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Monday, April 1, 2013

What a HUGE Difference a Year can Make

Dad Adams'  Daffodils 2012
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Welcome to April...  My blog looks like Spring  but it doesn't feel much like Spring here on the mountain yet.  Recently I pulled out last year's March pictures taken in our yard... Oh My Gosh!!!  I was SHOCKED to think that this March is so very very different.  It's April now --and we still don't have much SPRING at all here on the Cumberland Plateau.  A few things have bloomed and are blooming --but not much at all.  Now I wonder if we will have much color at all this year....  The cold weather in March has done a 'number' on so many of our buds/blooms/flowers....   It's CRAZY!!!!

I hope I'm wrong and hope that April will turn out to be like March was last year.  I hope that I'll be showing pictures to you at the end of April that are similar to last year's March photos..... BUT--who knows?????  We'll just have to wait and see.   Someone said that we may just go from winter to summer!  HOPE NOT!!!!

Here are some comparison photos for you today.  You won't believe it either!!!!!  I put the dates when the photos were taken,  and tried to make the photos similar to each other...  Hope you enjoy them.  You can click on them in order to see enlargements.

Dad Adams' Daffodils 2013

Rose Flowerbed and Front Yard 2012

Rose Flowerbed and Front Yard 2013
New Flowerbed 2012

New Flowerbed 2013  (The Hyacinths hated the cold weather.)

Redbud Tree 2012
Redbud Tree 2013

Round Flowerbed 2012

Round Flowerbed 2013
Side Flowerbed 2012

Side Flowerbed 2013

WELL---that's it... Photos don't lie!!!!!  We just don't have much spring here yet AT ALL...  I hope that your spring is better so far...  AND---I hope that in a month,  I'll look back at these photos and know that Spring was JUST late --and that we didn't lose alot of our Spring flowers!!!!!  (Right now,  it looks like we have lost many Tulips and Daffodils...)

Hope you had a great weekend and Easter!  Hallelujah---Jesus Christ has risen!!!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Biltmore in July

Life has really hit me in the face lately... SO much is going on ---and there's never enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I often wonder how I made it when I was working fulltime.......?????   The good news is that life is GOOD --even though I'm busy!!!!  Many wonderful things are happening--so I can't complain!

On July 30,  2012,   George and I made another summer trip to Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina...    We went specifically to see the SUNFLOWERS --which we did see (and I featured them on my blog header all during August).    What I never did do is share what else we did and saw on that day while we were there...

As I say everytime I do a Biltmore post,  there are new and different things to see there EVERY month..  On this particular trip,  we enjoyed the sunflowers,  the walled garden,  the Italian garden,  and we did something we had never done before.  We hiked to the Diana statue ---above the main entrance to the Biltmore House.. What a fabulous place for photos...   I'm surprised we hadn't been up there before.   There's just so much to see and do at Biltmore.

Here are some of the photos we took that day.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.  The picture above was taken near the Diana statue --above the main house at Biltmore.  Isn't that a great view?

Here is a picture of the house taken as we were hiking up toward the Diana Statue...  I love  being able to take out the people from my pictures now... ZAP them gone!!!!!! ha.... Guess I should have zapped the busses also... Oh Well...  Isn't this a wonderful photo--with the clouds like they are in the sky????

The Italian Gardens are especially beautiful during the summer months... Here is a beautiful picture of one of the many waterlilies there.  (I could do an entire post just on all of the waterlilies. )

We ALWAYS enjoy walking around in the Walled Garden... They plant different flowers during each season... This time,  we were happy to see some of the MUMS in bloom --which people enjoy seeing during the Fall.

The Hibiscus blooms always amaze me when I go to Biltmore.   This is one of my favorites ---and YES,  it is HUGE.

Of course,  we always have to walk through the sections containing all of the beautiful ROSES... George took this photo of me under one of the rose arbors...  (It was another HOT day---so I was wearing my camera vest and carrying my headband and towel... Not very attractive for a photo though... ha)

After leaving the Walled Garden,  we drove down to another favorite place of ours,  the Lagoon... This is a photo of the back of the Biltmore House --from the lagoon.

And of course,  we had to get the tripod out and get a picture of the two of us at the Lagoon.  I love seeing the Canada Geese in the lagoon also when we go there... Such a beautiful place!!!!

And finally,  we drove to see the SUNFLOWERS.....  My future daughter-in-law LOVES sunflowers---so I sent her some pictures showing the sunflowers at Biltmore.  There were fields and fields and rows and rows of them there!!!!  GORGEOUS!

Here's one more picture of the two of us taken near some of the sunflowers...  All in all,  we had a fabulous day at Biltmore.  We never tire of going to that beautiful place!

