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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OOPS---You can't visit this Family.....

Look at that picture above.... What do you see?   Lots of water????  YES -of course!!!!  BUT--what else do you see?

Now--look closer... See that road?????  It leads to someone's home on the other side of the flooded creek..... You can even see the road on 'this' side of the creek better in this picture....  YIPES!

Here is the home on the other side of the creek...  Don't think I'd want to live there. You????  Hopefully,  there is another way in and out!!!!

These pictures were taken in Dahlonega, Georgia when we visited there for George's Birthday trip.  Click HERE  for more pictures from that trip to Amicalola Falls State Park.   IF you remember,  this was a very very rainy day.  These pictures were taken AFTER we walked up and viewed Amicalola Falls and Cane Creek Falls.

This picture shows a NEW waterfall for us (CLAY CREEK FALLS) --which is found in Dahlonega.   However,  this picture came from the internet --and shows the falls as they usually are... Aren't they pretty????

THIS however is what we saw on March 9, 2011....  There was so much water coming down that creek on that morning that we couldn't even see any of the rocks... I will admit that it was fun seeing that over-flowing creek that day,  but the 'internet' picture of Clay Creek Falls is much prettier.  (Guess we'll have to go back sometime for another photo!!!!)

This is my favorite picture from that area.  I love the way that raging water looked like SILK...  This place (above the falls) is where one can 'usually' cross the creek to get to the houses on the other side...  NOT that day though!!!!   IF you want to visit those folks on the other side,  I think you'll have to wait awhile!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.   We went to Tullahoma to visit George's parents yesterday.  We found them in fair condition --but they both ate a hearty lunch when we took them out.  Bless Their Hearts!!!!!!

MORE storms on the way too.... GADS!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jiggers Creek Falls

When we went to Amicalola Falls State Park in the North Georgia mountains to celebrate George's birthday on March 9,   we stopped on the way down there to see two waterfalls... The first one was totally new to us ---and I'm featuring it today.

The Falls on Jiggers Creek are WAY back in the mountains not too far from Cisco in  Murray County,  Georgia.  The drive on the graveled/dirt forest road was pretty --and being back in the mountains is such a joy for us.  This waterfall can be seen from the road;  however,  George scrambled down the path to get the best view from the bottom.   He took the picture above of Jiggers Creek Falls... Isn't it pretty?

I took this picture from above --on the road,  from a distance.  The falls were still pretty although there were many trees between me and the water!!!

This is what a forest road looks like...  Our little Prius just does GREAT on these old mountain roads --whether we are going up or down...  The Forest Service does a good job of keeping these roads clear for those who enjoy driving back in the mountains --like US!!!!! ha

George took this picture of me --once we found Jiggers Creek Falls... You can see how happy I was to be there!!!!!

I enjoy walking along the creek... This picture shows the creek above the waterfall. The Rhododendrons were so pretty also.

I took this picture of George down on the creek bank getting some GREAT pictures of Jiggers Creek Falls.

Here's one more picture of Jiggers Creek Falls,  taken by George.  This time, though,  he managed to get ME in the picture also...See me?????

Hope you enjoyed our mountain ride to see Jiggers Creek Falls.  I don't have any idea where the name "Jiggers" comes from... Many of the creeks we visit have unusual names!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.  As I write this (on Tuesday night),  we are expecting more severe storms during the night tonight and in the morning.  We have had VERY high winds off and on Tuesday, and the temperature got up to 79 degrees today.  I mentioned to someone in a comment tonight that Mother Nature needs to take a "happy pill".... ha


Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Birthday AND A View

If you have been reading my blog the past couple of weeks,   you know that my Sweetheart had a birthday last week!!  In order to celebrate his birthday,  I took him on a 'surprise' trip to the Amicalola  Falls State Park in Georgia.

We stayed in their gorgeous lodge---so today,  I will share some pictures of the view we had from our 4th floor window, of the surrounding mountains.   BUT--before that, here are a few pictures of our little 'private' birthday party in our lodge room... Above is a picture of the cake.  It was a delicious carrot cake from Walmart.... Below are more!!

Here is the Birthday Boy....Think he can blow out ALL of those 69    5 candles????? ha ha... (Sorry about the lighting in these pictures.. Our room was dark --so we moved the lamp closer to the table... Didn't work well!!!)

And he HUFFED and he PUFFED and he blew them all out!!!!!  (Too bad I didn't buy some of those candles which you can't blow out!!!! ha ha )

After blowing out the candles and cutting the cake,  George read all of his cards.  He got some funny ones and some really nice ones.   Thanks again for those of you who went to his blog to wish him a Happy Birthday --and to those who sent cards... Cards are very special to us... The picture above shows him after reading one from his Wifey!!!!!


These next three pictures were taken from inside our big picture window in the room.  We didn't take pictures the first afternoon when we arrived --but we should have... After that day,  the rains came,  and many of our views were nothing but fog!!!!! Hope you enjoy the ones we did get.

The picture above is looking to the right.  This was after most of the fog had lifted. You can see the road to the lodge coming up that mountain if you look closely.

This is looking toward the left..  Dahlonega, Georgia is southeast of where we were --about 19 miles I think.   The big waterfall is in front of us (out of view) --as it travels down the mountain..

And finally,  this is what we saw much of the time (except those times which we were totally fogged in)...  I love the layers of mountains in this picture.

Amicalola Falls State Park is a great place.  The lodge and restaurant are fabulous, but if you'd rather have a cabin,  several are available---in addition to a campground.  We felt blessed to be in such a beautiful setting.

Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes for my Honey.

P.S.  I hope all of you are watching the nesting Eagles shown by a camera  near their nest in Iowa.  Watching them is so fascinating ---and I have been watching  ALOT this week.  Last night,  Papa Eagle came to the nest and brought Mama some dinner. I don't know what  it was --but she gobbled it up!!!!  There are three eggs in the nest ---so I hope to see them when they hatch... SO neat!!!!   Mama Eagle is larger and is on the nest most of the time.  BUT--Papa gives her a break ever so often. Click HERE to see the nesting Eagles.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More from Amicalola Falls

This past Monday,  I shared the first set of pictures from George's Surprise Birthday trip to Amicalola Falls State Park near Dahlonega, Georgia.  IF you missed them,  please click HERE.   Today,  I will share more pictures from that trip.

Above is a picture from Highway 52  (from quite a distance away) of the top of Amicalola Falls.   We were driving --and all of a sudden, the falls came into view.  Of course we stopped and George got out in the road to take some pictures... Even with the fog,  we had a good view of it... That waterfall was enormous--due to the rain.  Our lodge was located on the top of that mountain above the waterfall (in the fog).

George went outside of the lodge to take some pictures,  and while he was there,  he took the path down to see the TOP of the waterfall.  I didn't know it --but there is a bridge at the top also.  SO--in my last post,  I talked about 2 bridges.  Actually there were THREE.   The picture above shows the falls as they cascade down that mountain.  IF your eyes are good,  you may be able to see one of the bridges below.

We visited Amicalola Falls in May of 2005.   This is what the TOP of the falls (from the 2nd bridge) looked like on that day.  Now look at the next picture!!!  It doesn't even look like the same waterfall,  does it????

The picture above was taken from that same bridge last Wednesday...  Just a little bit more water, don't you think?????? ha

The Birthday Boy is still smiling after climbing up those 175 steps --and then back down....  Pretty good for a 69-year-older, huh???? I am proud of him.

And then there's 'that girl'---huffing and puffing up the mountain.... Oh --by the way,  did I mention that it was RAINING???????? ha ha

Here's one more picture (taken with the long lens)  from the lower bridge --looking up at the upper part of the waterfall... You can see the bridge above where I was standing on the observation area.  That is one huge amount of WATER,  don't you think?????  WOW--wish you could have been there with us to have HEARD that water ROAR.  Even in the pouring rain,  it was fabulous!!!!   (Should have made a video!!! Darn!  Didn't think about it!)

Have a wonderful day---and get out and find some waterfalls!!!!  We have seen over 440 different waterfalls since 2001....  (Talk about 'fools for waterfalls'---that is us!!!!)


Monday, March 14, 2011

Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia

In order to celebrate George's 69th birthday,  we spent a few days at Amicalola Falls State Park near Dahlonega, Georgia.  We had seen the waterfall in May of 2005 --but had not stayed in their gorgeous lodge before, until now..

Amicalola is about a 4 hour drive south from where we live.  SO--while driving down we managed to stop and see some waterfalls.  I will blog about them later.  Today,  I'll share with you one of the things we did on Wednesday,  George's birthday...

Above is a google earth map of Amicalola Falls State Park.  Wish this picture had have been taken while we were there since there was SO much water coming over the falls. You could have seen it better.

On the map,  the lodge is on the top of the mountain.  You can see the road leading up to it on the left.  I marked where the waterfall is...  There is a parking lot below the pool at the bottom of the falls.  You then hike up on a trail next to the cascades which leads  to a couple of bridges.  Below are some of our pictures.

It was rainy and foggy, but I did manage to get a few pictures of the lodge.  We had a fabulous room --with a view of the surrounding mountains.  The lodge sits on top of the mountain above the waterfall.   The lodge also had a wonderful restaurant.  We had free breakfasts both mornings and we ate both dinner meals in the restaurant... VERY nice!!!

Even though it was raining cats and dogs,  we decided to put on our rain jackets and hats and go waterfalling anyhow...  A little bit of rain doesn't stop us!!!!! ha...  ANYHOW--- since there had been MUCH rain lately,  the waterfalls were RAGING this week.  The picture above was taken from the first bridge (observation deck)  looking up at the falls above us...

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be at Amicalola on this particular day...  First of all,  there was TONS of water coming over the falls... You should have heard the sound of that water.... Wow!!!!!  AND--even better than that was the fact that we were the ONLY fools ones there.  We had the waterfall ALL to ourselves... That was tremendous--since we hate being in crowds and this particular waterfall is quite popular and is usually crowded.

I am still on that Lower Bridge (Observation Deck) --and this is looking at the waterfall as it cascades down the mountain.  We followed the cascade up the mountain on a paved trail which leads to the lower bridge.  It is impossible to get the entire waterfall in ONE picture, since it is about 729 feet long.

This is a 'drenched rat'!!!!!  BUT--as you can tell,  she is still smiling --despite the rain (and even some thunder)...

And this is the WET Birthday Boy ----after climbing up that last 175 steps and then back down!!

Even on a rainy, cloudy, foggy day,  my Birthday Boy can still get 'creative' with his photos.  He loves taking close-up pictures of the raging water and rocks... This picture above is one of my fav's.

OH--by the way,  did I mention that it was RAINING????? ha ha ha.... BUT--we were like two little kids playing in the rain!!!! It was GREAT...

I have another set of pictures from this waterfall to show you in another blog post.

Hope you have a wonderful day.