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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thoughts of Early Spring--Part II

Be sure and read Part I first (click HERE) if you missed it. Today I will show you more photos of our yard in March of 2007. Above are our beautiful Tulips (in the side flowerbed). Below are more!

Here's more of our Tulips.. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Here's a picture of some of our Daffodils --along with more of the Tulips.

I love the pink Tulips and of course, our beautiful Daffodils (or Jonquils, or whatever you call them in your area of the country).

Here is the best picture I have ever taken of the telephone pole in our front yard... Isn't it a beauty????? ha ha (Oh how we hate that pole--but it's there. We inherited it!) Anyhow--except for the stupid pole, I love the picture of our Redbud and our white Dogwood---both blooming.

Here's one more picture of our side yard ---looking at the big side flowerbed toward the backyard.

I showed you this little round flowerbed in yesterday's post---but the one yesterday was taken at the beginning of March and this one was taken toward the end of March that year. Even the lilies are beginning to sprout.

OKAY---I mentioned yesterday that I didn't want my yard to look like this in March this year. Wonder why I said that!!!????? Well----seeing the following picture will help you to understand.

This is what happened the first of April, 2007 (AFTER that beautiful March we had had). We had a VERY hard freeze here (for about 4-5 days) ---and lost all of our Daffodils, Tulips and Lilies ----along with our Redbud, Dogwoods, and Azaleas blooms. The picture above when compared with the one above this one, shows how the freeze zapped all of the lilies --and turned them to mush.

You can read about this horrible freeze and see pictures by clicking HERE. Many of you may remember this post from April 5, 2009--when we were afraid that we were going to have another horrible April freeze. Luckily, we didn't. But--as long as I live, I will never forget the Freeze of April 2007.

Now you should know why I do not want the March beauty in our yard. I'll take it any other time--but not March. Our weather usually always gives us at least one more freeze in early APRIL---so if we have beauty, we want it to wait until after the last April freeze... The horrible freeze in 2007 was the worst I have EVER seen. You won't believe it until you see the pictures of the black leaves on the trees which had just added those new spring leaves.

SO---do I want a beautiful March like we had in 2007??? Absolutely NOT---if there is a chance we will have a freeze and lose everything in April... Okay--now you know the answer to my 'tricky' question!!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freeze of '09-- Part II

Well---hopefully, the cold spell is over!!! We did have some low temps early Wed. morning, in the upper 20's. BUT---there wasn't any frost, and the temperatures rose quickly. In fact, our temperatures went up to almost 60 degrees yesterday. Yeah Rah!!!!!

We uncovered everything yesterday and put all of the pots/hanging baskets back outside. I think everything --including us--enjoyed seeing the bright sunshine. Now--maybe (just maybe) we can get back to enjoying SPRING... Ya think?

Here are the final pictures from this year's 'Spring Freeze'.... Right now I feel blessed that we didn't have any damage-- at least, none that we've found so far! The picture above is snow on one of our Azaleas. Thank goodness that it hasn't budded yet. Below are more photos! Be sure to click on the photos to see the pictures larger.

This is the smaller Rose bed (on the left side of the driveway, facing the street). There are 10 roses in this bed. The picture was taken on Monday ---before we covered the roses.

Later on Monday, all of the roses in this bed are covered!!!!!

We woke up early Tuesday morning to see about half an inch of snow on the ground. It was a wet, heavy snow---and melted by mid-afternoon.

The rest of the pictures are 'before and after the snow'. Here are our beautiful Red Dynasty tulips. You can see (barely) that it was already snowing on Monday afternoon when these photos were taken.

The Red Dynasty Tulips --after the snow; Luckily, these tulips perked back up after the snow melted!!!

Orange Emperor Tulips

The Orange Dynasty Tulips--after the snow; (These also perked back up after the snow melted.)

Mardi Gras Tulip

I was afraid that Mardi Gras wouldn't straighten back up---but it did. By yesterday afternoon, it looked GREAT!!!!

Another picture of our "Dad Adams" Daffodils... They have been SO pretty this year. I guess that is why I have featured them several times in blogs recently.

The same group of Daffodils after the snow; Again, we were lucky since the snow melted quickly --and these Daffodils were not damaged. They (along with everything else) has perked back up and is as happy as we are to see the warmer temps and the sunshine... Happy Spring to all of you!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Freeze of '09---Part I

Well---hopefully, by the time you read this, our weather is supposed to begin to warm up!!!! Yeah-Diddly!!!! Hopefully, when all is said and done, our Spring Freeze hasn't been nearly as bad as the one in '07 (that I blogged about a few days ago). The temperatures haven't been nearly as low, and not as low for as long a period of time. AND we had snow ---and not FROST (which is much worse). We were planning for the worst and preparing the best way we could.

SO--during the day on Monday (with snow already beginning to blow around, and with temps in the mid-30's), we brought all of the potted plants and hanging baskets into the garage --and some into the house. George has 46 rose bushes (32 in the ground and 14 in big pots that we put along our driveway). I have 9 hanging baskets plus about 10 more potted plants. SO---you can imagine how much work we had ahead of us.. (You wanna come today and help us put them ALL back out????? HA)

After that, I took some small pots and covered all of my little Hostas --which are just beginning to grow... I'm sure the cold temperatures would have killed them since they were just popping up. After that, George covered all 32 roses....

We had flurries all day Monday---and woke up yesterday with about half an inch of wet snow on the ground. Snow really doesn't hurt flowers, but this heavy snow did bend some of them down. The flurries and temperatures in the 30's stayed with us all day yesterday--until late afternoon, when the skies finally cleared.

We're not out of the woods yet --- but TODAY should begin to look like Spring again. (We hope!)
I have several pictures to share ---but want to put them in TWO different posts. Above is a picture of the plants that I keep on the deck and out back. I found a spot for them in the dining room area of our Great Room. Below are more.

These are some of my plants and hanging baskets. I put them on one side of the garage. NOTE the firewood stacked up in the garage---all DRY and ready to burn. We have had a fire in the fireplace for TWO straight days.

On the other side of the garage are all 14 of the Roses planted in pots. See how nicely some of them are growing. We hope to have roses blooming in May!!!! Yeah Rah!

There are 22 Roses planted in this bed--on the right side of the driveway looking toward the street. These are growing nicely also--so I hope that the freeze did no damage to these vulnerable bushes.

Looking at the same flowerbed ---all covered up!!!!!

The same Rose bed after the snow; Taken on Tuesday morning!

We took this picture of the lamppost flowerbed ---on Monday afternoon.

The same flowerbed early Tuesday morning; That ole' wet snow really bent the Daff's down... (BUT--the good news was that they popped back up after the snow melted--thank goodness.)

This is the beginning of our beautiful Clematis.... Hope it makes it through the freeze. It will climb up those wires --and parts of that 'gorgeous' telephone poll in our FRONT yard. Grrrrr.... I keep seeing pictures of Darla's Clematis blooming ---and can't wait until ours does too!!!

My sweet little Hosta plants are all covered up under some pots... I think I covered about 15 different plants. Hopefully, sometime this summer, I'll be able to show you some beautiful Hostas.

I took this picture on Monday afternoon of our side flowerbed. You can see our wrap-around deck in the background---with our swing (or SWANG as I love to call it)!! In the bottom left corner of the picture, you can see another 'covered' Hosta.

Finally, here is a picture of one of our three Holly bushes. We almost lost these bushes in 2007 during the freeze. They just dropped their leaves. I had to cut them back ---and they've begun to grow again. Hope this freeze won't hurt them again.

I have some before and after pictures to show tomorrow ---so tune in again for Part II.