to one of our favorite states,  West Virginia.... Our reasons as to why we chose West Virginia:  1. not too many people around (except for one day);  2.  mountainous area where it is not too hot;  3. area more rustic and not so 'touristy';  4. place where we could do some hiking AND see some waterfalls---PLUS a really special day (which I will blog about on another day)!!!!!

First,  I will show you some of the things we did on our actual anniversary date,  June 23rd...  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.  Hope you enjoy seeing them!

George and his new Tripod
As most of you know,  George gave me an incredible photo of Whitewater Falls,  North Carolina (made into a huge poster to hang above our fireplace).  Click HERE if you missed that post.   SO----I'll have to show you what I gave him this year.  This is George's new tripod (A MeFOTO A1350)  It does everything one would want --except maybe cook dinner for us!!!!  It folds up to 15 inches --and he carries it in the case shown above in the picture.

George's new Tripod--which folds up to 15 inches

Beautiful view of the New River Canyon area
We hiked the Canyon Rim trail and stopped at several overlooks in order to get some great photos.  (We also hiked another trail to see a tunnel --even though the tunnel was closed.  BUT--we finished the day with about 5 miles total on our pedometers!)

This is George on the trail.  The trails were well-maintained overall.

Some very smart people had built steps among the rocks and rhododendrons in order for us to climb higher to the last overlook.    

Amazing area as we hiked to the TOP

We made it up those steps!!!!  George is on top of the world here!!!!

She's still smiling --after reaching the top of the world at Grandview!
Have you noticed all of the 'stuff' we carry???  We are prepared for sure:  our cameras and lenses;  my headband and 'sweat' towel;  my clip-on bug repellent thingie;  my jug of water;  AND a bag with other little things--protein bars, gum, tylenol, etc.... I was PREPARED!!!!! ha

Not only did we see deer along the way,  but we also enjoyed seeing many Rhododendrons and other wildflowers in bloom here.

How can an almost 72 yr old woman have more fun than this??????
After those long hikes,  we had some lunch and then we PLAYED!!!!!

Not to miss out on all of the fun,  George had to play also!!!!!!!   YEAH!

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake from Olive Garden
Finally---after all of that hiking,  we were HUNGRY!!!!  SO--we drove into Beckley and went to one of our favorite restaurants,  the OLIVE GARDEN.  We enjoyed dinner ---AND we split a slice of that delicious cheesecake pictured above.  (NOT my photo since mine didn't come out).... YUM YUM YUM....  What a great way to end a wonderful day!!!   (AND ---I didn't even gain weight this week... I even lost a tiny bit!!!)

Can you see how HAPPY she is???????
I'll close with this photo George took of a VERY HAPPY GIRL ---enjoying a wonderful day and trip with the fantastic man in her life.... Thanks, George, for a marvelous Anniversary!!!!

Hope all of you have had a good week.  I will 'try' to catch up with your blog posts as I have time!!!!!  (There is always lots and lots of yardwork to be done!)


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rapids of Bull Sluice

Bull Sluice  (from the overlook on the South Carolina side of the river),  5/18/14
Bull Sluice (on the South Carolina/Georgia border near Highway 76) is a series of rapids along the Chattooga River.  Kayakers and others who enjoy rapids love this one --although it is considered very dangerous.  There have been at least 8 people who have lost their lives on this course.

George and I stopped here once before ---but we wanted to check it out again since we were traveling in that area.  We were there on May 18,  2014  on our way to the beach.  Today I'll share a few photos from Bull Sluice.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

We enjoyed watching the 'white-water-rafting' while there...

I love George's special 'fancy' water photos --with his special lens/tripod.... Looks like silk!!!

Here is George with his tripod doing his 'thing'.... I enjoy watching him work to get good water photos.

This is what I get to do when George is photographing water!!!!   (He knew I took a picture of him -so he took one of me too!!!!!)

This boat (group of 4) scared me --since the boat got turned around... See the next photo to see what happened...

OOPS.... Only one person left in the boat!!!!  YIPES... Three fell out!!!!!  (The good news is that, luckily,  they were all fine!!!)  Kinda scary to watch though.

Here's one more photo showing what the area looks like ---as those boats have to manipulate around the rocks in the raging water.

Finally,  here's one more 'fancy' photo by George of those rapids.... The best water photos one can get is in raging water like this.  George was in 7th heaven on this day!!!!
Hope you are having a good Wednesday.  I will see you on Friday!!!!