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Monday, July 25, 2016

Visit to Georgia to see Jeff and Dawn 7/23/16

Jeff and Dawn --in front of their Crepe Myrtle and Hydrangea 
George and I  had a wonderful time this weekend visiting son Jeff and his very beautiful and talented wife, Dawn,  at their home in Georgia...   We don't see these busy young adults as much as I wish --but when we see them,  it's such a JOY for us....

We are SO proud of the life these two young people are leading... Their home if beautiful --since they are both SO talented....Dawn is creative and there's not one place in their home which is not neatly and creatively decorated...  Since that kind of creativity is NOT my talent,  I'm always amazed at what others can  do....

Jeff is just as talented ---and is always working on some kind of new project for their home/yard... One of his next projects is building a new table top and completely re-making their dining room table.... Recently Jeff built a wonderful fire-pit for them...   I told them that we'd come back in the Fall when we can sit around the fire,  tell ghost stories and eat Smores..... YUM.

They both also have the talent of growing beautiful flowers/shrubs/plants...  Their yard is a blaze of beauty.   We also enjoy just TALKING to them since they both are so smart and so much fun just to sit and talk to.... We could stay for hours and hours just chatting.   AND--as if that is not enough,  they also served us a fantastic dinner,  much of which was from their garden.   I could go on and on and on --but instead,  I'll just share a few pictures today...

This is just a small portion of a part of their yard... In these beds,  they have Zinnias  and a Butterfly Bush  (and more) on the left;  Squash,  Zucchini and Cucumbers on the right; ---and Irises,  Canna Lilies and Sunflowers in the middle.....

A close-up of some of their Sunflowers... Sunflowers are Dawn's favorite flower ---so of course,  they started planting Sunflowers a year or two ago....

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Crepe Myrtles ---and seldom see them in our area....

I was standing in the drive-way looking across the front of their home...  Everything was SO pretty. You can see the Hydrangea bush in the picture.

Dawn made me a Hydrangea Bouquet to bring home with me.... It's SO pretty!!!!!  Thanks, Dawn.

Here is one more picture of the Crepe Myrtles from a different angle...

Here was a picture of the beginnings of a fabulous dinner:  grilled chicken breasts --seasoned with basil from their garden;  spaghetti squash;  grilled squash, zucchini, and onions -with the squash and zucchini coming from their yard;  grilled white mushrooms and onions;  Italian Bread with an olive oil/spices dipping sauce..... SO SO SO SO delicious!!!!

Finally --and the BEST was a gift they gave me for my upcoming birthday (we won't see them on my birthday this year since we will be out-of-town).   Dawn made this gorgeous wreath JUST for us... She is so so so talented!  I told her that she could go into business making these....  The beautiful wreath fits perfectly on our front door.  It is totally made out of burlap --with a big "A"  on the right for ADAMS....  Thank You so much,  Dawn...  I am still extremely excited!

Well Friends.... I know how many of you feel when you visit your adult children who are doing so well --and you just can't be anymore proud of them!!!!!  That is how I always feel when we visit Jeff and Dawn... Thanks to both of them for being SO good to us.... We LOVE them so much!!!

Hope all of you are having a great Summer so far... We are having a terribly hot spell here --and DRY.....  As many of you know,  I'm not a 'summer-lover' ---so I'm one who is definitely ready for Fall...

Have a wonderful week.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Tallulah Gorge, Georgia

On May 4,  on our way to Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina,   we stopped to do some hiking at Tallulah Gorge near Clayton, GA.   We wanted to check out their beautiful waterfalls (so--what else is new????)   and hike to the bottom of the gorge and back up!!!!  If you want to see a gorgeous video from Tallulah Gorge,  click HERE.

This gorge is known as one of the largest canyons in the Eastern US.  It is 2 miles long,  1.2 mile between the two sides,  and 1000 feet deep.  The Tallulah River --which formed the canyon and passes through it,  drops 500 feet in less than a mile --making for some spectacular waterfalls/cascades.

To get to the bottom of the canyon,  we hiked down almost 550 steps ---and then of course,  had those 550 steps BACK UP....  The going down was easy as you can imagine.  About 80 feet from the bottom of the canyon,  we crossed a suspension bridge before going on down to the bottom.

Today,  I'll share some photos with you from that hike.  Besides the hike down and back up,  we also checked out ALL of the overlooks on both sides of the canyon... The picture above was taken of us on the south side (after we had been down and back in the gorge).  Obviously,  we were RESTING... ha ha ...   It was a drizzly day---but luckily,  we didn't have too much rain.   I don't mind getting wet---but have to protect our cameras!!!

Here is a view looking down into the canyon from the north side --before we started down!!

This is a picture of some of the steps going down into that deep canyon.

And,  here is another one ---looking down-down-down.

Here is a picture taken from the south side of the canyon ---AFTER we climbed down and back up.  This shows the suspension bridge we crossed.  There are people on that bridge.  See them?????  (We are 80 feet above the canyon floor while on that bridge.)

AND---to prove that we made it down there to the suspension bridge,  George took this picture of me ON the bridge. I'm glad my jacket was plenty big --since I had all of my camera 'stuff' under there ---keeping it dry!!!!!

BUT---we have farther to go down in order to get to the bottom of the canyon.  We went down more steps ---and finally,  we could see the BOTTOM.

George took this AWESOME photo of the water at the bottom of the canyon.  He was able to use his tripod and get some excellent photos of the waterfalls and the water/canyon.  I'll share the waterfall photos plus more photos from the overlooks in another post. 

Here is a photo taken from the bottom,  looking BACK up at the rock cliffs (which are on both sides of the canyon).   Amazing gorge,  isn't it????

