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Friday, February 10, 2012

Best of 2011: FLOWERS

This time of year,  when our yard looks bare and brown,  I love to look at some of the beautiful flowers we have grown this past year.   Seeing the beauty of our flowers makes me  yearn for spring...

Today I am continuing my Best of 2011 series...  I'm featuring some of the beautiful flowers that we had in our yard in 2011 ---not counting our Roses (which were featured HERE).  Sometimes,  we talk about our Roses and don't feature these other beauties enough...

Hope you enjoy seeing more of the flowers from my blog posts in 2011.  Hope these flowers are as pretty in 2012...  BUT--I pray that spring doesn't come too early because we have been known to have a BIG FROST in early April... Remember 2007????  All of the spring flower/leaves DIED that year due to the frost... So very very sad!

Above are some of our early Spring flowers:  our Daffodils (I grew up calling them Jonquils),  Hyacinths,  and Crocuses.... The early spring flowers are always so pretty. Be sure to click on the photos to see them larger.

Next came the Tulips.  We also have a wonderful ground cover in our yard,  our Periwinkle.  In Spring,  the Periwinkle gives us lovely blue flowers.  You can also see some Periwinkle in the distance in the first picture above.

When we visited Mt. Nebo, Arkansas last year,  we got to visit the Garvan  Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs...  This is where we saw lots and lots of Tulips --along with many other blooming spring flowers and shrubs. This photo looks like a painting to me.

Next came some gorgeous Irises.   This one is named Autumn Bugler.   We are lucky in that many of our Irises are now re-bloomers... They bloomed for us not only in Spring,  but also in Summer and Fall.

Another gorgeous Iris is one of my favorites...  Can you imagine why????  Its name is Tennessee Vol Iris....  Pretty special,  don't you think?

We had an abundance of lilies and day lilies in our yard in 2011...  This beautiful group of lilies are called Touching... They were some of my favorites in 2011.

And this group (another fav) are called Simplon.  Aren't they just gorgeous???

Finally,  even though there were many more beauties in the yard,  I will stop with this picture of our yard taken from the street during Spring.  It looks so different now!!!  I love winter ---but I really love spring, especially seeing all of the new leaves on the big shade trees... Note the pretty pink Azaleas in our yard, along with that gorgeous green grass.... Awe---Spring!!!!!   I just have to be patient to see this again soon.

On another note,  please say a prayer for us this weekend.  We have MUCH spring growth happening (due to our recent mild weather)---including new growth on the rose bushes.  BUT--our temperature on Saturday night is supposed to go down into the low teens.. IF that happens,  we could lose all of the new spring growth...  SCARY!!!!   But--there's nothing much we can do --except pray!  Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday.

Monday, December 12, 2011

More ORCHIDS from Biltmore

If you missed the last post showing the gorgeous ORCHIDS at the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina,  click HERE.   Today I'll show you a few more photos of those beautiful orchids.   Above is a favorite of mine... Love that color!!!  Be sure to enlarge the photos for some bigger pictures.

This little white one is simple ---but oh, how gorgeous... Orchids are hard to grow --unless you live in a tropical area.   When I was younger,  a friend's mother used to grow orchids in her home.  She had a sun room ---and could keep it just the right temperature in order to grow them.  They were gorgeous!!!   In the Conservatory at the Biltmore---they grow them in one of their rooms in which the conditions are perfect for them...  Some of the plants at the Biltmore need a HOT room and some need a cool room.. They offer it all inside the Conservatory.

This purple color just jumped out at me... I love the color, purple,  anyhow ---and this one was beautiful.

Here is another beautiful orchid... I don't know how many different varieties of orchids there are,  but there must be MANY.

I love yellow flowers ---so this one called my name also... Isn't it pretty?

Here is another gorgeous color...  Is this magenta?  Whatever the color is,  these orchids are beautiful...

Hope you enjoyed seeing the orchids from the Biltmore Conservatory.   We are buying season's passes again this next year since we love that place so much.  We hope to do what we did this year and go there during all seasons....

Hope you have a great day.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Favorite Winter Flower

Those of you who have been visiting my blog regularly for several years  know what our favorite winter flower is here in Fairfield Glade, TN....  It's our little PANSIES.   We can plant them in late Fall---and unless we have a horribly cold winter (which we usually do not),  they will last until it gets really hot here (usually July).  They start small (as in today's pictures) ---but will grow and spread ---especially in the spring...  They do provide a little color in our yard through the long winter season.

