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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day 2016

Hope all of you blog friends are having a GREAT Valentine's Day/Weekend.... Just remember that Valentine Celebrations are all about LOVE ---and we all need to keep the love going not just today,  but all of the time.

The weather has changed our celebration plans this week.  First of all,  we had a short trip planned ---which we had to cancel due to the weather...  Then today we were going down to Cookeville to have a fancy-dancy Valentines Dinner... BUT---with snow/sleet/ice all around us today,  we decided not to head down the mountain...

SO--what did we do to celebrate??????  WELL---we did something we had never done on Valentine's Day before:  we went to a local Mexican Restaurant near us here and had Fajitas for TWO.  Even though it wasn't 'fancy' --and we didn't dress up for a special occasion,  the food was GREAT.   We both enjoyed it ---and after getting home,  we enjoyed cuddling on the sofa by the fireplace --watching the snow come down (and being happy we were HOME).

The biggest surprise and JOY of the celebration weekend was getting a package from FedEx.... Guess what it was?   My middle son (Mark) and his wonderful girlfriend (Debbie) sent me a huge bunch of gorgeous ROSES from 1-800-Flowers....   The pink and red roses are so beautiful --and will only get prettier with each passing day as they open... 

Adult children may not always realize how special it is for a parent to hear from them.  This Mama CRIED with so much love and joy inside of herself.   Mark and Debbie will NEVER know how much this gesture of love means to me....

Finally and most importantly,  this is for my wonderful husband, George.   Thank YOU for the gorgeous card ---and for always being there for me... I love you to the moon and back FOREVER.... Don't ever forget that....

Well Friends---as you can tell,  even though it wasn't what we first expected,  we did have a wonderful weekend... As my Facebook friends tell me,  just being with George is enough for me!!!!!!  SO TRUE..  

God Bless You ---and remember to keep the LOVE going all year long.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband, George

The Birthday Boy (born 3/9/42) --Photo taken on 2/13/15,  at Greenbriar in the Smokies
Please take a few minutes and go to George's blog  (click HERE)  and wish him a Happy 73rd Birthday...  You all know how much I truly ADORE this man.  God put us together---and  with God at the center of our lives,  we have a wonderful life together.  I especially feel SO blessed to have this fantastic man in my life...

I will share some pictures I took of George during our Valentine's Trip to the Smoky Mountains on Feb. 12-13.   Please click on the photos for enlargements.

The first place we stopped on 2/12  was the Foothills Parkway.  The photographer was busy taking a picture of the little bit of blue sky we saw on that trip!

The wind was COLD up there on that mountain on 2/12,  along the Foothills Parkway. George seldom gets cold --but it was definitely VERY COLD that day, even to him.

Next,  after leaving the Foothills Parkway,  we drove on the Wears Valley Road (near Sevierville) in order to check out a group of waterfalls and cascades that we love to see and photograph.  George --as you know--LOVES to take fancy water photos.  This is a perfect place (although, as I said,  it was a very very cold day --and snowing a little)... Photo was taken on 2/12/15;

We did get a little snow as we drove along Little River Road (toward Gatlinburg).  We walked down the hill to check out  Mannis Branch Falls.  I like this picture of George  (on 2/12)  on his knee getting the perfect picture. 

My Sweetie will climb all around the rocks and boulders to get some good pictures.  This picture was taken on 2/13 at Greenbriar in the Smokies.

Photo taken at Greenbriar in the Smokies on 2/13/15;  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of my Sweetie.

Us on a COLD COLD day in the Smokies (photo taken on 2/12/15)
I'll close with a picture of us:  two people very much in LOVE.... To the Love of my Life:  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY....  Hope you enjoy your birthday celebration this year."

Have a great week, my Friends.  Be sure and wish George a Happy Birthday!!!!


Friday, March 14, 2014

An ICY Waterfall Birthday Trip

George in front of some of the massive ICICLES at OLD MAN'S CAVE at Hocking Hills, 3/10/14
As most of you know,  my Sweetheart  (GEORGE ADAMS) had a birthday on Sunday, March 9.  In order to celebrate that birthday,  we took a trip north to one of our favorite state parks,  Hocking Hills near Logan, Ohio.  WELL---we knew we might see some snow in that area since we all have had such a wickedly cold winter.  What we didn't anticipate was seeing ALL ICE (almost no snow --but tons of ICE)...  Unbelievable---but gorgeous (even though trying to walk on it was dangerous)....

BUT--my goal was for George to get to see water coming over the 8 waterfalls in that area which we saw... (We had been to Hocking Hills twice before and loved the area --but when we were there,  there was VERY little water coming over the falls.)  We did accomplish that goal --plus much more!!!!

Today and Monday,  I will share with you some birthday photos of my Cutie Pie,  and also a few of the many photos we took while there this week.  Be sure to click on the photos to see enlargements.