Please pay attention to this note since I don't want you to worry about us.  We are taking a long blog break (like some of my friends have done) ---and maybe we can catch up on life a little while we are 'off'....   Even though we won't be blogging at all until October 1st,  we may be doing a few things on Facebook.   SO---if you are on Facebook,  you might want to keep up with us.   I hope and pray that each of you have a great September.  We certainly plan to!!!!!  We'll see you on  OCTOBER 1st.
Hugs to all,  and have a tremendous month!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Other Summer Flowers in our Yard

Most of the Summer,  I have talked about our Roses,  Lilies and Daylilies.   I have not talked about or showed you pictures of some of our other flowers... SO---today,  I'll share some of these photos with you.  Above is one of our 4 BEGONIAS...  All of mine are in pots --and three hang in the front yard near the front porch.  The other one is on our deck..  Begonias are easy flowers to grow--and they are sun-lovers, and give any yard alot of color!!!!  Below are more --so be sure and click on them to see enlargements.

Another potted plant I have is IMPATIENS.  I love these little plants and used to grow lots of them in the round flowerbeds... After going through two years of having rabbits EAT the flowers/plants,  I gave up trying to grow them... I do love them --and they are great summer flowers to have in shady spots.

This is one plant that we are VERY disappointed with.  Our CLEMATIS just won't bloom.  The plant produces lots and lots of green leaves and looks very healthy... It did this last year also--so we went online and read about when to cut it back, etc.... We did that --but it still didn't bloom this summer (other than a very few blooms, one of which is shown above)....   Anyone have any suggestions?????

Many of our IRISES are re-bloomers ----and have continued to bloom off and on all summer.... (We hope they bloom in the Fall also.)  Here is just one of them, named CANTINA.   It just keeps on blooming... Don't you love seeing flowers with raindrops on them?   Awesome,  isn't it?

We have LOTS of HOSTAS in our yard,  and they did bloom...  For some reason,  I didn't get any pictures this summer of their blooms...  Duh!!!!!   Anyhow---the Hosta plants are prettier this year than ever before.  AND--so far,  the deer have stayed away!!!!

Do you know what this is?????  This is one of our SEMPERVIVUM  (Semps) blooming.   As most of you know,  we have Semps all over the yard...  They are called Hens and Chicks by many.  When the Mama Hen blooms,  that means she will die--and the Chicks take over and become Hens....  This Semp obviously was blooming---and will die.  Interesting how it works,  isn't it?????   (Glad most things don't die when they bloom!!!! ha)

This is another FALL favorite bloom.  This is my AUTUMN JOY SEDUM --which I have lots of around the yard.  These blooms will remain throughout the Fall--gradually changing colors... They will turn pink, then blueish,  and gradually turn rust color...  SUCH a neat plant ---and they take almost no care at all.

Finally,  here are two pictures of my favorite bush in our yard,  our CONFEDERATE  JASMINE.   We have had to trim this bush several times this summer --or else it would just keep on getting bigger and bigger... It blooms almost all summer even when we trim it....  It smells good ---and I just LOVE it...

Here is a close-up of what the little flowers look like on the CONFEDERATE JASMINE bush.  Aren't they just beautiful????

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our summer bloomers... I sometimes neglect these --while emphasizing the Roses and Lilies and other perennials.  But--as many of my blog friends will tell me,  they enjoy some of these even more!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Wednesday.  (Monday is a holiday, Labor Day,  so I won't be blogging that day.)  I have another bridal shower to attend (my future daughter-in-law) this weekend---so it will be another busy one!!!!  Sorry I have not kept up with your blogs/comments lately... JUST overwhelmed with LIFE right now!


Monday, July 30, 2012

The End of our Beautiful Lilies

Black Beauty Tiger Lily
Here's my final group of pictures of our 19 varieties of LILIES in our yard this year.  If you missed any of these 5 blog posts,  click  HERE.   Hope you enjoy this final group!

The picture above is one of our little tiger lilies...  I LOVE these little lilies... This one is named is Black Beauty...  Pretty, isn't it? Be sure to click on all of the pictures in order to see them larger.

Several of you have asked to see 'group' pictures of the lilies.  That is never easy to do since the lilies (and daylilies) all bloom at different times... That is a good thing though since we enjoy lily blooms for a couple of months.. When one variety quits blooming, another takes its place.  SO---that is why it is hard to get a 'group' picture of all of them!!!!  

The picture above is of our 'road flowerbed' ---and you can see lilies,  daylilies and roses all blooming.

Golden Splendor Lily
This beauty is named Golden Splendor...  It is such a beautiful lily.

Gold Band Lily
The last lily to bloom in our yard  (there are only a couple of blooms left in this one),  named Gold Band...  We enjoyed it for about 3 weeks...  Someone asked how long lilies bloom...  I think most of the buds will stay pretty for about 2-3 weeks....(Daylilies are different in that each blossom only blooms for ONE day.. BUT--there are usually lots and lots of blossoms --which keep the plant blooming for several weeks.)