I went outside with my camera on 11/11/11 ---and took some pictures of some of our Pansies to share with you today..   The picture above shows one of THREE round flowerbeds in our front yard where our Pansies are planted.   We cannot use the entire bed because spring bulbs (Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Lilies) are all planted there.   SO---the Pansies get the outside rim and the inside rim....  Be sure to enlarge the photos to 16x10 for larger pictures.

 This  little Pansy is just so pretty.  I love the colors.

I love  this little yellow one...  I said this last year ---but can't you see the ANGELS in the Pansies?????  I am an angel collector ---so maybe, that's another reason I love Pansies.

Even though this little guy has a 'hole' in him,  you can still see the angel.... I also love the color of this one.

This little pink Pansy is diferent ---but you can still see the angel!!!!

Here is another pretty one --which is different from some of the rest of them.

Finally,  here's one of my favorite colored Pansies....  That rich 'wine-ish' color is just so pretty ---and really shows up in the flowerbed.

IF you live in Tennessee and are looking for some great winter plants,  be sure and plant some precious little Pansies!!!!!  They bring joy to us!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend...  I am feeling better and better.   We even went out for another little ride on Saturday ---which felt GREAT....


Monday, October 10, 2011

Colors in our Yard in Early October, 2011

There's not too much Fall Color in our area yet --but we do have color right here in our yard!!!!  I took these photos the end of Sept/first of Oct ---so today,  I'll share some of our 'color' to you.  Above is one of our Reblooming Irises.  This one's name is Blatant --and we love seeing Irises blooming in the FALL of the year!!!!!  Isn't this one pretty?

This 'color' is one of our gorgeous Roses, named Veteran's Honor.  This has always been one of my favorite roses.  It's been blooming like crazy lately.  Roses are at their prettiest here in the Spring AND Fall.  They love sunshine but don't necessarily love the heat of Summer.  Fall is a great time for Roses!!!

Here is a close-up of Veteran's Honor... this rose is absolutely PERFECT!!!  Looks like Velvet,  doesn't it?

This photo shows some of our favorite Fall blooms ---our Autumn Joy Sedum.  We have this little beauty in several places around the yard.  This one starts out sorta blue in color, then turns to a light pink,  then darkens,  and by the end of Fall,  the color is a burnt orange.  PERFECT colors for Fall!

Here is a close-up of one of the Autumn Joy Sedum blooms.

Our Pink Dogwood tree in our front yard is beginning to turn to its gorgeous reds.  I love this photo since you can still see some of the green in some of the leaves..

Finally, here's a picture of our yard..  I was standing out in the street --so that I could get a picture of the Veteran's Honor Rose blooms.  In this picture, you can also see the Pink Dogwood as it turns --and also some yellow color on the trees behind and around our home...

I'll post some new yard photos --as we get more and more Fall color.  Now that we have had some much cooler weather,  that usually helps the trees to turn!!!

Have a wonderful day. 


Monday, May 23, 2011

Gorgeous Rhododendron Blossoms--and More

Today I will share more pictures of our pretty yard this month.  Above is our big Rhododendron in the back yard next to the deck near the bird feeder area.  This Rhody is ALWAYS pretty this time of year --but this year,  like our Azaleas in front,  it has really put on a show.  (There are some advantages of lots of rain!!! Ha)

Here's a picture of the same Rhododendron taken from the yard --looking up at the huge bush.  We have two more Rhododendrons --one on either side of the large one.  For some reason,  one of them has never bloomed.  The other one is growing fast and trying to catch up with the big one.

Here's a close-up of one of the beautiful Rhododendron blooms.  SO pretty!!

When George and I bought this house,  we immediately looked for ground covers to add in certain areas of the yard where mowing is hard.   We chose the Periwinkle (which I have shown several times in blogs),  and we also chose some ENGLISH IVY.  Both are invasive --so you have to control where they go ---but once they are nice and thick,  they even take over all of the WEEDS....  We love that about them!!!!

Above you can see some of our ENGLISH IVY.  It is so pretty this time of year.  You can also see some little SIBERIAN IRISES (known by several names)  which were given to us by George's Dad several years ago.

Look at this flowerbed....Do you think the Lilies have taken over????? ha ha  (Can't wait 'til they bloom!!!)    Poor little Pansies are still trying to poke their little heads out---but the Lilies are 'in charge' in this bed.... ha

Here's a picture of our front yard showing those gorgeous Azaleas --and also some of our MANY blooming Roses.  If you look closely through the front storm door,  you can see part of the Rhododendron in the backyard...

Here's a close-up of one of the Azaleas --plus some of the roses.