Here is a photo of George doing his 'thing' with the tripod!!!!  WOW--the pictures he can get with the proper filters, plus using a tripod!   I love watching him at work!

While he had the tripod out,  George got this picture of us at the bottom.  That is Hurricane Falls,  one of the SIX main waterfalls at Tallulah Gorge.  Hurricane Falls is 96 feet. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing some photos from Tallulah Gorge taken on May 4, 2013.  When our day was complete at the gorge,  we had put about 4 miles on our pedometers.. Great exercise!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day --and be sure and get out in nature and do some hiking!!!!  It's good for you! See you on Monday!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blue Ridge, Georgia Trip

While looking through some old photos,  I came across some that I decided to share with you today.  In October of 2005,  the "Getaway Gang"  ---made up of childhood friends:  Susan Hollifield Daugherty,  Reida Rankin, Nita Holding Wilson and me,  took one of our annual trips --this time to a cabin on top of a mountain in  Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Many of you may know about my trips with these special friends.  I have blogged about these yearly trips quite a bit in past.  The four of us grew up together and when we graduated from high school,  we all went our separate ways..

In 1992,  when we all turned 50,  we decided to get together for a few days to 'catch up'... That turned out to be a fabulous reunion ---so we decided to continue doing it most every year until a few years ago.  We lost one of us (Susan) in 2011 to Breast Cancer.  Since she died,  the three of us just haven't been able to get together anymore.  I hope that we do someday.  I miss our 'get-togethers'---and I miss Susan TERRIBLY.  If you want to see some of my other blog posts of my time with these wonderful friends,  click HERE.

Even though the pictures were taken from an OLD camera in 2005,  some of them are worthy for the blog I think.... The picture above is one of the sunrises we saw every morning  from our cabin on that mountain.   I love this photo showing the fog in the valley below...

Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements.

Here is a picture of our wonderful little cabin we rented that week.   The little cabin was decorated with bears.  Someone was very creative--as there were bears EVERYWHERE in that cabin ---even the light fixtures!!!

This is the road to our cabin... I got out and walked in the area one day... There were a few other cabins in the area --but we were on a dead-end road.  (I'd love to own that cabin!)

This is not a great picture,  but I wanted you to see some of the mountain ranges in that area.  Blue Ridge is a great little city in the mountains in North Georgia...

Here's one more photo of our neat little cabin.  Isn't it pretty?  The weather was perfect--and we enjoyed sitting on the deck ALOT during that visit.

Here's a collage of the four of us.  Top left:  Reida, Susan, Betsy;  Bottom left: Nita and Susan;  Top right: Susan, Nita, Reida.

AND--here's another collage of us from that trip. Bottom left:  ME in the tub;  Bottom right:  Reida, Nita (standing), and Susan.  The middle picture is dark --but at the table, you can see Nita, Susan and Reida.

Here are two more photos of those glorious sunrises.  There is nothing better than seeing a sunrise or sunset... Our cabin was in a perfect location to enjoy these..

UPDATE:  Please say a prayer for friend, Reida... She has MS --and has been in the hospital recently.  

Finally,  here is a photo of PINK CLOUDS (not taken on this trip)....  When Susan died,  she told us all that she would be sitting up there on a Pink Cloud--waiting for us to join her.  Every single time I see a pink cloud these days,  I think of Susan... She was a wonderful woman --and is SO missed!!!!  OH--how I love her!

Have a great day ---and take time to HUG those people whom you love.

HUGS to you,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back to the Gorge

On our way to Ocean Isle Beach in May, we stopped by one of our favorite places, Tallulah Gorge, (near Clayton, GA) to see the gorge and waterfalls --before heading on to Simpsonville, SC where we spent the night. This was our FOURTH trip to the gorge. We have been there during all four seasons now!!!! Being there in Spring was nice, even though it was rainy, since we saw some pretty Spring blossoms!!!!

Here are some pictures from Tallulah Gorge taken on May 1st. Above is a picture of the gorge taken from one of the overlooks. You can see the bridge in the distance connecting one side of the gorge with the other ----if you want to climb up and down about 1200 steps. There is another way to hike around the gorge if you can't 'do' steps. Below are more photos!

Gorgeous Mountain Laurel in bloom;

Here is Hurricane Falls , one of our favorite waterfalls in the gorge.

There were also Azalea bushes in bloom around the gorge.

Aren't these little purple flowers pretty? I've seen them on others' blogs--but cannot remember their names. They are fairly small --and may be in the Violet family. Do you know?

Isn't this Rhododendron bush pretty??? It was nice to see all of this color at Tallulah Gorge.

Finally, here's one of my favorite waterfalls, Tempesta Falls. They had the dam opened this weekend --so there was alot of water coming over the falls. This gorge and all of the waterfalls are just fabulous. You can see other pictures from previous trips to the gorge by looking at LABELS on my blog sidebar and then scrolling down to TALLULAH GORGE. Just click there --and you can see about 5 blog posts from this beautiful place.

I found out yesterday (from the MRI) that I have torn Meniscus in my left knee on BOTH sides of the knee (Lateral and Medial). In order to get some relief from some of this horrible pain I've had for the past 3-4 weeks, I will have Arthroscopic Knee Surgery (to repair the meniscus) TODAY at 1:30 p.m. It is outpatient surgery --and I should be home in a couple of hours. I 'should' have immediate relief from the pain.

Thanks be to God for my wonderful doctors, my great health insurance , and hopefully---freedom from pain VERY soon. Please say a prayer this afternoon for me. Thanks so much --and thanks for all of the cards, comments, calls, and emails. I don't know what I'd do without YOU.