George standing in front of the huge ice mound at the bottom of ASH CAVE FALLS, 3/10/14
The Ash Cave area of Hocking Hills State Park was our favorite place to visit this time.  The water coming over that 90 feet high waterfall was fantastic!!!!!

The trails were TOTAL ICE at Old Man's Cave (looks like snow --but it was all-ice) --and dangerous! (Snow would have been alot prettier --and not nearly as dangerous... Oh Well!)
Here is a photo of the Birthday Boy trying to walk on the ice in order to get photos.  We both FELL once --and I was the unlucky one,  twisting my right knee!!!!!  Fun Fun...  However,  I didn't allow that pain to get me down--but was MUCH more careful the rest of the trip!

Our weather when we were there this week was AWESOME --and quite warm, despite all of the ice still down in the gorges and shady areas at the state park.

The next day (3/11/14) --when we visited CONKLES HOLLOW
This is another of our favorite areas of that state park.   This year though,  George got some fantastic photos of 3 different waterfalls there... We had never ever seen ONE DROP of water coming over  2 or the 3 falls before ---so this time,  it was GREAT seeing those waterfalls...

One of George's awesome waterfall photos at CONKLES HOLLOW
This is one of 3 beautiful waterfalls at CONKLES HOLLOW (3/11/14).  This one is named Lost Falls and is inside a small cave at the end of the Conkles Hollow trail.

George inside the cave at ROCK HOUSE,  Hocking Hills State Park, 3/11/14
Another area of this state park which we enjoyed was the Rock House area.  We love being inside that cave since the colors are so gorgeous.  However,  we couldn't even get away from the ICE even inside the cave ---since there was ice inside also!!!! ha

George's birthday cake this year was a Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake  (YUM)
You will have to pretend that there were 72 candles on this cake!!!!!   (I didn't want to burn the room down!!!! ha)

A happy man getting ready to make a WISH!!!!

And he HUFFED and he PUFFED ---and managed to blow out all 72 candles!!!!  (What a Guy!)

Cards are always special on birthdays.  This one was from his sister!

And this one was from his 'bride'..... 

Us at Lower Falls at OLD MAN'S CAVE (3/10/14)
I'll close with one of my favorite places at Old Man's Cave,  LOWER FALLS.  We were thrilled to see so much water coming over this waterfalls this time.  BUT--you wouldn't believe how hard it was for us to find a way to get down here to see this waterfall.... We had to go through a tunnel --and down some ICY steps in order to get here... BUT--we made it!!!!!! (Pictures of that climb down that area later)....

All in all,  it was a fabulous trip --and one we will be talking about FOREVER.   I wanted it to be a great 'waterfall' trip for George for his birthday --and that definitely happened...

Hope you had a wonderful week.  I'll share more photos from his adventure on Monday.  Have a fantastic weekend.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Someone I know and LOVE has a Birthday on Sunday!

At Petit Jean State Park (2/24/14)--with the Arkansas River in the background
Today,  I am featuring my Sweetheart --who has a birthday on Sunday (March 9)...  Shhhh!!!  Don't tell George that I told you that he's going to be 72 years young on Sunday!!!!!  He's SO much older than I am you know!!!!  (I won't turn 72 'til August... Tee hee).....  BUT--we both think of ourselves as young kids ---even though the aches and pains certainly tell us sometimes that we can't do things we used to be able to do! But---we still TRY!  ha

This blog post today consists of more of our pictures from last week's trip to Mt. Nebo in Arkansas.  As you can imagine,  I always enjoy taking LOTS of pictures of my Honey Pie!  Hope you enjoy the photos today!  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

At Rock House Cave at Petit Jean State Park,  2/24/14

At Bear Cave at Petit Jean State Park, 2/24/14

At Mt. Magazine State Park,  at Signal Hill,  2/26/14

At Mt. Magazine State Park, at one of the overlooks  (on a VERY cold day), 2/26/14

At Turtle Rocks at Petit Jean State Park, 2/27/14

MY HERO----holding up a huge boulder so that I could walk under it!!!!!   (har har) ....On the Cedar Falls trail,  Petit Jean State Park, 2/27/14

At Cedar Falls,  Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas 2/27/14

A fantastic photo of 90 ft high Cedar Falls,  Petit Jean State Park,  taken by my Sweetie Pie with his tripod and special filters.... Awesome,  isn't it?   (2/27/14)

Late in the afternoon at our wonderful cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas,  2/27/14

She says "THANK YOU" for loving ME --and bringing me here (cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas, 2/27/14)

Hope you enjoyed seeing more photos from Arkansas... Now --would you please go to  George's blog (click HERE)---and wish him a very Happy Birthday!!!!   THANKS!

We are going to be celebrating this next week---so here comes another Blogging Break for me!!!!  I want to spend every second of every day with him!  I'll either post an update on Friday the 14th,  or Monday the 17th  to let you know about all of the UPCOMING FUN we will have this next week!!!!!

Have a wonderful week... Love and HUGS to you ALL,  and thanks for being patient with us this month!!!  We are just scheduled to the BRIM!