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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anthony Chapel at Garvin Woodland Gardens, Arkansas

I posted a blog on this subject in 2009---so some of you might remember it.  However,  I have many different bloggers now than I did in 2009.  SO--I'm going to show it to you again with pictures taken from our last trip to Arkansas the end of March, 2011.

On our way to Mt. Nebo,  we took a side trip and stopped at Garvin Woodland Gardens.  If you missed seeing that blog and all of the beautiful flowers there,  click HERE.  The Anthony Chapel is next door to the gardens.  This gorgeous little chapel was designed by Fayettesville architects Maurice Jennings and David McKee.  The 5.8 million dollar chapel complex was funded entirely through private donations.  Begun in September of 2004,  the chapel was dedicated on Sept. 30,  2006.  It was named after benefactors,  John Ed and Isabel Anthony.  The chapel sits on a hillside overlooking Lake Hamilton.  As part of the complex,  there also are Bride's quarters,  Groom's quarters,  and a beautiful carillon.

An elegant blend of native wood,  glass and stone,  the 160 seat chapel is a serene sanctuary where visitors to the gardens can pause to meditate and have their spirits renewed.  I sat there and wondered how many weddings have taken place at this chapel.... I also thought how wonderful it would be to have been married there.  This is one of the prettiest chapels I have ever seen.  Pictured above is a photo of the chapel as we approached the door.

This was taken from inside the chapel looking toward the altar.  The dimensions:  138' long and 57' high. There are 9860 square feet of glass walls, and they used 4800 square feet of stone walls.

As  I sat and meditated inside the chapel,  I took my camera and pointed it straight up at the ceiling.... Amazing, huh?  There are 1230 square feet of glass skylights.

Here is a picture of the altar area. There were 126 tons of flagstone used in the floors and sidewalks.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of the chapel, taken from the altar --looking toward the door where we entered, at the back of the chapel.  There are 11,000 square feet of roof area,  and 65,500 square feet of structural lumber.

This is the Anthony Family Carillon.  It is the newest addition to the Gardens.  Composed of sixteen,  54 feet tall steel columns clad in copper,  the lofty bell tower welcomes visitors to the chapel.  The Carillon is played for weddings, memorials and other special events.

Finally,  here is a picture of the chapel from a distance.  It is very secluded and can barely be seen --even in winter when the leaves are not on the trees yet.

If you want more information about the Anthony Chapel,  you can google:  "Anthony Chapel,  Hot Springs, Arkansas".

Many of you know by now that my sweet little mother-in-law died yesterday morning, June 6.  Mom Katherine (Kay) Adams was 91 ---and she and Dad (who is almost 99) recently celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary.

Mom died peacefully at home ---and now she is displaying her gorgeous SMILE in heaven above.  George did a tribute yesterday on his blog.  Click HERE  to read his post if you didn't see it yesterday.  The funeral will be Wednesday in Hendersonville, TN.

I apologize to all blog friends for not visiting your blogs this week.  I luckily had/have all of my blogs ready to publish for the remainder of this week.  I'll catch back up with you and your posts as soon as possible, although we are also getting ready for a HUGE 3 week trip. Please don't give up on us!

Have a wonderful day,  and give those whom you love, a HUGE HUG today!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Garvan Woodland Gardens, Arkansas

The first day of our vacation was spent visiting Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs, AR.   One reason we waited until the end of March to make our annual trip to Arkansas was because we wanted to visit Garvan when the tulips were blooming.  WELL--we made it,  but glad we went when we did, since the tulips were almost at the end of their blooming period...

The last time we went to Garvan was March 9, 2009.  At that time,  the Daffodils,  Hyacinths, and Pansies were blooming.  This time,  the Tulips, Azaleas and Camellias were blooming. But overall,  the gardens were not as pretty as they were 2 years ago.  We didn't realize that Arkansas has been in a drought this year--and we could tell it.  BUT---the gardens are still pretty.  If you want to learn more about these beautiful gardens,  click HERE.   Hope you enjoy some of our pictures..

This shows just SOME of their rows and rows of Tulips.  They have a total of about 100,000 tulips during the 'tulip-blooming season'.  These were awesome,  and I also loved that beautiful red Azalea bush.

I loved this white Camellia blossom.  There were also red ones and pink ones --but somehow,  this white one captured my attention.

Someone will have to help me identify this gorgeous bush --with red leaves.  There were several around the gardens --and they were beautiful.

I love this photo of more of the Tulips.  We walked and walked around all of the paths taking a kagillion pictures!!!!!!  ha ha.... You just had to BE there to get the full effect!!!

Garvan Gardens is laid out with several waterfalls throughout the area.   You know how much George and I love WATERFALLS... We are certainly glad we got to see some on this particular day ---since we didn't see any the remainder of the week (due to the weather ---and the drought)... Speaking of the weather and drought,  I guess we should be happy for the people of Arkansas since they needed the rain they had while we were there.   We were glad to bring it to them... ha ha

I'll publish some more pictures from Garvan Gardens in another post...

Hope you have a wonderful day! I'm still enjoying the eagle births.. The 3rd eaglet finally hatched last night... Check HERE.