This  is another view of several of the lilies in bloom in our side flowerbed... As I have previously said,  most of our lilies are planted in this long bed ---and in the road and the lamppost beds.

Trebbiano Lily
This little beauty is named Trebbiano.  As you can tell,  this lily is very pale yellow  (almost white) in color... This lily is located in the side flowerbed (not far from our swing)...

Sarina Lily
And this lily is named Sarina.   George took this photo --and this lily was one of several varieties in our lamppost flowerbed.   Yellow is one of my favorite colors this time of year,  and this one with its spots is quite unique.

Garden Pleasure Lily AND Touching Lily
Here is a picture showing you how many lilies were blooming at the same time in our road flowerbed...  Aren't they just gorgeous?  That is Touching on the right and Garden Pleasure on the left....

Garden Pleasure Lily
Finally,  besides Pink Perfection and Touching and Gold Band,  here is the 4th group of lilies in the road flowerbed that bloomed and bloomed and bloomed this year...  This one is Garden Pleasure---and a pleasure it was!!!!    As I said above,  a couple of Gold Band lilies are all that are left in our yard now... We'll have to wait 'til next year to see all of these again....

Hope you enjoyed seeing our lilies this year.  It's hard for me to pick a favorite... I loved Lollypop and Montenegro --since they were some of the early bloomers.   But there are others I love --such as this one (Garden Pleasure) and also Touching...  Overall though,  I guess,  if I had to pick a 2012 favorite lily,  I would choose Pink Perfection...  After looking at all of the lily posts,  you need to pick a favorite also....

Have a wonderful Monday. We are going to see the sunflowers at Biltmore....  Hope they are gorgeous  like they were last year when we were there.

Hope you are watching the OLYMPICS...  They are great... so many wonderful,  hard-working athletes.   SO proud of them!!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

June at Biltmore Gardens

George and Betsy at Biltmore  on June 14, 2012
As most of you know,  George and I have season's passes to the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina... We try to get over there every couple of months to see what is blooming... AND--we are never disappointed when we get there...

Last June (2011),  we took our big trip out west--so we didn't get to Biltmore to check out the summer flowers... This year,  we decided to try it!!   We left the house bright and early on June 14 ---and got stuck in a long-long-long traffic jam on I-40 near the TN/NC line.... There was nowhere to go except just SIT and be patient.... An 18-wheeler had turned over and our side of the interstate was closed.....

SO---needless to say,  after losing over an hour and a half in traffic that day,  we didn't have much of our day left to spend at Biltmore...  BUT---we did make it there and enjoyed that quick trip!!!!!   Luckily,  we didn't have any trouble getting home that night ---and in fact,  we took some of the prettiest sunset/sky pictures we've taken in a long time... IF you missed seeing those pictures,  click HERE.   You do not want to miss seeing that sunset.  Seeing the flowers at Biltmore is nice,  but OH ---that beautiful sunset!!!!  The sunset made the day really worthwhile.

One reason to visit Biltmore in June is to see their huge ROSE COLLECTION.  There are over 200 varieties of heirloom and hybrid roses.... As you can imagine,  we enjoyed seeing all of their roses... BUT--there are other summer flowers blooming in June...  So--today I'll show you a little of what we saw at Biltmore on June 14.   Be sure to enlarge the photos for bigger copies.

This picture shows just a tiny portion of all of their beautiful roses... But--both George and I particularly loved this group of roses (named Milestone)...

Amazing how the Biltmore Gardeners go from season to season displaying different flowers...  This is a picture of some of the summer flowers in their big Walled Garden.   In Spring,  one will see Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips... In Summer,  we saw Dahlias,  Zinnias and Globe Amaranth...   THEN--when we come back in Fall,  we'll see Chrysanthemums.   Nice, huh?

We also love seeing the Italian Gardens during the summer --with their beautiful water lilies...

George took this picture of me at the Italian Gardens.  It was a HOT day when we were there ---and I was taking advantage of some SHADE (since there wasn't much in that area)....

The Italian Gardens are close to the gorgeous Biltmore Home...  Here you can see a reflection of part of the house in the water.  Isn't that a great reflection?

We always enjoy walking in the area next to the house to get some pictures of the beautiful mountains in the background.  I snapped this picture of George in that area.

Finally,  I'll stop with a picture of one of my favorite Summer flowers,  the Gladiola.   My Mom had Glads in our yard when I was growing up... I tried one year to get them to grow here ---but the area where I put them didn't have enough sun.  SO--they didn't do well.  They are gorgeous though at Biltmore.

Hope you enjoyed another installment from the beautiful Biltmore Home and Gardens....

I just HAVE to show you this cute little picture of a 'baby' Downy Woodpecker.   Mama was at the suet feeder --and the little one didn't know exactly how to get up there...  TOO CUTE!!!!

Have a wonderful day.