Finally,  I saved the best 'til last.   This is my favorite rose,  DOUBLE DELIGHT.   Most of you know that we have over 50 Rose bushes  (Hybrid Teas and Grandafloras) in our yard... AND--many of them are blooming now as you can see if you click HERE...  I will share more pictures of our individual Roses in future blogs.  BUT--I just had to show you Double Delight today... It smells so good also!!!!!

QUESTION:  Is it just me,  or do your pictures seem to be darker after uploading them into Blogger now???? Did they do something to change some settings???? I am constantly having to go back and lighten them.  Geeessshhh!

Have a wonderful day and DO NOT MISS TOMORROW'S BLOG POST.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

OH---Those Gorgeous AZALEAS

NOTE:  This post was done before our vacation --and is not pictures from this past week.  As you know,  we have season's passes to Biltmore --so we try to go there once every month or so.  These pictures were taken on 4/14/11 ---and when we went back on 5/7/11,  things were very different.

SO---here are some pictures from our trip (4/14/11) to the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina.  IF you missed the first post from that trip,  click HERE.  As you can imagine,  I have many more Biltmore pictures to share --from several of our visits!!!!!

Today I am featuring JUST Azaleas--since they were so pretty when we were there... No words are needed to describe these beauties!!!  SO--just sit back and enjoy!

Above is an interesting picture of the entire Biltmore House and Gardens.  Since we have a Geo-tracker which tracks where we've been and where we take pictures,  we got this neat  picture of the entire estate.  You may need to click on it to make it larger --so that you can see the entire place.

We have marked where things are --so that you'll be able to see where we've been.  In the Winter,  we spent most of the time inside the Conservatory.   On 4/11,  we visited the Walled Garden (where we saw mostly Tulips) and we hiked down to see the Azaleas.. We also walked on down to the bass pond and the waterfall... SO---there will be more pictures to come!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

NOTE:  Blogger had a huge problem and lost all of my comments on this blog.  I had about 30 comments --before it republished with NO comments.. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

A "Fantabulous" Week

George and I just returned from another terrific trip to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina....  We couldn't have picked a better week to be there since there was NOT one drop of RAIN all week... Yeah!!!!!  It was warm and breezy --but not hot and humid.  There were very few people around --so we had the place to ourselves most of the week.  We soaked in the sun on the beach,  caught up with our reading and relaxing,  got some sleep and naps,  did some walking,  took lots of pictures,  and best of all--had some delicious seafood....  Couldn't have been better!!!!

On the way to the beach we stopped in South Carolina to check out Bull Sluice..  I will show some pictures of that in another blog.  Then,  on the way home,  we made a quick stop at Biltmore --to see if they had any new flowers blooming...   YES--they DID!!!!! WOW....   Like I said,  it was a fantastic week!!!!  BUT--it's nice to be home!

As you can imagine,  we took lots of pictures off and on during the trip..  Today,  I'll show you a few from the beach,  from Biltmore ----and our yard when we got home.

Above is a picture showing the Islander Inn where we stayed.  Our room was in Building Two (2nd from right --above the gazebo) --and we were in the top room on the left.   We absolutely love being RIGHT on the beach.  We leave our door opened all night --so that we can hear the waves.  It's awesome!!!!  Below are a few more.

See those chairs out there (on the right)??? That is our 'set-up'.... We spent quite a bit of time out there --both mornings and afternoons..  NICE!!!

Here's a gorgeous view of the ocean from our balcony.  That is the fishing pier on the left.  George has some great pictures taken in and around that pier.

Guess what we saw when we got to Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, NC??????   Lots of ROSES.....  You can only imagine what a Happy Camper George was checking them all out.  Come to find out that we have quite a few of their Hybrid Teas and Grandafloras in our yard!!!  How 'bout that?????  Above is a photo of just SOME of their many, many rose bushes at Biltmore.

Not only did we see beautiful Roses at Biltmore,  but we also saw many fabulous Rhododendron bushes.

But---after seeing all of the beauty at the beach and at Biltmore,  we headed home...  To our great surprise,  look what was smiling at us when we pulled in the driveway...  Our two pink Azaleas in the front yard were putting on a show ---just for our return,  I'm sure.... ha

And this  is our big 'road' flowerbed --also putting on a show.  The Irises are beautiful and we have LOTS of Roses blooming now.... YEAH!!!!!!!  There will be many more pictures to come --not only from our yard, but also from Biltmore and from the beach...

Hope all of you had a good week and a blessed Mother's Day yesterday.  I talked to all three of my wonderful sons, and my Sweetheart brought four gorgeous Roses inside for me to enjoy... Life is good --what else can I say?????